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Pole Reversal?

(March 18, 2009)

Candace: I discussed what I was seeing with everybody I know ìup there and was beginning to want something for you all, feeling it appropriate, but not wanting to put out something too early. The Sun seemed to nearly stop that morning of March 18th, and I freaked a bit. Then it took off again. I have held this piece since then, wanting to acquire more data and not put it out too early. Tonight Christ Michael dinged my head really strongly and said he wanted it up now. He had agreed to my desire to wait a bit. I completely re-wrote my part and made a little chart of simple dates through this evening, Saturday, March 21, 2009: There was a coronal hole expected March 20, and this has been minor and strange. I expected it to be bigger, itís not acting normally. I assumed the coronal hole might well stabilise the magnetic field for a bit, which is one reason I wanted to wait a while. OK, on to the piece.

Christ Michael: Dearly beloveds, Candace will do a large quantity of filling you in at the end of this regards the noticeable changes. The planet is going into magnetic pole reversal and we have made the decision to not prevent it, but merely keep it slowed down. Candace informed me of the Sun rising 20 minutes LATE today, and that is a large clue beloveds. I do not fully time your sunrise because I am parked out past Saturnís orbit right now (in the Phoenix).

(Candace: it was probably not that late, the previous measurement was EARLY; 20 minutes change from Monday to Wednesday is huge.)

Now this is a magnetic pole reversal, not a flip or axis change. This means the Sun will continue to slow down, maybe be more erratic in this for up to perhaps a day, perhaps sooner, perhaps a bit longer. This means the planet is preparing to slow her rotation. Then it will stop for a period of time, a few hours at most, and then the Sun will begin moving backwards to set again in the east, or not rise at all for some of you. This is the period of 3 days of darkness as the planet gradually stops, reverses and keeps up the reversal until the Sun rises in the west.

This is the day of Judgment in your religious books, as many do not survive, and the Earth changes greatly pick up, but not to the degree they do from a large axis change. We will keep the change very slow, lasting approximately a couple of weeks which will slow the Earth changes. We do not wish to have massive loss of life from carbon dioxide in the air [without sunlight, carbon dioxide is not converted into oxygen].

Now, once this is flagrantly obvious to Earth residents, we will start the stasis process, which will take about 4 hours. I desire Earth residents that will survive this and awaken out of stasis to see this. This is in part the result of Jupiter, and why we have kept its progress greatly slowed, so we have more control. Those of you who think you are watching Jupiter are watching ìStar Ship Jupiterî as Candace likes to call it, and star ship Venus too dear ones, which for the last year at least has been dancing in the sky periodically.

You on Earth are not waking up much to this with Venus and other starships dancing at night. But so be it. You will awaken rapidly shortly and many religions know of what pole reversals are. If not by that name, the 3 days of darkness will get attention, when the Sun begins to move backwards [for those in that part of the world].

The plans otherwise change not. There will not be a general evacuation, since most people would not board ship anyway, and also because we will go into stasis and proceed as expected. However, we have not said this before, this was going to occur during stasis anyway, and the people would awaken to the western sunrise [thanks very much].
We have suggested there would be significant Earth changes during stasis, and this is one method of accomplishing that. We have done all we can do in terms of awakening a sleeping people and it has not been successful. Yes, some, but not enough. So we allow the Mother her freedom at this time. The pollution is huge, the dark have already installed most of the New World Order excepting Russia and China, and there are awful things coming your way. Since enough of Earth residents have asked for intervention even if they donít know what they are asking for, that is why we have gone with this other plan of the last several years of coverage of such.

The length of stasis is not determined, as it is based on observation time, and fixing of issues, necessary Earth changes and the like. Two years is but a simple estimate. We will be putting most of the life on the planet into stasis, until the Earth movements are stabilised and the air cleansed enough of carbon dioxide to awaken the animal life. Plants will benefit from the higher levels of carbon dioxide and this is useful and needed in fact. Some life forms will be evacuated during the early parts, and all who are continuing the ascension will be evacuated after stasis is in place to areas of safety IF in harms way. Build-ups of carbon dioxide and other chemicals do not affect bodies in stasis. This is why a more general stasis has been planned but not released for some time now.

Now I do suggest getting some batteries, as electricity may cease or be sporadic. We will make sure all on Earth are aware of this before the stasis starts. Some are asleep right now, and may or may not see a rising Sun when they awaken, but it wonít be up any too long.

Now the planet might right herself a bit longer, but probably not. Have lighting if you need it, and blankets for cold depending on your climate. A long night will be ahead for some. Please, as soon as you notice the Sun stopping, get in touch with all your circles and let them know to not be afraid. We will not have access to TV, and many of your dark are attempting to flee now, they know. I will stop here and let Candace post her observations so we can get this up. I will meet many of you during the stasis period and have no fear over these few remaining hours, but do help others through it until stasis begins. Again, wait until the evidence is huge, before contacting them. Namaste, Christ Michael/Aton.

Candace: Well, something went amiss over 3 weeks ago, on Monday February 23. I was rather suddenly struck with quite severe vertigo to the point my eyes must have been moving, because the furniture was moving back and forth. This persisted for perhaps an hour, and settled a bit and I was able to barely drive to attend something of importance to me. During the next several hours it came and went, and has been persistent since then, mostly if I bend over and that sort of thing, but sometimes no bending required. . I did beg for an answer as to what was going on, but was told no for now on that knowledge, but my guess was the planet was rocking and rolling enough to disturb the balancing mechanism of the ears. This has greatly decreased now. I havenít noticed eye movement since that first day. I went complaining to Andrea my guardian angel but she refused to suggest ideas except the Mother was having problems.

I have watched the Big Dipper for years. Last spring sometime somebody put out on the Internet that the Earthís tilt had changed and I didnít want to believe the degree of change until The Big Dipper was hanging around where I normally watch it in the summer and it seemed a bit south from what it used to be at that time of the year. This persisted; I didnít notice it moving around. Lately it moves north and south frequently, as it is currently in the North East in the evening.

Now about two and a half weeks ago, I was working on the computer early evening and noticed it was suddenly nearly dark at 7:10pm. I was quite disturbed by this, knowing it meant a disturbance in the Earthís rotation. If sunset or sunrise are early, this implies an increase in the speed of rotation. The sky was clear, so clouds werenít the cause of the problem. It was just about dark enough for the stars to come out already!

On March 6, a person who was a professional astronomer for 41 years posted on a forum I visit that the Sun had since the day before moved 15 degrees south at sunset. She had been observing it for 2 months, because it wasnít moving very fast north apparently. I am not fully sure of those details, but several people the last few days have been stating the Sun is still too far south for this time of year. She recorded more movement over the next 24 hours and the total movement in 2 days was 30 degrees south! It is supposed to move north after Solstice in December (for those in the Northern Hemisphere).

I began to notice sunrise times fluctuating back and forth for several days, over a span of 10 minutes or so, and also some north-south fluctuating at sunrise. A member of my team who is outdoors at 7:00 in the morning regularly, sometimes was needing to turn on his car lights, and other times had sunlight already the past week or so.

Well, Sunday March 17, I decided I had best starting documenting all this better. CM and Esu told me we had an impending pole reversal and that a few weeks of this huge degree of fluctuation are part of that process. There are daily changes, often even in an hourís time, of tilt and rotation. Each day I am marking more places in my house to chart shadow moving etc. so I can easily see a difference. Last weekend, they said they had been correcting the changes but a meeting was to be held to determine whether to throw in the rag or not, and just allow the reversal. As you can see above, a controlled reversal was going to be carried out during stasis. So the meeting was held and the decision made to stop interfering with corrections. The reason I asked for the piece above if appropriate on Wednesday is because I witnessed the Sun apparently stopping for maybe an hour that morning.

[More waffle removed here.] There are others at AHS and personal friends noticing some changes. These occur often and in short time. I did explain to one person that recorded history always re-starts after pole reversals, axis shifts and big asteroid hits. And speaking of that, boy, we have had some long and longer episodes of ìmagnetopauseî the last week too, including one lasting more or less about 14 hours yesterday, preceded by a short pause, and then one 6 hours on March 12. I know there are some professionals worried. One person who watches the electrons was complaining mid-January about them. I am noticing changes in them myself† but I donít know what it means.

So when does the reversal happen? I donít know. I am told it takes a few weeks, but we are maybe 3 weeks now into this? I would NOT suggest it to others until it is obvious. There is no preparation, and you can only hope to relieve fear in talking about the celestials will put the planet to sleep before the severe changes manifest. That is really all you can do. If you start in early suggesting it, you will cause fear, or be the laughing stock of your circles. I will keep you informed. I am thinking also of collecting my posts from AHS† [computer talk site] on this topic. There are lots of questions and that is perhaps the best way to deal with them. Please understand again, this is NOT the big tipping of the axis, the polarity "flips", but the planet does NOT, nor is the axis going to reposition itself. This is also NOT Nibiru's doing, it is NOT here.† (

(March 22, 2009) ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY: †
(Comments on Magnetic Pole Reversal) Jess: Esu, I ask today for clarification and guidance. What is happening with Earth and with stasis? What can we probably expect, and what should we do to prepare? Speak about how the decision is made to prioritise Earthís needs. Speak about events that most likely will occur, including before and during stasis. I thank you for communicating with me.

Esu: Letís speak of what is to come. Earth is becoming erratic in its rotation. The axis position is moving constantly, causing what you have termed a wobble in its rotation. Celestial bodies appear in different places than they are scheduled to be, and their positions are shifted because of the position of Earthís tilt in relation to them. The more serious problem, in your terms, is the need to reverse the direction of the Earthís rotation. This is necessary to re-spin the top, as it were, and keep Earth rotating at a fresh and stable angle. This action is not a unique event in terms of planetary movements; it happens to all planets as they reach the end of one cycle and need to begin another. This action was always planned to happen during the period you are calling stasis. That action in itself was the anomaly. Planets normally reverse their course naturally to begin the process of restructuring themselves with no assistance or extra consideration of the life forms that exist there at that time.

People on Earth have developed an awareness of the need for change, although most donít understand what that literally entails. The awareness has caused a decision to be made to assist the inhabitants to undertake the process of shifting to a new phase of existence. This was not the sole decision of Christ Michael Aton. This was the decision of a council representing those who create universes as an expression of the intent of the Creator Source. The construction of all local universes such as Nebadon is overseen by the beings that design the elements that make a universe possible. In creating Nebadon, Christ Michael acted in accordance with their guidance, although he initiated the idea for the unique structure his universe took. His idea, as approved as an extension of the Creator Source, and his plans, were coordinated by those who make universes possible.
To put the creation of Nebadon into more context, the overseers in the Central Race in Havona that manifested the creation of the Seventh Superuniverse of Orvonton as a representation of the three-person Trinity set in motion the process that allowed Christ Michael Aton to explore the issues of choice and co-creation that characterise the nature of Nebadon. The universe builders shaped this concept into a physical form that would embody the concept. Earth was developed as a seed planet within the periphery of the organised systems and energy sources. It was intended to be a special laboratory for trial and experimentation that would benefit the rest of the Nebadon structure. Earth was not created first, but it developed later as the need for more complex experimentation became manifest.

Earth was taken over and then put into quarantine. The direct nourishment that alignment with universal truth will bring was stopped to allow these new issues of rejection to work themselves out. These ideas were at odds with the most direct progression Earth would normally take. By that I mean Earth had to compromise her natural tendencies to accommodate ideas that were imposed from beyond her system. Earth was flexible to a remarkable extent, but the strength of the resistance to Christ Michaelís concept exhausted her resources and brought her to the shape she is in today. Much as a physical person would be in your experience, she is unwilling to continue to accommodate the foreign elements and seeks to throw them off in the only way she can, naturally. This process has been monitored and assisted for several years, always attempting to accommodate the needs of the inhabitants, at the same time Earthís most crucial needs were addressed. The resources of Earth are used up, at this point, and a change is mandatory to continue to preserve the planet. This limit has been known and has been a consideration in all the sequence of deadlines and delays that have been decided. The last decision was to interfere with Earthís progression no longer and allow her to take the traditional course for change by reversing the magnetic polarity caused by the Sunís interaction with Earthís rotation.

This reversal is typically caused by a slowing down of the speed of the rotation, which allows the direction of the polarity to be drawn in another direction. Stopping the rotation leads to a pause in the Sunís apparent movement that is caused by the stopped rotation. The Earth is a ball, of sorts, and stopping it from spinning while it orbits around the Sun will cause one part to be dark and one part to be in the light until it begins rotating again. This resumption of spinning in a reverse direction will reverse Earthís magnetic orientation to the Sun. The geographic north pole of the Earthís axis will remain positioned as it is, but the direction of the magnetic current will flow towards the south pole.

This shift and magnetic reversal was always scheduled to happen during the period you call stasis. This is part of the assistance we are giving you to allow Earth to make her transition with her inhabitants intact, for the most part. This assistance will set the stage for the transformations you hear described in other channellings. It will clear the playing field to allow you to build communities that are sustainable, with resources that are more compatible with a more direct spiritual connection to the universe you are part of.

Earthís fear of access and contact with galactic forces will be replaced with verified awareness and a certainty of beneficial assistance. The planet will house a more sustainable level of inhabitants. There is no way to ignore the fact, however, that the Earthís revitalised resources would be strained in the future by the excess of demands placed on her at the present time. Those who have served their purpose by incarnating here will leave. Those who have chosen to ascend with the planet will stay to help with the process.

The time of stasis is here, it is safe to say. Its beginning will be timed by the schedule Earth takes in her transition. When the Sun stops moving, it will be time to prepare for stasis being set in motion. Christ Michael Aton wants to delay its start until Earthís inhabitants see physical evidence that is beyond the scope of man to contrive. Only then will they be convinced and open to guidance to new interpretations. No other method has worked up to this point. The deadline given at the first of this year was the confirmation that told the universe builders to let Earth go her own way.
Sananda Esu Immanual.

[Tony: Jess opened this message saying he wanted to do some research on magnetic pole reversals and referred to the hot inner core moving faster than the cooler outer core and other dubious references. This can only occur in the outer 1300 km shell thickness of the planet - Earth is hollow!]