What is really going on!

Issue 5 - March 2000

Highlights of this issue:

* Another failure by White Knights to announce NESARA appears to have made way for another “war”. Divine intervention has allowed this to happen to clear outstanding karma.

* A plasma protective dome has been placed over Iraq by the forces of Light to shield off large missiles and bombs. Much media coverage ofbombing is fake.

* Massive demonstrations against war are continuing worldwide at unprecedented levels. These are sealing the new reality of peace into place.

* Many banks in the USA are being readied to handle new currency, and the IRS and Federal Reserve are laying off people in preparation fortheir winding down prior to the NESARA announcement.

* A desperate Bush Administration is trying to bribe UN Security members to delay NESARA.

* The Real Creation Story names the likely new President Designate and Vice-President Designate.

World Peace Alert II

By Patrick H. Bellringer, March 20, 2003 - www. fourwinds10. com

Truthbringers on Earth Shan are under verbal attack tonight from many quarters because their message does not agree with the "facts" of the lying media. U.S. and Britain declared war on Iraq and war has started, when we had said that there would be no more war, ever on this planet. So, without a consideration of the Truth, not only is the message ridiculed, but also the Truthbringer as well.

Let us consider again what is true. On Tuesday, March 18, for the first time ever the White Knights gained total control of Washington, D.C. and the Pentagon. The "window of opportunity" for announcing NESARA occurred on Wednesday, March 19, but it didn't happen. Why? Twelve of the Faction Two White Knights were loyal to G.W. Bush and held back until G.W. ordered military action against Iraq on Wednesday evening. They then argued that it would be a national security risk to remove the president during a time of war even though it was an unlawful war. Such nonsense! Needless to say these twelve White Knights are no longer with us, as they have been uncreated.

The lying media war blitz has now started and many people totally believe what they see and hear on TV, read in the newspapers and hear on radio. We are at war with Iraq! Right? Wrong! Let me clarify. The ten Iraqi artillery sites that were destroyed by U.S. Military in Kuwait, didn't happen. The forty Tomahawk missiles shot into Baghdad, didn't happen. Oh, they were shot from the ships at sea alright, but they were vaporized by Forces of Light technology when they entered Iraqi airspace. All tanks, trucks, planes, bombs, bullets, etc. were vaporized when they entered Iraq's sovereign territory and airspace. All soldiers involved were picked up by Forces of Light Starships and are safe aboard tonight. Guess what happened to the big "shock and awe bombardment" first day of the war? Rumsfeld had to make up the story of a change in war plans of "decapitation of Iraqi military leadership.'

There was no destruction, no injuries or any deaths from military action against Baghdad last night. Today, CNN reporters asked to see the damage from the 40 Tomahawk missiles that reportedly hit Baghdad last night. They took an hour and a half tour around Baghdad today, but found no recent war damage. Saddam Hussein was first reported killed by the lying media, then injured but finally was discovered to be in good health, with none of his soldiers killed or even injured. Please understand that this is a non-war. Creator God decreed that there would be no more war, and it is so!

The Baghdad news reporters heard loud booms and saw flashes of light in the night sky. Was this real? Yes! I have told you earlier that one of the primary goals of G.W. Bush for war with Iraq was to gain control of the Stargate in Baghdad. This Stargate was used for cosmic travel, and Bush wanted to have his evil alien friends come to his rescue. Last fall that Stargate was closed by the Forces of Light after they had removed the evil Draconians using it. A plasma shield of 100th dimension protection was placed around the Baghdad Stargate and the Jerusalem Stargate to prevent any further use by any evil energies or entities. The booms and flashes in Baghdad were the result of the U.S. Military using laser and particle beam technology in an attempt to destroy the Stargate's protective plasma shield. Need I say that this action was met with total failure, but G.W. did accomplish one thing. Any attempt by evil 3D beings to capture a Stargate is against the Cosmic Law of the Solar Tribunal. G.W. Bush has accomplished the feat of "crossing the line in the sand" a second time.

The "Dove" in her March 20 report has finally decided to tell the whole Truth because, "when thousands of people know what is going on, it moves the action forward." It is interesting that for three years she has avoided doing this, even with the prodding of myself and many others. Again it is interesting that the "Dove" has represented and spoken for the Faction Two White Knights for three years, but now she denies any association with them.

What is more frustrating for truth-seekers is the reporting of the failure of the White Knights to act this week and, that they will probably again be granted an extension by the World Court for the NESARA announcement deadline.

Not so! The White Knights have blown it for the last time. The 12 White Knights of Faction Two that refused to act on Wednesday have been uncreated and are gone forever. There will be no more deadline extensions by the World Court. Admiral Sananda and Saint Germain are now in charge of the NESARA process and announcement. With the assistance of the Faction Three White Knights and the King of Swords (the number one White Knight), Sananda, St. Germain and the Forces of Light shall make the NESARA announcement now.

Please join me, as we are being directed to take back our power by focusing the violet flame of transmuting unconditional Love upon all evil. We are to focus it upon St. Germain as he goes with this 100th dimension Love Light to the U.S. White House, to the Pentagon, to Iraq, to the United Nations, and to the World Court--to bring Love.

Now, there shall be no war! Now, NESARA shall be announced! Now, we shall have peace! Believe it! Know it, and it is so!


World Peace Alert III

By Patrick H. Bellringer, March 24, 2003 - www. fourwinds10. com

Today our world appears to be in its greatest mess ever. Fear, anger and despair are everywhere over a United States led war which began against Iraq, March 19, 2003. The worldwide movement for peace is expanding exponentially, and the voices demanding an end to war are becoming sharper and louder. War advocates are making more frequent appearances as the media war-hype drums on day after day.

Debates rage over what is patriotic and what is not. A patriot supports his president and his declared war on a supposed enemy? No, a patriot demands peace and the protection of our troops and the world by bringing the military home. No, a patriot may not agree with war but, once declared, must support his country. Meanwhile, bombs are falling, bullets and missiles are flying, buildings are being blown to bits, and people are dying as their very life's blood seeps into the desert sands.

Is this really happening? Why have we come to this? Truthseekers are searching for evasive answers. Lightworkers divide into opposing camps as Truthbringers are verbally attacked for telling lies and posing as soothsayers. There was to be no war in Iraq! Now there is a war in Iraq! You said that God said there would be no more war---ever! You said that NESARA would bring peace. Where is NESARA? NESARA is a fake! Whose right? Whose wrong? Where is the Truth? Why is our world going through this tragic "Valley of the Shadow?" What really is my place in all this darkness and chaos?

It is with a heavy heart that I write today. I weep for those who are suffering and for those who are dying in this needless war. I weep for those who are yet so determined to control the world that they would destroy and kill to accomplish their goal. And I weep for our Mother Earth who has to endure yet another barrage of evil negativity. Is it not time to end such evil? What is the meaning of this unprovoked, unnecessary, and unlawful war? Are there any answers?

Let us try to find some answers. Many are asking for a greater understanding of our present times, so I shall present a broader view. I begin by quoting a message from the Emissaries of Light received by Jim Langman on March 18, 2003:

"Greetings and blessings. We are the Emissaries of the Light. We come among you once again, filled with much joy and excitement of the events that are soon to occur in your very near future. Before we give you this news, we would like to state that the events that have been happening upon your world have in actuality helped to bring forth events that you have been waiting for, much more quickly than was originally planned. Our comment to you now stands the same as it always has. There will be no war. There will be the beginnings of skirmishes, but any full scale war will not be permitted, as so decreed by the Creator.

Now, let us move back to our original statement in the beginning of this message. You will now probably be aware that many new mother ships have been positioned within your solar system. Many of their positions are not known by your elites due to the fact that they are cloaked. This has been purposely done so that there will be many great surprises in store for the elites who think they have all their bases covered. Let us inform you they are sadly mistaken. Our mother ships are strategically placed and are in position to take any action that is deemed necessary at any given moment.

Now in regards to the distribution of the financial prosperity programs that have been greatly delayed on many levels, due to what is now taking place, the prosperity programs have now been finalised, and now everything is in place. This has taken a great deal of time to complete, and the work of our earthly allies has been endless. We honour and thank our many earthly allies for their efforts and for the great love that they have for your planet, Mother Earth. Added to this mix, is your new financial system which is rapidly approaching. It is one that has been fought every step of the way by a certain few that do not wish to lose their control over you. We formally declare that their time is at an end.

There is to be, as you know, many public disclosures. This is of great interest to us, as it will bring to the mass population knowledge of our presence and that we are only here to assist you and welcome you into a total new era, one that will transform your world very quickly. The timing of our arrival comes down to how quickly the public knowledge of our existence is given to the world as a whole.

Dear ones, be not in fear, or even be concerned with what is taking place in certain areas our your world. Realise that what is happening is all meant to be. We witness more and more every day, a massive shift of consciousness which is taking place right throughout your world. You are witnessing now humanity working together and coming together as one for the greater good of all. Prepare yourselves for a massive celebration, one that will last for many days. A celebration that we will share with you on your home soil. Blessed ones, you are a most divine group of beings. We are constantly in awe of everything you do and achieve. We leave you now with our blessings, and we grant you peace. ”

Before making any comments on this message, I present to you another message from the Realms of Light. This one is from Admiral Sananda (Esu Immanuel, Jeshua) who has returned and is presently in charge of our planet Earth Shan's transition into fifth dimension. This message was received by Nancy Tate on March 21, 2003:

"It is a morning for celebration, even though to some it may seem not. Believe the wonderful energy that you feel as the troops are withdrawn from the fields, and the casualties do not mount up. There is to be an uncovering of certain facts that will bring the situation to a brighter light than has been previously seen.

I am Sananda, and I tell you that there is no need for fear; for fear is not the emotion of choice for those who walk in the Light of God. Hear me now, and hear me well; there is no need for fear, for what you are seeing played out on the other side of the globe is but mere propaganda and not to be taken seriously.

I come to you with news this day that tells of a different story than what is broadcast in your media. This is the story of the Arc that sits in the holy place in the hearts of all of you. This is the story of the everlasting promise that is taking place within the energies of time and space. There is no time in which the energies of war have not been at the forefront of the history of man on this planet. What is going on now in the time that you live in is the playing out of the last wages of war that will be of consequence to you all. This is not Armageddon we see. This is the reversal of the energy of that trial. This is the other end of the spectrum, so what you see is a rumour of war, and not war itself.

Allow me to explain. This is the time in which all the energies of karma are being absolved. This is one of the conditions in which the new energy is being played out. Without this war acting there would remain the dregs of the old energy. This is a fine scenario we see played out at this time. Those who station themselves on the battlefield do so with the supreme honour of being instruments of God’s Holy plan. They do not die, they are immortal. There is no life lost here, only a shred of the illusion. Come to the place in your hearts where you know the truth lies, feel the resonance that stirs in your innermost being as you read these words. Allow the tears to wash away the cobwebs of the remembrances, and go to the deepest part of your knowing and find the place in which the celebration can begin.

I am in awe these days. Do you not wonder from where the term was inspired? Yes, there is divine guidance in effect here. Even Judas was in divine guidance. He is my dear friend still, and always will be. I love all of the people who have ever set foot on the soils of Earth. They have been everything to me, and are standing beside me now as I bring this message to your comfort. You are the stunning carriers of the Light, and you find that the way is rough at times. That is because you do your purpose so well, my dears. You fall into the energy of the upliftment of the darkest hour of beautiful Mother Earth, who has supported you for all this time. She is playing the violin and singing the sweet refrain that will echo through the forests and the waters, and sound as a sweet drifting breeze across the plains and the deserts of her beingness.

As the blood spills upon the soils of the deserts, the lifeblood is supplanted by the light of the tenderest emotion that can ever be felt by any being. The love and compassion flows strong and sure through the mists of creation as it wends its way through the avenues of make believe.

This is the story, my friends, of the coming of the end of the suffering. There will be no more battles started and called in the name of nothing. This is the end of the old way of being. Call it the truth of the ages, for it rings with the whispers of the dove as it wings its way into the hearts of the angels of mercy. There is no sweeter time than this right now, my dears, for this is the culmination of all that has comebefore, and it is the promise of the peace and joy that are just over the horizon.

I leave you now with the song of forevermore. There is no shame, and there is no guidance that is misleading and hidden. There is only lightand the joy of seeing it played out in the wonderful energy of love.”

Probably the greatest challenge that we, who live on planet Earth Shan face today is understanding that things are not as they seem. Living in third dimension is like living aboard a Star Trek Starship. There is life aboard ship, and there is life on the holodeck. There are two separate and distinct realities happening to the people of Shan today, one is the actual life aboard starship Earth and the other is the holodeckprogram. Life aboard our starship planet Earth is the way of war, pain and death. It is the third dimensional thinking of ego, power, greed and control. We chose to return to this 3D lifestream at this time to continue our lessons in soul growth. As we struggle with evil and war and learn our lessons, we discover that there is another reality in which we can choose to live. That reality is the way of peace. It is one of health and life, of sharing and cooperation, of humility and self-power, of freedom, love, abundance, and joy. We can choose the holodeck program and move into a new reality. We have the power within to create a whole new destiny for ourselves and our world.

At this present moment in time we are faced with the realities of war and of peace. If you say there is a war going on against Iraq, you are right. If another says there is no war, he is also right. As you watch the media propaganda, you see "bombs bursting in air", death and destruction. Is this real? Some is, but most is not actually happening. Some

people are reporting seeing themselves in these lying media pictures which were taken twelve years ago. Some have exact copies of earlier TV presentations. Some have observed the 1991 date on current TV war pictures. Some have proof that the topography has changed, buildings are different, trees are different, vehicles are too old, etc. This is media-hype using old file tapes of the 1991 Gulf War. Yet, some is real. There are U.S. and British troops in Kuwait and Iraq, ships shooting missiles, planes dropping bombs, and people dying from war. Even this is not as it seems. There are those who have chosen to enter this present lifestream to experience war as part of their lessons in soul growth. For them this war is very real, and they are experiencing all the aspects of war. There are those who did not choose to experience war in this lifestream. For them this war is not real and they are not experiencing it. Then there are those who did not choose war, but due to the extreme evil pressure for war on our planet, were coerced into choosing war at this time. For them war is also real, but their outcome may be far different than expected. In these latter two cases I have described is where many miracles may happen. The bullets may not kill, the bombs may not destroy and people may not be injured or killed.

The second reality is that there is no war. There are people in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities who are reporting seeing fantastic lights flashing in the night sky and hearing horribly loud booms from bombs and artillery explosions. Yet, in the daylight they see no damage, no injured and no dead people. A nurse with Human Shield endured a night of light flashes and bombing noise in Baghdad. In the morning she went to the emergency hospital to assist with the war casualties. As she entered the hospital, the hallways were lined with empty cots and all was an eerie silence. There were no war victims. Another nurse and friend came from a city hospital and reported a busy night of elderly people coming to the hospital with heart problems and shock from the war noise. There were no war casualties. A CNN news crew in Baghdad took a ninety minute tour to see the war damage and saw none. Dan Rather of CBS news recently expressed his frustration at having no evidence of any war damage in Baghdad.

What is really going on? Creator God has decreed that there shall be no more war. As the "Dove" has said, "War is cancelled." Let me explain. Creator God has issued a prime directive that never again will humans on planet Earth Shan be allowed to make war and kill life and destroy our good Mother Earth. Limits have been set. No full scale war will be permitted. As the Emissaries of Light said, the “beginnings of skirmishes” are happening in this Iraqi war illusion, as the remaining people are playing out their last karmic war roles on Shan. We are seeing the last lingering 3D aspects of war as the “energies of karma are being absolved”. These "skirmishes" remove the "dregs of the old energy." Now we shall have peace! You bring about what you think about. Your thoughts are the most powerful force on earth. What you focus on becomes your reality. By your thoughts you create that reality which you desire. Do you desire war or peace? At this moment in time we of Earth Shan are making a transition from war into peace. The people have spoken and have created the positive energies of peace. Creator God has heard the cries of Earth Shan and her people for peace, and has decreed that war is cancelled---forever! Those who still want war shall leave Earth Shan and go elsewhere for their lessons.

The Bush "shock and awe bombardment" first day of the Iraq war did not happen as advertised. Why? The Forces of Light prevented massive death and destruction by using a magnetic force field, known as a Tesla dome, around Iraq. Many planes were vaporized and the crews beamed aboard higher dimension starships as the U.S. and British forces tried to penetrate this force field. The activation of the Baghdad Stargate at 100th level frequencies by the Forces of Light has created an impenetrable force field in Baghdad. Even laser and scalar technology has no effect upon it. Great handicaps have been placed upon these remaining warmongers of Shan. Their days are numbered. The darkside rules through fear.

This week G.W. Bush has again ordered massive terrorist attacks to occur in the U.S. and especially in New York City. Since his first successful terrorist attack on Sept 11, 2001, we have endured hundreds of threats of terrorism manufactured by G.W. Bush and his evil stooges. None of them happened. Why? They were all stopped by the Forces of Light. I say again that years ago a prime directive was issued by the Galactic Federation of Worlds that never again would any nuclear energy be allowed to be used on Earth Shan for evil intent. The Forces of Light are also preventing the use of any chemical or biological warfare on Earth Shan. Please know that any threats of terrorism are just that, threats, designed to cause fear. Send Love and Light to these evil doers and live in hope and joy.

When will we have peace, you ask? My answer, when we decide to implement Creator God's plan for peace. We could have done that on Wednesday, March 20, 2003, before our unlawful U.S. president G.W. Bush began his insane military actions against the innocent people of Iraq. Our White Knights could have announced NESARA, but they chose not to do so. They can choose to announce NESARA at any time now, for all is ready. Only their desire to keep our evil president in office and the war going prevents this, for NESARA removes both. Should they reach the deadline set by the World Court without announcing NESARA, the problem White Knights will be instantly removed from Earth Shan by St. Germain and the Forces of Light. At that time St. Germain will then announce NESARA.

Can NESARA be announced by St. Germain prior to the deadline? Yes. The "tug-o-war" is between the freewill of the White Knights and the freewill of the people of Earth Shan. The outcome is up to we the people. Move from the reality of war into the reality of peace in your heart, in your home and community and project the positive energy of peace to our world. The demand for peace worldwide is growing exponentially. There is no stopping it. Stay centred and hold the Light of Truth. Do not let "war, and rumour of war" rock your peaceful boat. –


Spiritual Hierarchy & Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle (Edited)

(MARCH 18 - 12 Oc, 15 Ceh, 11 Iks) Events are unfolding that will assure ultimate victory for our earthly allies and lessen the potential for a cataclysmic war on your world. A lengthy series of yearned-for announcements are soon and finally to be made. These broadcasts will proclaim your irrevocable victory over the last stubborn cabal and its global adherents. A coalition is dedicated to implementing the wishes of St Germain and the entire assemblage of your Ascended Masters. Their decisions will soon lead to great abundance on your world, and to a glorious new era of global governance. Soon, our earthly allies will be able to leave their previous, necessarily-obscure spheres of power and identify themselves to you.

In your new realm, governance will properly become rule 'for and by the peoples' of this globe. Again, we ask you to remain in a true state of grace concerning those who have secretly ruled you. You will discover their many sinister deeds and extreme avarice. You will learn the true story of how vain and powerful people secretly manipulated your world. Those individuals, who, by heredity or accumulation of wealth, assumed positions of power, were further corrupted by their off-world overlords.

In our last message, the Anunnaki described their wish to reveal this sorry mess to you. Heed their words and consider them as simply part of a vastly complicated, cosmic drama. This prolonged dash into darkness has made you infinitely more aware of how a being in limited consciousness can be coerced to do the bidding of others. Through these insights, you will develop a better understanding of the workings of the untold thousands of worlds that once formed the dark empire of Anchara. They covet your careful guidance, and will look upon your final victory as an omen of their future success in creating their own galactic societies.

For you, the 'larger considerations' include this galaxy and, indeed, the whole of physical Creation. We cannot overemphasise the importance of what you are doing. Now, in the final legs of your journey, learn to step away from your personal emotions and become the greater beings that you really are. These beings are not swayed by the judgments that currently swirl around you. These beings realise that there is a greater purpose behind all that has occurred and is occurring. For the most part, countless monstrous crimes have been committed to allow this last cabal to maintain their desperate hold on power. They will confess their 'high crimes and misdemeanors' and be punished. It is necessary, however, for you to consider these individuals in the greater Light that is truly you. Forgive them, and understand that we all have played a role in this cosmic drama. Now, the time has come for you to bring to a close the process that will transform your reality. Soon, you will begin that new reality by establishing transitional regimes in the many nations that comprise your world. These regimes will come together to produce a level of cooperation now uncommon in your world.

Of course, we and Heaven are part of this mix. Our purpose is to be more than guides, to be your purposely and visibly involved teachers. We relish this part of first contact. It allows us to appear openly among you and watch you fuse the many separate parts that make up the foundation for your new reality. Our many counselors and liaisons have been well-trained and can easily accomplish this mission. By studying each culture of your planet in detail, we have been able to develop a number of instructional programs that we will share with you. Our rationale is to allow you to set forth freely and to explain, only when asked, how best to continue your journey. Nonetheless, you must act on your own initiative. The extent of your progress will be shown by the degree to which you choose to move in certain directions. Then, and only then, will we advise you. This is the method given us by Heaven. Bear in mind that ultimately, you are responsible for your own progress.

Among the major points that you will need to address are the inequality of your global societies, eradication of poverty, ending of malnutrition and the re-chartering of corporations. Finally, you must attend to worldwide pollution, the introduction of many innovative, new technologies and your relationship with both the 'cetacean nation' and the Inner Earth realm of Agartha. Within these issues lies the nature of your religious and philosophical beliefs. Your Ascended Masters will address them in detail, using parables and inspired, helpful sermons. Look upon all of this as a lofty experiment. Heaven, now, is moving you back into full consciousness. You are being groomed to resume your role as physical Angels. This process is truly exciting to Heaven, and has been a major subject of consideration among the heavenly Administrations that guide this galaxy. Hence, the countless Orders and Councils within Heaven have joyously watched and infinitely blessed your progress.

Use your new abundance, when acquired, to purchase a few expensive, high-quality items. Use most of it, however, is for compassionate projects that share this wealth with everyone and encourage ventures that can make a difference. As ever, the joining together of individuals for a common good is one of the most powerful instruments on your world. Also encourage universal disclosure of the stockpile of long-hidden information and technologies. Such an announcement will immeasurably assist and reinforce our own efforts. This process will truly challenge you and teach you the rest of what you need to know about the transformation of a limited consciousness society. It will also help you to understand how such a world operates, and how easily such a society can be altered for the good. In this, your Ascended Masters wish to lavish upon you the wisdom you will require to succeed.

- (MARCH 25, 2003 - 6 Kan, 2 Mac, 11 Ik)  (Full Text)   Greetings! We arrive, dear hearts! There is much to tell you! An illegal government, controlled by your last obstinate cabal, is now devastating your world. Heaven had two purposes for allowing this action to occur.

First, to let this government visibly commit to an invasion that is contrary to world opinion and international law.

Second, to allow the majority of your world to raise an honest and heartfelt plea to Heaven to bring a halt to this illegal and intolerable war.

Now that these things have been done, Heaven is moving to bring this monstrous regime to an end. Presently, a number of events are unfolding. First, a global shift in the financial power of this regime is under way that will make it impossible for them to reap the fruits of their endeavours. Second, a coalition in this cabal's home-nation is busily preparing to oust this group from power. Finally, Heaven has developed a specific timeline and formally communicated to us the sequence of events required to complete these tasks, which will result in our first contact with you. These are precarious times. Do not be discouraged! Remain decisive, and know in your hearts that all will end well.

The operation in progress will remain secret until certain necessary actions have been completed. Then, it will be made public. Thus, we ask you simply to remain committed to your inevitable success. And, although the Spring Equinox is a time when great changes are truly afoot, the universe unfolds in its own time. We all require patience and the willingness to accept whatever will ensure our success. The events that will change your world will be, initially, sudden and disturbing to the general public.

Much of what we have discussed with you remains largely unknown to them. Fittingly, we ask you again to be prepared and willing to inform them of the true facts that define events of the past few years. This will give them a better understanding of what is taking place. Your whole world is about to be turned upside-down in a most extraordinary way. These developments will end this last obstinate regime's power and place its leaders under the close investigation of a specially-convened international court. Suddenly, many of your governments will topple, and there will be calls for scores of new elections.

The events we have outlined will be part of the transitional stages that you presently are going through. Times such as these give rise to troubling predicaments or provoke incidents that may severely test your resolve. In every situation, focus firmly upon the result to which you truly aspire. Now, your strong, connected thoughts are gathering power. To them are added the blessings of Heaven. Together, these components are coalescing into a mighty, unstoppable force. That force is capable of utterly reshaping your world and of making her ready for your final transformation.

The situation that exists now is no more than a large, hard bump in your road. It will pass. Indeed, many of the events to which we alluded at the beginning of this update are on the verge of manifesting. Regardless of what has occurred, remain steadfast and, as such, stand ready to bring about actions for which you so deeply yearn. Heaven wishes you to know that she is working to carry out your most perfect desires. They will ensure that the divine plan's decrees will be revealed in this reality.

Bear in mind, dear ones, that this world is changing. We warned you, some time ago, that the dark agenda was holding back some last dirty tricks. However, though shocking at first, these dishonourable acts lack the power to fully succeed. Their power derives from peoples' initial reactions, and quickly fades as the Light re-gathers its resolve and silently advances toward victory. Again, the process is under way. We cannot overemphasise this fact enough. In every case, the dark's 'tricks' have sparked our earthly allies' determination and tested their ability to its fullest extent in carrying out their legal mandate. We are very pleased that most of them have continued to forge ahead and obey the agreements.

We stand ready to assist them in this. Our announcements form part of this complicated process. They will bring first contact closer and enable us to complete this mission according to plan. To this end, we have created a number of alternate scenarios that, fortunately, have not yet been needed.

Right now, the torment that grips your world seems like a nightmare that refuses to go away. This ordeal is part of the chaos that engulfs thepresent stage in your transition to full consciousness. Soon, it, too, will pass, leaving you, once more, in a period of stability.

In the next phase, you will see the introduction of new technologies, limitless global abundance and a new style of direct, more responsive governance. They will be precursors of the events that will assist you in preparing for your final metamorphosis. The next few steps will include your introduction to us, as well as guidance, from Heaven and from us, on these many issues. In this time of flux, your world will behold the end of the nation-state's supremacy and the rapid rise of regionalism. This transition will encourage true cooperation and perpetuate global harmony. Recent incidents are a regrettable aberration that is leading us all toward a new and wonderful reality.

Again, we reiterate that Heaven has only allowed the events of the past week in order to challenge those who are illicitly changing this world. Without question, these desperate acts have separated the good from the bad. While many individuals have been forced to withdraw, many more have seized the opportunity to stand out. Now, as a result, a group of earthly allies are fully prepared to implement the agreements so laboriously drawn up between us several years ago. It is distressing that these tumultuous events seem a precondition for such a thing to take place.

Nevertheless, we repeat: Heaven was wise in allowing it to occur. It has greatly advanced our cause because it makes these new governmental, economic and political coalitions much more willing to fulfill every aspect of our agreements. As we watch over the next series of impending events, we observe this new energy. It encourages us immensely and gives us the incentive to accelerate the entire process.

As ever, we have closely monitored developments upon your world. We have observed an intricate and interconnected 'war' between the Light and the dark. Like some strange Italian opera, it has been a struggle filled with subtle subplots and disguised innuendos. On each side, there is an agenda, with a number of personalities and groups to support them. Most bizarre has been how these groups interact with each other. Some change sides at will, while others first appear resolute, and then 'give in' to the pressures of the other side. Like a civil war, it has furiously pitted families and political alliances against each other. Now, this tumult has reached a point of resolution. It has tested the judgment and decision-making of our diplomatic corps and our many liaison boards. We salute them for their expertise and for the way they have so decisively resolved this situation.

Much is manifesting, dear hearts! The vast part of this matter is unknown to you. Your world's power structure is unravelling, causing many of your leaders to take desperate measures. Most affected was the cabal that took control of your globe's last superpower. Its attempts to remain in control have failed. This most recent ploy was their most deadly. Do not be discouraged. Events are unfolding. Their announcement will bring you glee. With this situation under control, the nightmare you have been living will be transformed into most jubilant reality.

We are focusing closely upon this situation and will do whatever Heaven commands. Thus, do not be disheartened. Know in your heart that this violent incident will inevitably pass. Know in your heart that Heaven will never abandon you. Know that this situation will be resolved successfully and that universal peace will be restored to your world at unprecedented levels!

Today, we briefly reviewed recent events on your world and why Heaven has allowed them to occur. The many Orders, Councils, Administrations and Life-streams of Heaven wish you to know, dear Ones, that this realm is transforming and that only an unequivocal final outcome will be allowed. Ultimately, the consequences of the past week will be positive in nature. We now take our leave. Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the infinite Supply and Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Gajaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Joy!)

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Rays of Hope from Sananda

Message through Nancy Tate, March 19, 2003 (www.treeofthegoldenlight. com)

For those who walk the planet these days, there is a coming together of love, and beauty, and joy, and peacefulness. You bring the candle ofhope to the eyes of the many, and you spread the word far and wide. And you bring to the beauty of the people the reflection of what is in their hearts, for there is no greater love than the love expressed in the beauty of its own reflection.

There is a coming together that is happening. Thank the leaders of your world for bringing you to this feeling of unity. Why, my brothers and my sisters have you not brought this together before? Why have you not brought this unity to yourselves in a time of peace, in celebration? It is because of the duality; because you are mesmerised by your own peacefulness, and your comfort. You rise up only when you feel threatened, and you bring to the cause of God the beauty of the Light that shines within. There is no greater beauty than what I see this day, for it is as a melding that I see this day.

A great blanket of Light spreads around the globe as talk of war and battle goes on in the pockets of frustration. This Light grows and grows. And as this Light grows it infiltrates every aspect of life on planet Earth. It touches those weapons that would be of mass destruction and renders them love. It reaches the hearts and souls of every being on the planet, and renders it whole. There is no greater beauty than the Light that shines forth from every window, every hand, every eye, and every heart on this planet.

I give you a beautiful example of how you can mould your world into the finest beauty and work of art that you have ever beheld. I give youyourselves. I give you your beauty and your love that rises above all that can ever come in your path. There is no finer example of the works of the Creator than to gaze upon your beauty, and know that you gaze upon perfection. How can any darkness or any shadow stand up to the brightness of the Light that I see today? There is no greater passion than the passion that arises when the light of God touches your very beingness.

I say to you my brothers and my sisters on this day that no matter what happens in this world that you have created, there will not be destruction of who you are and what you can do. Stand in unison; envelop yourselves in the Light that which comes forth from knowing God, from knowing yourselves, the part of you that is God. There is no greater power than that knowingness that stands up to anything that comes your way. There is nothing that can overcome that Light. You are truth, you are wisdom; you are love and peace, and the joy of being. There is no greater thing than that. I bless you all, and salute you in your divinity, and I walk with you now through this land of love.


Hope from the Galactic Federation

Message through Nancy Tate, March 20, 2003 (www.treeofthegoldenlight. com)

This is a time when the poor people are brought together with the rich and famous. This is a time when all boundaries between brotherhood and sisterhood come tumbling down, and the unitedness begins. Hello dear ones, we of the Galactic Federation wish to tell you what is really happening on your planet right now. There is a shift taking place that will seem to leave the world upside down, but only for a short period, and then the turn of events will bring the stature of the world to an understanding that will clear up all misinformation and misunderstanding, once and for all.  My friends, this is the final hour of your darkness before you step out into the Light. There is much to be done in the light of day that will serve to bring your beautiful planet back to the pristine beauty that it once enjoyed.

You will be given new ways of cleaning up your atmosphere. You will be shown how you can better communicate on a community level to bring about the changes that you desire in a swift, and complete manner. This is the final outcome that will come from this last burp of acid from your experience.

My dears, think of the times when there was no commerce on the planet, you were here and you experienced that. Think of the historical records of the antiquated ideas of modern marvels, and realise that those were the beginnings of the wonders that you will be seeing in a very short time. There is no greater experience than to go forward and realise that you are stepping on holy ground and that all you do will reflect the divinity within you.

There is no turning back from the events that are taking place. Would you want to turn back the clock and relive these last few days? There is coming a solution that will surprise some, and cause others to thank God for the wisdom and guidance to know that to keep their peace is to live to see the fruition from that peacefulness. We speak now of the outcome that is soon to prevail, and that will be to bring to the world a new feeling of togetherness and co-operation between all the people of the world, in harmony and in forthrightness.

Now we speak to you of another matter that is related. There is coming a visitation by members of your cosmic family that will ring around the world in a ring of pure love and power. This will be a visit that will show the world that there is a family out there who is ready and eager to come to the assistance of the rise of the new family of man. You are all members of that family, and we are going to come and start a reunion that will echo through the corridors of time. Once that reunion has been celebrated and the dishes are all done, then it will be down to business. That will be the cleanup of your backyards and the renewal of your natural resources so that Mother Earth may enjoy her natural state of being once more. She too is evolving right along with you, and she is one of the family, in love and compassion for her family of man.

We speak with you now of the events that are taking place on your battlefields right now. They are not as they seem. They are being played out in an energy of trust and benevolence that is not observable to the human eye. This is an energy of karma giving its last breathes of survival and renewal to the Earth, for Gaia underwent karma too. Great nations are relieving themselves of the last particles of the karmic energy. Without this playout, as it has been accomplished and is continuing to be, there would not be the completion of the old age to make way for the propulsion of the new age off the launch pad, as is being accomplished right now. My dears, weep for the lives lost, assign guilt to the parties of lost dreams, and then awaken and realise that there is no guilt, there are no lives lost without intent. There is only a winding down of the energies of transformation and renewal that capture the hearts and souls of all of you in the wonderful emergence of the new way of being.

We love you with an energy that is unbounded. We revel in the lights that we see turned on all over the globe, and they are not only shining in the windows, but in the hearts of so many this day. The candle that illuminates the way for your salvation is the one that we see from our place in Heaven, and it is the one giant candle that you all hold in unison for

the triumph of mankind. Hold your heads high, my dears, and see the rainbow that reaches from each of you to the other, for it is a sight to us from here. Have you ever seen a web of rainbow? That is what we see as we gaze upon your world right now. We see no ugliness, even in that strip of land that you are all fixing your attention upon this day. See it in your mind as we do, and know that you see the truth. For you are the chosen ones, and you shall reign in peace and love for evermore. We shower blessings upon your tears and watch as they fall to the ground and sprout forth in beautiful flowers of love.

Dove of Oneness Reports (Edited)

(Mar 14) Numerous US banks are holding management meetings to review all that needs to be done when NESARA is announced. Some good people from the CIA have been assisted in moving to Sweden where they are daily speaking the truth of many things including false accusations by the Bush regime against Saddam Hussein.

(Mar 18) Per the decision of the World Court, NESARA is supposed to be announced this week. The Bush gang know this and are trying to rush in to attack Iraq in the hope the world will accept war and keep them in power.

(Mar 20) One of the key elements about why the Forces and Ascended Masters apply divine intervention at certain times, and not at other times, usually has to do with “lawful authority”. They have full capabilities to easily stop any war and disable any military weapons, just as they have done many times in recent months. This week, the White Knights had the ability and a wide open door to announce NESARA. At that point, the Forces withdrew from stopping the war. It was up to the White Knights to stop the war then, by announcing NESARA. Humans have divine free will to choose their experiences, and this free will must be honoured. Last night, certain White Knights exhibited personal cowardice, which they think is political good sense, and refused to pass NESARA right now, and remove a president when the country is at “war”.

(Mar 22) Because the White Knights failed to obey the World Court’s order to announce NESARA by March 20, the Court required a full disclosure of who made the failure decisions, and ordered their replacement. [They were actually “uncreated”, their souls disintegrated.] Saint Germain requested and received legal authority to immediately initiate his intervention activities to announce NESARA. He is working an accelerated schedule.

(Mar 23) All humans have the sovereign divine power to call forth their preferred reality, but few know this. I stand by my preferred reality which is “war is cancelled, peace prevails”. It is high spiritual wisdom to call forth our preferred realities and to hold to them until they are public reality!

(Mar 27) The UN Security Council some time ago voted to approve a secret resolution authorising St Germain and the White Knights to handle worldwide peace keeping activities necessary to announce and implement the NESARA law.

However, suddenly, early this week, 10 voting members of the Security Council told St Germain they wanted time (some weeks) to develop a resolution to resolve the Iraq war. They threatened a vote to rescind St Germain’s authority.

This morning, I learnt these 10 members each received $50 million from the $1 billion funds Bush Jr “urgently” wanted through the Pentagon this week for “humanitarian aid” in Iraq. This bribe money has been traced back to Bush. The World Court is dealing with this matter [and a few frivilous issues still trying to delay NESARA].


Jennifer Lee Reports (Edited)

(Mar 13) Planetary shield grids are fully activated. Anyone messing with the stargates will instantly be incinerated.

(Mar 19) Even if the dark agenda are using their technology, they will be stopped by the Forces. They are trying to create a fear-based reality.

(Mar 20) The stargate is activated and it sent out beams of light and neutralised the missiles in the air. This could be seen in the sky by people. So whatever they are telling us in the news about hitting targets is a lie. Some footage on TV comes from 1991. The shuttle craft are de-cloaking and removing the dark agenda technology, including conventional aircraft plus military craft. The pilots have been beamed aboard shuttle craft and immediately awakened into 5th-dimensional technology and life with the Federation of Worlds because they have seen the error of their ways now.

Many people called to say news reporters say they were in Baghdad and no detonations went off and there was no bombing, when it was reported on world TV they were having it. [This was due to dubbed high technology movie editing by the Bush controllers, plus higher realms introducing “holodeck” scenarios where some people experienced “war”, and some did not. Don‘t try to understand this, just “feel” it! ]

(Mar 21) There are many scenarios going on, and for what these dark ones from the reptilian Alpha Draconian star system have done, they are going to pay with their souls. There are good reptilians in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, as well as good Annunaki who are helping our boys, the ones flying F-16’s, B-2 bombers, and helicopters. They are being met by shuttle craft in the sky and the crew are being beamed aboard these craft of the Federation. The aircraft are then being destroyed. Our corporation-run media is reporting helicopters being downed by Iraqui missile fire or by accidents. Like Dove said yesterday, those 12 White Knights trying to delay NESARA are gone.

(Mar 22) The Forces are doing as much as is allowed under the Prime Directive at this time. Its up to the White Knights to get it done. At another level is the coalition around St Germain, including the King of Swords (head of Faction 3), Mr X, the Alien Hunter, the King of Egypt (Annubis), along with Mother Sekhmet, the Admiral (Sananda), Lord Michael and Lord Metatron.

(Mar 22) There are two realities now in Iraq. A giant Tesla Dome [electromagnetic shield] has been placed over the entire country by the forces of Light, along with the energies of the stargates. No one gets to touch the stargates, they are galactic property, and are to be used for ascension frequencies only. It is similar to the story in Solara’s “11:11: Inside the Doorway” where people have to experience 3D as it falls away into nothingness. So some people are experiencing war as shown on the networks. It is for them to achieve a lesson about soul growth so they can step into the next dimension reality of ascension of Love, Light, Peace, and Joy. At the same time, there is another reality going on where there are people in Baghdad and other cities who are experiencing nothing more than incredible flashes of light and incredible sound frequencies as missiles and aircraft hit the dome. There is no death at all.

Whatever is being said is a paradox because it is a giant holodeck program courtesy of the Forces for the people to wake up and take their power back.. The Forces are in full control of this situation. The last reptilian life forms are creating pain, suffering, and death, as they go through their dimensional reality for their soul growth. St Germain and Sananda are in control. We are being told to remain true to our mission, and know that this is a fantastic “Dog and Pony Show”, such a holodeck program worthy of the Academy Awards. At the same time it is a “wakeup call”.

NESARA will bring this planet back into ascension, balance, and understanding of Love, where we get to sit and walk and have tea with the Ascended Masters. You may get to have a conversation with Sananda and Ashtar about astronomy, astrophysics, the nature of black holes, quarks, and quantum realities, and how these things fit together. Instead of eking out a living in survival mode where you have nothing left for you and your family. That is where the line has been drawn. The lion shall lay down with the lamb, and we shall have war no more.

(Mar 23) We have to remember to be neutral beings where we do not get caught up with the drama of the holodeck, because if we do, we start to wear it. We can create or uncreate whatever we wish. The forces of Light have asked us to uncreate war, frquencies of darkness, separation, and anything saying “I am not enough”.

(Mar 24) I heard on NPR this morning this reporter in Qatar and he asked a briefing General “How come there are people in Baghdad that have seen nothing? There are no dead bodies, there are no buildings burning. What is going on here?” This military man ignored him. At the Oscars, Michael Moore said “We live in a fictitious world. We have a fictitious president, a fictitious election. We are against this war Mr Bush. Shame on you! Shame on you!” He made a very strong statement but they drowned him out with music. There must have been government-placed people there who booed, yet when they panned in on the faces of the top celebrities, they were all smiling and greatly pleased with Michael Moore’s words and none of them were booing.

(Mar 26) There was an intervention today by the Forces and the Ashtar Command, beaming aboard US and British forces. They are going to join the Forces of Light and the 5th-dimensional reality where they shall join Starfleet Academy as we speak. They are not being captured by the Iraqi’s. There are many realities flowing now.

(Mar 27) Another wild day on this beloved planet Earth. In the future, and in this moment, simultaneously, it is also called Terra Nova. The King said there were some secret activities going on where special officers have been charged with sacred duties. They come from St Germain’s own fleet of motherships and starships known as the Amethyst Fleet. They are amethyst in colour and gold rimmed, incredible ships, 20 million years in advance of present Earth culture technology. The Amethyst Officers are helping with the NESARA announcement, and they do not take prisoners. There is also some last minute activity from Mother Sekhmet, a flurry of fur and whiskers in the kitchen!

Reliable sources are saying that people at the IRS [tax department] in Jacksonville are being laid off, and many people at the Federal ReserveSystem are also being laid off.


 The Real Creation Story - Part 5

An edited article about the history of the Nebadon Universe and our Sol Sun System, from the transcription of a conversation on September 2002 between Lord Master Ari and Lady Master Ava, with Lady Master Morning Star and Four Winds webmaster.

 Full transcript of 52 pages is at www. fourwinds10. com

Please use your discerment with this information. Even cosmic history varies in higher realms!

Faction 1 is the Illuminati. Faction 2 is a split-off. The first is the Rothschild Illuminati, the Bavarian Illuminati combination. The split-off Faction 2 is the Rockefeller and Shrub gang (The ‘Rocky and Shrub-winkle show’). You know there is a war going on within the Illuminati where the Rockefellers and the Bush’s hate and fight against the Rothschild’s. They are enemies from within, so they have been fighting for the world’s power and control within themselves for years. The house is already divided within itself on that note.

The Dragon Controllers have been controlling ‘Shrub Senior’ and ‘Shrub Junior’. All of the presidents are just puppets controlled by these 25 foot Dark Dragons. As a matter of fact the last president that was a real person, not cloned, was Nixon. Every president since then has either been killed in office and/or cloned, including Ronald Reagan. The CIA killed him, and they had a clone up and running the very next day. It’s a trip!! But Bill Clinton is real. They did not kill him. They made five clones of him to do things that needed to be done, that he didn’t want to do. The real Clinton could say, “I did not touch that woman!” (laughter) (figure it out folks!)

At the same time Count St. Germain was handing over the dowry to the Rothschild’s he was in two places at once. He was also Vladimir the Impaler. I want to explain Vladimir Impaler because it is important. It brings in the Vatican. He decided to take on the role of Vladimir the Impaler, who was of the House of Dracula of Transylvania, and if you remember he was impaling the turks, he was fighting the Turks, the Turkish Moors, because they were invading Romania-Transylvania. And that’s where Vladimir the Impaler was born and that is where his castle still is today.

But in the beginning of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, he really explains it well. His wife, St. Germain’s twin flame, Mena, who is actually Lady Master Cassiopeia in the form of St. Germain’s twin flame, always. In that lifetime she was told by the Pope of then Greek Orthodox Church that her twin flame Vlad was murdered, killed in a battle and lay dead in the fields. She was living a monastic life. She was living in a convent for protection because the then head of the church was trying to seduce her. Anyway this convent was overlooking a river and she became so upset when she heard of his death that she threw herself into the river from the cliff and she killed herself. The Vatican wanted to lose the potency of Vladimir on the battle field because he was doing a good job. When he came back he found her on the altar of the convent church. What he did then was he cursed the Church. He took upon himself the darkness of the Church in order to transmute it. He stabbed the cross and said, “Forever afterward I will drink the blood of the living, of those who are defiling the energy of the feminine!”

He accused the Church, the Greek Orthodox Church as well as the Catholic because they were connected at that time, of doing that number one. He vowed to stay and suck the blood of all those who are using their feminine energy in a misqualified fashion, and he stayed until 1979 and has been doing that, transmuting the darkness of their evil, all along. It has been completely twisted by some blood drinkers, vampires, as humans do now. That has nothing to do with it.

It’s really a true story and such things have yet to be spiritually understood. He was taking on the karma that was the creation of the Vatican and the Greek Orthodox Church. So he did that simultaneously as the lifetime of Francis Bacon. That’s why the Vatican is connected with our money system, and why the Queen and the Vatican made their deal together that they would be one. That they would be doing something in unison for world domination and control, and to stop the feminine (keep the feminine under control and in slavery), and to join that which is the first cause which is what Jehovah was doing in the first place. He really wanted to get rid of Mother Sekhmet! He (Jehovah) wanted to get rid of his Mother. Everything comes from the Mother first, so he figured if he got rid of the Mother he would replace that. He wouldn’t have to deal with Lightworkers, he wouldn’t have to deal with any more Light getting on the planet. It was a way for him to have ultimate control.

So, the first Anti-Christ was Napoleon, with the soul of Jehovah, and the second Anti-Christ was Hitler, again with the soul of Jehovah. So here’s the bridge you’re asking for. The Rothschild’s have been the oldest inheritors of the dowry and the Rockefeller’s and the Bush’s are like the new kids on the block. They showed up in the early 1900’s in terms of trying to vie for power. They are the ones that are responsible for coming up with the Federal Reserve Bank law with their three treasonous collaborators who on December 23, 1913, after the Congressmen went home for Christmas, they stayed back and signed the Federal Reserve Act into law.

They had an agreement already before that which is really what we call the Armageddon Plan. The first statement in that plan, they actually have a document where they said that what they were planning to do was to reduce the human population to under 2 percent by the year 2000.

They would use that 2 percent to develop a whole new group of  programmed human clones that would be at their service and beck and call as slaves. This is the things they wanted to go and do, to program out of the human DNA our ability to remember who we really are as children of God/Goddess, so they could control us.

This is where the Fatima thing comes in. The three children, Lucia, Francesca and Maria, were the three children from Spain. Lucia could see, hear, and sense everything that was going on. Francesca could see and hear, but could not sense what was going on. The little one, Maria, could just only see. She didn’t understand the deeper meanings of what Our Lady was really saying. What the message was from Fatima to these children was that it was symbolic of what would be happening as the Armageddon battle was coming about, a third of the population would comprehend fully, they would be ‘awake’ to what is going on, and that’s where it comes in that the Ashtar Command can beam up a third of the population of Earth in 15 minutes or less in case of nuclear holocaust. Note, this is what is called Earth Ascension where one-third of the Earth’s population will ascend with their bodies intact, because they will have brought themselves to the 12th-dimensional level by holding the frequency of Love. They will be fully conscious of the process, and understanding the whole story and remembering who they are as Children of Light, Chapter 319, in the Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak titled ‘God Loves His Children IS-RA-EL’.

The second child who couldn’t do all three, but can only two of those things, represents one-third of the Earth’s population, the ones that will be taken to other planets. In other words, they don’t get to stay and ascend with Earth either, but they don’t deserve to die, they need to continue to evolve still in a 3rd-dimensional way so that they can be aware enough to advance at the rate at which this planet is already advancing by itself dictating that. In other words, planet Earth said, “I’m done with these flies on my back, it is time for the Grand Experiment in Polarity to be finished! Get them out of here. I’m ready to ascend! Whoever is ready can stay here and go with me, the rest of you—get out of here!”

The compliance with that wish is really first and foremost. That’s what is happening here, whether these guys, the dark Reptilians and Reptilian hybrids, i.e. the 13 Illuminati families and all their minions, who only have 11 strands of DNA are forfeiting themselves from the process. They are trying to start World War III and gain control and end all humanity except for those 2 percent, so they don’t have to worryabout losing their own power-base by 2012. They cannot go where we can go by 2012 because they do not have 12 strands of DNA unless they come back to Love. And they have not wanted to. They would just rather destroy us than accept to come back to the Divine Plan and live in Love.

The third child represented the one third of the Earth’s population that was not able to understand or comprehend anything that they were able to see. In other words, they were blocked completely. The second group are going to be taken to other 3rd-dimensional worlds, which will be at their same level of development. There are other humanoid life forms at that level of development too, and they will incarnate in tothese other planets and they will continue to grow until they’re ready for Ascension, and that planet that they are living on is ready for its Ascension. That third group, which is all of these dark Illuminati characters who have just decided to cut themselves off from any possibility of Ascension, they will be taken to another planet in another system, called the Tilla System.

The Tilla System is pretty close to here, maybe no more than one half light year from Earth. There is a planet called Herculobus in that Tilla Star System. It is something like 12 times bigger than Earth. It is a garden, but what will be there to meet these ones are dinosaurs. It will be like pre-historic Jurassic Park. And these dinosaurs represent their own creation as they made it, and their own thought-forms as they made it for Earth. And they will have to live with that, in that garden and they will have to go through another 26, 836 year-cycle called the Yuga and have the opportunity to determine the outcome for themselves. In other words, instead of heading towards another nuclear holocaust, they’ve got 26, 000 years of figuring out how to ascend. So, that is what Fatima’s message was really all about, in the 1920’s. You can see for that story.

To literally fight the Vatican and the Monarchy from behind the scenes tooth and nail, rather than reappearing in a physical form, St Germain appeared through Godfre Ray King and Mama and Daddy Ballard who were creating what we call the Green Book, the I Am Discourse Books of the I Am Sanctuary teachings. So that’s really the physical presence of St Germain in our present time. The third Anti-Christ is, for all practical purposes, a child of Sir Lawrence, King Fahad, and he is not a child anymore. He is one of the Princes of Saudi Arabia who’s not a nice guy. Well, he is supposed to be coming back to Love, but he’s prophesied as the Blue-Turbaned Prince who will destroy the Temple and Jerusalem and rebuild it again, the second Temple.

He will be performing miracles just like Jesus did in Jerusalem, although I think that we have created a cut-off to that program. We have by-passed that story. Literally, King Fahad was on his deathbed several times since Clinton got back into office. We were supposed to get these things in hand by 1996 before Clinton did his second term in office. The Illuminati was choosing to have Dole be in office, and if you remember in October that year, it was neck and neck and then Dole got ahead. Then they rethought the whole thing out because Dole just out and out flatly refused to do what they wanted him to do. He’s a good guy, and he just said no and so they opted for Clinton again even though they didn’t want him.

Now the thing of why Clinton was not killed is because Clinton was Faction 2. In 1996 the White Knights popped out of Faction 2. When the Forces joined the White Knights more solidly, they became Faction 3, because Faction 3 is the Knights Templar, the intervention of the Forces with the good White Knights in Faction 2, and they formed Faction 3. We are all White Knights. Sometimes Ashtar calls us the Ground Crew or the Eagles, or whatever, the kamikaze team that decided to come and try this one out for size!

Clinton’s grandfather is a Rockefeller. His father is Laurence Rockerfeller. He was raised by his uncle. He came over here to that little place in Arkansas because they were plotting and planning in the United States. They wanted to be here to get in control of the United States and take it out of the hands of the Queen and the Rothschild’s, and be the power. That’s why he was picked to be president at this time because the dark had programmed him to win and be the smartest, best liar they had yet come up with, to win the war for them and gain control and have World War III. But unknown to them, the Forces and the Ground Crew at the time, helped to re-program him for the Light. It was a counter-program they never found out about. So this boy has been walking the double-edged sword ever since he was a child, and he has been the trump card for the Light as well as the Dark, thinking that he was the trump card for the dark. Interesting.

And so it is that Clinton has been through the war, but in 1996-1997, after he got inaugurated again on the January 21 and gave his speech, the King of Swords told us that this was our ‘point-man’ for the outcome. When we were ready to receive, this man would show back up appearing in the prime spotlight on television. And that would mean that we had opened the doorway for the approach of the announcement of the NESARA law to be made.

Last week was his first spot-light return, and of course the first question he was asked, and Dole was sitting right next to him, “What are we going to do with this guy, this little ‘Shrubalini ’? He’s here and he thinks he has full control as a single person holding the single most powerful seat of power in the world, and he can decide whether we are going to have a world war. What do you have to say about this?” Clinton is so smooth. He just says, “Well, you know it’s unconstitutional and he just better get with the program, and Congress had better get with the program. Their silence is deafening. It is unacceptable that the Representatives of ‘We the People’ let him sit here and let him spout off what he’s going to do, and do nothing.” And he says, “I hold Congress accountable. I hold ‘We the People’ accountable to see to it that the will of the people be honoured and that it be honoured in the form of their Representatives, and if not, we had better get rid of them, and better get something else in its place.” You can actually get a transcript at www. larrykinglive. com.

What they are doing is getting the people ready to listen and start paying attention to what’s on his mind because as far as is known, he (Clinton) is our Presidential Designate. And Tom Daschle is our Vice Presidential Designate.

It is a good possibility that Andrew Cuomo is going to run when we have new elections for president. He is former Governor of New York State and most loved of a political person in the world for his forthrightness and his honesty. The key point about Andrew Cuomo is that he was nine years old, when his father was running, he wrote all of his father’s speeches when he was nine years old. They got him into that position. And he has been running for governor right now. He was in charge of his dad’s whole campaign when he was nine years old. He’s one of us, a Starseed that was awakened very early on and he was running for governor.

The big joke that Hollywood’s playing is that they are putting out all these “Science Fiction” movies when they are really science fact! Long ago, back in the 70’s, Jamie Sams, who is the originator of the Medicine Cards, and George Lucas came to her and had a channeling, and Princess Leah came through Jamie Sams and told him the story of Star Wars. And he put it together and created the Star Wars Trilogy. The Star Wars Trilogy is the story of Lucifer, Luciafera and Jehovah and Lilith, and it’s the story we’ve been telling you today.

Ari indicated the story of Star Wars is the Orion War. He was there, he confronted Jehovah, was captured and was turned into a Borg, to give it a good analogy. The Forces of Light recaptured him and they deprogrammed him and removed the Borg implants and he became one of the Light beings again.

Lady Master Morning star was also in the Orion Wars. She confronted Jehovah, and he fired the energy right back at her and she exploded and went Super Nova in a quadrillion pieces. Lord Metatron had to put her back together. It took about 26, 000 years to get all her pieces that were scattered all over the universe and put her soul matrix back together. This is what those souls went through when they were killed in Nibiru. (More to follow)

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