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Barack Obama's astrology

Barack Obama's Astrology chart by Leoni Hodgson.

This message is a reply to David Icki's damming article on B. Obama & his wife.

Obama's astrology chart does not reflect the status of a USA president when interpreted normally.  There are no planets in the 10th house of status, power & influence, and neither is the ascendant strong and 'glorified' which is usually the case when the influence of the 10th house is lacking. The birth time has recently shown to be authentic.

His chart does not reflect a personality driven by a hunger for power.

He radiates a fine energy - indicating the presence and higher vibration of the soul.

The character attacks launched by opponents have not been able to stick, for 2 reasons.  His lack of astral response and reaction, and the fact that people are sensing something very fine within his depths.

His presidency & subsequent life will be dedicated to serving humanity.  It is a karmic & sacrificial life.  He will receive the strong aid & protection of the Masters.  He will need it, danger looms over him (Jupiter conjunct Saturn).

He has been gifted with oratory power, has been given the opportunity to be a messenger of the Divine.  Will work to heal relations with the world community this is fraught with difficullty & deception (Jupiter square Neptune in Scorpio).

Final comment - his chart shows an almost complete absence of ego in this life that also brought over humanitarian qualities from an immediate past life.


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