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The Oil Spill-Telos
The Oil Spill
Adama of Telos through Eve
29th June, 2010
Adama, the oil spill. What do you comment?

Oh, Eve, this is utmost disastrous. Well, the cause does not only reach back to BP drillling for oil in the Gulf, but back to the days when the NWO-people put the blocker on Tesla"s work. From the 30s on nobody would have had to drill for oil any more. The cause is actually the decision to keep humanity dependant on oil for the unholy sake of business and money making. BP and Deepwater Horizon are just the symptom of this artificially created disease of greed.

I cannot describe in words what we from the inner earth feel when we monitor this region and BP cannot avoid this. We go by our vessels of the silverfleet in a covered modus and we document everything there, even the chemicals like Corexit making the damage even worse. The challenge is big for the vessel pilots and our scientists aboard. They are deeply anchored in their divine origin and it"s still hard to stand for them. Most of the persons aboard are under hidden tears while doing their work. They get somehow depressed and nauseated when getting their orders to go there and they call it one of the biggest challenges in their life.

I"m sorry to say that still the majority of the surface population is not interested in what"s going on there. They will not be as long as there is this football world mastership and something to buy in the supermarket and these poor minds on the TV-screens faking them that all was fine. It"s really devastating to realize how a few committed ones try to help the planet, while the dull and tranquilized ones go on like before in the thought that the Gulf would be just far away, on the other side of the world, not understanding that this planet is an ecosystem in itself -a living organism, and it"s simpy nerd-like to believe that such a tragic desaster would not have the potential to affect every region. The death of millions of life forms in the oceans is just the beginning. Your scientists still speculate about the possible greater results, but we are advanced enough to know about that this scenario has an apocalyptic dimension. I" aware that it"s hard to understand, why CM does not simply decide to put an end to this, why he does not ban the people pouring out chemicals and who block help and deny transparency. Well, he sometimes is a kind of pokerface who does a lot behind the scenes. He"s aware about what is possible to do and what will be the price. Yes, there is superior technique and means for cleaning. Don"t give up hope.

However, but first, if you count 2 plus 2, the challenge might become harder. You know that the tectonic plates are starting to move, that the earth is shaking, that the seabeds are moving. Deepwater Horizon might just be the beginning, the beginning of receiving the bill for decades of greed and evil to nature and humanity, for the rejection of help and cooperation from starnations which offered such. How many more drilling platforms for oil and gas do you have further on your planet? The forces of nature coming up will easily crack more of these drilling stations and the horror might grow in an exponential way.

Well, if CM interfered now, what would happen? Even if his vessel showed up, the masses would ignore it, it would be covered by the media of course and in the end the thugs would state that it was them having brought the solution. And the masses would take that as a confirmation that it had never been so bad as the warners did tell.

So, the big question is. How bad does it still have to become until the masses start to get their thinking machinery going and to feel uncomfortable?

I myself wish that the experience of this scenario would have spared me, but I"m here to serve, so I won"t have

a choice to avoid that.

When you look into the eyes of the people and watch the footballs disappear, giving room to naked fear, this might be a beginning, it might. It"s still a long long road to the understanding of the masses that nothing else but love and compassion in action can be their destiny. And sometimes it"s tough love.

You are looking at a planet which was meant to be a complete garden of Eden as whole. CM calls this his seed planet. And although we are facing this apocalyptic scenario I"m couraged enough to claim, that it"s exactly a garden of Eden which Urantia is going to be again. The "dark night of the soul" will not last forever and love has many faces. What will finally last is the documentation of love and hope which a small and committed ground crew was able to deliver as a support. And the immense challenge CM took when he decided against a turnover pole flip, but for a chance of cooperation of planet and committed supporters.

There is much need to put more public pressure on the people who are responsible for the cover up. BP of course, mainly. They work with lies and a sort of "shut up you"ve got no idea what you are talking about" And of course the New Age business breeds all sorts of ideas to keep people away from real things. Eve was upset about a link where the visitor could move the oil spill by the computer mouse to elsewhere on the planet.

That"s nice, isn"t it? There was a suggestion to move the oil spill to the arctis so that it could freeze up there and be no more dangerous. Beyond of the fact that I consider this idea as incredibly ignorant in regard of lifeforms EVERYWHERE on the planet, that reminds me of one of the jokes you have -it goes... what does the owner of a camping trailer do when he raises in the morning and there is dog-shit in front of his door? Answer: He simply drives a few meters in a direction leading away.

And to believe that moving the oil spill to another place on the planet would be a solution is simply an "out of sight out of mind game", apart from the fact that it"s useless to do it at the computer and that you could not move the leak in the sea bed... .This thing was just another glueing -idea from the dark agenda. At the end it will be vice versa. You are not moving the oil spill.... the oil spill will be moving YOU! Up on your feet and hopefully in the right direction.

That"s the facts. But I repeat, love is your destiny and may you never forget about. I bless you, all of you who are a blessing to the planet and their fellows, may you never loose your hope, may overcome your depressions, may you be the helping hand wherever you go and may you never forget to realize that there is still beauty around and dear friends like us from the inner earth an from the skies above you. You never walk alone. This is for sure. Heartfelt embraces to all of you dear ones. I Am Adama, your close friend.

PS. from Eve there was a statement on the radio, regarding the restriction for deep-sea oildrilling by Obama where it was told, that this restriction would probably cause more FINANCIAL DAMAGE THAN THE OIL SPILL ITSELF... now, THAT's REALLY NAUSEATING! Eve

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