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Jennifer Lee Updates 17th Sept 2003

Let's see--the following is what A&A said on the 17th.

Greetings again Commanders---all you beautiful EAGLES out there!

Today I got to speak to the 'Nameless Ones' early this morning. They told me that NESARA is very, very CLOSE---very, very CLOSE! They said that there have been hundreds and hundreds of people who havebeen having 'direct experiences' with the Ships all over the planet, and that this is not being 'talked about' at all. At the same time 'our boys' over there in the ancient land of Ur are being met by the FORCES OF LIGHT, as well as the 'ancient inhabitants', and are also having 'direct experiences'.

I got to hear a message left on the Kings machine later in the day, and it said that he concurred with what the 'Nameless Ones' were saying today---that NESARA is indeed very--very--very close! Things are popping! He also wanted to say that 'if you want to know who he is'---just think of him as one of the 'BOYS' in the movies 'MIB I & II'. He 'has' met with just about 'everyone in the Universe---and their dog!' [giggle]....and to just know that 'who' he answers to is: Beloved Admiral Lord Sananda Kumara, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, as well as Beloved Father Lord Alcyone and his twin flame Beloved Mother Sekhmet, and the Galactic Solar Tribunal on Saturn!

Incredible things are coming to pass! There is 'a thought' in your mind right now. The l-o-n-g-e-r you hold onto that thought, the more you 'dwell on it, the more life, and power, and LOVE you give to 'that thought'---- then give it enough energy and "it' will become REAL!

So let us make sure that the 'thought' we want is a great one! Let's make sure it is 'the dream that we all desire'---- let's make sure it is the one that will enrich the world!



Greetings Commanders----Aloha!

I got to talk to a 'Princess' from a middle eastern country today, and-----'someone who is on the other side'. They both told me that Yasir Arafat 'is' a direct descendent of Lord Enki, and 'is' under the protection of the Divine Forces, and he 'will not be removed' in any manner! There will be PEACE brought to the middle east now!

Later this afternoon I also got to speak to Mr. X about all of the terrible things that have been going on over there in the ancient land of Ur. Over 1,000 Iraqi people each week are being killed in this occupation, and a vast majority by our US military because they are overwhelmed and acting out-of-fear in an unbalanced and un-Godly manner. They no longer even care who it is they are randomly shooting---and this includes innocent women, children, the elderly, and literally anyone who just happens to be passing by. It certainly is time for NESARA and for us to call in PEACE. Let us hold all of them in our hearts and prayers.

We received an article from the 'Emmissaries of the Light' through Jim Langman, dated September 11, 2003, which can be found on the fourwinds10 website, and also will be posted in the NESARA section on the website as well. Please read this important document as it describes a meeting about NESARA that was held in the City of Telos, which is located under Mt. Shasta. In attendance were all world leaders including 'the former resident of the oval office' who represented the US because he is the 'last one' that we can consider to be an 'authentic' leader.

This meeting was presided over by Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and also present were, The King of Swords, Beloved Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, Beloved Lord Adama of the City of Telos, Beloved Lord Anton of the Silver Fleet of the Agartha Network [which is the protective fleet of the Inner Earth ], as well as many others. All of these world leaders finally 'agreed' after much discussion that they no longer could 'win' and the decision was made now to step aside to allow the long-awaited announcement of NESARA 'to take place' very shortly!

This is confirmation of what we have been telling you that NESARA IS VERY VERY VERY CLOSE! So---let us continue to believe in the magic of 'who' we are, and continue to HOLD THAT PERFECT POSITIVE THOUGHT---the one we are all desiring to see immediately called NESARA NOW!

We do 'have the power to make this REAL'---just like the Velvetine Rabbit was made real! Let's go to dream-time tonight with this wonderful energy of knowing that each moment brings us closer to our goal.

And remember what the 'Blue Fairy' said: 'Your wish is my command!'

Please help us continue to make these messages possible. We are so very grateful for your continued support.


Jennifer Lee Report: September 19, 2003

Hi--this is Jennifer with the report for the 19th. The report from A&A reads;

Greetings Commanders!

Aloha to all you blessed beings that hear these messages every day! Today is going to be a mouthful! I talked to somebody named 'Dr. Phil', an economist, and also to someone who is in 'politics' in the state of New Mexico, and I also got to speak to the King.

Dr. Phil spoke about how there was going to be a 'great announcement' that is about to take place which he was not allowed to talk about by name, He said that many 'changes' were going to take place that would be good for the 'whole planet' because our 'fictitious president' who has led us into war, has caused a world-wide economic crisis due to the fact that 'everything' is going into producing an enormous defense budget for a 'fictitious war' that no one wants.

He said that the first thing we, the American people, must do is to 'remove' the so called 'Homeland Security' as it is really a 'Nazi ploy' to bend the will of the people, to take away our freedoms as well as our money!

He also talked about the fact that Mr. Arnold Schwartzenegger's father, was a Nazi, and a member of Hitler's secret Nazi organization the 'Thule Society', who, like the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, and the Shriners, used the teachings of the Sacred Lodge of Isis and Osiris---the 'Teachings of the Rose' in a dark way, by twisting the energies counter-clockwise against life for their evil purposes. [live={evil} spelled backwards] This is where the term 'Whore of Babylon' concept comes in, which actually represents our 'US government' right now in our time.

Also on Democracy Now this morning Amy Goodman had a gentlemen by the name of 'Ray McGovern' on the show today who had been a CIA agent for 30 years, and had served under Shrub Sr. as his 'de-briefer' and also worked with 'Sr.' when he was the head of the CIA. He told everyone we must ask the 'right question' right now so that we can get the 'right answer'! The right question is not 'who' created the 9-11 event, but 'how' this 'fictitious president' and this administration [the Whore of Babylon] USED and EXPLOITED this event to cower and inflame the will of the American people towards their 'fictitious war on terrorism' and their 'plans for world domination' just exactly like the Nazi's did when they used a similar event, called the 'Reichstag Fire' to do the same thing. They 'burned alive' the people in the German Parliament which started an un-provoked World War II! Doesn't this sound familiar?

On a different note, the 'person in politics' who spoke to me today, came to me as 'a man asking for help' for 'the creatures of our planet'. He told me that he had a bear and two coyotes come into his yard asking for food and water because they were starving, and he received a message from the Angels and the Devas to 'help these ones'---and he did, and he put out food and water for them.

The ecosystems of this planet are in collapse. The animals are coming to ask us to put down our weapons and to no longer support that which is against life. Let all us please hold our creature family members in our prayers. They are needing us to reach out and help them as they are suffering because of'our' choices.

I also did get to speak to the King this morning, and he was with a 'female friend' who works for 'the light' who we have spoken to before. They told me that NESARA is very---very---very close! They also told me that the 'dark agenda makers' are going to have to pay for their 'crimes against humanity' according to Constitutional Law and Galactic law!

This is coming up rapidly now, This morning on Amy Goodman, as a beginning sign that the truth is coming out, she told the story about how LBJ, along with the CIA orchestrated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy starting in 1961.

Also, this hurricane that just happened is also a 'sign in the sand'---a footprint clue that we 'must get off of fossil fuels immediately' because it 'is causing global warming', and if we don't do this we will see many more of these events!

And last---but not least:


The 'Veterans for Peace' put out this message: The most respected 'elite Israeli pilots', including their 'best fighter pilots' have refused to respond to 'any orders' from Arial Sharon to 'remove' Yasir Arafat by assassination or by any other means!

This is a good one! This shows how close we are!


Jennifer Lee Report: September 20, 2003

Hi this is Jennifer for September 20th. I have a two part message tonight, so go to 310-842-5903 after the 5902 message ends.

Greetings Commanders---all you EAGLES out there!

Early this morning I got to speak to my 'lady friend' from the 'Land of the Poppies' and she told me that this country is not a 'happy place' right now. There is great suffering going on with the people because of what has happened and what we have done there. She told me that because this area is connected with the Buddha, the 'ancient ones' who are the 'guardians at the gate' are going to take their country back with the power of Beloved Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Of The World and The Most Ancient of Days with the FORCES OF LIGHT.

Later in the day I got to hear a message left for me from Beloved Lady Master Nada who is Lady Master of the Solar Tribunal. She told me that her beloved husband and twin flame 'The Man with the Plan,' Beloved Lord Sananda Kumara is 'here on the planet' walking with her, and to expect A MIRACLE! She also told me to tell all of you that HE is also 'walking beside all of us' as we approach the crossroads and NESARA is made manifest, and that very soon the Ascended Masters will be right here among us as well, giving us their guidance and wisdom as we heal our world.

When I called the King [KOS] today I got to speak to a friend of his named 'Ringtail Tom' and he told me that the King was not there, but he told me this; that 'all the golden eggs are in one-basket-now' and are going to be delivered to us very--very--very soon!

We also got a message today regarding the program 'Herman vs. Herman' that those ones that thought they would be 'the only ones receiving' found out the truth that this is 'not so' and one of the 'main characters' a woman, took her own life when she heard this. Let us pray for her soul.

Tomorrow is the 'International Day Peace and Prayer, sponsored by the UN which has been going on we think, since 1981. That same year on August 10th,1981, the wealthy visionaries put us [We The People] into the world trades for the prosperity programs.

There are many beings who are a part of the UN assembly, key members, who are aligned with the FORCES OF LIGHT, and answer directly to the Galactic Solar Council on Saturn.

We are being asked to create PEACE in our lives, in every way possible, so that we might at last have PEACE ON EARTH.

'Blessed are the Peace Makers for they shall be called the Children of God.'

Let's reach out and extend our hearts, our hands, our minds and souls to all the people around us. Let's do some 'random acts of kindness' because we never know who might be standing in our midst---it might be the 'Man with the Plan!' Even 'a smile' can lift someone's heart and make their day a better one.

We are the 'Divine Christos' in action, and together we serve the Life of World by making PEACE a reality. Remember, we are only halfway there once NESARA is announced---we will still have 50% more to do afterwards to completely change the timeline. During that time, the 'real history' of the planet will come forth from all the hidden places, and we will have the opportunity to remember the past 13,000 years.

What a blessed and glorious time to be alive and to experience ALL THAT WE ARE! We are seeing 'all the signs' that we are coming home to PEACE AND LOVE at last!

We love you all and thank you for 'all the things' you are doing to make NESARA NOW!



Jennifer Lee Report: September 21, 2003

Hello Everyone. This is the Jennifer Lee report for Sunday, September 21st. This is Ms. A speaking, and I will be filling in for Jennifer for a several days. Here is today's update:

Greetings Commanders--all you incredible EAGLES out there!


Today I got to speak to the King [KOS] and his friend 'Ringtail Tom' from Neptune, who both told me that 'this week' we are going to see 'major things' start to happen in the main media. Mercury which has been retrograde since August 28th, has just gone 'direct' yesterday at 2:53 am. Also, Pluto 'went direct' on August 28th, and now Mars will 'go direct' on Saturday September 27th, so it is now time for full disclosure.

The King and 'The Ring Tailed Cat' told me that 'many things will be revealed' and seen in the main stream news media starting this week. We are going to see 'all the bloody laundry hanging out to dry now', and we really are being told to expect some 'major breaking news!' So let's get ready! It is time!

It is our understanding that all of this will be done in a peaceful and loving way, in accordance to the Laws of The Constitution, which were created by our Founding Fathers, who received these teachings of Truth, Wisdom, Justice, and Freedom from the Ascended Masters, and The Galactic Forces Of Light. This is how all universal civilizations are brought into UNITY with Galactic Law.

Last night we attended an amazing concert of 'Peter, Paul, and Mary' and there was not a single dry eye in the whole auditorium! It was so incredible to hear them sing again, and they are more wonderful now than ever. They are in their 60's and 70's and are still going strong! These are 'our people', and they are still singing the message of PEACE ON EARTH which is needed now more than ever! And---they 'do know exactly' what is going on!

The last time that I saw them was way back in 1966 at the Monterey Pop Festival when I was on my way to Woodstock! Oh My---such an incredible experience. Songs of Love, Peace, Justice and Flowers! 'Where Have all the flowers gone? Where have all the soldiers gone?' [Mr. A is crying as he says this] It's time to bring ALL our boys home---it is time to END ALL THE WARS on this planet right NOW!

This is what Mary told us last night. She said that 'singing brings a community together'. It creates a community, a 'circle of life'---the sacred hoop where PEACE, LOVE, and JOY can blossom. This is what we are being asked to do; to create 'circles of life and light' in our communities, and we do this by sharing the message of HOPE that NESARA brings.

As Lord Ashtar's son, it is my deepest heartfelt prayer that all the people of Earth might hear and know the message of HOPE, PEACE, and FREEDOM just like Peter, Paul and Mary sang about last night.

'If I had a Hammer---I'd hammer in the morning. I'd hammer in the evening---all over this land!'

NESARA is that HAMMER OF JUSTICE, that rings the BELLS OF FREEDOM, and We the People are singing the 'songs of LOVE for our brother's and sisters'---all over this land! These were Mary's final words to all of us last night. This is exactly 'how' we make PEACE a reality!

We shared the news of NESARA last night, and people heard it and they were so very excited. So---let's bring it ON! NESARA IS HERE!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and love, for what you are doing for us and for NESARA! It is so incredible to see what is happening. Something magical is going on in this land! 'We the People' are gathering in our 'Circles of Life' and we are singing and 'using our hammers' and calling forth FREEDOM'S HOLY FLAME into reality---from our heart-of-hearts---just as Lord Mufasa did in the movie, 'The Lion King' when he said: 'REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. YOU ARE THE HEART OF ALL LOVE'.



Jennifer Lee Report: September 22, 2003

Hello everyone, this is the Jennifer Lee report for Monday, September 22nd. This update will be in 1 part today. Here is the report from A&A:

Sent: 9/22/03 2:28:36 PM

Subject: JL REPORT: 9-22-03

Greetings Commanders!

Another wild Mon[moon]day! I got to speak to 'The Nameless Ones' today, and they are in that sacred place called 'Ladak'. They told me that things are 'rolling right along' moving us toward our goal, and that the King is probably in World Court dealing with some serious issues that will be coming about this week.

As we all know, 'Mr. Bill', the 'former resident of the oval office' was in Bosnia and Serbia this past weekend dealing with the 'atrocities' that happened over there. There is a 'Divine Force field' of purple-golden light from the 12th dimension---a 'net of protection' from the FORCES OF LIGHT, surrounding him at all times and around 'all' of his family members! And---there is 'nothing' that is less than Light, Love and Joy that can penetrate this shield!

Like I was told by the King and Tom--the Ring-tailed Cat: 'expect some major things to roll out across the news media this week!' Keep your eyes posted on Shepherd Smith who does the Fox Report on Fox News, and also a little known TV network that occasionally spills out the news called 'Trinity Broadcast Network'. Oh---my---don't get caught in the Christian right-wing evangelist drama, but there are some 'very unusual things' going on the the news media.

Ted Kennedy spoke out against the Shrub-gang in the last few days stating that the 'evidence' that GWB and Blair used to create the war in Iraq was 'totally fraudulent'. So the truth is being told now, and the 'perpetrators of darkness' will be rounded up and dealt with according to Constitutional Law!

Also, on 94 ROCK today a friend of the King of Swords [KOS] was on the air and he talked about all the UFO activity that has been going on all the way back to the Vietnam war. He said that every time there is an increase of UFO activity, the dark agenda at the same time creates an 'international drama' or 'national emergency' to cover it up, and take peoples attention away from it.

So BIG THINGS are afoot---let's keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE! NESARA IS HERE!

We are still needing your support to continue doing these updates. Our information is posted at the end of this update on our new website: or you can call 310-410-1173 for the information.

Also sign-up for Nancy Tates, 'Morning Wake-up Call' when you go to that above website---it is wonderful and informative!

We love you All!


Jennifer Lee Report: September 23, 2003

Hello everyone! This is the Jennifer Lee report for Tuesday, September 23rd. The report tonight will be in two parts. Here is the update from A&A:

Greetings Commanders!

Here we have another wild day on beloved Terra Nova at the Fall Equinox, where light and dark are equal and in balance.

I did not get to speak with anyone today yet. I just heard a message on the King's message machine this morning, which said that 'all is well in World Court' and that 'things will be completed VERY SOON!' He also said that 'The man with the Plan' [Beloved Lord Sananda Kumara] and the 'Lavender Lad' [Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine] do have things very well in hand.

This means that we are about to see NESARA, and it is very--very---very----very close! We have been saying: 'Nothing is going to stop this NOW!'

Yesterday I was on the Peter Collins show on KTRC, and I told Peter that I was 'tickled by a wild hair' and I told him 'why don't we pull a "Michael Moore", and call up the White House switchboard?' So he dialed the number while we were 'on the air' and the switchboard operator answered. I asked her if she knew about 'this law called NESARA that was secretly passed?' She said to me: 'Oh yes---you called me once before. Yes, I know all about that law!' Then I asked her another question: 'Don't you know that you are working for a war criminal, who is about to be tried, convicted, and dealt with according to Constitutional Law, and you should really be looking for another job!' And she said: 'Yes---I know what is going on with this man---and YES---I AM looking for another job!'

So everyone, this is more confirmation that the truth is getting out there, and that NESARA really IS HERE, and that we are about to witness some very magical events!

Also tomorrow, we heard from a friend, that something unusual is happening in Italy. ALL the Italian BANKS will be closed for the day tomorrow because of 'a special emergency assembly' taking place at the EU, and this person's children were told by their teacher at school that the school would also be 'let out early' tomorrow for the same reason.

Also today, we heard that Ted Kennedy stood up and spoke out against the Shrub again, and did not retract his statements from earlier this week. He told everyone [again] that the Shrub was a 'fraud', and that 'everything he said in his UN speech was a total lie!'

It IS time for all the lies to end now! It is time that the TRUTH be told!

So everyone, keep watching Free Speech TV [channel 9415 on DISH Cable], and Democracy Now [] and World Link TV, [] especially something called the 'Journal' and 'Middle East Mosaic' which is aired several times a day [that's on World Link TV] and also keep watching any of the International News networks. There are many messages of truth that are appearing now in all of these places.

Every now and then Shepherd Smith on The Fox Report comes out 'with a winner', but you never know when he is going to do it. We are 'still sitting on the edge of our seats' expecting to see some very BIG breaking news this week.

So, everyone---we ARE going to see many things now! Let's continue to hold all of this 'KNOWING that NESARA IS HERE, faithfully and foremost in our hearts and minds.

We are still needing your help to pay our bills. Credit cards are a great way to do this. Please call us and help us to continue bringing you these messages. We thank you very very much for your support.

We leave you with this thought from the Buddha:

'What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our LIFE is the creation of our MIND.'