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N E S A R A -- UPDATE: February 3, 2006

By Patrick H. Bellringer

At the risk of again being called “The Fool” I shall proceed with yet another NESARA update. Know that NESARA is very real, indeed, and that the official public announcement of NESARA is very, very close to happening.

What I have said in the past about NESARA has been accurate, based upon the happenings and circumstances at that moment in time. Many times, starting with 9-11-01, NESARA had been brought to the point of public announcement, but again and again something caused a delay in that announcement, and consequently, a delay in the implementation of the banking change and all the other conditions of NESARA.

In our third dimensional world the pre-requisite for Divine help is that we first do our part, and then ask for Divine assistance. Freewill is always a variable, and choices made by individuals are not easily predictable. Some wrong choices have caused detours in the NESARA Mission. Lessons have been learned and people have been removed from the mission, allowing others to pick up the “torch” and move forward again. We honor those brave ones who have endured and have carried the work to the point of fruition.

Evil never quits, and the Darkside has been dauntless in their effort to stop NESARA, since NESARA’s birth in the year 2000. For nearly six years our world has suffered and endured and waited for the goodness of NESARA to be released to all. Yet, thousands upon thousands of good people in the U.S. and many other countries, who had placed their meager savings with great faith into the various prosperity programs and the Farm Claims, have waited as much as two decades to received their rightful funds. Some have given up hope and moved on with their lives. Many could not endure the hardships and have left us for their lessons elsewhere.

We honor those who have remained faithful with their positive energy and their hope for a new world a-coming. We honor those Truthseekers, who have found their “pearls of great price”, have recognized their value and have joined the company of the enlightened ones. We honor the Lightworkers, who have stood the tests of time, and who now stand ready to be the pillars for the New Golden Age on our planet.

Through your own intuition and discernment, know that our Golden Age of Peace is about to burst upon us. There are those placed in high positions of authority, who work with integrity and who share with us their knowledge of Truth of the NESARA Mission. Based upon the lying media, many find it hard to believe the Truth that G. W. Bush and Dick Cheney were placed under House Arrest on December 23, 2005. Those who pay attention to detail may have noticed some flaws in the media presentations this past month.

Did anyone notice the file date of August, 2005 left on the upper left-hand corner of the CNN picture showing G.W. Bush in New Orleans in early January, 2006? Have you noticed the obvious changes in the Bush clones being used at the State of the Union Address on January 31, 2006 and the public address at the 3M Company, Mapleton, Minnesota on February 2, 2006? In spite of the fact that the Military tribunal has been on-going in the Senate, and the U.S. Congress has nearly vanished, did you notice that during the State of the Union Address the entire Congress showed up and were sitting in their seats for the occasion?

Did anyone notice the magic of the moment? Condoleezza Rice did her magic trick of wearing a white dress, then suddenly during applause donning a blue dress and sitting in a different location in the Congressional Chambers, then changing to her white dress and returning to her initial seat? The five Supreme Court Justices who were present and the military did magic, too. The five Justices sat in the front row with the military behind them. Suddenly, the Justices left, and the military moved to the front row. Later the Justices came back, and the military moved back to the second row.

The U.S. Congress knows magic, too. They can be invisible and still conduct business as usual. The invisible Senate can confirm Alito as a Supreme Court Justice, and the invisible Congress can extend the Patriot Act to March 10, 2006. Such magic, but who notices, and who cares? So, what is not magic or lie or deception?

1. Many of the Congress have been arrested for fraud and treason.

2. Many of the U.S. Military, Secret Service, CIA, FBI and others blocking the progress of NESARA have been quietly arrested.

3. Many bankers, attorneys and judges, who have refused to cooperate with the NESARA Mission, have been arrested.

4. Prosperity program deliveries have been completed in other countries and in California and other part of the U.S.

5. The thirty-day non-disclosure order has expired in California and other places and people are now talking, as proof that the funding is proceeding. People are receiving $355,000 checks, depositing them, and accessing money through debit cards.

6. Eight hundred and thirty-six U.S. Treasury funding banks and two-hundred chain banks have been established across the U.S.

7. The target date for the delivery of the bank letters for all prosperity programs and Farm Claims for their initial funding was Friday, February 3, 2006.

8. The target date for the NESARA announcement was Friday, February 3, 2006.

9. On February 1, 2006, 12:01 p.m. the Federal Reserve Bank was completely absorbed into the Treasury of the United States of America.

10. On February 1, 2006 G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney struck a deal with the NESARA Mission Team and resigned their public office positions. In exchange for all indictments against them being quashed they agreed to disappear from public view.

11. Prior to their resignations and unknown to the NESARA Mission Team, Bush and Cheney and Company in cooperation with the Darkside of the FBI, had gained access to and stolen trillions of dollars from the Norwood Farm Claims account.

12. All has been recovered and the bank letters are again ready for delivery, but this action of theft has delayed the NESARA mission and target date by one week.

For those who keep asking, “When will the nightmare end?”, all I can say is, that based upon the above scenario, it should be very soon. Although most people have little knowledge of the NESARA process, there are understandable reasons for the past delays. Ultimately, the “when” decision rests with Creator Source. For those of us not physically involved in the NESARA Mission, our task is to stay the course, remain hopeful and create the positive energy by our prayers and petitions for a “New World” that pushes the NESARA Mission forward. The public announcement of NESARA can happen at any moment.

We are marching forward into our New Day. Know it in your heart, and rejoice!

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