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Hello Dear Friends,

Earlier today I was reviewing NESARA's banking improvements which PROHIBIT government agencies from SNOOPING into our bank accounts and how much money we have. The TRUE NESARA abolishes the IRS and ALL income taxes, TOTALLY! The reason is simple: the Constitution says there will be NO DIRECT TAXES on our income. In Article I, Section 9, the Constitution says: "No Capitation, or other DIRECT, Tax shall be laid." A "direct tax" is something the government does ON the people's income. The Constitution says "NO direct tax". This means EXACTLY what it says: there can be ZERO income tax on our money! Furthermore, during the Farmers' lawsuits in the U.S. Supreme Court, I'm told the PHONY 16th Amendment was PROVEN to have NEVER BEEN RATIFIED by the States of the United States as required by the Constitution. The 16th Amendment was only ratified by THREE States and this was PROVEN in the U.S. Supreme Court as part of the Farmer's lawsuits against the U.S. banks and the government in 1993. For those of you who are "new" to the TRUTH about the ILLEGAL income taxes, in 1911 the 16th Amendment regarding income tax was proposed and sent to the States' legislatures for ratification. The States kept haggling over the wording and returning the 16th Amendment back to D.C. with requested changes to it. For nearly two years, the States' legislatures kept refusing to ratify the proposed 16th Amendment. Finally, in February 1913, the dark agenda decided to RUN a FAKE on the U.S. Congress and our country. The dark agenda wanted the 16th Amendment to be declared law, so in one of the most BRAZEN acts of outright LIES by government, the then Secretary of State went before the U.S. Congress in February 1913 and FALSELY stated that the 16th Amendment had been ratified. This TRUTH that the 16th Amendment was NEVER RATIFIED came out during the Farmers' lawsuits in the U.S. Supreme Court and this is why the TRUE NESARA calls to abolish the IRS and income taxes!

Also, since 1951 the U.S. federal government has NOT USED a SINGLE PENNY of our income tax dollars to pay for federal government expenses! In 1951, in an attempt to DETOUR the damage that income taxes cause to the LIBERTY of people, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain made a HUGE loan of TRILLIONS of dollars to the U.S. government which the U.S. government invested to make monthly income and this MONTHLY INCOME is what has been paying the U.S. federal government's expenses. Therefore, you can forget about thinking we need an income tax to run our government because the government has been LYING to us and HAS NOT BEEN USING our income tax money to run the government AT ALL! Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain KNEW that if the federal government was SNOOPING into people's bank accounts and money, this SNOOPING totally ROBBED the people of their LIBERTY! The income tax and the war on drugs are the biggest ENSLAVERS of our people ever! We have ZERO LIBERTY when government can order banks and others to SNOOP into our bank accounts. Unfortunately, the federal government accepted the loan from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain BUT did NOT live up to the government's side of the bargain and free our people of the oppressive and illegal income taxes.

I also remind you that MANY State governments RUN VERY WELL without any income taxes on PEOPLE. In the State of Washington we have NEVER had a State income tax and we have a very high standard of living. We run our State government from SALES taxes on NON-essential items. ESSENTIAL items, like FOOD, are EXEMPT. The TRUE NESARA has a reasonable "SALES" tax on NEW items ONLY to use to fund the federal government. In the TRUE NESARA, ALL "used" items purchased for personal use are EXEMPT. All FOOD is EXEMPT. All MEDICINE is EXEMPT. ONLY NEW non-essential items are subject to the NESARA sales tax. This enables people to MAKE a CHOICE about whether they pay the sales tax because people can choose to buy "used" or to buy new on NON-ESSENTIAL items. One of the HUGE blessings of the TRUE NESARA is that we FINALLY get the federal government OUT of our lives and OUT of our bank accounts by getting rid of the IRS and income taxes! NESARA also gets rid of the FAILED and PHONY `war on drugs' which has ENSLAVED our people with ILLEGAL police searches and merchants, sales clerks and bank tellers being told they have to ask us where our money comes from. The whole `war on drugs' is a complete LIE by the federal government which is used to allow the government to SNOOP into our lives WITHOUT any right whatsoever. The CIA is the biggest drug dealer in the U.S. and EVERYONE who knows anything knows this. It's another case of the federal government CAUSING a problem so the government could then LIMIT our liberty by pretending to `solve' the problem. The `war on drugs' is an UTTER FAILURE and I KNOW because I have a degree in Social Sciences and I did Social work with `drug and alcohol affected families'. However, I'm told that there is a new program which has been PROVEN to be 90% effective in helping people get off drugs and alcohol and THIS PROGRAM is coming in with the TRUE NESARA law to help our people get off drugs and alcohol addictions.

I remind all of you Farm Claims people of how YOU FOUGHT to get rid of the illegal income taxes and IRS! We have many people who have been PERSECUTED by the IRS and the TRUTH goes from bad to worse. IRS auditors get paid a commission on what they "recover" so they have formulas for determining how much YOU will be willing to pay before you will go to court and fight them. The IRS auditors make the audit come out with an amount owed they think you will not fight. The IRS ILLEGALLY seizes property and funds all the time and they get away with it because they are the BULLY boys of the federal government.