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Confirmation the Banks
have the new money!
(March 20, 2005)

A gentleman in Florida called to let us know that while his FBI friend was at the Wachovia Bank in Florida doing his regular banking, an armored truck arrived to deliver money to the bank. The guards brought in trays of gold bullion, and new money. The New Treasury Money! There were several people in the bank at the time, and they all got witness to the new money and gold being brought into the bank. He asked the friend if he had asked the bank when this new money would be distributed and the bank told him it should begin April 1, 2005.


US Congress is in full meltdown

Information in the news on both radio and TV

According to Hannity, who is a strong Bush supporter - he is saying on radio that Congress is in full meltdown. They are refusing to give Bush anything he wants like Budget cuts, which is to cut back on many special social programs. These cut backs would hurt the poor, children and education.

Congress is also refusing to give Bush what he wants for Social Security changes even though Bush is threatening to raise taxes on everyone if he doesn't get his way. Bush is threatening to go over the heads of congress and do it anyway. Congress is also refusing to approve the judicial appointments. Bush, Cheney, Rove also plan to try to get this done over the head of Congress.

Sounds like a Presidential dictatorship to me. Or trying to be one.

The meltdown is coming next week, the Democrats and other Republicans are threatening to shut down the government if Bush tries to go over their heads. The Republicans are rooting for the Democrats to succeed in shutting down the government.

They will have a three week vacation due to the Easter break.

Something like this could trigger the announcement (NESARA?)

This next was on Fox news yesterday: -
Wolferwitz: He is the newly appointed head of the World Bank. Bush considered appointing a rock star to this position. (Bono, the lead singer of U2, the Irish band), but this got overruled or changed some how. Think about this...a Rock Star as head of the World Bank...yeah, right. Is Bush losing it or what?

This will probably come as a major shock to everyone. Wolferwitz said in his first 30 days in office he was going to reduce world poverty. Plus give Iraq full debt forgiveness. Iraq won't owe any debt to anyone...for anything.

Sound like NESARA will be happening soon?

Now think about this. About a month ago we were told that a Wolf had been removed and an Ascended Master had taken his place. Now does this make more sense? Some of us felt the wolf in question was Wolferwitz.

For those who didn't read it, in the Stardove e-alert the other day, it was mentioned the Galactic Federation will be putting Venusian Anti-War Shields around towns, countries, continents so they can't be invaded or attacked by bombs, armies or missiles. These shields will make war obsolete.

According to A & A report last night, Joshua (the main military computer) at NORAD (North American defense system) is now organic (similar to Hollow Earth computers). The real significance is that organic computers have a Christ Conscience. They are connected to the God Head. You can't program them to harm anyone. If you try, they will simply not fire a missile, but will also disarm all missiles and weapons involved on both sides.

By using these types of computers and the Venusian Anti-war shields, the Galactic Federation can keep these warring factions from attacking each other, making a real peace possible.

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