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"Blackouts In Our Country"

St. Germain: Special Message

Through Nancy Tate

Hi everybody,

I'm bringing you this special report from St. Germaine in regard to the blackouts that are happening in major places in our country. I encourage you all to keep your peace about this, and hold the Light of Truth firm and strong. This too shall pass, with our intervention.

Love and Light,


I am St. Germaine, and I walk with you in the darkness that has come over these major cities. There is a great light that comes from within; and this light is shining through the darkness and showing the truth of this matter. There is no fear that there will not be an announcement, for this too is being taken care of by the forces of the light. This is a tactic that is being tried, and will fail. There is no need to discourage, for what ever is tried will not bring a closure to the truth. They will show their colors and there will be a reunion of the highest order that will crumble the false walls that they build.

N. Will this continue to spread over the country?

S.G. It is not likely, for already the light forces are at work and stopping the onslaught.

N. Is this a move to keep the NESARA announcement from happening?

S.G. This is a move to discredit the institutions that are readying for the announcement, yes. There is a group of people who are in cahoots with the forces of the darkness who are at this time being rounded up and put in a place where they are unable to be of any effect.

N. What can we do?

S.G. You can all go about your business and keep the lines of communication open. What you must not do is feed into the fear they are trying to muster from you. You are an immovable power and you can SEE that the whole area that is affected is back to normal and running effectively. There is great power in forming a strong grid of light around the whole country. See the luminosity of the Light of the Ages in place and impenetrable by anything that is not of the Highest Light. This is your ability and your destiny for the moment. I take great joy in seeing the power you all have to cause great change in the attempts of the others to thwart this grand destiny that is your inheritance. Go forward in your light and be the changing force of Spirit, for you are that Brilliant Violet Flame of Might and Protection for your united states for America.


[ Note: This refers to the action requested by the White Knights and the Dove to remove double agents Norman Schwarzkopf and Sandra Day-O'connor from the NESARA decision team and from being presentors at the announcement. ]

St. Gemaine here. There will be an attendance at the meeting of the World Court by not only me, but Lord Sananda as well. We will see this done.

From the silence of your soul comes the voice of freedom: Master Sananda