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Hello Dear Friends,

I'm told that last Saturday the U.N. voting members met in an emergency secret meeting and voted to have NESARA announced by sometime on Wednesday, June 5, 2002, at the latest. The U.N. also voted that NESARA could be announced/implemented and our prosperity deliveries done even if some things were incomplete at the time because the VAST MAJORITY of preparations are totally complete. Anything still needing attention could be easily handled in a few days time while the banks are closed for the transition to the U.S. Treasury bank system. Over 100 U.N. member countries voted "YES" to have NESARA announced immediately and our prosperity deliveries out to us this week.

ONLY a FEW U.N. members voted "No". I'm told the U.S. and U.K. voted "No". We have the corrupt national governments of these countries to thank for MANY of our delays. I remind you that the U.S. representative to the U.N. is appointed by and works for the person in the oval office. The U.N. has authority over NESARA because NESARA is a PEACE project under the U.N.'s rules and this means the U.N. resolution has authority above the World Court and the White Knights Decision Team. I'm told the U.N. resolution expressed DISAPPROVAL of the DELAYS caused by certain World Court requirements and White Knight Decision Team decisions. I'm told the U.N. basically ordered NESARA and our deliveries to be done THIS WEEK. I'm told the U.N. resolution basically orders that at a certain point, REGARDLESS, the NESARA Announcement is to be DONE THIS WEEK and our remaining mass prosperity deliveries done also.

This should be good news except that I'm hearing that certain members of the White Knight Decision Team are trying to get more delays from the U.N. I'm hearing these delays are VERY UNNECESSARY. I have generally supported the White Knights Decision Team because they have had very great challenges to handle. However, I'm now ceasing my support of ANYONE who thinks there should be any delays. From now on, I'm going to write about EVERYONE who is causing delays and why they are doing it.

The Forces' Intelligence Agents are constantly checking ALL the people and activities involved with NESARA and our prosperity programs deliveries and funding. The Forces' Intelligence Agents report that there are ZERO ISSUES which need to delay NESARA as of this afternoon, and that our prosperity deliveries and funding could be completed very quickly after NESARA this week.

Yes, there are a FEW, VERY FEW, bank-related issues, caused by the U.S. dark agenda intelligence agencies and bankers, that are still being handled. But ZERO of these issues need to stand in the way of NESARA or our prosperity deliveries. From what the Forces Intelligence Agents tell me, the PROBLEM is that certain members of the White Knight Decision Team are "too battle- weary" to make good decisions right now. Instead of using the FASTEST transport vehicles available, certain White Knights in the U.S. military have CHOSEN to USE SLOW TRANSPORT and thus to have an excuse to ask for delays. I'm told that this problem is in the process of being corrected.

I'm told there are ZERO TRUE reasons for any delays of NESARA's announcement as of this afternoon now.

Folks, we need to USE OUR CONTACTS with the White Knights Decision Team or White Knights in the U.S. Military or other WK groups or U.N. OFFICIALS or voting MEMBERS. We need to DEMAND NESARA's announcement TODAY. We MUST GET OFF this "tomorrow" syndrome, bite the bullet and get the NESARA Announcement DONE! Let's DEMAND NESARA NOW!

The DELAYS of the NESARA Announcement is CAUSING THOUSANDS of DEATHS every day! If we had our prosperity money and the NESARA freedom to use the alternative medical therapies, thousands of people would be saved DAILY. The WORLD ECONOMY is in SHAMBLES because of the DELAYS of the NESARA Announcement! It's TIME to get NESARA announced WITHOUT any further delays.

The Forces have MASSIVE PROTECTION already implemented EVERYWHERE! There are ZERO issues that need to stand in the way of NESARA's announcement.

I'm told the White Knight Decision Team is voting in a few minutes and right now the vote is four "YES" to announce NESARA and one `No". They need all FIVE to vote YES, I'm told. The "No" vote which threatens to delay NESARA lacks solid reasons behind it, I'm told, but comes from one who is battle-weary and unnecessarily conservative because of this battle-weary condition.

I'm asking the U.N. to take action to OVERRIDE the White Knight Decision Team TODAY and GET NESARA ANNOUNCED TONIGHT!