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NESARA UPDATE - Edited from Dove of Oneness Reports

(May 7) I’m told in a surprise appearance at the National Press Club this last weekend, certain White Knights spoke about the truth behind the 9/11 attacks, that it was our government behind them. They stated bluntly that the current administration is treasonous and needs to be removed.

(May 8) The pipe bombs in people’s mail boxes are dark agenda FBI stunts to create a poorly disguised cover story for interfering with our prosperity program deliveries. We are supposed to think these are coming by mail and somehow get lost in postal delivery problems due to these bombs. The same dumb strategy was used with the anthrax letters scare. The people ordering and carrying out the bombings are being hunted down and permanently removed by the Forces today.

[My understanding now is that the Forces are actually the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command personnel on loan to the White Knight teams - Tony] The remaining Draconian ancient controllers are still being pushed off the picture. Earth is being cleared by a new, very high technology which the Draconians lack the ability to resist. A wall is being placed around this solar system and they are disallowed from interfering with Earth during these great transformations into higher Love and Light.

(May 11) Audits and compliance testing of US banks, Treasury Department, and Federal Reserve components of our new US Treasury Banks are making good progress. US bankers should be aware that resistance is futile.

(May 14) Certain US banks have purposely created a shortage of qualified people to do our funding activities as part of their delaying activities. They deliberately gave people the wrong starting dates. The White Knights have already begun placing their own qualified personnel into these banks which are being forced into compliance with requirements for NESARA and programs funding. After NESARA, I am looking forward to hearing about the mass resignations of the Boards of Directors of several of our major US banks that have been causing problems.

(May 15) I’m told that credit card debt forgiveness will mean zeroing out all US banks’ credit cards. Mortgages before 1999 will be totally forgiven and people will receive the deeds to their property within a few months of the NESARA announcement. Mortgages from 1999 onwards will be changed into self-liquidating loans where the bank pays off the mortgage and people will be informed of the approximate date when they will receive their deeds. Other types of loans by banks and financial institutions will either be forgiven or turned into self-liquidating loans. Because of the fraud by banks and our federal government, much of the debt we have in the US will be lifted.

I believe that future prosperity programs will be announced by the NESARA Designate government and will be available to all US citizens/natural persons/sovereigns who are not in the current prosperity programs. People will be able to apply to join these programs for a fee of a few hundred dollars. These will probably start paying out in the first half of 2003 and will pay out in one month more than what most people make in a year. I have less details about the new prosperity programs available in other countries. Some countries are likely to offer similar public programs later this year also.

There is far more wealth in the world than any of us have ever been allowed to realise. In the last 30 years there has been enough wealth in the world for everyone to be a millionaire! This wealth has been hidden from public scrutiny and awareness by the keeping of two sets of books by banks and governments, as well as a myriad of other techniques.

(May 17) In the news today, we are seeing the pre-NESARA media warm up. The headlines that Bush Knew about a hijacked planes plot before September is the White Knights’ way of getting a little truth out to the public and getting ready for NESARA’s requirement that the Bush administration resigns.

The 9/11 attacks were hastily planned and carried out by a group of about 100 CIA personnel. They were told to carry out a project that would stop NESARA, as well as give the Bush gang an excuse to go to war in the Middle East. The Bush government officials were quoted in July 2001 as saying the US would be in a war in Afghanistan by October 2001. This quote was verified in a BBC report and verified by other sources. The big oil companies had been unable to get the Taliban to agree to a pipeline through Afghanistan.

Most countries in Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will probably be announcing their banking and currency improvements within a week of the NESARA announcement, and their own debt forgiveness within a month. Japan and some Asian countries, plus those of Central and South America are likely to follow within 6 months. There will be a ripple effect that will benefit the whole world.

(May 19) Last evening I was informed a major dark agenda plot was being launched to cause political upheaval in the hope of prolonging the Bush regime. This has been totally disabled. In addition, the information you are seeing in the media about warnings of another 9/11 type threat are related to another dark agenda plot, also thwarted. The CIA and European dark leaders responsible are being put into containment. Ex-President Jimmy Carter is in Cuba as part of preparing Cuba for the new worldwide banking and economic improvements. Castro is cooperating because he knows the old game is ending and he has zero choice but to do so.

(May 20 & 21) I am told there are teams of Masters handling the removal of the Draconian dark agenda ancient controllers and their hybrid Earth human leaders. We have confirmations from secret NORAD and SETI reports, among others, that there are many shuttle craft leaving the dark agenda Draconian bases of Earth. The Forces new technologies are successfully causing these beings to be removed. These removals ideally need to be done in order for NESARA to be announced.

(May 22) The Bush administration people are still blabbing about terrorist attacks. Of course, they can say this as they are part of the dark agenda who planned and approved the current failed attempts. The stooges include Colin Powell, as well as Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, and the heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. For those familiar with the history of the White Knights, it is a lesson in humanity for us to see that Powell has fallen from his once bright potential. Last summer, when I was checking daily what the White Knights were doing, I wondered why Powell was always the top White Knight that called for delays in getting NESARA announced. He has played both sides but is now dropped off the White Knight team. By the way, not all CIA personnel are dark agenda, but their leaders are. To neutralise the terrorist acts, the Forces have literally enveloped the entire US in special protection shields which have pre-programmed neutralising capabilities of all the various terrorist technologies the dark agenda CIA-organised groups are trying to use to create problems. These protection shields are constantly enhanced to keep us all safe.

(May 23) Because we are in the last half of May 2002, two years behind when NESARA and prosperity programs deliveries/funding should have happened, there is zero tolerance for more delays by anyone. Therefore, as of today, over 65, 000 people who are interfering or delaying progress, have had their bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial assets frozen by strange computer glitches. This includes White Knights who have been dragging their feet, dark agenda leaders and stooges, and even so-called neutral parties. Billions of humans worldwide are feeling massive financial pain due to the delays which are being continued by relatively few people. Therefore these few people are now feeling this same massive financial pain as an encouragement for them to get NESARA announced, and programs delivered and funded.

Many of these same people are also now feeling personal problems and great personal physical pains, just like others in the world who cannot afford proper treatment for ailments. These will not go away until NESARA is announced. These extreme interventions will continue and become more pronounced if there are further delays. This has been authorised by S. of A. [Presume this means The Source of All That Is.] (May 27) The targeted milestone for making NESARA Ågde factoÅh law of the land was reached this weekend. World Court Judges are now informing leaders of world countries of this because they need to implement the new international banking laws related to NESARA.

The most intense actions we have yet seen to propel NESARA’s announcement are occurring. I am told this weekend the Forces have removed over 575, 000 people working for the dark agenda worldwide. It is unfortunate for these people who have been removed or lost their lives that they made the choice to try to delay or interfere with NESARA and related funding. [At last, more poetic justice.] (May 28) The World Court issued a 72 hour notice to over 115 countries to get ready for new banking laws. The NESARA announcement was to have been on May 27 [May 28 in Australia]. The White Knight Decision Team did not all agree on this date. The World Court has given them until June 2 to do the announcement or the Ågde factoÅh law becomes official. The Decision Team consists of 5 people - the USA top serving Navy Admiral, Army General, and Air Force General, plus retired General Schwartzkopf, and the Supreme Court lady Judge. The reason for the delay concerns a World Court NESARA protest action by 4 small oil producing countries, on behalf of big oil companies.

(May 29) Some serious dark agenda efforts to cause problems cropped up today [how surprising] and these things have been totally disabled now. The personnel are being contained and disarmed. NESARA and related activities are continuing at full speed. There are several parallel courses of action being pursued by different groups aligned in getting NESARA announced and implemented. The US White Knights have the first opportunity to get our deliveries out to us and to get NESARA announced. If interference causes delays, then other groups have their own actions to bring NESARA to us. At 4. 00 pm local time each day, let us invoke Divine Assistance to support all our White Knights and Forces as they announce NESARA, bringing liberty and prosperity options for all. Also call for world peace which is officially and legally linked to NESARA.