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Sananda 18May05

Update From Sananda
May 18, 2005
By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

CANDACE: Hi, everyone. I am almost finished with the second Rafael message and the remainder of the material on phosphate consumption. I am a bit behind. I spent two days down on the couch, had several family events, and other activities taking time. Sananda would like to give a brief update tonight on the status of NESARA and related activities. This may be posted on websites.

SANANDA: My Dearest Readers, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to bring an update on events progressing towards NESARA. We had hoped to announce NESARA last Friday, but we were met with assorted small difficulties making it impossible. Two of the most important members of the announcement team were called away on other obligations, that were of necessity.

Today, we descended into the lower skies over Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We were seen by those aware of the use of cloudships. Some of our ships were only a few hundred feet above the ground. The Denver area was to have been the headquarters of the 4th Reich, that had been planned for America and the world. There was a large international airport built there quite a number of years ago called Denver International Airport (DIA). Underneath this airport to the north of the main terminal are some underground runways that have been kept secret. In addition to this there is a multilevel underground area having a number of purposes. These underground runways are often used for prisoner delivery to other underground facilities. Your BBB&G's used them, also, for secret missions of other natures.

To the west of Denver in the mountains there is a huge underground facility that is essentially the second White House. There are tunnels from this area under the mountains going south to the Colorado Springs area and NORAD. In the event of destruction or similar difficulties of your White House in Washington, D. C. the entire government can be run from this area. I will only say, for your benefit, that today we did some major "housecleaning" of these many areas in Colorado. I can't give you more detail at this time.

Last week, when you had the incident of the small plane flying into the airspace of the White House and its evacuation, your Vice President, Mr. Cheney made a get-a-way attempt. This was planned. The small plane and the evacuation were a cover-up. Your Secret Service was made aware of this, and as Mr. Cheney and his companions drove off a ways, they were stopped and escorted right on back.

Also, that day an important military person met with Mr. Rumsfeld and informed him that we would be shutting down quite a few military bases in the USA. After the Declaration of Peace with NESARA and the Second Coming events, many military facilities will be closed worldwide that the United States maintains for its control of the world. We, also, recently disabled some small but powerful weaponry on the International Space Station.

The recent attempt at Mr. Bush's assassination in Georgia, near Russia, was thwarted by deflecting weaponry that prevented the blowing up of the small bomb that was placed there. This was not a simple grenade. This is not the appropriate time to assassinate Mr. Bush and quite a few of the other people in attendance at that event. This was but another attempt at delaying the inevitable NESARA and the associated events.

We shall, shortly, bring the announcement team once more to Washington, D.C. Today's events in Colorado were significant, and we are well pleased with how they went. The world is now quite a bit more safe. I know you are still in dismay at the wait, but every problem we solve, beforehand, is a problem we will not face afterwards. This program continues to grow in scope as many more issues are handled and solved. Many changes are taking place throughout the entire world that benefit NESARA and its' implementation everywhere. We have daily issues, new problems discovered and new solutions found. The prosperity funds remain safe. We have had a reluctant bank, but this is not a severe problem. I only mention this, since this was discussed at the Capricorn site.

We continue to work with many leaders of the world, gaining their increased cooperation. There was a plan to destroy the American dollar to cause immense hardship. You have read about this in assorted places on the INTERNET. This problem was taken care of quite a while ago, actually. I just mention it as an example of the work being done.
I am in great delight, as I dictate this to Candace tonight, as everything is looking now very good. We should have no serious problems or surprises in the first few weeks after the announcement. We have done much "housecleaning" in many areas other than Colorado. The underground areas are many around the world, and you know little about them.

Russia has enough underground areas to feed and shelter her entire population for several years. China has many, but not quite enough for her whole population. All of this is in addition to your Inner Earth cities, whose people I would like to mention, are getting just as impatient as yourselves for the coming changes. They will be helping much on the surface, and they look forward to providing this help. They are all advanced peoples, and they have solved many a problem in their societies over time. You will find them very helpful.

In Australia the BBB&G's sometime ago built a large underground area [Pine Gap], that they could live in for many years. This was built mainly for them to survive in the event of the nuclear destruction on Earth. They would like to use it now to hide from us. That is laughable, since we are quite aware of it. Cheney may have been trying to get to that place. Continue to "hang in there", my friends. Great things are happening, and the wait is well worth it, I assure you. Namaste and Salu, Sananda Immanuel.