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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Great news for the world’s people! The Illuminati leaders heading the Illuminati world domination plots are LOSING their assets by the trillions of dollars every day! The losses of their Illuminati financial assets are resulting in these dark agenda manipulators LOSING their power to control our world and our people!

Two entirely unconnected contact people on the phone network reported today that the confiscations of trillions and trillions of dollars from top Illuminati leaders are occurring daily and have been occurring for over a week! The Bush family, including Bush Senior, Bush Jr., Jeb Bush; the Rockefeller family members, and the British Queen, Elizabeth Windsor, Prince Charles, and members of all the top 13 Illuminati families are LOSING their funds in their bank accounts by the trillions and trillions daily!

We heard yesterday on the phone network that Bush Jr. is “pulling out his hair” at his ranch in Texas as his house of cards crumbles all around him. Today the phone network contacts reported that Bush Senior is frantically scrambling to transfer trillions of dollars out of the U.S. and other countries where legal orders are causing confiscations of funds in his accounts. We know that Bush Senior has transferred trillions to banks in both Spain and Switzerland in the effort to keep the funds from being confiscated, however, immediately after the funds arrived at the banks in Switzerland and Spain, the funds “disappeared” from Bush Senior’s accounts and were confiscated.

The phone network contacts also state that the Rockefellers and the British Queen, Elizabeth Windsor, are experiencing the same LOSSES of their funds! The Rockefellers and the British Queen are also trying to transfer their funds to accounts in other countries to avoid the confiscations but their funds also disappear immediately and are confiscated!

These confiscations are part of “taking down” the Illuminati leaders and their worldwide Illuminati organizations! Without their financial assets, their power is drastically reduced. Those of you who are in positions of influence and power can check these things for yourselves and HELP by passing the word that the Illuminati world controllers are in process of being taken down for all time!

The phone network contacts also report that the corporations and other assets of these Illuminati families are being taken over or frozen as well!

The confiscations of the Bush families’ assets and funds in the U.S. are being done via orders from a special office of the U.S. Justice Department. I know this seems surprising to us, but as I have written many times in the past, we have two factions in the U.S. government: the dark agenda Bush gang is one and the White Knights are the other. There is a special office of the U.S. Justice Department which has had indictments prepared for charges of murder of the 9/11 victims against numerous members of the Bush and Rockefeller families for over a year. By the way, the link between the Republican party Bush family and the Democrat party supporting Rockefellers is Barbara Bush, wife of Bush Senior, who comes from a branch of the Rockefeller family. The fact that the Rockefeller and Bush families members were behind the 9/11 attacks on Americans makes them guilty of war crimes against Americans. The fact that they have used their power to cause attacks on other countries makes them guilty of war crimes against the world! These things are basis for the confiscations and freezing of these Illuminati families’ assets.

The same basis for confiscations of the Windsors’ funds and assets are being used in the United Kingdom. Tony Blair is also experiencing these confiscations. The reasons are the same: the Windsor family and Blair and others have been complicit in waging unjust wars on other countries. The top 400 families of the worldwide Illuminati families are now experiencing these confiscations and freezing of assets! Most of these families have made vast fortunes by stealing from others; they have called these results upon themselves.

I have been reporting that the Illuminati families would be losing their fortunes and assets and it IS NOW happening! By stripping them of their money and assets, they are also being stripped of their power in many respects. This is important so that when NESARA is announced and implemented, the Illuminati are thoroughly crippled and NESARA’s roll-out is peaceful and happy.

It may be hard to believe that the British Queen is an Illuminati dark agenda person, but just stop and think about some of the things she has done that give away her true nature. She lives in Buckingham Palace and has been one of the wealthiest people on Earth, but when the fire caused damage in Buckingham Palace, as I recall there was a an uproar because she refused to pay for the repairs. While sitting on her vast fortune, she was mean-spirited in her requirement that the repairs be paid for by the government which means that tax money was used to fix a trillionaire’s home. And let’s remember her spiteful and mean-spiritedness toward Princess Diana. Elizabeth Windsor has also fought against NESARA many times in World Court and elsewhere. If I am offending some of you that’s too bad, because the Illuminati almost always give us hints about their true nature and Elizabeth Windsor has shown her true nature to those who are paying attention.

These Illuminati leaders have been trying to force the world into a severe economic crash for years. It is the perfect retribution that their intentions to cause massive, painful financial harm to the world’s people are now boomeranging back on the Illuminati in these days.

In addition, there is MORE good news from the phone network contacts today. The destruction of one of the greatest dark agenda tools used against Americans has also occurred in the last ten days!

You may not be aware of it, but in 1871 Congress passed a law which was treason against the people of the united states of America. I’m using lowercase letters for “united states” because this is how the words were written in the ORIGINAL Constitution the Founding Fathers created. The Act of 1871 also created a “corporation” and the corporation was named the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, with letters in uppercase which makes this corporation a different legal “entity” from the actual “united states of America” which our Founding Fathers created.

Also, because the united states had just completed the civil war, the federal government needed money. Foreign bankers and the royal family of Britain bought the majority of the shares in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation and the money went to the floundering federal government. A minority of shares were purchased by Americans including J.P. Morgan and a Vanderbilt. This is another time that the enemies of the united states were able to gain legal control over our country by owning a corporation connected to our government. (The other corporation is the Federal Reserve.)

Then in 1872 the Secretary of State, whose department had custody of the “original” Constitution, authorized a FORGERY of the Constitution to be made and the forgery changed the name of the Constitution in two important ways. This forgery is what we have been given since that time as the “Constitution”. The ways the forgery differed from the original Constitution are that the words “united states” became “United States” and that the title of the Constitution was changed so it was not the protector of our sovereignty and liberty any longer.

There was one TINY WORD which was changed in the title and, legally, made a huge difference. The original Constitution was entitled “The Constitution for the united states of America”. The forgery was entitled: “The Constitution of the United States of America”. Changing the word “for” to the word “of” in the title made the forged Constitution take away our sovereignty and invest massive power in the corporation the UNITED STATES OF AMERCIA.

Some people believe the original Constitution’s words were “altered” rather than replaced by a forgery. Below is an article which gives more details about these frauds perpetrated on Americans and this idea of an altered Constitution is discussed.

Regardless, it is true that some dark agenda government officials did this to our country and were paid by foreign bankers to do so. I’m told we will be given the truth about this. The original Constitution still exists intact and will be made public after NESARA’s announcement.

Now that I’ve explained this massive fraud against Americans, let me tell you the GOOD NEWS! About 10 days ago the legal corporation known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was proven to be operating unlawfully in World Court and was ordered to be disbanded immediately! This is GOOD NEWS, Folks, because it takes a major weapon away from the Illuminati who have been running our government!


Greetings Commanders! Greetings to all of us “Take Action White Knights!”

Today I did not get to speak to anyone. They must all be very busy!

But I did get to go on the Tom Hartman show again. Tom had on his show a 58 year old Navy Seal/Delta Force member who had served in Vietnam during Kennedy's administration, and he talked about all the genocide that was done to the people of that country and how he had been forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement during that time to never reveal what he had witnessed there. He spoke about this as if it was yesterday, and he stated that he and many other Vietnam vets would be coming forward and would be telling the whole story.

He also said that all of these tribunal members--Rocky Sr., Bush, the first, and Kissinger and all the members of the present administration--were all bought and paid for by the dark One World Order to create all the chaos and genocide that we are now seeing.

Also on Tom's show yesterday, an MI-6 British Intelligence member told everyone that “all the paperwork” has been completed to arrest and take into custody this entire administration and all their henchmen for their crimes against humanity, and that these people would be dealt with lawfully according to laws of The Constitution. He said that all that was left to do was to serve the papers! He told everyone that this would also be happening in England for Tony Blair, the Windsors, and all of their stooges as well, and that all of this would be happening very shortly!

Let us just say that these things are moving very swiftly with the speed of Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and The Benevolent Forces of Light. I can truly say that we are closer now than we have been in many eons to actually having our FREEDOM in our hands!

Let's all keep doing our pay-it-forward [3 x 3] NESARA actions with a passion now, because it is more important than ever to get the word out.

In the last few days and weeks, several true White Knights have been killed in action starting with David Kelly, a WMD scientist who did NOT commit suicide, but was murdered. In the last few days, a camera man with Reuters News, Mazen Dan was purposely killed trying to film something that the CIA/Black Ops did want the people to see. He was a gifted cameraman who had many awards for bringing the truth to the people.

Then the UN Envoy Sergio Viera De Mello was killed in the bombing of the UN office in Baghdad yesterday. Mr. De Mello had spoken at recent news conferences against the US Administration's actions in Iraq, and that the Iraqi people deserved a chance to form their own government without 'any' interference from the US who were trying to 'force' them into a democracy against their will.

All of these murders are hate crimes and were ordered by this Administration, planned by the CIA/Black Ops, and executed by our own military.

So it is time for us all to keep our passion going for NESARA NOW because by this we are all saying, “NO MORE DEATHS---NOT IN OUR NAME!”

The Galactic Day has arrived! The Lion's Gate, and Photon Belt are in alignment and the CREATOR SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS has intervened and IS filling and healing the hearts of all humanity with Love. Because we have prepared the way, Heaven has come to Earth! Let this give us courage as we continue on, holding ourselves in absolute KNOWING that NESARA IS HERE! Let's keep doing the mission!

WE ARE NESARA IN ACTION NOW! Blessed Be. See you on the Bridge, NAMASTE.

[end quoting]

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