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NESARA Update & Urantia
August 2005

Christ Michael Update And Older Message from Sananda
by Candace Frieze, Christ Michael, and Sananda Immanuel
from: AbundantHope2002@wmconnect. com

Hi everyone, I have a little update from Christ Michael, and then some more of the information from Sananda given last winter, and forgotten about. Last week was my birthday, and I landed up celebrating it 4 days in a row, as various friends and family did things for me. I was out of town for a couple of days, as part of this. I am now 58. I took the Christ Michael message last evening, Tuesday, August 16, and he added a portion this morning about the Space shuttle, which he had meant to talk about last night.

Sananda's birthday is also this month, meaning his date of birth 2000 years ago, given as either August 8th, or August 21, 7 or 8 BC, depending on the source. The August 21st date of 7 BC is from Urantia. I have some who have written that don't understand why there would be a confusion over the date. This is because of the Gregorian calendar that was adopted much later. and there was some intentional inaccuracy in it.
August was not a month as it is back then, nor did they count in terms of BC. Sananda did however appreciate your Happy Birthday letters, I read each one to him! Maybe someday, he can give us a somewhat better idea of his first birthday long ago in Lyra, which he tells me was probably around a million or so years ago, a rather general guess. In time, he plans to do an autobiography of his long journey, but there are more important demands on his time right now.

Christ Michael: Dear Loved Ones, time marches on doesn't it, and still we don't quite have NESARA. I issued the Enough is Enough message, and that has been so. We have been in quite a few battles, some lives lost of star people, as has been reported since then, in our updates. The USA military machine, its highly trained special forces has been pretty decimated, and we have many good soldiers in detention, and the great majority of weapons used up and thus not available to be used after the NESARA announcement.

Candace mentioned last week that the announcement will take place of the Capricorn, and this is so, and a great relief to all involved. It took some time to convince the announcement team to come aboard. After the studio was trashed in Washington, DC, the team became more wary, and thus more willing to consider the Capricorn.
The advantage of the Capricorn, besides the safety, is the comfort and convenience for the team. Transportation is rapid, no longer are the plane rides necessary. Some are beamed, and some are brought by shuttle. There is much open space on this ship, and a wonderful crew. There is no fear of attack, and this has greatly alleviated anxiety.
There are more body types than humanoid on the Capricorn, and this has been quite an experience for the team! They have also met myself. They have met Sananda in the past. This experience has greatly helped them stay focused, and most likely will cause them to be even more dedicated to the coming events.

As to the rumors of the "coup," this is not a very organized coup at all, mostly what you label Faction 1 and Faction 2 duking it out. There is no Faction 3 (White Knights) involved in this duke out. While these events are useful to us, they will not bring about NESARA.

Mostly what is going on, is that additional enemy are eliminated, and the George Bush faction 1 is running pretty scared now. Also, these are fighting over who owns the gold, and surprise! None of them do. Faction 1 thinks they have the Philippine Gold, mostly gold secreted away after WW2, and Faction 2 thinks they got it back, and its in Austria. But while they fight, they remove themselves from the picture. The gold and other precious metals necessary to NESARA and the humanitarian programs have been in very safe keeping for some time now. Our little games have been well played in this arena.

Where they will be running too, in all likely hood, is the hideouts. There are two of them, in Australia, built some time ago. They are thus moving to a prison of their own construction, as they have no where else to be going, and no space vehicles in which to escape. This idea works well for the country, since Bush does not seem inclined to wave a white flag, and accept the inevitable.

He won't resign, there is too much at risk in their minds to do so. The arrest warrants have been in existence for some time now, and are backed up by most countries in the world. I can't think of any that would offer him a place to lay down his tired head, nor any of his group. So they are expected to simply abdicate, by running away to Australia, and this is fine by my thinking. It will be less traumatic than watching the arrest of this non-President and his clowns, to the general populace. If they do not take this opportunity to flee, then the arrest measure becomes necessary.

Give your support to the one called Cindy Sheehan, such bravery in this one! Had others taken this route, maybe Iraq would either never happened, or be ended by now. We still notice little activism, such as that from the 60’s and early 70’s. Part of this is you are afraid, the other part, the lack of awareness of what is really going on.
Pay please, little attention to Sorcha Faal. She has just enough knowledge to create fear, and she is not working for the light side, generally speaking. She does present some useful knowledge. I believe that Soltec made some comments previously about her quake predictions.

I now am ready to tell the story of the recent US shuttle launch. Many of you were wary of this and why it was allowed to launch. Before launch, we made sure it contained no weapons. We also knew of the plan to use the shuttle itself as a weapon. The plan was to blow up the shuttle and the International Space Station. The International Space station had on it already several significant bombs, but not of the nuclear type. These were placed there recently using a remaining triangle type UFO, that had not been used in our recent battles. This one has been disabled, after we observed what was going on.

The shuttle crew disabled these bombs, rather than allowing setting them to be set off. They were assisted by many of us around them, and they have quite a story to tell in the near future. Did you not notice an unusual elation in the captain of the crew upon the return?

Now what was the purpose of destroying the shuttle and the International Space Station? In part an act of war against Russia, and I still remind you, you do not want to anger the Russian Bear, not this way, or with Iran. The other reason, is that when the shuttle and space station broke into pieces, these pieces would be flying at a great rate of speed, several tens of thousands of miles per hour. These pieces would have most likely crashed into other items in orbit, such as satellites, and space junk.

This would then send these items out of orbit and ramming more items. The result, destruction of much in orbit, including the very satellites used for communication, and the Internet. The secret military machine has very adequate communication set up and does not need the satellites. This would create great chaos, and disrupt your 24 hour news, weather forecasts etc. Much fear would result. Much of this stuff would come crashing to Earth, the big pieces anyway, that might not burn up on reentry. More fear from this.

And, the Russians were to be made the blame, an act of war manufactured, the NESARA announcement made more difficult minus the satellites, and again the institution of full martial law. This should be pretty much the last major card played by these ones. And now they hide in Texas.

Now the shuttle crew and those on the space station did not initially know they were to be sacrificed. We connected with them after the docking, and actually the shuttle and space station were boarded by us. We also protected the shuttle on its return, from being destroyed on re entry, their ace card in the hole, should the first plan not work. The one day delay was not about the weather, it was about the reentry plan that was devised, when the earlier plan failed. I assure you, NASA knew we had boarded the space station and deactivated their little plan.

Did you know there is another space station of which you are not familiar? It was built and is maintained by the use of your flying saucers, and is heavily used for spying, more so than the satellites they say they have up there for spying. This space station is also used for secret planning amongst the players. It is rather elegant in design. And guess what, we have it "bugged." Never seems they get the message we are so very around.

So why did we allow this game to begin with? A statement that we are very in control, once again, and that their serious games are always detected. The London incident, which was a small game, using conventional bombs that can't always be detected, minus the nuclear signature. We did detect the second attempt in London, and it fizzled out.

That first London attack did serve a useful purpose, of showing you all the endless changing of the story line. First bombs on timers placed under seats, elevated to suicide bombers. And again, the playing of a pretend terrorist game that very same time and hour to cover their planning and what not, as was done on 911, to explain why FEMA was in New York, and why the planes were not intercepted. By their fruits, you shall know them.

Now to the recent airplane crashes. We know little yet about the one today in Venezuela, but there were some important people aboard, so it is suspect. The recent crash is Greece seems to be an accident, a poorly taken care of plane. But we do like that you consider that other games are being played out.

The little African country, Mauritania, who booted it's leader, and this is in preparation of NESARA in that country. You will see many other such examples in the coming months. We have star people also working to obtain food and medical measures for Niger. There is much suffering from drought in that place.

CNN was to give samples, and draw attention to the 911 emergency radio recordings, and failed to do so. They gave samples, but not the ones that pointed out the fact that the fires were not causing significant problems, and without mention of this, I doubt the public would notice anyway that listened. The main idea to have this material last week, which continues this week, is for the purpose of re awakening the slumbering people of the United States to the 911 event.

We have tested and re tested the communication equipment for the announcement. The technology is different than had the Earth studio been used. I can't for security reasons give details on the methodology at this time. The announcement is not world wide, as some believe. We can't control all the world's cable. But I have little doubt that the rest of the world will take notice, and put it on the air, shortly thereafter.
The announcement procedure has changed also. There were originally 4 hours, and this has changed, and again, I can't give the BBB&G’s any hints of importance. Also, don't expect the announcement on any standard TV stations, meaning you are not going to hear "This is Breaking News" on CNN. There is a different plan in place, one that can't be messed by the never-ending moles.

The announcement grows closer each day. I am still not giving out an exact time frame. Continue to watch the BBB&G’s kill each other off. We have been quite busy providing protection to the many involved as witnesses, and to those that have taken on the task of filing charges. We have seen to the duplication of all materials necessary, so that if some might be confiscated or damaged, there are others in a different place.

To those complaining about allowing the free will of the BBB&G’s, I remind you that they made a free will choice to NOT Stand Down last April, and came out guns a blazing. So by their free will choice, they are going down by force. Their infighting is doing major damage, such as the above discussed "coup." They are falling apart before your eyes, and will cause us little trouble in the future, after the NESARA announcement, and that is a good thing! Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, Sovereign Creator Son of Nebadon, and I won't require Candace to type up the rest of my titles.
Candace: This piece by Sananda was done last March 8. I think we did not complete it. It was titled "Soul Source." But, complete or not, I think the material is worth printing. That it wasn't finished is probably why I didn't put it up in the first place.
Sananda: My dear friends, we now move on to the study of soul source. Hatonn described himself as a large over soul, a Descending Son. Now I going to let Hatonn further describe himself for these articles, as a very good question was asked. But he is not available right now, so I will move on.

Candace: See message 25, if you have not read it yet, where Hatonn says he is Christ Michael. That does make him a very large oversoul, of everyone in his realm, our Universe, whether angelic (Descending Sons) or most of us (Ascending Sons).
Sananda: I think there is some confusion about the word "higher self." Most of you following new age thought go inside to converse with Higher self. This is a misnomer to some degree.

Some of higher energy that incarnate, have energy too high to fully occupy a body. They run the body so to speak from outside the body. These earth bodies tend to be of very low vibration, even where there is some Adamic DNA. So, higher source for this type of loose or incomplete incarnation, is in a sense an over soul and you in your consciousness communicate with over soul in this manner.
You may choose in ascension to upgrade your body, and then your individual oversoul would be able to fully occupy the body. This oversoul relationship might be looked at as a type of possession in a sense, but not a demonic possession.

So, let's look at demonic possession. The demonic possessor looks primarily for new souls having the first human experience, with the lower non-ADAMIC DNA. Possession is very rarely incarnation. Instead the victim is programmed by the possessor to do the possessors biding. This is one method the BBB&G’s, by whatever persuasion control victims from the 4th dimension. This is one reason not to judge a soul, but only judge behavior. These poor folks haven't a clue they are being used. They often hear "the devil" in their minds and do not that is what they hear. They are just to new to life to understand.

Candace: As to the above comment about having the first human experience, at this time this defines at least half of the human population. These folks do not have someone incarnate in their bodies, thus they do not have a "soul." There is misunderstanding also of the word "soul." However, if they begin to show "will" and caring behavior, a Father Fragment can come to them. Urantia calls this Father Fragment, a Though Adjuster. Thus they can begin the Eternal Journey. The Thought Adjuster is in part a fancy computer of sorts, bad term, but the idea is what is important. The Thought Adjuster stores all of your memories on the Eternal Journey. These ones having a first human life are often called "Robotics," because they are basically robots used by the BBB&G’s.

The sad story for most of the first time humans is that they do not receive a Father Fragment, and thus return to the human group soul, and sometimes even experience the "Second Death," death of their essence and personality. This occurs in those who are taken up by demonic activity, and show no redeeming factors, or the development of true will.

This is a tragic loss, and fully the intent of the BBB&G’s. They do not want Sons of God on this planet, they want slaves to serve them. AbundantHope is going to work with this group through organized religion, as it is organized religion that often takes control of the tender young souls, and rather than leading them into making a choice to become Sons of God, leads them astray. This you see in practice as Christians are taught to see Muslims as infidels, and Muslims are taught to see Christians as infidels. See Sananda's comments below on demonic influence.

Sananda: Some pastors in their training, by intention, bring negative energy unto their congregations. This is what you saw with the poor woman who drowned her 5 children. She has admitted that "Satan" told her to do so, but she was so controlled by demonic influence, she was unable to break from it. I encourage all of you to surround this woman with your light, as she is not truly guilty of what she experienced. But she and her husband came under the influence of demonic possession and thought it to be truth, through a very negative "pastor."

All those that go around giving cards to people warning of Satan's influence and that place they call hell, are under at least some degree of demonic influence. This is my problem with organized religion. Many people are brought under demonic influence, and don't even see it. They are in general young souls who have not the experience to realize they are being used.

Some of you who have written state that your belong to a church, and you go because you do enjoy the people. You have known them for years. There is nothing wrong with groups forming, that Two Or More In My Name. Groups have great power! But I got off my point a bit.

You who do belong to a church group will be my representative to that group, in helping them cope with the coming changes. I admire that you have stayed with the group, for the enjoyment of the people. You can do much to help in the coming times. You can be the way shower.

Do not be discouraged if some just don't want to "get it." Continue to go and even though you may be initially rejected, by your continued presence some will start to question and many will choose to follow your example. I am by no means the only way shower. Many that are walking in at this time will show a better way simply by example. In fact that is what all of your should be doing.

Your friends and family that think you a bit strange, you need not constantly try to inform them. Just live a good and strong life, and set an example of better ways to be. That is what has been going on since the 60’s in particular, many going about in an ordinary life, just sharing joy, comfort, lending a shoulder to lean on. You do much to help in this manner.

Some that were so in awe of myself those 2000 years ago, were in awe that I showed them how to be just normal, in that sense. I showed them by example. That is why I was thought to be so perfect. There was so little example being shown, and they did hunger for the example. That was why I was a threat to the powers at the time.
I set an example, and the powers were not a bit at all happy about it. I showed that it is all right to think, to study, and to learn. That is in great part what is behind, the story of becoming like a child to enter heaven. This is what the ascending journey is about, the obtaining of knowledge, the coming into a full self, and ever seeking.

Children naturally seek. You animal friends naturally seek. Children tend to be pretty aware of their surroundings. They ask, ask, ask, and what do they tend to get for it? They tend to be told to stop being so silly. They tend to be told not to be stupid. Some church folks are pretty appalled if their children see "imaginary beings," and will literally beat this out of the child, as they have been told that is the behavior of Satan in their children.

So usually the child shuts down, in order to survive this. Look around at how children are raised. Go back and become a child! Like you were when little, like you see your little ones behaving. Do not shut down this glorious seeking in them. Those that will ascend with earth back into the heavenly realms must be like little children, seeking, seeking, and seeking. Laughing, being in joy, studying nature, loving of life. Find the child in self, and you will go far!

Some of you being fragments of Aton, would see Aton as light within, but in fact, your are fully yourself as a fragment of Aton, and go on your very own journey of your soul.
Readers are asking how long is the ascension process. It will take a few years for most. Relearning from what you have been taught will take a bit of time. The DNA can't be re linked instantly, you body would be in great shock if this happened. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. In the Ascension process you will repair genetic defects in your body, thus improving the over all DNA patterns of earth. Some seem a bit unsure of the process, thinking it will be instantaneous and how will they cope? That is why it is not instantaneous!

Candace: There is much confusion out there, and with myself included, over what an oversoul is. This message did not go fully into that topic. I would like you to write questions for me to file, that will be answered on the website, on this issue and other issues we have not adequately covered. I will not answer these personally, rather I will file them for the website. In one book I have read, it is stated that if an oversoul has its life extinguished, or goes to the dark side, so do all the members of that oversoul. This is an example I think of misinformation, but I have not yet delved fully into this topic.
On my website, I will cover many issues, such as this, and more on ascension, in clear simple straightforward manner, to try to clear up misunderstandings. When you send in any questions you would like answered to the benefit of all on the website, please keep the email content to your questions, and indicate such in the Subject field.

Now I would like to tell you something that Mother Shekhmet shared with me. The reason she mentioned material from the Urantia Book, is that she is one of its "authors." Look for the papers in it written by "Mighty Messengers." The ones by Mother are papers 22, 28, and 30. See page #245 in paper #22, for a description of Mighty Messengers. In her message, Mother Shekhmet mentioned that her soul mate, Father Alcyone, had completed the journey with her also, and this is mentioned in paragraph 6 on that page. Father Alcyone is the author of some of the other Mighty Messenger papers in Urantia. These are # 32, 34, 40, 42, and 52. If you do not own a copy of the Urantia Book, you can read it online at Time to get this out, it's already nearly lunch time. Take care, Candace