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Pole Reversal
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Update regards the Impending Reversal
April 9 & 10, 2009

Esu & Candace

Dearly beloveds, I gather many of you are wondering where is this impending pole reversal. It is still impending. We are doing some adjustments so that it doesnít impend suddenly and we have more control. Christ Michael is desiring on review with this advisors to keep the planet stable a tad longer, as best as we can, for it is not possible forever, the tension builds too much and most be released at some point.

There are some of you as I have been informed that think perhaps the message with Eve suggests Easter Weekend, and I give no promise on that one, as we do not put out an exact date for the dark ones and the exactness is determined a bit by the Mother.

SOON, beloveds, that was the essence of the message with Eve. We must control the reversal and many discussions have taken place over where man is at this time vs. the changes ahead of us. Sadly, again, few come forth except the alert ones on this issue with Obama and his crowd in this world. Since when is it OK to cut back in Iraq and expand to Afghanistan is an appropriate question to ask. While all souls made their decision by December 31 to continue with earth or not, where they continue is a small issue still and part of the overall balance.

Yes, it might be this weekend. But why should you place all your eggs into one basket, those that are doing so?† Life continues, no matter which realm in which you currently , as in physical, not where you soul resides.

We have a decision made always and that you are always told as it is always true, until of course nature modifies it for us too.† We have slowed the reversal a bit, because it is not desired for the planet to keeping speeding up and then apply her brakes, or this work of the resurrection of the planet herself would be null and void for quite a long time, and this joint venture of man and God to keep a civilization on this earth through the ascension would also be null and void. This is not your desire is it????? I thought not.

All we are doing at this time is quieting the change a bit, so that the external rotation and internal rotation of the planet are synchronous which allows a slow and graceful stop of the rotation. This is close now. We shall dance this all with grace and perfect steps!

Now Candace read a letter to me from Daniel Raphael, who is contacting with some of you and she will post the letter right here.

Hi Candace,

The more AH people I bump into the more I find that they are putting their lives on hold waiting for stasis to come along and "take them away from all this" as several have said, word-for-word.

Having coached many people, (none in AH), over the last several years, I've found that when people put their lives on hold, their lives are in a stasis mode...just waiting for something.† Much like "waiting for Godot."† And life passes them by.

I don't know what your position on that is, and I'd be curious to know whether you think AH people should put their lives on hold waiting for stasis, or whether they should live their lives as they always have, and still prepare for stasis whenever it does come.† Do you have an opinion about that?

Curious to know Blessings!

Candace: Yes I do, and I wrote him back and I leave to you readers about what my answer was.

Esu: You must live in the NOW as you find it dear ones, this is the proper way to set up the future and you miss so many opportunities of ministry when you are always in get me outta here future mode! You miss the ministry NOW. Keep up the ministry now for the benefit of all around you.

As the earth graciously draws to a stop, you will be noticing. She will not slam her breaks, but the sun will move ever gradually to a halt, over likely a few days even. Man will begin to notice this unless he is completely blind.† The sunrises will start later, the sets earlier as if fall and winter are coming on, but much more rapidly. Your sun now is rising rather north for this time of year and setting rather north also for this time of year. †

People are noticing this, some anyway, and Candace checks various sites and can confirm this. So simply pay some attention, and watch the mother show her grace, which we assist. It is close dear ones, it is close.

You are currently in a coronal hole wind stream and actually this is useful at this time, in helping slow the planet gradually. We will go into stasis just as soon as a lot of people are noticing the slow down, as we do want to get some work done quickly, such as in evacuation of those needing it, and gathering various supplies and equipment to be stored for use later after we return from stasis.

We were ourselves pretty worried that our plans were made more difficult. It was decided not to wait until full stoppage as the fear is not needed and also this gives us time to retrieve goods and people before we canít enter the atmosphere for a time. There will be huge volcanic actions and electric changes that keep our craft out too, so it was important to place some new plans with the various groups since things are more tightly coordinated. Mother is doing fine, we are pleased, and live your lives in the meantime to the fullest possible.† Namaste, Esu

Candace:† I believe I covered this idea a bit in a post recently and also Esu mentioned it with Jess, this idea that Mother is speeding up and she has been, at least in a goodly deal of my measurements, I find this more often than slowing down. I have not had the best of days for data collection of late, many clouds, and sometimes social interferences. I have also gotten quite good at not hearing the timer. But we continue to have some erratic behavior. I described a bit recently.

Now regards Danielís letter and also my work here and there, people period are waiting less than graciously. Christians are waiting for the big wars necessary to bring Jesus to get them out of here!† And many of you are having impatience and completely forgetting to live life now. When you incarnate to serve, you must drink the cup, just as Esu/Christ Michael did 2000 years ago and same as all the others since then and before.

†My team has had these issues too to varying degrees, you are not alone. And many a time Esu is not always the gracious waiter either, and wishes for his new role to be played out. But life MUST go on, no matter where you live it. Getting outta here solves not your problems, as there is no totally blissful life in heaven either, although certainly there are not the money games and the like. And those that canít find their abilities to solve problems because of awaiting for God to get here, may find themselves repeating this lesson!

I so wish we had the truth about reincarnation on this planet. You can live on a ìhellî planet just as long as you wish!† If people understood this simple truth of repeating the lessons until they are passed, I would hope most would desire to move quickly out of kindergarten.

There are many newagers I have run into waiting for their ìblissî, yet bliss in that nice state of mind we get now and then when things went right and we are pleased. The eternal life is NOT one of sitting at the feet of the Father. It is always challenging, and life and thus the Father, and the creation could never even progress at all without the desire to strive and grow. Keeping yourself in a state of ìstasisî is not the best of options!!!!!† We do need a bit of R &R now and then, but not for long!†

A person on AHS posted this a few days ago.

From The Power of Now - by Eckhart Tolle

The esoteric meaning of "waiting" PG 94

In a sense, the state of presence could be compared to waiting. Jesus used the
analogy of waiting in some of his parables. This is not the usual bored or
restless kind of waiting that is a denial of the present. It is not a waiting
where your attention is focused on some point in the future and the present is
perceived as an undesirable obstacle that prevents you from having what you
want. There is a qualitatively different kind of waiting, one that requires your
total alertness. Something could happen at any moment, and if you are not
absolutely awake, absolutely still, you will miss it. This is the kind of
waiting Jesus talks about. In that state, all your attention is in the NOW.
There is none left for daydreaming, thinking, remembering, anticipating. There
is no tension in it, no fear, just alert presence. You are present with your
whole Being, with every cell of your body. In that state, the "you" that has a
past and a future-the personality, if you like- is hardly there anymore. And yet
nothing of value is lost. You are still essentially yourself. In fact, you are
more fully yourself than you ever were before, or rather it is only now that you
are truly yourself.

"Be like a servant waiting for the return of the master", says Jesus. The
servant does not know at what hour the master is going to come. So he stays
awake, alert, poised, still, lest he misses the master's arrival. In another
parable, Jesus speaks of the five careless (unconscious) women who do not have
enough oil (consciousness) to keep their lamps burning (stay present) and so
miss the bridegroom (the Now) and don't get to the wedding feast (enlightment).
These five stand on contrast to the five women who have enough oil (stay

Candace: I have done some putting off, like say, not planting a garden one year, thinking perhaps I would be unable to attend it and thus a worthless effort. Well, I could have had some nice food that year! We are often doing this, and some more than others. I understand personally this wondrous new idea we are creating and I desire also to have my ìgalactic lifeî back too. And I had that chance back in 1998, a story I tell in the section called ìThe Miracle That is Me.î† The little story there is called, ìFinding My Unfinished Business.î
Had I left, this project would not have been born and I would have missed an exciting, if not sometimes irritating journey. There is work that is needed in the creation, which can only be done while incarnate on mission work. Even in the Phoenix Journals somewhere, this is discussed, that they want no martyrs and that those that choose to leave this place, will miss a huge amount of learning that canít be had on The Other Side. That is WHY Christ Michael and Esu are here now embodied (again) to walk this planet themselves once again. This is a shared venture!† And many of us came to do our part from within. Through Jess, I believe it was Christ Michael, who said there are many who will have this marvelous opportunity that is available on this planet.
There have been many contacts incarnate from the higher realms lost to this whole project, from people just plain checking out!!!!!† That is part of our problem keeping a story going with qualified ìchannels.î† They either donít get off the cigarettes and other bad nervous habits and die of the result, they sometimes commit suicide, and sometimes they just totally ìloose itî mentally and no longer function. And some got careless and got checked out by the dark side too as martyrs.
†Many drink themselves to oblivion. Many here are not working such as I do, but play often very difficult roles behind the scenes, and the use of drugs to relieve the stress is huge in this group of† ground crew. And then some of them just keep giving themselves a fix each day by reading channeled material and make no effort to satisfy their own growth. Otherwise. This is a major, major problem, with incarnates NOT waking up. Intentionally sometimes, itís easier to just chase some money and live a pleasant life. Or go hid in the hills somewhere. AH was not born to give you your daily fix!!!! Nor to take you away from it all. The star visitors are here to provide contact experience, to prove they are here, and assist you in some amazing ways to help the mission continue.† This is a partnership between those incarnate and those serving above.

This IS a tough planet, but wanting somebody to come rescue you is never the answer, unless you participate in your own rescue with co creation efforts of others. For example, I was just talking today with a friend about how we have so little snow anymore. I remember getting snowed in at a friendís house many years ago and having to stay there several days, the blizzard was huge. There was only one way to get ìoutta thereî, for everyone, and that was shovel our way out, in a fun co creative way, it turned out. Lots of ministry at that time. This new development they had moved into, had forgotten about the need for plows in the budget!†

You need to stay in life as this world is only going to go uphill by co creative effort of shoveling our way through the big blizzards to come. There will be many challenges. AH has looking for LEADERS and we have made that clear many times. There is not one of you who ìfollowsî this material who cannot lead at something or share a process of Co creation with somebody. In fact, it is the groups of people that will come together in joint creation that will build our new earth and no other way will it happen!† I am not asking anybody to lead all alone!† That is why I have a team to share the responsibilities and challenges. This is why there is a team on earth to partner with Christ Michael and the creation, period, in helping to raise up this little world. And these teams have been forming for some time and increasing. There are so many groups now dedicated in some manner to building a sustainable civilization as to boggle the mind. But also the problem of corrupting factors which prevents their coming together in greater power.
That is so evident in my corner of the world, where the folks that ìfollowî Ron Paul ( at least 4000 in the Denver Metro area), the 911 movement and others locally, and the leaders wonít sit down frequently over lunch to discuss ways to bring the power together of all into the most pressing issues. There is zilch interest in groups continually going to media, our ìelectedî leaders and church groups to attempt to change the scene. Each does their own thing, and missing a greater attempt.†† There is this idea that ìwhen enough of us know, everything will change.î† Well, that idea is coming from dark infiltration, because there are enough of us that know, but find it ok to just keep up the education. By the time enough of us know, by their measure, I think it is then too late. Knowing is useless without some action around the knowing. The famed ìHoly Spiritî is misunderstood. In the Urantia Book the Infinite Spirit is called the God of Action.

You have the grandest of opportunities for growth at this time, and if you will stay in the game, the rewards will be huge, not just now, but later. If you are wanting to just get the hell out of here, how could we depend on you to come back after stasis and carry on? There will be huge challenges then. And staying in the game means not having to return in some way here or elsewhere to catch up on the missing or unfinished lessons. Some of your wanting ìoutta hereî will regret it latter.
This has long been an issue for me and I post about it in many places on the net. You are not the only ones tired of the game. But it is still a game, and you are playing a role in it. This is a grand play in progress, donít toss it out the window.† Many are posting in a variety of forums how they are tired of earth and want out of here.
When I first became public, many pushed me heavily about the NESARA money and when it was going to come rescue them and many of them werenít on any list!† I once had a couple write from Canada saying they needed next monthís rent paid and where was NESARA?!† This is not an uncommon type story. Some had serious or not so serious tax problems and other financial problems, run up credit cards and the like and wanted out of that too. While our taxation is illegal, there are ways to play around that game and lessen the problems.

In fact, I came to the conclusion based not only on readers, but also on those around me and the world in general as I traveled via the Internet, that this place is still so steeped in materialism that the NESARA venture would fail. Most people would party the money away and in addition, it was seeming time was catching up and this not a sufficient enough solution. But perhaps if we could have become public which was part of the deal but I donít think so, really, under any deal.

A great world is built by God Conscious people, and true God consciousness is not here in enough quantity to overcome the problems. The people of this world in general have chosen a total caretaker government to full fill their needs. This New World Order has nothing to do with the creation by the people, for the people. It is completely top down, not bottom up.
Christianity seeks itís rapture into the skies. Some new agers seek Arch Angel Michael taking them away to the New Golden Galaxy, for what I havenít yet figured out. This was put out by Carolyn Evers, who was NOT channeling AA Michael at all in that statement. I think we need a lesson on the function of angels for all on earth.
Recently on AHS, there was a discussion on the meaning of I AM THAT I AM. It basically came as the result of my placing a short message by SaLuSa there, which ended in her signing off as I AM THAT I AM.† So people started, once again, placing God outside themselves with this great I AM THAT I AM goal in the sky somewhere. There is in new age literature the continuing in using terms such as I AM, in placing God outside of self, and often defining the ìgreat I AMî as a definition used for God and unobtainable by the human.† Some of you reading this may not like this statement, but that is WHAT you are doing, as the discussion progressed, you continued to place I AM or I AM THAT I AM outside yourself. Here is a post I wrote on the fly off the top of my head in response to the discussion at hand.
Re: A truth about The I-AM.

The I AM THAT I AM statement is a statement made by the truly sovereign
individual who consciously guides their own life in balance with the laws of
creation. It is term of Christhood and above.

When I had my forum I encouraged people to sign I AM THAT I AM because it's a
powerful statement, and deep inside you all KNOW what that means. The problem on
this planet is that if you use it, some dark beings of intentional darkness, or
those in misunderstanding are going to bash you generously for it. As so it
happened. I quit using it for myself because folks like love
to make attacks of it for the purpose of driving people away from AH. It is not
my goal to drive people away, so I use it in careful situations, due to the
ignorance and the imbalance the ignorance causes in bashing me for using it! So
I just stay quiet in that regard to maintain peace.

However, I am a Christ and I certainly entitled to use it. And thinking back perhaps I should have continue to use it, but again it feeds others to bash and cause confusion and claim that the Bible said there would be many false Christs on this planet. And that is true, but a lot of them are in organized Christianity and other organized religion. Some of the false Christs claim to be Jesus reborn, but Jesus is not here by the method of birth at this time.

†And here on this little forum, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE ALL OF YOU USING IT

I usually don't refer to myself as an Ascended Master, either, but the Ascended
Master is not yet a Christ, but certainly all Christs are Ascended Masters. I have been bashed for this too.

The Father is not One who is I AM THAT I AM BECOMING. For in the Father there is
always the constant perfection and all knowing that exists at any point. Even
when you make the statement you are a Sovereign Being, I AM THAT I AM, you are
also never all knowing, as every creating person strives still to create beyond
the known, continuing as said, to make the unknown, known. I AM THAT I AM
BECOMING is a statement of the endless search for more. I AM THAT I AM, is not a
statement of being finished, it is a statement of sovereignty. It means you
control yourself and everything about you in consciousness awareness and in

An example that comes to mind is a friend who made the statement to me that God
wants people to be living in abundance and luxury. And this person said I have poverty consciousness. Actually the only God that wants that, is you. And every human being
should have abundance, in terms of adequate housing for conditions, and adequate
food and clothing. But true abundance is of the mind to have opportunity to
grow, and if you are connected to the all, in a State of I AM THAT I AM, you
will find spiritual abundance no matter the physical abundance, or lack thereof. That is how advanced souls that are imprisoned for doing good, manage to survive in prison,
their abundance is not of this world.

We have a huge population of people wanting bigger houses, a hundred pairs to
shoes to match a hundred different outfits, expensive collector animals as pets,
or race horses and the like, but they don't want or understand spiritual
abundance. We are too many for our technology and limited level of spirituality on this planet, and it can't support this kind of abundance. So I live as best as possible,
making my personal choices in alignment with the planet herself, and with the
way I choose to live. If I were to go chasing after money for the better
material things of life, I would have no time to do this work, which is my
spiritual work.

I am pressured by some around me to keep the house cleaner, cleanliness is of
God, but truly, a polished house to show off to the world is not my goal. Almost
all my furnishings come from buying damaged merchandize or what others toss off,
either as gifts to me, or I get them at garages sales and the like. On a crowded
planet, and even if the planet was not crowded I know that things should be used
before they are discarded for balance. That said, we certainly should go about
discarding the internal combustion engine, but even then, the metal should be
recycled, using balanced energy to recycle it.

True abundance is a state of mind. You can live in pretty awful physical
conditions and still have spiritual abundance. Those spiritual folks jailed for
sometimes even their whole lives falsely, find spiritual abundance there in
working within their surroundings, and their minds at a higher level. In one book I
read, the term is called "making home". A person having spiritual abundance can
"make home" anywhere, in any circumstance.

Claim your I AM THAT I AM. To claim I AM THAT I AM BECOMING, is a statement
that you are yet insufficient and that is NOT so unless that ì I am
insufficientî is what you wish to be! Some of you here think you in insufficient
with your telepathy skills. I say you are not, but the universe is always
guiding you, you have only to answer the phone and it doesn't always have to be
a nice telepathic chat with a star friend. The life of the universe, which is
basically a massive organic computer system, is always there to inform you.

The animals and plants know this, it is man that thinks he has forgotten. Even
the body and mind of the robotoid is informed by life itself. And we would do
better to call God, LIFE in all its existences and realms. That to me was the
best teaching that came from Conversations with God. And as long as you exist,
you will always be communicating with Life.

Does your stomach growl when it is hungry? This is life informing life of it's needs and then when you feed your stomach, meaning you body, you are the God (life) than gave that your body, life, asked from God, you. And of course the food you gave your body, came from life.
The body does not live on rocks (but that said, the rocks are broken down into
soil by the radioactive elements, which have their place and service also.)

Please START having the courage to make the statement I AM THAT I AM about
When I was growing up I was taught to sign personal letters with
"Sincerely Yours." And business letters with ìYours Truly.î† Being the independent
self thinking person that I am, I don't particularly like those rules for
various reasons. My signature, Take Care, grew of the process of looking at
those rules. It works better for ME. It is a genuine response, I am asking
people to Take care, when I use it. It is my preferred general signature, which I
have used all my adult life, not being comfortable with Sincerely Yours.

Although I am sincerely yours, in terms of being a member of the widespread God
community and life, I am not always sincerely yours to the person I am writing.
So Take care, for me works for all, including business letters. I wish the one
reading the letter to genuinely Take Care.

Being Sovereign means being aware of your effects on others, and even when I
was doing my little ranting recently with my having a shitty day, the intent was
the effect on others. And you all had different reactions. I think maybe a
couple we encouraged to leave here by it, and that is purposeful, because many
who initially come to this mission do not resonate with it, and this gives them
the door to leave. B deserved her firing by Jennifer, she was not truly
part of this movement. You have to work for the greatest good of all, and keeping
destructive undermining people in an organization is not for the greater good,
which is why planets are periodically "judged", as those that are not yet into
serving the greater good must be let go and placed elsewhere so the planet and
her life forms can survive.

Other of you loved seeing the "real me" and this brought greater bonding. I
haven't finished reading all those posts yet. But my rant, also contributed that
beautiful post by Jxxxxx. And so this group has grown for it, and the detractor
Bxxxxxx is not here to work her black magic, but she may still be trying if she
was collecting your email addresses. I am saddened to see Bxxxx and Fxxxx
leaving, but I also know they will be back, when they have their proof and have
grown enough. I was surprised that Bxxxx was able to leave so abruptly after
seeming supportive, but I think maybe he was not so supportive as it appeared.

Again, this is a co creative organization, needing the many individual gifts
and skills each of you have to offer, and not a guru organization of people
needing channelings. My work is mostly just reports and updating of the plans.
To be a guru to me, is to be a person who is not sure of self and needs a crowd
of supporters to validate self. I do not need this validation. I am merely
looking for those that wish to be part of the making of a new sustainable God
knowing society. God knowing people, know the God within, that they are a
fragment of the all, and they know they have to be in balance with That ALL.
And so we come to bring BALANCE to the ALL that is this planet, which has a larger
effect on the All out side this planet, since all is ONE, of the same stuff
whether a rock, a plant, an animal, or a HUman (which has grown out of animal in
origin), or angel or Creator Son. Or Source itself. I AM THAT I AM states one is
of source intelligence having ìwillî to self determine. I AM THAT I AM, Candace (and Take Care!)

PS. I would love to see more of you finding your courage to sign off posts with
Now, after the above post, another was trying to define I AM. ìI AMî merely means that a being is conscious of itís existence, and I AM starts in the upper level of animals. I think most who have enjoyed a animal member in their family can state the animal was self conscious of itís life. Herd animals rarely make this statement, but they can, especially if raised heavily in close human contact. I never had a cat, most of my pets have been cats, that were not aware they existed. And I tell you, from my telepathic conversations, a lot of cats know they re embody, over and over. I have at least 2 that have come back to me and they remembered me and I remembered them.
I AM is the being saying WOW!† I AM. And it begins to think more often rather than operating on automatic pilot.
OK, now some brief discussion on that ìsunî.† I continue to note changes. We have had lots of clouds here lately. I did post some updating a few days ago of a brief nature. Others are noticing, and hereís a few most posts I have collected off of forums.

Sorry Roger, but it is. I am seriously disabled and I'm in bed at 5pm every night. It has happened and I have checked it against old readings I have taken against my charts and my compass.
To be quite honest, it shocked the sh*t out of me and I got up and took measurements and they are waaaaay off.
I also have equinox here (in real earth time) as of a few days ago. Sun is about 15 deg ahead and now the sunset is wrong as well.
I watch it every night as I'm facing that way in bed and the window is also facing WSW.
I wish I were wrong, watch it for yourself. I have been for years. (too many years as an astronomer 4"mirror reflex telescope) and as an astrologer.
I'm capable of calculating RA and declination.
Believe me, as I am stunned as you are and if no one listens, then so be it, at least I tried.
So long and thanks for all the fish.

April 7th

by Lady in Red
ok I know someone posted about the sun riseing in diff locations........I sit on my porch faceing east every morning, since the trees have leafed out I was thinking how nice it was not to have the sun hitting me right in the eyes, but this morning...either my mesquite tree moved itself over about 10 feet during the night OR the sun decided to rise more to the left this morning as it was hitting me square in the face and not comeing up behind the tree like the last few mornings..ok I know I will be called crazy but :P!! not gonna respond to anyone calling me crazy lol...have a good day!...

I noticed the same ting this am as I drove my son to his pickup point for the school bus. That would put it more ENE than due E.
Will have to see what it does this afternoon and evening.
Its like it corrects and then over corrects over a period of about 3 weeks.
It was too far south from my vantage point, then moved back to W after about 3 days and has been close to where it normally is for close to 2 weeks and then I saw the same thing you did.
Also, like you I shall not be responding to the same sort of behaviour that went on last time.
Will not be responding AT ALL!!
Soooo, will continue to post any abnormalities I find.
p.s. I couldn't check it at all for almost a week due to crappy weather, but now that its been 70 here for nearly 4 days I can resume taking readings.
Keep paying attention Lady, I understand.
Folks can say what they want but no one can explain to me why direct sunlight hit the N wall in my bedroom instead of the E wall for two days.
That would put the west coast farther S in relation to the sun.
It would sure explain why sats are malfunctioning, planes are crashing, animals are not found where they should be.

April 9, 2009

From Lady in Red above: seems the sun rose a little more right this morning! Damn I wish that tree would stay put overnight!!!!...Lady( and NO i am not smoking the wacky tobaccy! :P(yet) lol

Today on GlP

I also noticed that the sun is of. I noticed 2 days ago that the sun was supposed to be more to the northwest, but it was more to the southwest. According to heavens above the sunset at that day was supposes to be on 278 C azimuth but for what i noticed it was at 265 more to the south.

Correct me if I am wrong, but i am pretty sure my calculation was right


I live half-way up a high rise tower block in London.. & I have to say.. the 'sun' has been acting strangely every morning, rising up behind different landscapes, sometimes central.. err.. more or less?! then it does a tangent some mornings .. rising way too far south! I'm talking anywhere from north to south London. I would've thought the sun would have risen in more or less the same spot every morning, pulling slightly to the south as we go into summer.

I've been quite shocked to see the sun rising up to the left of Telecom Tower.. to the 'next' morning (I kid you not!!), rising up behind the Crystal Palace TV transmitter to the south. I mean.. come on! I've never seen that before.!!!!!


3/27† For what i notice the sun is too north. Now I know it is winter, but for what i gather this is not as it supposes to be.


The comment below was made right after I made a post a few days ago on GLP about tracking this for 3 weeks. -Candace

yep! Yer RIGHT! Keepin track too:-)
(I'm on a mountain and have a 360 view and markers.)

There, done with the posts. There is a website where you can check when ìhigh noonî should be for you, especially if you know your latitude and longitue coordinates, but if you live in one of the cities on this list, you can use that data for an estimate. I use Denver as I live just a bit north of Denver, but the longitude where I live is nearly identical and thus serves ok for times.

Now yesterday, this website suggested high noon was suggested at being 1:01. It was 1:07 here.† Another way to determine is to use when sun is supposed to rise and set, and find the midpoint. Based on that, itís supposed to be 1:19 here yesterday. I donít use my own rise and set times, because I have a hill to the east and mountains to the west and the mountains are higher than the hill, but I could compute a bit anyway, and just allow a bit more time to the west to compensate. I havenít done this. Partly because I donít always get both rise and set times in any one day.†

In fact, there are so often clouds west, I donít get many set times, but in general they days are getting longer, as it should, the set times being later and later, but in the first two weeks of record keeping the set times varied around a couple minutes and did not get later, in fact it was earlier some days.† I had times of 6:56, 6:53, 6:53, 6:50, 6:58.† Then the few times since then, have gone from 7:03 to 7:17, with many skipped days because of weather and in a couple cases, I had other commitments and couldnít collect a time.

According to the above website, high noon has been from initially about 1:07, to 1:01 now getting gradually earlier, but my times have ranged from 12:58 to 1:35. I may for fun, collect the proper times to compare for each recorded time I have made.

Hereís an interesting collection where I had a lot of days with only occasional misses, thru 3/29.† We have had several storms since then.† This is an afternoon station I set up on 3/20.† The times are 3/20- 3:29, 3/21 3:05 3/22 3:13, 3/23 clouds, 3/24 3:21, 3/25 and 36 clouds, 3/27 3:45, 3/28 3:47, 3/29 3:45.† Interestingly, on these later days at this station, which look more stable, high noon was stable those days too.† On Wednesday 4/8 the time was 3:30.†

I assume there should be some change as the days grow longer, but the days grow longer by 2-3 minutes a day, so these shouldnít swing as much as they do at times.

A late in the afternoon station I started on 3/19 at 4:00 PM, went suddenly to 4:40 2 days later, then has gradually gotten earlier each day, down to 4:07 on 4/8. I would think it would be getting a bit later, but since 3/24 in general the set became later on the days I have set times.†

Today the rise time was 6:35. Yesterday it was 6:42!† So today the rise time was 7 minutes earlier than yesterday, rather than the customary 1-2 minutes. And the sun does continue to move north with some days a bit south of the day before, both rise and set when I can get figures. I have actually 18 stations. I donít ìneedî this many, but sometimes there is a cloud for a short time, so frequent stations enable getting some times at least.† I have had some recent days when some stations didnít work, because there was a huge tilt change, and then a day or two later, the tilt changed back the other way so I could get data. No doubt sudden tilt changes can affect some of the ìrotationalî data collection.

We have a lot of clouds today, not sure what I will be able to collect. My first station after rise, is when it comes over my shed. This has ranged on days when I can collect both, from 16 minutes to 21 minutes today.† Now, in these situations of rise, and over my shed, I mark the time when the disk is completely viewable. In the set, which includes a fairly new station using a neighborís roofline to the west, I mark these as to when the disk is completely set from view.† I am NOT sure what method is used by astronomers on the various websites for time and set. On rise and set, this is about a 3-4 minute period, of when the disk is fully visible, or out of sight.†

A person on AHS recently noticed high noon, (also called solar noon) as being 6 minutes off and others post at times about odd things they notice and I get some emails and phone calls to, describing erratic times.

There is an interesting post this morning by someone saying the birds started singing late by a full hour today. While I didnít think of noticing this, I have some days noticed less singing.† I woke up with a really strange sensation of something changing during the night, so I found that post interesting, as the person lives about 10 time zones east of me.† Of interest right now, there are NO birds singing as I finish this up, around 10:30 am.

Well, I had wanted to get this up last night, but wasnít finished. I was going to write another piece anyway around this topic of ìwaitingî without ìlivingî and since Esu addressed it, I decided to just place it here.† Keep watching around you! Be aware of nature, which includes the sun or stars in the wrong place!† So few are noticing, but itís great to see others posting, even if not in quantity to forums. They get based pretty bad, as do I when I post on them, for noticing changes outside the box, and I admire their courage to stand in their shoes about their observations when challenged.† Take care, Candace

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