new technology
(JANUARY 28 - 2 Lamat, 6 Yax, 11 Ik) In our past few messages, we have presented some of the events that will surround the first official public acknowledgment of our existence. Now, we intend to describe some of the first technologies that will be made available to you. We are deeply concerned about the great amounts of pollution that are found in all parts of your world. Right now, although formulas and devices exist to solve most of these problems, they have been either suppressed or severely restricted by the secret powers that long have controlled your world.

Agreements that contribute to the formation of several provisional governments will put an end to this long-drawn-out logjam. By combining our engineering liaison with our own wisdom, we will be able to set up programs that produce this technology quickly. This work will result, first, in a system that can clean up Mother Earth’s air, water and land in less than six months’ time. Our second objective will be the factories, offices and homes, power generating stations, air, water and land vehicles that spew out most of this pollution.

In this regard, we plan to introduce you to a vast inventory of ‘free energy’ devices that already exist on your planet and can be mass-produced quickly, using our technology. We can vaporise [current buildings] and then fully re-erect buildings in a matter of days and will ‘retool’ your manufacturing network in less than a week. Moreover, we can fully automate it. You, dear hearts, are not meant to toil at meaningless, boring jobs. Great abundance is being given you so that you may reorganise your global society. The final days of this existing society are the time for you to discover and divulge your inner joys.

You will spend your days in learning and expressing your joys, and in recognising your relationships to one another. Through this connection, you will become forcefully aware of your deep, inner compassion for each other. It will result in the creation of a great many community centres [Light Centres] dedicated to healing, technology transferral and to the understanding of your wondrous future. It will be our job to convert your society to ‘free energy’ and to establish a new ‘user-friendly’, toll-free global communications system.

It will enable us to convert your aircraft to a magnetic lifter technology (with mach 8 capabilities - 8 times the speed of sound). We will also use this technology to build a fully automated highway system. Your new personal vehicles can levitate a few feet off the ground and are capable of speeds up to 500 miles (800 kilometers) per hour. This integrated system will be connected to a free automated, magnetic lifter network for larger journeys.

A teleportation system will be available for long-range emergency trips. The communications system will be 3-D full-colour telepathic holography. It will include a universal translator and will contain a special frequency dialling system that is closely linked to your unique physical signature. Each household will receive a device that converts Light energy into matter to provide clothing and food. It will end the need for agriculture and for clothing stores, and allow designers to use the communication system to ‘advertise’ their designs. Remember that abundance programs will allow you to have all the financial resources that you will ever need.

Aided by pollution-clearing technologies, these integrated transportation and communications systems will clean up your land and transform your solid waste collection centres into fertiiser plants. This non-toxic fertiliser can be used to reforest your former agricultural lands and truly ‘re-green’ your planet. We will recommend ways in which you can convert your urban areas into highly livable, ‘people-friendly’ places. The barriers that separate you now will be broken down rapidly by what lies ahead. These technologies are only tools. By using them efficiently, you allow your global society to end its many artificial divisions. Assisting in this will be Mother Earth’s Ascended Masters, who intend to manifest and use the reverence you show them as a sacred tool for change and for unity. Much needs to be done to unite your world, and we are fully committed to this process. These gifts of technology and heavenly abundance are meaningless if they do not invite positive change.

Changes that evolve from the introduction of these technologies will also affect your oceans. The cetacean nation, which intends to fully interact with you on many levels, can easily tap into this global communications network. Having been Mother Earth’s record keepers for millions of years, the cetaceans possess an enormous set of records, which will help you to obtain a better understanding of your origins and history, and their role in them. Since cetaceans long have served as primary planetary guardians, they wish to instruct you on how to be the true caretakers of Mother Earth. The cetaceans will also teach you about their grid work and about connecting their ritual with yours, so that you may assume your role as members of the grand guardian triumvirate. Heaven, also, intends to instruct you on this most vital task.

Heaven realises how absolutely necessary is your return to full consciousness. The scenarios that we have described are part of this most complex procedure. Our mission is to institute a first contact. The technologies just mentioned are only the beginning of this process. Its purpose is to encourage change and to ease the initial shock of our sudden, open appearance on your shores. Beyond this will be a wondrous connection between your ancestors in Inner Earth and you. You will need to write and understand an entirely new planetary history. You will also have to develop a new concept of what constitutes sentiency. High intelligence is not limited simply to humans, but extends throughout the galaxy and the whole of physicality. This concept, alone, will revolutionise your current perceptions of yourselves.

First contact will expand your perceptions and is the catalyst for a new reality. It is the basis of Heaven’s mission to transform you into physical Angels. This operation has been augmented by the sweeping changes that are unfolding in your world. The Light is being given its first true opportunity in 13 millennia to put an end to the darkness caused by the Atlantis coalition. That coalition will be broken by our earthly allies. Heaven’s grand plan has appointed this time for its most blessed event. Heaven has primed your reality to turn toward peace and away from conflict and hatred. This means that both governmental and financial institutions will be in place to prevent war and discord. Our role is to encourage these developments and to act as divine overseer of this process, which includes our teachings and a guarantee of the transfer of wide-ranging and much-needed technologies.

We will also act as ambassadors for a divine coalition between your world and the Galactic Federation. This has been the most difficult aspect of our undertaking. We have been forced to bide our time and learn whom to contact and how best to approach them. Moreover, we have had to remain patient while certain agreements were delayed and various factions on your world argued with each other. Our role was to follow Heaven’s lead and to learn from the divine wisdom of your Ascended Masters. With righteousness and great compassion, they have directed this entire effort toward its inevitable and successful conclusion. We are most grateful to them, and to you for your great support and your wonderful energies, which have contributed so much to assist this sacred operation. Very soon, we shall all enjoy a richly deserved celebration!