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Jennifer Lee Updates February 2004

Summary of Jennifer Lee Reports

(Edited news supplied by Ari and friends in the last few weeks. Full reports at www.treeofthegoldenlight. com)

The special prosecutor, who is working on lawsuits for ‘The Widows of 9/11’, two White Knights, and the King of Swords delivered a subpoena to the Shrub at his office. This needed a signature which he refused until one of their phasers ‘accidently’ discharged and vaporized a nearby vase. The Shrub fell to the floor begging for his life. He signed.

Karl Rove was also delivered some ‘very serious papers’ by special US Marshals. He was escorted out of a meeting and as he read the papers, he suddenly turned white as a ghost and hastened to the bathroom. He was finally taken away for questioning.

The Army of God has assembled. They are here in full glory in the frequencies of the Office of the Christ, under the direction and protection of Lord Michael and his electric blue Flame of Truth of the mighty sword Excalibur.

On Jan 6, Philip J Berg, attorney for 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani, served personal summonses to Bush Jr and administration: Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, George Tenet (CIA), Condoleezza Rice, Norman Mineta, Kenneth Feinberg, plus Saddam Hussein, Zacarias Moussaoui, and Bush Sr. The multiple summonses and complaints require an answer in 60 days. Berg said the evidence in this case is so strong, it will lead to the end of the Bush presidency.

There is a special group of beings that are here (on Earth) working secretly and silently, helping us from behind the scenes, and have been for quite some time! This group originally came to Earth at about the end of the Atlantean/Egyptian period and have stepped in many times in the past in many situations along the way, to insure that this now time would take place and we would finally have our freedom restored! These beings are time travellers and mercenaries who have very special gifts and talents, who do what they do best! They have infiltrated, over time, every single organisation, both civilian and military - every government and secret society across the planet!

They answer to no one except the Office of the Christ which includes all the Forces of Light, Lord Michael, the King of Swords, Mother Sekhmet and Lord Alcyone, the Ascended Masters, and we 'The Ground Crew'----all who are known as Faction 3! These amazing beings have far advanced technologies and are here to get the job done. And what they leave behind is for the vultures to feast on! They are here to make sure NESARA gets announced, and freedom’s holy flame is firmly planted on Earth forevermore.

This morning the King of Swords told me they are armed to the teeth and ready right now to do what must be done! He told me that 'sudden actions' will take place where 'military tribunals' will be called according to the Laws Of The Constitution and The Laws of The Solar Tribunal. All of these war criminals who have committed crimes against humanity will be rounded up instantly, brought before the tribunals where they will be tried, convicted and sentenced for their crimes immediately, on-the-spot! He told me this is how it will be done, and no other way. If you want to look up some information about what was infiltrated go to 'The Odessa Group'

www. goroadachi. com , click on ‘End Game II’, then on 'Echoes of Terror'. This group was a precursor to 'Operation Paper-Clip'. This is also connected with The Eye of Horus, the Monuments on Mars [Richard Hogland] and Orion. There is a special alignment---a certain angle---which is 19. 5 degrees along with 33 degrees, which opens the Stargates that connect with Cydonia - the Pyramids on Mars, The Giza Plateau and the underground cities of the Agartha Network.

Thom Hartmann confirms what the Nameless Ones said when he spoke to me off air this morning. He told me the grass roots movement that is going on now is absolutely huge! He said people finally understand the big story of what is going on, that they have been hoodwinked. Now they are working feverishly behind the scenes. It is time! This is very good news. We also heard the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has taken steps to totally cut off the United States Government, the Shrub Gang, from making any more loans, because we are so dangerously in debt, over $800+ billion. This measure is being done because the misappropriation of these funds has affected the entire world economy and could cause a total collapse.

I heard something that cannot yet be revealed about the death of Dodi and Diana, and what really took place in the tunnels of Paris. Apparently Henry Paul was not driving their car, it was someone else! All I can say is the truth is about to be revealed. This revelation will implicate the entire Royal Family including the Queen, Prince Phillip, Tony Blair, and others who will be removed from power by their arrest, trial, and conviction for the many crimes they committed against humanity! The House of Windsor is not the true bloodline of royalty. These ones really are the Reptilian Controllers who usurped ‘The Throne’ from the bloodlines of the Merovingian Kings and Queens who will now be returned to their true place. The Queen of Heaven shall return to her throne, as is ordained by the Admiral, beloved Lord Sananda, and Lady Master Nada.

Paul O’Neill, former Treasury Secretary, will be interviewed on 60 Minutes. He has a few things to tell the people! He is going to tell everyone how the Bush Administration layed plans for the invasion of Iraq long before he took office, and well before 9/11 happened. The King told me Willie Nelson has been secretly meeting with some very important and wealthy folks who are ‘more than fired up’ to get NESARA announced. They are very angry and are pushing the so-called White Knight Decision Making Team to get off their duffs and do something right now!

It was reported on Italian national TV, Channel 5 prime time, that recent blood tests have confirmed that the body found in the car crash was not Diana’s because the blood types do not match. Very interesting. Many in Britain now believe Diana’s death was an assassination rather than an accident. We can see the House of Lies is coming down!

I have the ability to tune into certain frequencies and hear the ‘scuttlebut’ that is going on in the cosmic air waves that operate at one million megahertz and higher. This is where the captains and commanders of the ships of the Forces of Light, the star nations, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Ascended Masters, and Lord Michael and his legions of starships are all saying NESARA’s announcement is going to happen much sooner than anyone has any idea.

Last night, I took a liitle journey with Mother Sekhmet. She took me into the catacombs under Vatican City. Oh my, there are some ugly and gruesome scenes down there! There are pieces of space ships and bodies upon bodies buried, starting from 1st and 2nd Centuries up until now (and other evidence) . I call them ’repositories of knowledge’ or ’halls of wisdom’ that go way back. They are the true stories of the real history of this planet. They hold the old teachings of the Hebriac-Atlantean times, the true teachings of the Essenes, and the true story of Lord Sananda Lady Master Nada’s lives. It is all going to be brought forth at the right moment. The people shall know the truth.

I was also taken by Mother Sekhmet to visit the catacombs under the Roman Colosseum where we found huge bones of dragons, and bones of people who were 12 to 14 feet tall, people like Goliath, who were captured and then slaughtered in the battles that took place above. Mother showed me how the Romans worked with the Greys and Reptilians ET’s in an effort to create a master race, just like today, using these beings to extract their DNA which they then used to create all kinds of anomalies in the human form. All this was done to control humanity.

Today I got to speak to Mr X, and he shared with me some of his life story. He is from a middle eastern country, and he talked about how he grew up very poor and how he had to work to get where he is today. He also spoke of what it is like to be a person of colour, especially an ‘Arab’ right now in the USA where people stare at you when you go into any business, and they wonder if you are a terrorist! That little person inside, that child within each of us, is crying out because all he or she really wants is just to be loved. Then he shared with me how real NESARA is, and how it is all coming to pass. He told me very serious actions were taken today that will put a very big dent in the armour of the dark side, These actions were so strong that the dark side will never recover from it. He would not give further details, only to say we are on the road to peace, and we will see NESARA soon. He said the truth will be revealed how 30, 000+ people actually died in the 9/11 tragedy, and how it was all covered up by the Bush Administration. They are all war criminals.

Also today, we heard there was a test of the ‘emergency broadcast system’. This was a nation-wide test and was reported by many folks in many places. At exactly the same time, on World Link TV, we again saw Willy Nelson appear in an advertisement as we did before, telling the people how that station is their link to the true world news.

We received a letter from a friend who lives close to ‘ground zero’, who had a conversation with someone on the streets of New York City recently. There is a revelation from someone in the Parks Department of NYC who said that after 9/11, a large tent was set up in one of the little parks at ground zero. This person looked inside the tent and saw many bodies and body parts on top of each other. These bodies had bullet holes in them. People who saw them were told by NYC police ‘You saw nothing’. Firemen were also told by these police they were not allowed to go below the WTC in certain areas (no witnesses to the shootings). A national TV reporter seen on air telling how he heard gunshots and explosions while the buildings fell, has since disappeared without trace!

Walter Cronkite is one of our point people and is on the NESARA announcement team. He recently severely ctiticised the Bush Administration and the media for not reporting accurately and fairly, for white-washing the graphic nature of the impact of war on innocent civilians during the invasion of Iraq. Amy Goodman also indicated the international community is looking into charging the Bush Administration for war crimes of killing 14 international reporters during the first month or so of the invasion, Most of these people were of colour.

I went for a visit with my Essani friend RanaMu, who took me on a little journey. We went into a special room where there was a very large 3D hologram of the Milky Way Galaxy suspended in mid-air. It was so beautiful to look at. Suddenly we were standing on one of the spiral arms of the galaxy, and we experienced all the different beings that lived there! It was totally amazing. Then we focused on our solar system and stood on the rings of Saturn, then our Moon, and finally Mars. Oh my gosh, there are all kinds of incredible beings of Light that live within, and on, these many planets, moons, and dimensions of our galaxy! What an experience.

There are also some beings out there who must come back to love. They are technologically and scientifically advanced, but they do not understand love. These beings are ‘left-overs’ from the Orion War - some Draconian Reptilians, Greys, Andromedans, Sirians, and Pleiadians - and they are being removed from the galaxy right now by the Forces of Light. They are being sent back to places where they can further evolve their hearts and learn about love. Some will stand trial on their home planet’s war tribunals for their galactic crimes.

RanaMu showed me how to be in, and hold, the place of total neutrality. She had me visualise Earth wrapped in a huge blanket of violet flame, a very deep, intense, and rich colour of purple light. The stars became golden lights in the indigo purple night sky around the Earth. As we did this, we could see these great huge clouds of negative thought-forms of fear and hate that hang around our planet being dissolved and transmuted by the living energy of the violet fire of transmutation! As this happened, the clouds disappeared before our eyes, and Mother Gaia was restored to her pristine perfection and and beauty. All this is happening as we speak folks!

RanaMu told me there are over one billion people now doing these visualisations of Earth every day. She showed me how the Light of God that never fails is coming through our Sun from the photon belt and the Forces of Light. This Light is making it impossible for the dark agenda to use their technologies of war and destruction anymore.

As the frequency of love increases, their weapons, computers, and communication satellites do not work. Nothing will fire because the energy of love is so strong. A wall of violet fire, beloved St Germaine and freedom’s holy flame, is here surrounding us and protecting all life. This is what our collective prayers and decrees are doing, along with the mighty power of the Forces of Light.

Let us remember that love heals. Love is the one frequency that changes everything, and it is changing our reality. Every act of the dark agenda is being neutralised by the Forces of Light and the frequencies of love. This is why beloved Lord Michael is standing here with his mighty sword Excalibur, and with his fellow Archangels Zadkiel, Raphael, Chamuel, Uriel, and so forth, who have surrounded this planet with their legions of mighty star ships. Magic is afoot.

A message from Mother Sekhmet, “You remember that tent full of bodies with bullet holes? These people were on the ground floor and basement of the World Trade Center. They were directly connected to what was supposed to happen on that day, the announcement of NESARA. Oh yes! This is the truth speaking in the face of what is to come. And what is coming is this, the king is returning. The king of kings and lord of lords, beloved Lord Sananda Kumara who holds the office of Planetary Prince of this universe of Nebadon is returning at any moment. You will see all of this unfold in all its magnificent glory. It will be just as intense as when Aragorn (in Return of the King movie) pulled his sword from his scabbard and said to the King of Darkness ‘No longer are you welcome here on this planet. Get thee behind me Satan!’ ”

This morning I got to speak with two very powerful Anunnaki galactic beings who are here from another universe. They would not give their names and wished to remain anonymous until we are in a safer place. They are here to makesure freedom’s holy flame is anchored on Earth at last, that NESARA is announced, and everything reaches the finish line. They are with a team of beings who are working with the stargates to bring them up to the 12th dimension! Their star ships are sending energy beams through these galactic doorways, This is raising the vibration and healing the people and the Earth in war-torn areas. Many things are quietly going on which are moving us closer. The King of Swords said the war criminals are about to be removed. It will be swift, intense, and sure. By the time we see it on television it will all be over with.

I spoke with the Lady Master of the Solar Tribunal. She told me that “the rivers of abundance are flowing into your hands right now”. Our job is to continue to hold that perfect thought for ‘NESARA now’ where we create infinite wealth, health, and joy for ourselves and our entire world. We must pull our eyes away from the sight of evil that is intoxicating, and look to the mountains from which comes our strength. So many times Mother Sekhmet has told us that to make our dreams a reality, we must believe in magic. If we believe strongly enough, and long enough, our dreams will come true. You know the song ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’. The dark agenda wants us to believe that we are powerless and inept, that terror is all around us, and that there is no magic. The real truth is we live in an inter-active holographic universe, where our thought forms do create reality. We are co-creator gods remembering who we are. The truth is, we see it as we believe it!

The Lady Master of the Solar Tribunal told me some very serious events have been going on behind the scenes. The reptilian renegade controllers and their war criminals have been trying to remove all of us from the planet. Their intention and actions have gone so far into evil as to even try to destroy this planet! They never had any intention to allow NESARA’s announcement, or to pay out the prosperity programs. That thought form has now been cancelled! Needless to say, the Light of God that never fails and the Forces of Light stepped in and totally put a stop to all of this. Now, the only thing being removed is all of them!

The King of Egypt/Annubis is there across the pond attending the World Economic Forum where all the renegade reptilians and Illuminati families gather for their annual meeting. ‘Wet Willie’ [Clinton] is also in attendance. Very hot things are going on and the world will know the truth because Mother Sekhmet, Lord Alcyone, and the Forces of Light are there as well, witnessing these proceedings. Annubis and Willie are there to debrief the members of the forum on the truth about 9/11, which they did. The attendees faces turned white. The King of Swords told me some of those at this meeting will soon be removed by the Forces of Light.

Mr Dennis [presidential runner Kucinich] told the King incredible and miraculous things are coming to pass. He knows about NESARA and said watch and see it all unfold. He is a member of the Ashtar Command and answers to a higher power, God/Goddess All That Is. He said this time it will be completed all the way, peace will be declared on Earth, and we will get to meet the Ascended Masters, the Forces of Light, and the star nations who belong to the Galactic Federation of Worlds. He spoke about the Council of Twelve Plus One which we will participate in, which will hold the energies of the Law of One under the direction of the galactic Solar Tribunal on Saturn. Our world is taking its place as the 33rd planet to become a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Dennis said we will have many galactic governing councils that will interact with the people of Earth as well as with the worlds of the Galactic Federation. What a time to be alive!

He reminded us it is time to take care of our bodies, our holy temples, by loving ourselves and taking the time and energy to heal ourselves right now. Our holy temples allow us to be here where we can participate in all the wonders that are about to unfold as we receive our abundance. He said not to stress out, worrying our adrenals, about when - when - when? As we come into that place of total trust and peace, knowing it is all in God’s hands, we begin to let go and relax, to experience joy and bliss, the power of love we have been seeking! Our bodies are the sacred vehicles in which we will ascend in three days when the time comes.

At the World Economic Forum, a video tape of the truth about 9/11 was shown, some were squirming in their chairs! Mr Willie told the 2, 280 attendees from 94 countries “It is time for all of us to come together in a great circle so we may work for the greater good of the planet, instead of fighting with each other”.

The time has come now where if they do not listen and follow the Law of the One, they will be removed by the Light of God that never fails. The frequencies themselves are increasing every day and are high enough where anyone who wishes to continue to play war games will just disappear in an instant. Their own energies will do it because the frequencies are so high. This is true for the entire planet. The photon belt has arrived from the Great Central Sun, though Lord Alcyone and Mother Sekhmet. Unless we allow the violet flame of transmutation to move through every cell of our body where love comes into every cell, we will not be able to be here and stand in the Light!

The timing of ‘what/when’ will be called by Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, the Lady Master of the Solar Tribunal, St Germain, Mother Sekhmet, Lord Alcyone, and the Light of God that never fails.

Today the sky is full many star ships again, a whole new fleet has just come in. A renegade reptilian of notable status has been caught and removed, another clone of Henry Kissinger! All of these ones who have been removed will now be doing ‘environmental service’ for many eons on a prison world from which they cannot escape. It is called Herculobis, and where the negative thought forms they created on Earth have now become huge dinosaurs! They will be living in a ‘Jurassic Park’ of their own creation. Besides Herculobis, many of these beings will be returned to their home planets where they will stand trial for their many crimes against life.

It is revealed that over half the attendees of the WEF know about the galactic forces of Light! Many countries have already been having ‘galactic contact’ and trading ideas with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and coming to understand galactic law, where all technologies are used to enhance life rather than control or using them as weapons. They are learning that the underlying power of love supports all life throughout the 23 super universes. All of this is in preparation for full first contact and the declaration of peace that will take place as soon as NESARA is announced.

The word ‘hu-man’ really means ‘people of colour’, or ‘rainbow warriors’ and represents what is really the rainbow of 12 Rays of Light from God/Goddess All That Is, the Great Central Sun. This correlates to the 12 strands of DNA we are re-growing and also stands for the 12 races or colours of humans that originally lived on Earth. Many of the colours died out or were removed in the various wars that took place. All we have left now are the Indigo, White, Yellow, Black, Brown, and Red people. However, this will change as Earth takes its place as the 33rd planet of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and all the races will again return to Earth. It is all about the power of love.

After an intuitive desire to call the ships in, I drove out to a desolate area and a holographic screen appeared. There was RanaMu, she said “Come on Commander, we have work to do”. I began to wave my crystals in a circular spiral motion and down came a beam from a shuttle craft. It was a deep purple colour and it lifted me up and held me securely, and away we went. My body seemed very cold but my consciousness was totally enlivened, wide awake and aware. However, the beam did not take me into the arrival bay of the craft but kept me in the beam as the craft moved swiftly into orbit around the Earth where it came to a huge mother ship. I can hardly describe the beauty I saw before my eyes. The Earth was below me, a giant blue-green egg floating delicately in space.

This exquisite mother ship was almost the size of a continent and had brilliant rainbow colours of shimmering lights coming from various pillars, portholes, landing bays, and spires. It was sending a huge beam of rose-coloured light towards Earth, passing it through a giant multi-faceted golden crystal that was spinning in orbit nearby. The Rose Ray was then dispersed into areas of the Middle East, the Near East, and surrounding countries.

Then something even more amazing happened! I noticed that one of the facets of the crystal would stop spinning and I could see a scene within that facet. It brought tears to my eyes. I saw the Admiral, Lord Sananda Kumara and his twin flame Lady Master Nada walking on Earth among the people and healing them.

They were in the different devastated areas of the Golan Heights, Palestinian territories, Bethlehem, the Gaza Strip, Afghanistan, and different villages and areas of Iraq, East Timor, Libya, and so on. I saw them reach out and place their hands on the head of an old man who had lost his legs in a missile attack and could no longer work to feed his starving sick family. His legs were instantly restored to him. I saw Lady Master Nada lift into her arms a very sick baby covered with scabs, and the baby stopped whimpering and smiled back as he was returned whole to his sobbing mother. I saw them put their arms around a woman who could not feed her children because her hands had been blown off by a land mine, and instantly her hands were made whole.

And the people who had these experiences of healing were crying, exclaiming in joy and praising Allah -God/Goddess all That Is. These stories are being told amongst the people and the news is spreading and being passed person to person all over the planet. Miracles are happening. We can participate in these miracles by sending the Rose Ray of divine love into every situation and troubled war-torn area of our world that needs our attention. It represents the sacred heart, the power of love which can heal everything.

Lord Sananda and Lady Nada can be in 144, 000 places at the one time because they are walking in their Christed Body of Light, just as we will do when the time comes.

One last thing I saw in a facet was three squadrons of US soldiers who put down their weapons and refused to fight. They walked out into the desert and were beamed up by a huge purple beam of light. RanaMu told me they would be back home after NESARA is announced.

I was entering a local store and there having their morning coffee were a few of our offices of the law. They greeted me by name and called me over to speak to them. They know who I am because one of them witnessed me going up in the beam of a star ship! They have also heard me on 94 Rock many times. They said they totally support Dennis Kucinich and they know about the unlawful things that are going on. As soon as NESARA is announced they told me they will step down from their duties, resign their oaths, and become ‘constables’ under constitutional law. In Britain they also have constables who answer to the local ‘sheriff’ who is the chief enforcer of ‘common law’ over the local township. This is what will happen here after NESARA.

It is interesting to note that Bill Clinton has been heard several times this week on CNN Radio News saying he has a way to de-throne Bush and this entire Administration, not defeat them, but de-throne! Obviously he is referring to NESARA. This is also why he has not endorsed any candidates because he knows NESARA is to be announced shortly.

This afternoon (Feb 1) we attended a special ceremony with Dennis Kucinich [koo-sin-itch] that took place in the Rotunda of our Capital Building. He met with five representatives of the Dalai Lama where they invoked peace on Earth. Before that, he met with native American peoples in sacred ceremony and they cleared the energies for peace to take place. They then initiated Dennis as the best person to lead our country into a peaceful future! This was done with word, song, drumming, and dance, with everyone joining in. Rest assured, peace shall be declared on Earth.

On the Mike Malloy Show, a man talked about the Shrub’s military career. This man was the ‘trainer’ who taught all the courses to the fly-boys during the time when the Shrub was supposed to have his pilot training. The Shrub never trained to be a pilot, as he did not attend classes! He was such a cocaine addict at the time, it was not safe for him to fly a plane. So Big Daddy asked for some favours from people higher up in the Air Force, and the books were fixed.

Also, Tony Blair is not out of the woods either. The British people are not at all satisfied with the fixed Hutton Report, and they are hopping mad! Blaze the violet fire and the Rose Ray, we are all doing a great job.

Today the sky is full of ships again. I see a whole fleet coming over the tops of the mountains. I truly believe the eagles are coming in and getting ready to land. Oh my, those duck eggs are being hatched as we speak! For example, John Kerry [presidential candidate] was exposed on the Thom Hartmann Show as being the Grand Master of the Skull and Bones Society. You don’t get to this 33rd level unless you have shown yourself capable of committing heinous crimes, the murder of many people without being caught! I remind everyone of the original true law brought in by the Forces of Light, ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder’, which was originally part of the Law of the One ‘When one is harmed, all are harmed’.

What are the voices of 30, 000+ people who perished in the WTC during the 9/11 tragedy trying to tell us? What about the more than 150, 000 US military who are buried in body bags in the Iraqi desert saying? Or the 500, 000 Iraqi men, women, and children who have been murdered in an invasion that never needed to happen trying to tell us? We must not repeat the same mistakes over and over again by putting our beloved planet in the hands of beings who do not honour all life. They are all war criminals, and they will pay for their crimes against the people according to constitutional and galactic law!

I sat with my friend RanaMu for a while. She showed me a very special ‘living book’ of what has occurred on our planet. It tells the whole story of how the renegade reptilians came in at different time periods with various off-world civilisations, and how they carved up the planet and set up their secret societies to control the people. Many of these arein operation today and controlled by these same reptilians [not all reptilians are like this]. Some examples are the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, the Mormon Church, the Shriners, the Thule Society, the Skull and Bones, and others [at lower levels, the members of these organisations are usually not aware of the real activity at higher levels]. As I would turn a page, I would see a different ‘living story’ which would be projected in 3D holographic detail. It was totally stunning.

Mother Sekhmet advises that Tarik Aziz, former Prime Minister of Iraq, has asked for forgiveness for being a war criminal and wishes to come back to love. Love can heal everything. He will now most likely ascend without his rental unit (body). Meanwhile, in the news, all the dirty linen is hanging out to dry!