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To all interested parties National & International,

I was amazed when I read the comments of Police Commissioner Richard McCreadie in the Mercury Newspaper Hobart, Tasmania on page 9 on Monday 9th June 2003 in response to him being named an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO)

Extracts from the article reads as follows:-

"I head up the most outstanding team of people in Tasmania - Tasmania Police and the Department of Police and Public Safety." 
"Mr. McCreadie has held the top job since 1996 and his career has also involved seats on a number of national boards. He was also Head of Police Operations during one of the most difficult times ever faced by Tasmania Police - The Port Arthur massacre. "People right across the world were in awe of the response that a relatively small jurisdiction was able to mount," he said. "I will be eternally proud of that response."

This statement fails to mention that the Staff, Visitors, Volunteer Emergency Services, the local doctors and the Tasmanian Ambulance Service were left on the site with no protection from police for over 6hrs. It wasn't until 1 hour after 3 shots were fired (by who?) at the Historic Site at approximately 6.30pm while the "Gunman" was in Seascape cottage that they arrived to take over and afford us some protection.
These people were looking after 500 visitors, treating victims with horrific injuries and the many who were traumatised. There was also 5 major crime scenes containing the bodies of 32 people just left for us to handle.

It has taken just over 7 years for me to find someone to claim responsibility for the debacle on April 28th 1996 that has almost destroyed my life.

To this day I am extremely uncomfortable with the official version of that event.

Yours truly

Wendy Scurr

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