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Update 3rd June 2005

NESARA UPDATE: June 3, 2005
By Patrick H. Bellringer

Cosmic Law prevents interference by those of higher dimensions into the affairs of a 3D planet, unless there is a special arrangement for such Divine Intervention. Such is now the case on our planet. The people want peace and have asked Creator God for help, therefore, the Hosts of Heaven/ Forces of Light have now been sent to give us aid.

This is the crucial point that we must understand. The Forces of Light are here to help us but not to do everything for us. This “changing of the guard” on Earth is a cooperative effort between us in 3D and the Star People on the ground and aboard the Starships. No one waves a magic wand and suddenly all is changed and made right and new. We must work together to bring Earth Shan into balance and harmony again.

It is true that the Ascension of this planet and her people is under the control of our Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters, Sananda Immanuel and Creator God Aton. As of the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987, this Third Grand Experiment of attempting to bring balance to our planet by the people living here was declared ended by Creator God. The Darkside had broken their agreement not to bring in outside help of 4D, and because they had done so, they held a huge advantage over the Truthbringers/Lightworkers of Earth Shan. At that point it was agreed that the Forces of Light would proceed to remove all those Darkside 4D entities and their evil technology from our planet, so as to begin the restoration of balance and harmony.

The Lightworkers continued their work in 3D of waking people up to the Light of Truth. The task proved to be so great that many enlightened people petitioned Creator God for further help. This was granted and the Hosts of Heaven/Forces of Light have come and have surrounded Earth Shan at this time in their millions of Starships. Thousands of Star People have landed and are walking our earth and helping us in many ways to restore balance and harmony. Those Star People aboard the Starships are also helping, and as a result victory over evil on our planet is assured.

The plan for NESARA, as a first step by the people of Earth Shan to prepare for the coming Golden Age of 5D, was born of necessity under the laws of the Constitution of the Republic of the united States of America. This plan is to return this great nation, the only one in our present civilization to have been founded upon the Laws of Creator God Aton and the Creation, to its rightful place as a Lighthouse of Truth and freedom to the world.

NESARA was carried forward by many Lightworkers and White Knights for four years from 2000 to 2004 amid great hardship and against the great Forces of Darkness. Finally, in May, 2004 the Galactic Federation assumed control of NESARA and more Forces of Light were called into service.

Always, 3D involvement with NESARA has been required. It is our job to restore order and clean up our planet. The Forces of Light are only allowed to assist. So, for five years now the crucial problem with the accomplishment of NESARA has been the freewill of those 3D persons working with the Forces of Light to finalize NESARA. Many White Knights keep sliding into the Shadows and become “Gray Knights”, who fail to carry out their duties.

They have failed to deal with the greedy and powerful bankers who refuse to give up their control over their stolen money. There are certain agreements that have been made with the White Knights and others to prepare the way for NESARA, and, thus far, they have failed to keep those agreements. Creator God told me tonight that, “It has been a more difficult job sorting out those White Knights who are on the ‘right’ side than it has been finding all the weapons of mass destruction in all the tunnels all over the world”.

Our planet is still in 3D, and there is still the operation of freewill. When White Knights keep sliding to the Darkside and use their freewill to aid the Darkside, the NESARA job does not get completed. The Forces of Light have done all that they are allowed to do for NESARA at this time. They have removed Satan and all his 4D troops. They have neutralized all the WMD on our planet. They have contained the 3D evil controllers and prevented them from doing more massive harm to the people. They are controlling our Mother Earth from doing her own rapid cleansing via great earth changes. They now wait to land on Earth Shan and bring us our much needed help and healing technologies.

The Forces of Light and the Ascended Masters can plan to accomplish things by a certain date, but those plans change as freewill choices by 3D humans alter those plans. This has happened so many times in the past. This has caused many of the faithful to become discouraged and to take their frustration out on Heaven, the Ascended Masters and especially on the messengers.

Those who complain about dates being set and missed need to understand that life is change. Even the best laid plans can change because of freewill. Hope is best kept alive by having signposts along the way, rather than having none to give direction as to where you are. Those who walk in faith know that their hope lies not in what is tangible to they eye, but what can be “seen” by the heart

.Because Earth Shan can not hold back the forces of change any longer, time has run out for the waiting for NESARA to happen. As a result of this fact, the Ascended Masters have now made an agreement with Creator God and our Mother Earth, and an absolute date has been set by which time NESARA must be implemented. That date is very, very close.

Should those responsible for NESARA fail to make the public announcement by that deadline, the Starships will immediately “fall out of the sky”, and our Star People friends and Ascended Masters will implement NESARA worldwide and deliver the prosperity programs and Farm Claim funds to the people. One way or another NESARA will be implemented as the first essential step into the Golden Age, and the funding to the people will be made.

We shall have the Darkside’s New World Order ended, and we shall have the Lightside’s New World Order of peace and freedom and health and abundance established on our earth. Please understand that this is our job to accomplish. The Lighted Realms will show us the way, give us the technology and assist us when asked, but they will not do it for us. We made the mess, and our orders are to clean it up, if we expect to ascend with our planet.

Sananda has not changed the date for his Second Coming, which is scheduled before June 30, 2005. That is less than four weeks away at the most. My friends, NESARA is at our doorstep, as is First Contact and The Second Coming. Prepare yourselves to be the “Pick-up Crew”, those who must pick up the ones who fall over in shock. We have much work ahead of us, and this month will be the greatest month ever in all of your many lifestreams. Keep hope alive! As the song “Oklahoma” says, “June is busting out all over!” And so it is! Aho!