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Update 23 Feb 08

N E S A R A Update - Feb. 23, 2008 by Patrick H. Bellringer

All is well and moving to completion in Heaven’s perfect timing. The Darkside Charade is nothing but “smoke and mirrors”.  The Bush/Clinton/Bush Cabal have no power and can not steal any of the People’s money.  All they can do is move the money around, but every penny is traceable and can be reclaimed instantly, electronically.

The Global Banking System based on precious metals, that will oust the Federal Reserve System, is moving through its final phase of construction.  This is still the month for it to go on line.  This is the key to the implementation of NESARA, which requires a gold banking system for the U.S. of A.  Then delivery of bank packets can be quickly completed and access to “gold-based” funds accomplished by the recipients.

Keep hope alive for victory this last week of February.   Earth Shan is holding to allow for this to happen.  The Lightworkers need closure of this Mission, and the Darkside needs to be told that they have lost not only the battle, but also the war for Earth Shan.   Hold the Light!    Aho!