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Graduation Time-
are you going or staying?

Journal 12-30-06 - Jess.

Aton, I ask for clarification today on comments by Patrick and others. What is the truth on the evacuation of Earth, in your words? What is the timeframe we are facing now in terms of Mother Earth's needs? What can we expect in terms of geophysical upheavals? I don't want to undercut any other's work on these events, but I ask for an outline for publication, if that is allowable. I feel a sense of imminent change at the beginning of this New Year. Help me assimilate these changes and help others to accommodate them.

Jess, I will speak to you this afternoon on these topics you have asked about. There is misunderstanding and misperception of what others have said that I have said. Everyone that hears our messages hears them in the terms they wish to hear. You have been told this before and you recognize the validity of this statement. You hear through the mechanism your brain has constructed throughout your life. Certain brain structures are more adaptable to our communication than others. That is not to say that all cannot be adapted, but that is to say that life and one's experiences of perception have affected some more than others.

Having said this, let me say that your commentaries are clear and accurate representations of what I say through you. You know your limits, and you are clear in your questions and your inquiries of my information to impart to you. This relationship is a more formal one than some, but your lifestyle functions better with this dialogue setup. I can tell you essays that you will use to function more completely. These are then passed on to others to make of them what they will. This is a tool I use to communicate with many of similar mind to your own wavelengths.

I have never said since the days of the Phoenix Journals that Earth would need an evacuation. Your—mankind's—progression in awareness and willingness to accept the light we are shining on you and Earth in ever increasing amounts has made this plan a non-issue at this time. You have proved that you can weather the storms that must inevitably come as Mother Earth Gaia re-shapes herself to make her own guise able to accommodate the changes she eagerly anticipates. Many of the present inhabitants will not be able to go with her. That is true. This is the "decimation" that Monjoronson has been speaking of so clearly and so eloquently in the last few months.
Many of the present inhabitants will not be able or willing to adjust to the increasingly higher frequencies of light and energy that are bombarding Earth from your sun and from the Central Sun of your system and Universe. The alignment is occurring on a galactic scale, and the changes that will come from this are incomprehensible to your present understanding. This will be, however, a marvelous and miraculous undertaking that will take Earth with it as the glowing jewel I had always intended her to be. I use the feminine gender because she is the receiver of all the glory and power I wish to send her. She nurtures man and all that is on her. She is the Mother of all that are connected with her.

This timeframe that everyone bandies about it fluid. It is all contingent on how man and all the players in this scenario choose to shape the movement towards the light and life that have been determined to be the outcome. This end result is the outcome that everything is moving towards. There is no one way to get there. There are millions of possible outcomes that can be used as links in the chain of movement towards the final goal of ascension and realization of your true self and complete purpose. You are here on Earth as a test and an experiment to learn much that others will never have the opportunity to learn.
This is a unique situation that will be the breeding ground for many new Creator Sons who will in turn shape other Universes to explore their own ideas of relationship with the Creator Source. That was my purpose in creating Nebadon. I wanted to explore the relationship that duality proposes. I wanted to see how beings could be separate from their Source and find their way back. What a wonderful success I have had, although the route here was never mapped out beforehand.

The time now is for closure on the past and a moving into a new phase of your existence. Yet, this shift will not be an instant change. I want to see how you resolve your issues. I want to see how you take our help and create your own methods. I want to see you be co-creators with me. I have created you, and now I want you to learn to create as well. There will be nothing more that I will be able to guide you to. This may take what seems an infinitely long time to you, but it will be only a minute in eternity.

The method we will use is this: there will be an announcement soon. The banking debacle is almost resolved. It can go no further. There are no more alternatives. The government changes are place and ready to go once the existing government relinquishes its ill-gotten grasp on control. This scenario has been complicated beyond your wildest imagining, and the results we now have accomplished have been global and complete. The NESARA idea has become the game plan for the re-structuring of the world. The first has become last, because of the delays they have contrived, and America will emerge from its dream of unawareness as the last step in the process.

Once this is accomplished, the door will open to the galaxy. Visitors from everywhere will come to see what has happened and offer their help in making the changes that must occur on the physical planet. The plates must stabilize, and volcanic eruptions will take place. We see no purpose at this point in delaying this occurrence. Earth must adjust herself in the way she can. She has accommodated man longer than she had to right to, and now man must accommodate her. We will do whatever we can to ameliorate these major upheavals, but there is no way to prevent them. There will be a time of chaos and disaster to your way of thinking before the way is clear for true ascension to light and love. We will warn you of these events, but there will be many who disregard our warnings. Many will choose to leave Earth. Many will choose to stay to help. This is all determined by your individual life path. I will stress, however, that those who choose to stay will finds ways to do so, and the rewards they find will be an accurate compensation for their decision to invest their life purpose in this unfolding.

Let me say a little more directly to those reading this that I am making comments here that are general and addressed to a wide audience. Each person reading this has their own interpretation and resonance with the words Jess has recorded. They speak to him because they are coming through him. They will speak to you as you are willing to accommodate what he says within the parameters of your own individual perceptions and life experience. There is truth for you in whatever you determine for your own understanding. You must discern your own purpose and make your own decisions.

This is my pronouncement this afternoon as the year 2006 draws to an end.

Aton, Creator Son of Nebadon.