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Nutrition and Spirituality

Here is an interesting article by James Redfield the Author of The Celestine Prophecy, The 10th InSight and The Secrets of  Shambala, regarding pH Miracle Living and what he calls the  Spiritual theory of food.  James was responsible for helping us get our pH Miracle books published with Time Warner.  We are so thankful and grateful for his love and support.

Most of those reading this article would agree that a new  spiritual awareness is emerging in human culture. We believe  that human beings are essentially spiritual beings slowly  awakening from the mistaken idea that we are material beings  living in a material world. We are made up atoms, which are  much more mysterious than we ever thought, consisting of  so-called elementary particles of minuscule size separated by  mostly empty space.

  What most physicists are understanding of course, is that these  particles, rather than being material are actually fields (patterns)  of energy. At our core, we humans are not made of matter at all,  at least not in the ordinary sense. We consist of a most  fascinating and mysterious energy that is capable of shifting and  changing dramatically. How else can we explain the numerous  documented cases of wounds healing and tumors disappearing  suddenly in our bodies - and not in days or weeks but  instantaneously.

 We are spiritual beings learning how to conceive of ourselves as  spiritual, and to live in a way that increases our energy and  raises the level of our vibration toward ever higher ranges. In  fact most of us believe that the systematic progress in energy  level, generation by generation, is what animates human  evolution. Our destiny as a species is to eventually achieve a  state of vibration so high as to be pure light, just like the mystics  and prophecies of every religion have indicated. We know, finally,  what human life is all about.

 Interestingly, as this awareness increases, an old issue is again  rising to the fore. If we are essentially spiritual beings learning to  vibrate at a level of light itself. How does food and nutrition relate  to this process. Can we eat anything we want and still increase  our energy levels? Despite the common idea that we can  somehow transmute bad food into good, I believe most of us  realize that our diets have to somehow be congruent with the  spiritual reality of our being and destiny.

 For some time now, I've been looking for a higher more evolved  spiritual theory of food. And recently I have discovered the work  of Robert O. Young, who I think takes us a long way toward just  such an understanding.

 I would characterize Dr. Young's theories as complex and yet  simple. On the one hand, he is a respected biological researcher  who knows the chemistry of the human body, but on the other,  he has reduced these complexities to a simple understanding  that there is only one disease that ever afflicts humans, and only  one cure. I would add, as well, that there is only one diet, which  solves all the problems of obesity, and why the usual ways of  dieting don't work, and healthy weight maintenance.

 That truth is this: health can be measured in one basic way,  whether our tissues are more acidic in PH or more alkaline. And  that condition is determined in large part by the kinds of foods  we eat. You see, when the foods we eat are utilized by our cells,  they leave an ash that is either acid or alkaline. If it is alkaline,  it is easily handled by the body and kept in balance. But if it is  acid, it is extremely toxic and throws the body into stress and  eventual disease and decline.

 What's amazing is that Dr. Young broadens this truth to include  the larger picture of what happens during human disease --  including both infectious diseases and such chronic ailments as  arteriosclerosis, cancer, and AIDS -- and how germs and microbes  all fit into this process. To begin with, Dr. Young explains the  shortcomings of the Germ Theory of disease advanced by Louis  Pasteur, which essentially states that we live in a world where  dangerous bugs exist out there that can invade our bodies,  overwhelm our defenses, and kill us.

 Current scientific evidence presented by Dr. Young shows  something different. Microbes live in our bodies all the time, and  change form into bacteria, viruses, yeast, or mold as the internal  environment changes. In healthy bodies these microbes are inert,  or have positive roles in cell and gene repair. But when our body  tissues become overly acidic, these microbes come alive and take  on a different purpose in the body, a role which is perfectly logical  if you think about it: they are there to decompose dead tissue and  recycle it back into the soil of the earth. That is what Dr. Young  means by only one disease. When our tissues become overly  acidic, this is the condition that all organisms go into just before  death, so the microbes inside get the signal that we are dying and  go into action to decompose us. The symptoms would begin at the  weakest link in our bodies, so it might start with any of the  diseases humans get. But in reality there is only the one disease:  over acidification that tells the microbes we are ready to die and  decompose.

 Dr. Young shows that every disease is associated with this  process in one way or another, and in this light, such mysteries  as auto immune disorders like arthritis, as well as cancer and  AIDS, become understandable. Arthritis happens when the  immune system desparately tries to get rid of acidic tissues.  AIDS is a systematic overwhelming of the immune system by  microbes flourishing in an acid environment, and cancer is one  of the end point diseases. What happens when an organism (an  animal or a piece of lettuce left out of the refrigerator)  decomposes? It Molds. Cancer is our tissues molding!  If, then, there is only one disease, there is only one cure: the  re-alkalization of our tissues. To do this we have to begin to eat  foods which are alkaline in nature, food that Dr. Young has  carefully researched. They are just the ones you wound expect,  what I have called alive foods: fresh, green vegetables, the juices  of green sprouts, such as barley and wheat and soy, and beans  and peas of all kinds.   The killers are moldy, stored grains, breads that turn into sugars  that feed the yeast in our bodies. Meats and milk products,  liquors, and some nuts and other sugars as well. If you think you  are being healthy by drinking a lot of the sweet fruits and juices,  you should think again. They create an acidic tissue environment.

 If you are interested in these ideas, I would suggest that you look  into Dr. Young's work directly. Is he right about everything? I  don't know... You will have to check into them for yourself. What  I am endorsing is his theory of nutrition and the relationships  between health, energy, disease, and diet. I believe that this  theory will ultimately gain supremacy in human culture and  science.

 We have crossed a threshold of understanding. If we believe we  are spiritual beings here to further evolution toward an ever  higher human energy level, then we now know how what we eat  is related to this mission, and its implication for how well we can  pull it off. Changing what we eat is difficult. Each of us must make  a choice. We are either raising our energy and expanding our  aliveness or we are in the process of decomposition.

 The truth is out. There is no way to go back to sleep.

 James Redfield Author, The Celestine Prophecy, The 10th InSight,  The Secrets of Shambala.