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By Patrick H. Bellringer May 7th 2003

     We are living in very exciting and, yet, very challenging times.  I am reminded of the words of a song.  “The world, my dears, is waiting for the sunrise”.  Indeed!  The world is waiting for the sunrise of NESARA!  Again we are totally frustrated at the slowness of the process of the implementation of NESARA, the one thing that has the possibilities of finally changing our world for the better.

     The Dove Report for May 5, 2003 has again raised the questions for many of, “Who’s in charge?” and “What Plan are we really on---A or B?”  I assure you that St. Germain is totally in charge, and that we are on Plan B!  The White Knights as a group “blew” their chances of Plan A on April 15, 2003 by refusing to honor the World Court’s deadline for the announcement of NESARA.  At that point St. Germain exercised his option of Plan B and has continued forward with Plan B ever since.  He had been given the authority by the World Court more than a year ago to take charge of NESARA using the Faction Three White Knights, should the White Knights as a group fail their task of announcing NESARA.

     I shall explain again the various “Factions” of White Knights and their loyalties.

Faction One
White Knights are key people in the U.S. government and military who work for and are totally loyal to G.W. Bush and Co.

Faction Two White Knights are key people in various areas of government, business, education, military etc., who have divided loyalties.  Some work for the Rockefeller Family.  Some work for G.W. Bush and Co.  Some work for big business.  Some work for the Pentagon.  Many of these White Knights are sincerely working for the good of the people of the United States and of the world  Many of the White Knights of Faction Two are obviously double agents and have proven themselves to be so.

Faction Three White Knights are top Delta Force people who are of high integrity and are totally dedicated to the recovery of our nation and our world from the darkside.  They fully support NESARA, and are working hard to bring it to fruition.  These are the White Knights who are presently working with St. Germain to accomplish Plan B.

     The repeated failure of the White Knights of the world to announce NESARA is the direct result of two main conditions.  First, they have operated almost entirely within the realm of third dimension (3D).  They have used 3D thinking, action and technology to attempt to win against a fourth dimensional foe.  Secondly, their ranks are filled with many disloyal White Knights, whose only motive is to sabotage the NESARA process.  These are double agents of Faction One and Faction Two who work for the darkside.  Because of their deceit, most of these “gray Knights” are now gone from planet Earth.

     With the authority for NESARA transferred on April 15, 2003 to St. Germain and Faction Three, NESARA could now move forward in all seriousness.  At his request on April 21, 2003 St. Germain was given full authority by the World Court to use the Forces of Light to assist in accomplishing his mission.  With all the help that Heaven allows, and that’s a lot, NESARA is now being accomplished and is only days away from its full worldwide implementation.  I will explain in greater detail what is now occurring, but first I wish to answer some questions concerning terminology.

     Various terms and names have been used in the Jennifer Lee and Dove Reports and by myself which need further explanation. The Forces of Light are various beings of 5D and high dimensions who have come to planet Earth from the Lighted Realms to assist our Earth and her people at this time.  They have been sent by Creator God at our request.  Earth humans often refer to them as angels or good aliens.  They have various tasks and capabilities as indicated by their names, e.g., warriors/soldiers of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangels, healing angels, etc.  These Lighted Beings graduated into higher dimensions of existence after completing their lessons in soul growth in third dimension.

     “A” and “A” of the Jennifer Reports are husband and wife of eleven years, middle aged, and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The father of “A” (husband) is Commander Ashtar of the Mothership The New Jerusalem, a starship of 5000 miles in diameter, which is orbiting planet Earth at this time.  “A” was given the choice of ascension to 5D earlier in life but chose to remain in 3D with the option to occasionally go into 5D in the physical.  “A” has full memory of past lifestreams and speaks in person with his father, Ashtar, St. Germain, St. Michael, Sananda, Mother Sekhmet, KOS and others when he goes aboard The New Jerusalem.  “A” communicates directly by phone or in person with KOS, the King of Swords or the King.  Sananda (Esu Jesus Immanuel) as Admiral Sananda is in complete charge of our planet Earth Shan’s present transition into fifth dimension.  St. Germain is working under Admiral Sananda and is in charge of the World Trust which backs the funding of the Farm Claims and prosperity programs.  St. Germain has full responsibility for the recovery of the United States of America to a Constitutional Republic again, and now holds full authority for the announcing and implementation of NESARA.

     KOS, the King of Swords or the King is a Vietnam veteran of high Delta Force standing.  He commands the White Knights of the world as well as Faction Three, who are also Delta Force.  KOS works directly under the authority of St. Germain and has given much assistance to Mother Sekhmet in the removal of the darkside from planet Earth at this time.  The King of Swords’ top two Delta Force commanders are called the Alien Hunter and Terry the Terrible.  KOE stands for King of Egypt.  KOE is not in actuality the King of Egypt but a very wealthy and powerful good White Knight Arab from Arabia.  The “Nameless Ones” are two very famous and good White Knights who presently reside as a husband and wife team in Tibet.  Lady Nada is the twin flame of Sananda, is in charge of actual funding of the prosperity programs and Farm Claims and resides currently in Lebanon.  Mr. X is an ex-policeman from Idaho who heads the U.S. Militia of the fifty states.  He is next in command under the King of Swords.

     The Dove of Oneness lives in the Olympia, Washington area.  She is a middle aged lady “walk-in” of eleven years and a Wingmaker from 750 years into the future.  Having returned from the future, the Dove knows that we accomplished NESARA and the Age of Peace and Enlightenment.  She communicates directly with St. Germain, key White Knights of Faction Two, and with many entities of the higher dimensions.  It should be noted that in the Dove Report of May 5, 2003 the reference to “The White Knights have a schedule for doing NESARA which does not include any day this week” refers to Faction Two White Knights.

     Finally, Jennifer Lee is a young housewife with a five year old son living in Los Angeles, California.  She volunteered to assist “A” and “A” with their daily presentation of the progress of NESARA, thus, the Jennifer Lee Reports.  This discussion reads like a science fiction novel, because in our world of lies, the Truth is in fact stranger to us than fiction.

     Let us now turn to the Truth behind the lies of the media.  On Sunday, May 4, 2003 G.W. Bush made a highly media advertised “address to the nation” from aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier, The Abraham Lincoln, off the coast of California.  He told the world that the U.S. Military combat phase of the war with Iraq was over. What G.W. Bush did not tell the world was that he had ordered the U.S. military to immediately do a full force military attack on Afghanistan in an attempt to start World War III.  What is not reported by the media but in reality looks like a Star Wars movie has been occurring in Afghanistan this week.  The U.S. and British Militaries have been battling the Star Fleets of the Forces of Light for world control. Guess who is winning?

     Meanwhile the deliberate killings go on in Baghdad and all over Iraq and Palestine.  The occupying forces under the guise of liberation are securing their control to assure that puppet governments will be established who are subservient to the Khazarian Zionist Bolshevik (KZB) government of the U.S./Israel.   The U.S. and British military are scouring Iraq in an attempt to find the alien technology left by the ancient Sumerian Empire which once covered the area today of Iran and Iraq  Some the this technology is held under the protection of the Kurds of northern Iraq.  As a side note, the Israeli Mossad covertly obtained one of these alien devices held by the Kurds and helped G.W. Bush and Co. to use it for time travel in the 9/11 fiasco.  The World Trade Towers were moved in time, emptied of most people and contents and returned prior to their collapse.  That is why office furniture, computers, generators for each floor, the original flag pole, etc., were missing in the rubble.  With the aid of the Forces of Light this time travel machine was returned to the Kurds.  There will never be peace on earth and NESARA until the evil KZB are dashed to bits.  This is now happening.

     On Monday morning, May 5, 2003 people all over the world were reported missing.  Their beds were empty.  They did not come to breakfast.  They did not show up for work.  Why?  Some of these missing persons were removed by the darkside in a last attempt to stop NESARA.  They were good White Knights in top positions of business, government and military in countries around the world who held key positions in the progress of NESARA.  They are being held in a secret location by the darkside, but the Forces of Light are protecting them and are watching every move of the darkside.

     Most of those missing persons on Monday were taken by Mother Sekhmet, St. Michael, St. Germain and the King of Swords because of their evil deeds.  They have worked hard to win world control and still have the naïve notion that they can win against the Forces of Light.  Not so!   The Spiritual Battle of Armageddon was fought on planet Earth over the past few months and won by the Forces of Light.  The alien beings of higher dimension such as the Reptilian/Draconian/Serpent people and the 25 foot high white dragon people who lived inside our earth have been removed and sent back to their home planets for prosecution.  We are now fighting the Physical 3D Battle of Armageddon which involves the 3D earth humans, who were the minions of the Serpent People.  They are the 3D world controllers who comprise a major portion of the darkside at this time.  These prominent U.S. military, world leaders and military from other countries are the ones presently being removed from Shan by the Forces of Light.   Their claim to fame is over!  The final phase of the great Battle of Armageddon to remove all darkness from Earth Shan is nearly over.  This is what is occurring while you wait for NESARA to be announced.

     There is a massive worldwide effort by the darkside at this time to win.  In the U.S. the Homeland Security Office is working overtime to arrest, punish and incarcerate people secretly.  At this very moment terrible things are happening to unsuspecting American citizens by the U.S. Gestapo law-enforcement agencies in the name of “terrorism” to purge the darkside’s opposition in a final attempt to stop NESARA and the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth.  This purging is happening worldwide.  For some, this is cause for great fear.  For others it is a challenge to take action.

     On May 6 as reported by the Dove, a group of 45 influential people petitioned the World Court to immediately lift the gag orders on NESARA.  Another group is making the same demands of the U.S. Supreme Court.  The leader of Japan has gone on public record with his statement to the world that “We, the people of the world, are at war with the Bush people!”  This is not the time to complain, “Where is NESARA?” or “Where is my money?”  We are at war, people!  We are in the final episode of Armageddon.  The worldwide removal of the darkside must be accomplished within these next few days for NESARA to be announced.

     Our task is to move to a neutral place within and hold no anger, no guilt, no hatred, no fear.  From that place of neutrality we must hold the Light of Truth.  We must send out the energies of forgiveness and mercy and compassion to all.  Those of the darkside are on their own pathway of lessons in soul growth, as are we.  They agreed to follow their dark pathways to provide us with those opportunities needed for us to learn our lessons as well.  So, in compassion we send them Love and Light.  Even G.W. Bush?   Yes, most importantly G.W. Bush!  We are all fellow travelers on the road to Life.  WE are all connected, and one day we will all be reunited into the “whole” of Creator Source again.

     Make very sure that any anger you may have is that of righteous anger.  I have such anger.  I am angry about the Homeland Security Office arrests, the beatings, the incarcerations.  I am angry about AIDS, anthrax vaccinations, chem trails, SARS.  I am angry about starvation, abuse, the abuse and neglect of children, and I am angry about the killing, the bullets, the bombs, the land mines and the killing—especially the killing of our children.

     Will you stand with me and demand, “no more”?  We will take no more!  We have had it.  This is the end!  We demand the darkside gone---now!  We order them gone now, forever from our planet.  Through our God-Spirit within we so order.  We have had enough!  We take back our power and we demand peace!  Together we stand and together we say, “There shall be Light!”  And there is Light---total Light!

     The curtain of darkness is lifting on a grand new day.  The sunrise of Truth, of freedom, of justice, of peace---of NESARA, for which we have waited eons of time is now breaking over the horizon of our Mother Earth Shan.  The darkness is fading before our very eyes.  Through our creative thought-power we are creating our new Age of Peace and Enlightenment.  Let us rejoice in this Light of our New Day!  Aho!