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The Queen Intervenes

N E S A R A - UPDATE - March 23, 2006

By Patrick H. Bellringer

Contrary to popular media coverage the potential for change to goodness is ever increasing. Truth is breaking out all over! Though given little exposure by the lying media, worldwide peace marches and demonstrations continue to create positive energy for change. The majority of the people in the U.S. now question the validity of the Iraqi War, and an even greater number question the sanity of their village idiot cloned fake president.

Indeed, Washington, D.C. is in chaos. There is no viable Congress nor Presidential Cabinet at this time. The controlled media has done a very good job of presenting the charades, of “business as usual” at home and abroad. That simply is not true.

For safety the U.S. Military has taken to the air in Iraq, and are quietly moving their troops out of the country. At home the U.S. economy is teetering on the brink of collapse. Unemployment is increasing exponentially as corporate fraud is striping corporations of their assets in preparation of the pending change to corporate non-profit status after NESARA. Credit buying, the printing of ever more money and selling of U.S. assets abroad are temporarily keeping the U.S. economy afloat, but all is not as it seems.

The plan of the One World Order to crash the U.S. and world economy has not been realized due to Divine Intervention. G.W. Bush’s plans to create another national disaster such as his terrorist attack of 9-ll-1 by “nuking” California last week or of a major U.S. city last month have all been stopped by the Forces of Light. His plans of creating a national disaster allowing him to declare martial law and become “King of the Hill” forever, shall never be fulfilled.

I say this because of what I believe to be true. I believe that on March 1, 2006 the U.S. went on the gold standard to stop impending economic disaster. I believe the U.S. Stock Market is being held at a high level in preparation for the public announcement of NESARA and change to a gold/silver certificate currency. The little people are not to be hurt in the “changing of the guard”. I believe this change to a gold standard was needed to prevent any negative impact from the Iranian Oil Bourse, and I believe that Bush’s Black Ops attack against Iran recently was stopped by the Star People to prevent any further war, as decreed by Creator God Aton.

I, also, believe that officials of the Court of International Justice, the World Court, the United Nations, the U.S. Military, Provost Marshals, Patrick Fitzgerald, Colin Powel and others arrived at the U.S. White House at 10:00 a.m. EST on March 15, 2006 with arrest warrants in hand for Bush and Cheney, and that they were told that unless they resigned immediately, they would be arrested on the spot. I believe they resigned, immediately! I, also, believe they are to be arrested after the NESARA public announcement to make compliance with the U.S. Constitution for their removal much less complicated.

I believe the Queen of England has returned to the Light after some traumatic personal contacts with Princess Diana, whom she had ordered killed to prevent a compromising alliance with the Arab world through Diana’s then fiancée,Dodi Fayed. Clones of Diana and Dodi died in the planned auto crash. The real Diana and Dodi were picked up by the Star People. They are married, have two children, and are living in Tibet.

I believe the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, came to the U.S. around March 14, 2006 to specifically arrange for the delivery of the bank packets that had been delayed by various actions of G.W. Bush and Co. I believe that when all was in order the Queen left by airplane for England, that enroute she received the message by telephone that the deliveries of the bank packets had again been stopped, that she turned around and returned to the U.S. by 3:15 p.m. EST, that the only person who had access to the telephones in her office was former Justice Sandra Day O’Conner, that she had ordered the deliveries of the bank packets to be stopped, that O’Conner was shown to be a double agent and that she has now been removed from Earth Shan.

I believe that by 4 p.m. on March 14, 2006 Queen Elizabeth again signed off on the packet deliveries and that UPS, DHL and Fed. Ex. personnel must answer only to her. Her control by-passes all chances of the Darkside to go to the World Court or to play other tricks to stop NESARA. I believe that George Bush Senior has been working continuously to upset NESARA and stop any funds from reaching the people.

I believe that certain executives and supervisors of these delivery companies are now gone from our planet because of their refusal to cooperate with the delivery of these bank packets. I believe that as late as March 22, 2006 George Bush, Sr. was using threats and blackmail against drivers of these three delivery systems to prevent them from doing their appointed tasks, that some of them have been removed from Earth Shan, that actual deliveries of bank packets were carried out at gun point the afternoon of March 22, 2006 and that this is on-going at this time.

I believe that only a certain quota of Farm Claims as per the original agreement will be delivered to provide the collateral under the authority and control of the people for the gold banking system prior to the NESARA announcement. I believe the prosperity programs will be handled after the NESARA announcement, to provide greater security and efficiency in delivery of the bank packets. I, also, believe that the NESARA announcement is pending the reaching the quota delivery of the Farm Claims. This means the public announcement of NESARA could be as early as March 23, 2006 or at any time thereafter.

I know that we have greater Divine Intervention with the NESARA Mission then we have ever had before. On Sunday, March 19, 2006 Creator God Aton told Anne and me, “The Forces of Light have now decided that it is definitely time to intervene in this whole thing”. Then on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Creator God Aton told us, “Never before has a planet been in such a state as Earth Shan. I have decreed that now is the time for the NESARA announcement, for now the will of Creator God is in the forefront. Heaven has been asked, and Heaven shall respond!”

I know the end of the Darkness on our planet is near. Many are confused about the money scheme of the Dove. The Dove is out in “left field” and causing much confusion. The gold collateral for the new gold banking system has been in the depository banks for many years along with the gold and silver certificate currency. My wife and I were witnesses to this process happening in Minnesota in the spring of 1994. Both gold bullion and gold and silver coin and gold and silver certificate currency were placed in the U.S. depository banks nationwide at that time, and has remained there ever since.

We are swiftly reaching the end of the dance with Darkness. Our world is truly waiting for the sunrise! Rejoice, my friends, for it is here! Again, I say, rejoice!