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Papa Source through Johan - November 16, 2011 - All Cycles Must Proceed: Glorious Times Ahead, Your Freedom Awaits You [Edited]

It is with great delight I am joining my beloved son Michael of Nebadon in his greatest endeavour so far. Not so long ago, I came through this scribe to talk to you on his behalf and encourage you to stay the course and not be afraid for what you are about to encounter. Yet here I am again with more glorious news, if only you could see through my eyes.

Many meetings have proceeded this glorious moment. Many dignitaries and workers from Orvonton have run to and fro, and are looking on with anxious yet joyful anticipation. Many times my son has consulted me, and with great delight I have seen his Divine Plan unfolding.

It might come as a surprise that, what looks for YOU, my beloved child, like long overdue from YOUR point of view, a hopeless case and scenario from YOUR side, a complete failure according to YOUR thinking - your Creator calls a great delight.

Now let me explain. Once your consciousness is fully restored, and you regain your insights you have temporarily left behind, you will understand that ANY experience is a WORTHWHILE experience. The learning, experiencing, expanding, and evolving NEVER STOPS. It is correctly mentioned that the only CONSTANT is CHANGE, hopefully progression. And you are supposed to have fun at all times, in all circumstances. That is, if you follow our guidance.

Did we expect and hope for other results in what is unfolding 'in your neck of the woods' to use this scribe's vocabulary in full colour? YES.

Did we give up on those who deserve their progress, those that honour their souls agreements or those coming Home? NO.

Now comes a surprising one, did we give up on those who made other choices than yours? NO. Please remember, 'All are made in my likeness and image'. And so Father, so Son, works in your direction as well as mine, exactly the same line of reasoning.

My beloved children, life lessons can only most efficiently be learned by experience, even on higher realms. However, judging has no part in the new screen play/scenario that has started to run its course already. If only you could see behind the scenes what has been done and prepared for already. So please my beloved children, drop your habit of forming opinions without knowing all sides of any story, also this one unfolding as we speak!

You will find a lot more delight in every new day that is given for you to fully enjoy. If that is not the case, then perhaps your radio is not tuned directly or constantly on our broadcasting that has proven its efficiency far beyond your imaginable frontiers. The Laws of Balance have a blemish-free track record for all to follow freely, or not at their own risk. My beloved children, as I truly love you dearly, let the wheels and cycles of evolution turn their natural and intended way, and you will find progress and prosperity on your path. As everything works along the lines of expansion and contraction, until you fully understand this divine rhythm, will you experience your own contractions. Upon that discovery through experience, will you enjoy expansion after expansion, a ONENESS with All That Is, and there are no limits or pitfalls there.

Exactly this opportunity, this glorious moment, this correcting time IS UPON US. My beloved son Michael called this period glorious times ahead, remember? That is why it pleases me greatly to greet you on this glorious occasion, and on his behalf in what we could call a 'divine joint venture', as you may once be priviledged to cooperate in one of your own as well.

What is on its way towards you will signal the start of your recuperation, your freedom, from what kept you back. Now the only thing that kept you back was NOT KNOWING. Not knowing the truth, not knowing yourself. Time and time again have my messengers come to tell you, 'the Truth shall set you free', yet time and time again have my beloved children looked the other way, saying,
'I know' ... or 'I believe'. It was hoped that the inner journey would have connected many with their True Essence AND the Truth. Now, harvest time IS UPON US and ALL will be taken and ALL will find themselves where they deserve to be.

You will be addressed shortly by my beloved son Michael, but know and accept also my beloved children, from Papa Source, a name I have come to like very much, that your time of waiting is ending. All is in place to proceed. What a glorious time indeed to welcome my deserving children home, and help forward those who did not seek the Light nor the Love that was freely available. All upon their own choosing. Even those will one day recognise the Light and Love and Truth and choose to come home as well. Until such time, I AM Papa Source.

Papa Source Source through Johan - November 17, 2011 - Follow Up Message: Support Each Other and Stay Connected

I must follow up on my message brought last night. It was better to wait for this scribe to return home this evening, and the following still to be known through him.

Pay close attention my beloved children to the cascade of earthly events to succeed one after the other. Only for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see at first, or better ALREADY; for ALL to see and experience shortly. It will be unmistakenly obvious once the dominoes fall.

My beloved son Michael of Nebadon will address all of you shortly when there is absolutely no doubt left as to what will transpire according to his previous given details called, "Glorious Times Ahead". Nobody on the train travelling up and onwards will miss out on the events. Neither will those travelling on the train down and backwards, but they will have to miss the front row seats and most of the divine performance altogether. A whole different type of roller coaster that will be. All will be going for a ride for sure.

Especially through the management of AH will you be informed and updated, where possible and deemed necessary. Otherwise keep your calm, support each other and stay connected as much as possible.

This is all for now. I come with the distinguished greetings from my beloved son Michael (and crew), who has his hands on the steering wheel, feet on the gas OR brake, accordingly. He will only leave his post of command when all temporary goals have been reached and when he feels the need to update through your leadership.

Busy and most glorious times we have just started indeed. My blessings to all.

I AM Papa Source.

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