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NESARA - are you ready?

From: "rachel snyder" <>

June 11, 2003

Are You Truly Prepared for NESARA?

I am Magdalena, Communications Commander, Christos Alliance Elite Protection Squadron, Galactic Federation. This information is not "channeled," as I am now sufficiently transmutated into lightbody to speak directly through the lifestream I now occupy.

In anticipation of the impending announcement of NESARA, it is now appropriate for All to take the time to review this checklist and evaluate your readiness for this momentous event.

1. Are you clinging to any encumbrances that are not of sufficient vibrational frequency to exist in the New Paradigm: jobs, relationships, material possessions, pets, home bases, ground-based transport vehicles, and outmoded belief systems? If so, you are not truly prepared for NESARA until you jettison these attachments and create more appropriate relationships with animate and inanimate objects.

2. Is your emotional body held captive by childhood experiences and related trauma -- rendering it impossible for you to bring your full presence to every moment? If so, it is necessary now to receive assistance in clearing these interferences. If you do not take these steps immediately, you are not truly prepared for NESARA.

3. Do you continue to hold The New Jerusalem vision as merely an intellectual framework -- or have you taken bold and forthright steps to embody the principles of unity consciousness, peace, abundance,earth harmony, interplanetary cooperation and galactic consciousness into your everyday actions? As long as you remain in your mental body, you are not prepared for NESARA, and let it be said that you are, in fact, deccelerating its enactment.

4. Have you fully acknowledged your original birth, your stellar lineage, and have you surrounded yourself with others who embrace and understand their own multiversal origins? If you are in the midst of others with whom you must hide the totality of who You Are, it is imperative that you locate other ones of like understanding in order to create necessary exponential patterns of frequency. As long as you continue to hide your truth, you are not prepared for NESARA and you are hampering its immediate announcement.

5. Have you created an unhealthy dependency on information transmitted through others? Do you dismiss the re-memberings of your own internal guidance system, for reasons of fear, doubt or disbelief? If this is true, it is now time for you to realize your own abilities to uncover material that you have known for Eternity, and to turn to others for confirmation, comfort and co-operation. Your vast knowledge and understanding reside within: any attempts to ignore or discount internal guidance is evidence of your continued resistance to fully embody the energy that is, in part, known as NESARA.

6. In your passion for expanded levels of consciousness, are you giving equal attention to your physical body? Are you able to embrace your experiences of discomfort, dis-ease, pain, and other symptoms as birth pains into a new form, as blessings and not curses, as healing and not illness? Have you taken steps to eat without judgment: answering your body's intuition for meat, for salt, for sugar, for water, for raw foods, for so-called fast foods or junk foods, without holding on to prehistoric nutritional concepts designed for pre-millennium bodyforms? If you are not loving every sensate experience in your physical body without judgment and without attachment, you are not truly prepared for NESARA.

7. Do you continue to condone, support or participate in institutions and organizations who operate according to Old Paradigm principles of power, greed, control, oppression and the maintenance of the status quo? Do you support the mainstream health care system at the same time you complain about it? Do your funds support the very media known to disseminate misinformation and disinformation? Do you belong to, work under the auspices of, or otherwise contribute your precious energy to any private, public, nonprofit, charitable or spiritual/religious entity that does not match the current/emerging frequency? If so, you have more steps before you are truly ready for NESARA, and it is time to start taking those steps now.

8. Are you seeking balance in all things, finding the intersections of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Flesh, Right and Wrong, Giving and Receiving, Masculine and Feminine, All and Nothing, and holding space for true integration within the polarity spectrum? If so, you are truly prepared for NESARA.

9. Do you greet each day as the wondrous creation it truly is -- enveloping yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of this most magnificent planet on which you now reside? If so, you are prepared for NESARA.

10. Can you feel the I Am presence in every cell of your bodymindspirit? Do you recognize your Self in every tree, every human, every four-legged and winged-one, in the All-There-Is? Do you now know that you are the miracle you have ached so long to see?

When the stirrings of your heart tell you so, you are indeed prepared for NESARA. Welcome! We have been waiting for you a very long time, and now, in an immeasurable moment, You Are Here.

I Am Magdalena