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I understand that some people were shocked by the OBVIOUS U.S. government CONSPIRACY behind shutting down all the alarm and defense systems which enabled the WTC and Pentagon to be hit by planes on 9/11. The day after 9/11, I was informed about the tremendous number of systems and inside conspirators that were necessary in order for those plane attacks to occur. It's shocking to know so many people cooperated in murdering innocent Americans.

It's also shocking to know that certain Bush government officials sat down in meetings and decided which companies in the WTC would be told to keep their people out of the WTC on Sept. 11th and which companies would be left out of the warnings. If you recall, thousands of people who normally would be working in the WTC either failed to come to work that day or were warned to leave before the plane attacks. The Bush government officials did the same regarding the groups in the Pentagon who would be warned and who would be left without warnings.

These disgusting D.C. officials decided "who would die" in their unconscionable meetings. These people have shown themselves to be total monsters of the worst kind. I'm looking forward to seeing them exposed to the whole world and receiving the retribution their actions have earned them.

The problem with the Bushs is that they have FAILED to understand what these years between 1987 and 2013 are about. They should have read Gregg Braden's book, "Walking Between the Worlds" for hints.

They should have paid attention to the AWAKENING of the collective and WE the PEOPLE ARE CHOOSING PEACE and PROSPERITY for all. WE are more POWERFUL than these old men trying to re-create Hitler Germany in the U.S. WE have already CANCELLED their scenario and WE are VICTORIOUS in bringing forth the Age of Miracles for ALL on planet Earth! We will see that NESARA is the doorway through which we walk fully into our Age of Miracles.

By reading the information below, we all should see instantly how controlled our U.S. media is. The fact that the normal interception procedure for stopping these kinds of plane attacks had been SHUT DOWN by the White House should have made front page headlines and top news for weeks. Because, if the interceptor jets had been allowed to scramble and intercept the planes, we would have very likely had ZERO deaths on 9/11. But Bush had ordered these plane attacks on 9/11 so that he could use it all as an excuse to drag our country into a military conflict AND use his pretense of hunting domestic terrorists as an excuse to pass the Bush Gestapo laws trying to destroy our Constitution. He had to make sure the interceptor jets were stopped from scrambling.


** TOP_VIEW ** The Big Picture TOP_VIEW conducted a phone interview on 12.09.01 with a spokesperson for the U.S. Air Force, located in New York. This person was ordered to the Ground Zero, Pennsylvania and Pentagon Sept. 11th crash sites within several days of the events, as part of an Air Force investigative probe. Crucial information was conveyed to us, related specifically to the entire matter of IF or WHEN FAA/ATC personnel alerted appropriate Air National Guard/Air Force units, that four large passenger jets were significantly off course and that all standard communications with these craft had been broken. We were informed that standard procedures fully in effect on the morning of September 11 were absolutely followed to a "T" by U.S. Air Traffic Control personnel; that via established channels and according to established guidelines, U.S. Air National Guard and Air Force units -- which are ALWAYS on alert to be scrambled for intercepts of either distressed OR suspicious and possibly hostile aircraft 365/24/7 in these United States -- WERE DEFINITELY contacted by FAA/ATC on Sept. 11th IMMEDIATELY after Air Traffic Control had become aware of the developing situation with the jets. The Air Force spokesman confirmed that after the alerts and requests for intercepts of the aircraft were received from FAA/ATC, orders from the HIGHEST LEVEL of the executive branch of the federal government were received, demanding that the Air Force stand down and NOT follow through with established scramble/intercept procedures that morning until further notice! The U.S. Air Force's hands (wings) were DELIBERATELY TIED on the morning of September 11, until such time that the horrifying treacherous, murderous deeds had been carried out by the BushMob. I've received word that the TRUE White Knights are TAKING ACTION and carrying out the orders to ARREST for TREASON all the 29 officers of the Pentagon who were plotting against us. Most of these 29 officers have already been arrested. Some of these cowardly officers RAN into HIDING but their positions are known and they will be arrested this evening. I purposely exposed their SNEAKY plan today to help make sure they are STOPPED.

There are HUNDREDS of officers in the Pentagon who want to get NESARA announced and get our prosperity to all of us. The only way these traitorous 29 officers could get away with their schemes is if it was kept secret. On Wednesday night there was a big meeting of Pentagon officers and a lot of arguing about this betrayal of all of us. I'm told that about 60 Pentagon officers were in the meeting Wednesday night and a LOT of them OPPOSED waiting to do NESARA and our prosperity deliveries. Many officers who attended the meeting saw right through the flimsy pretenses being put forth as excuses for waiting.

Friday, the 29 Pentagon officers got what they deserved for trying to stand in the way of our deliveries and NESARA. They were "totally eliminated" and the locations of their deaths were terrible sights to behold, I'm told. These 29 deaths were CLEAR WARNINGS to EVERYONE who is trying to delay us receiving our deliveries and NESARA.

I'm hearing today the Bushs' factions are ON THEIR KNEES after the deaths of these 29 high officers and the SCARY WAY they died! Let this be a lesson to EVERYONE who tries to get in the way of our deliveries and NESARA: YOU CAN BE NEXT to experience the same scary death!!!! Since 9/11, the Forces have STOPPED 99% of the thousands of terrorist attacks attempted in the U.S. The FBI Director and others have continuously claimed that all kinds of terrorist attacks were expected. But the FBI Director admits that "they DO NOT KNOW WHY." these attacks have FAILED TO OCCUR. The REASON is that the Forces have STOPPED 99% of the attacks! The Forces have also STOPPED many assassination attempts on you White Knights. You have proof of some of these assassination attacks being stopped by the Forces. The Forces have supported you White Knights because you have been working to bring forth the funding of all of our prosperity programs and NESARA.

The Forces are carrying out a plan which includes that the Bushs be tried in World Court for their crimes against the world. This is the ONLY reason the Bushs are still living. But in certain circumstances I'm told, the Forces will change the plan so the Bushs lack any part in the plan! Like the 29 top Pentagon officers were taken out of the plan yesterday. There is ZERO defensive or offensive weapon or technology that can protect anyone from the Forces; this includes the Bushs.

The 29 Pentagon officers were DECLARING a SECRET WAR on the American People. Yes, the 29 Pentagon officers, who were plotting to ILLEGALLY get us into a long war with Iraq, DESERVED to die. These 29 officers WERE CONSPIRING secretly with Iraq to have our American troops attacked in the Middle East by Iraq. Yes, they DESERVED to die for all the TREASON they had already committed and THEIR SUPPORT of the 9/11 attacks which killed 6,000+ innocent Americans. They were ILLEGALLY interfering with the announcement of NESARA and the funding of all 50+ prosperity programs. These 29 officers were STOPPING ALL 400 MILLION Americans from receiving the fantastic benefits of NESARA and they were doing it through SNEAKY, ILLEGAL PLOTS which included assassination and murder. And, these things were just the BEGINNING of the opposition's big plan which calls for over half of Americans to die in the next few years. So, YES, these 29 officers, who knew full well that they had helped murder and were planning to murder more Americans, did DESERVE to die. So does anyone else who continues to try to implement the heinous plans the opposition has intended to implement through the current Bush administration. Yes, there was an EYE WITNESS to the elimination of these 29 traitors: a Military Intelligence contact.

Most people in the U.S. are deaf, blind, and dumbed down to what is really going on. However, I believe that Americans have the inner resources to FACE the TRUTH and become stronger and wiser from it. The truth WILL come out after NESARA.

Yesterday morning between 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Central Standard Time, a friend of mine saw a brief announcement on Fox News about the Euro. The announcer said that the Euro, which is officially coming out January 1, 2002, is "PRECIOUS METALS BACKED" currency.

This is the first time, as far as I know, that a news media has publicly stated that the Euro is PRECIOUS METALS BACKED. I stated months ago that all the major currencies in the world, including the Euro, would be "backed by precious metals". Now we are seeing that this is coming out in the mass media.

I'm told that this was a SURPRISE announcement to the opposition and those trying to stop NESARA. Surprise rippled through D.C. like a tidal wave. You see, once this major European currency is "precious metals backed", the Federal Reserve Notes will suddenly have very little value in comparison. This is because the Federal Reserve Notes are NOT backed by precious metals! The ONLY way that the opposition can avoid total financial disaster for themselves is for NESARA to be announced! NESARA is the ONLY law that enables the U.S. to have precious metals backed currency. This is exactly what the surprise announcement about the Euro is designed to do: TO ENSURE that NESARA IS ANNOUNCED. I'm told this SURPRISE announcement about the Euro was made in the U.S. only, as a warning to the opposition to get out of the way - NESARA is coming through!