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Philippines Gold
and Ancient Mu



The "Treasury" of this secret group is located in the Philippines. The Philippines are the mountains of the legendary continent of Mu. Mu was host to an advanced civilization that existed at the same time as Atlantis. When the earth changes began, the rulers of Mu built deep underground bunkers in their highest mountains. There they stored the riches of Mu and the technology of Mu.

A priesthood was established to guard the treasure and the secrets. When the Templars knew that they needed to stop their work and go into hiding, they put together a fleet of ships that carried their treasures to the Philippines. This occurred shortly before their order was wiped out.

The Templars knew what was coming and they planned their own exit. They planned it in such a way that they were able to secure all the documents they had found in King Solomon's Temple. Some they stored in the salt mines in Austria, others they took with them to the Philippines.

The gold the Templars brought to the Philippines was added to the treasures that were already there. Many of the Templars stayed with the treasure and married the daughters of the Priests from Mu... now called tribal chiefs.

Over the centuries other treasures were brought to the Philippines. Some Spanish Templars who were part of the group sent to South America to raid the Aztec treasures, realized that these treasures needed to be saved. Instead of taking all of the Aztec gold back to Spain, much of it was sent to the Philippines.

The royal treasury of England, which was hidden at the start of WWII in Malaysia, was captured by the Japanese and ended up in one of the Philippine "treasuries". The treasury of the Chinese royal family is also hidden in the Philippines as is much Japanese gold.

Many Templars have married into the tribal bloodlines that are descended from Mu. The men who oversee the gold are of this bloodline.

The Philippine gold will be used to back ALL currencies around the world. It is happening as I write this. Soon there will be many examples of two currencies, the Federal Reserve Notes and gold backed money.

The Philippine gold is protected by MORE than just people and weapons. It is protected by beings that are not of our world.

Another key figure in the secret societies that have worked to bring the people of the planet together for the highest good of all concerned, was Marco Polo. He traveled to the Orient in 1274. He stayed there for 17 years, returning to Venice in 1291. While he stayed in China he was the guest of Kublai Khan.

Kublai Khan was the fifth and last Khagan (1260–1294) of the Mongol Empire. In 1271, he founded the Yuan Dynasty, and became the first Yuan emperor. (I am predicting that one of the first gold backed currencies will be the Yuan. Also remember Benjamin Fulford and the Chinese Secret Society he spoke about.).

The Mongol Empire spread all across Eurasia from the China Sea all the way to Hungary. The Hungarian royal family, the Esterhaszys, trace their bloodline to the Khans and the Mongol invaders.

If it had not been for the Esterhaszys, the Habsburgs would never have existed. If it hadn't been for the Habsburgs, King Phillip II of Spain would not have existed.

Greece, China, the Philippines and Austria all connect to a royal bloodline that appears to have been around for thousands of years... maybe tens of thousands of years.

"The Philippines were named after King Phillip II of Spain who was directly descended from the founder of the Order of the Golden Fleece.