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Hello Dear Friends,

I have been given extraordinary permission by Saint Germain to give you WHITE KNIGHTS the DETAILS about DELIVERY, FUNDING, and NESARA's announcement. This message is mainly to YOU, our beloved White Knights, whose courageous actions are bringing forth NESARA and the prosperity programs' funding in the United States and Worldwide. Each of you is now embarked on the "most important mission" of your lives, a MISSION which is THE KEY to the FUTURE of all Humankind. Because of YOUR CRUCIAL ACTIONS, for the first time ever the DETAILS are being given to you in order that YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY that THIS IS THE TIME we must have NESARA and the prosperity programs' funding made manifest. YOU are OUR CHAMPIONS and we need all of you to KNOW all the DETAILS so each of you makes absolutely certain that THIS CRUCIAL deadline for NESARA and prosperity programs deliveries IS MET.

Before I go on, let me explain that these are extraordinary times. I'm asking KOS, the White Knight who attends G-8 meetings and is connected to the Navy Seals, to CONFIRM to his Navy Seal contacts that in fact, Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters recently HAVE PHYSICALLY visited the G-8 meeting of world leaders and have informed Bush, Putin, Blair and the other G-8 leaders that this IS the TIME for NESARA and the U.S. and worldwide prosperity programs deliveries and funding. Some of the top White Knight officers in the U.S. Military have also recently met PHYSICALLY with Saint Germain and the other Ascended Masters and been informed of Heaven's vast support of the White Knights bringing forth NESARA and the prosperity programs' deliveries and funding.

White Knights, it is now UP TO YOU to get NESARA and prosperity deliveries done on behalf of us all. Here are the details about why THIS is the TIME. A few years ago, the continued difficulty in getting the Farm Claims and other prosperity programs deliveries and funding processes completed caused these activities to be TIED DIRECTLY to the Funding Requirements of Saint Germain's World Trust. I'm told that in the world of BIG MONEY, there are a few MASSIVE TRUSTS under which all other big money trusts MUST FALL. Even the "master trusts" of the Rothschildes and the Rockefellers are SUBSERVIANT to Saint Germain's World Trust. This is important to understand because this hierarchy of trusts is WHY Saint Germain's World Trust is now the DRIVING legal FORCE to get the prosperity programs deliveries and funding done. YOU White Knights are the PHYSICAL Forces whose vital activities carry out the legal mandates NOW.

253 years ago when Saint Germain set up his World Trust, he was a deeply sincere Christian and had the vision of enlightened men and women, the Children of Light, carrying forth the grand transformations upon Earth in these times. He knew the Children of Light would need vast sums of money to accomplish these things. Saint Germain wished to CLEARLY STATE that these great gifts of prosperity were SPIRITUAL gifts of abundance to the Children of Light. Therefore, Saint Germain set up very specific criteria for the funding of his World Trust directly connected to known SPIRITUAL TIMINGS.

The BIG SECRET of the TIMING is that the World Trust MUST FUND either ON CHRISTMAS or EASTER. These are the ONLY TWO DATES of the year when the World Trust can begin funding. Furthermore, Saint Germain specified that funding of his World Trust MUST TAKE PRIORITY over the funding of any and all other trusts once the YEAR 2000 was REACHED. Saint Germain intended that this great wealth would begin being distributed to the Children of Light in the YEAR 2000 as part of bringing forth the great UPLIFTING transformations into higher Love and Light in all realms of human life.

Once the YEAR 2000 was reached, Saint Germain's REQUIREMENTS to fund his World Trust LEGALLY SUPERCEDED the funding of all other trusts Consequently ALL the other programs and trusts deriving from the World Trust, including the 31 programs DIRECTLY derived from the World Trust and the other programs and trusts in the funding pipeline as of YEAR 2000, would have to wait for the World Trust to fund before these other programs and trusts could fund. This is WHY we have such a log jam in the funding pipeline of these programs and the stalling of these programs being funded is contributing to the world economy problems.

Saint Germain also specified that WITHIN ONE-HALF MONTH of his World Trust funding date, in this case EASTER, the official funding processes MUST BE completed to the recipients of his World Trust and the programs and trusts deriving from his World Trust. He also specified that the Children of Light of "America", specifically the new nation he knew would be rising from the British Colonies (the United States), MUST RECEIVE FIRST. This is WHY the DEADLINE for the mass U.S. first 31 prosperity programs deliveries is APRIL 15th. The White Knights, who have the responsibility for setting up deadlines and activities, had originally planned to have our remaining U.S. mass prosperity deliveries of the first 31 programs done by April 12th, yesterday, so that we all could be in the banks this weekend. This was the White Knights' OPTIMAL plan and timeline. However, the WORLD COURT proceedings on Friday and TODAY involving certain trusts made it impossible for the mass deliveries in the U.S. to be done yesterday and today. We were unable to have deliveries until after these World Court issues were resolved. Whenever there are UNRESOLVED issues being considered in World Court which effect the prosperity programs or NESARA, those issues must come to some kind of resolution in order to enable NESARA and the prosperity programs' deliveries and funding to be LEGAL and FREE of any FUTURE CHALLENGES. If deliveries or NESARA announcement actions were taken without proper handling of the World Court legal issues, this would give someone a loophole to challenge NESARA and our prosperity programs and put all our NESARA and prosperity blessings at RISK after we received them. This is why the World Court activities have had such a massive impact on the TIMING of NESARA and our remaining U.S. prosperity programs deliveries. Finally today, the World Court was able to finish the current relevant court proceedings and call a moratorium on taking action or ruling on any relevant issues for seven days after April 15th in order to create a CLEAR WINDOW for the prosperity programs deliveries in the U.S. and worldwide. Today the White Knights in charge have activated their "BACK UP" plan. I have permission to give you the details on this because we need every one of you White Knights to be 100% aware of the importance of this CRUCIAL WINDOW.

This is where YOU WHITE KNIGHTS come in. YOU are OUR CHAMPIONS who must PRESS FORWARD with ALL YOUR GREAT POWER and COURAGE and complete the MAJORITY of the first 31 prosperity programs' deliveries in the U.S. before or on April 15th, and the remaining U.S. deliveries right after April 15th. YOU are also the GREAT ONES who must bring forth NESARA's announcement NOW, in the next few days.


The White Knights of the U.S. Military, our Great Lady White Knight of Justice, and other White Knights have been in meetings since 8 a.m. Eastern this morning with the Forces and the Ascended Masters. All involved have contributed to finalizing arrangements for NESARA's announcement and the remaining U.S. mass deliveries of the prosperity programs. They have set things in motion for FAIL SAFE Level One activities. They have also added FAIL SAFE Level Two and Level Three Activities to get these deliveries, funding, and NESARA done immediately.

This is all I'm allowed to tell you at this time. The best thing we can do is OPEN OUR ARMS to RECEIVE our great blessings of NESARA and our prosperity programs and KNOW that these things ARE coming to fulfillment NOW.


I'm told the White Knights called a big meeting of international and U.S. top bankers last evening on the East Coast to do a final review of NESARA's imminent implementation. There were some officials at certain banks, including Citibank, who, I'm told, cooperated with some disruptive activities early this week; these officials are being replaced. It's my understanding that at last night's meeting, the White Knights made it clear NESARA is being announced and implemented and the bankers had better FACE NESARA's REALITY and realize that tolerance for such disruptive actions is ZERO.

I've also checked and confirmed that our "access codes" are in process of being changed in order to safeguard the security of our funds. This takes a BRIEF time to accomplish. I'm expecting that NESARA will be announced shortly before we receive or at the same time as remaining mass U.S. prosperity deliveries. NESARA disallows the federal government from being able to touch a penny of our funds, so it's for our security to have NESARA announced ahead of our mass deliveries.

(For those of you new to the Dove egroup, the current prosperity programs are CLOSED to new members. There will be additional prosperity programs made available within the next year in the U.S. and then around the world after the announcement of NESARA.) We may also have some happy improvements in our Non Disclosures (NDs). The NDs we sign may be shorter and more uniform than we thought. However, DURING the ND TIME, we absolutely MUST KEEP OUR LIPS ZIPPED until our NDs EXPIRE. Someone from Britain asked why the U.S. is the KEY to all of this. It is based on the LEGAL requirement by Saint Germain that the U.S. must BE FIRST. Saint Germain has long envisioned the prosperity program members of the U.S., the melting pot of the entire world, being the ones who BEGIN the great transformations as part of our SERVICE to the world.

Today, in a WHIRLWIND WORLDWIDE SWEEP of action, the Forces are removing thousands of top bankers and others. At present the NUMBER of top banking officials is over 5,000 Missing In Action. This number of Bankers being replaced could go as high as 500,000 by this evening. These bankers have made a huge error in judgement; they are seeing the inside of the Force's holding cells. Replacements ready to help get NESARA done are being set into their positions. Very few of you in the Dove egroup will understand what I'm writing here; it's actually unnecessary for you to understand at this time. This message is more to broadcast the FACTS to the dark agenda and the White Knights, than it is to inform you in the Dove egroup of what is happening. You in the dark agenda would be wise to GET OUT OF THE WAY NOW and let it be known that you are cooperating with NESARA. Right now, you should be hearing that some of your top banking officials (who opposed NESARA) NOW are suddenly making phone calls and other contacts and are canceling their opposition to NESARA IMMEDIATELY! YOU in the dark agenda hierarchy KNOW what this means: the Forces are using ALL their capabilities FULLY for the first time.


Today's joint alert by the FBI, Federal Reserve, and IRS is KINDERGARTNERS trying to interfere with the ABSOLUTE ACTIONS of the White Knights and Ascended Masters who are commanding NESARA into our public realities on behalf of all Earth Humans. The poor, ignorant remaining dark agenda hierarchy MISTAKENLY thinks that they can USE this terrorist alert to get the dark agenda bankers in the Northeast U.S. an excuse to close the banks. This is SIMPLY a SILLY attempt to try to delay NESARA and our funding. HOWEVER, the White Knights ALREADY HAVE done an END RUN around these pitiful efforts by the dark agenda. First of all, the dark agenda hierarchy, who are giving orders to try to cause these terrorist acts and giving orders to their dark agenda stooges in the federal government to publicize this silliness, are UNAWARE that the things can proceed. Secondly, most of these bank EXECUTIVES ARE EXPENDABLE and parasites on our people; we can EASILY do without them. The only people we prosperity program members need to do our funding processing are the ones at the bank branches and those people will be ready to process us when we arrive after NESARA's announcement. What a SILLY plot and what a lot of wasted effort the dark agenda hierarchy are doing; these guys are delusional. All of YOU U.S. BANK EXECUTIVES will be sorry if you keep cooperating with the misinformed and deluded dark agenda hierarchy who are giving you these orders to interfere. This so-called "terrorist alert" plot is ALREADY USELESS. Our U.S. banks will be OPEN and ready for us regardless of what any of you bankers try to do. What YOU U.S. Bank Executives need to do is CHECK on last night's East Coast meeting and the results of it. The GAME is OVER. SURRENDERING in good grace is your ONLY viable OPTION. The dark agenda hierarchy is OUT of POWER already; you can go down with them, or you can survive and join the White Knights. It's up to you.


Yesterday some of the top bankers made a great error in thinking that they could continue to delay our prosperity and NESARA. They put out their usual PROPAGANDA through Barclay and JP Morgan Chase Bank contacts. Those of you who talk to people at these top banks are just hearing the dark agenda's story line from your contacts at these banks, so you're wasting your money and energy talking to them.

Let me explain something to all of you and then YOU can tell the misguided other people you talk to the FACTS: ONLY the TRUSTEES of a prosperity program may have access to their BIG MONEY from a program PRIOR TO US RECEIVING our prosperity programs' funding notifications deliveries. The IMF rules REQUIRE that the TRUSTEES have access first and this is what has been going on this week for some of the first 31 programs. By having the TRUSTEES of a certain KEY program (which is higher in the hierarchy of trusts derived from the World Trust than our program's trust is) do their official access of THAT Trust, the deadline for April 15th was met. THIS MEANS THE "EASTER 2002" FUNDING WINDOW IS STILL OPEN FOR ALL OF US in the prosperity programs. Since then other Trustees of our and other programs have been proceeding with their access in the order required by the IMF Rules. By having the April 15th minimum requirement of the World Trust met, the funding is now on an ABSOLUTE "MUST GET DONE" path. Once that minimum requirement was met, the first dominoes began rolling and funding is on an UNSTOPPABLE and ABSOLUTE course to fulfillment for all the 31 programs, which include our big program, derived from the World Trust; the other programs will follow right behind in the funding pipeline.


I'm writing this message to ALL WHITE KNIGHTS because I know that you in the U.S. Military and Intelligence positions work on a "need to know" basis and may be missing the CURRENT details. The issues causing delay HAVE BEEN FULLY CLEARED.

This morning, VERY EARLY, the dark agenda's plan to bring high tech weapons from the space station onto planet Earth WERE TOTALLY REVERSED. The weapons have been put under containment by the Forces, the weapons have been returned to their bases, and will remain DISABLED. The dark agenda needed 72 hours to bring in these weapons and manipulated certain things to try to buy themselves 72 hours. This WHOLE EFFORT has been 100% STOPPED.

The dark agenda's manipulations to try to buy themselves 72 hours HAVE ALSO BEEN COMPLETELY CLEARED. As of the last two hours when the manipulations were cleared, there is ZERO REASON to wait to announce NESARA.

I'm asking ALL of you White Knights to TAKE ACTION NOW to announce NESARA. I'm asking all of you to FORWARD this message to EVERY WHITE KNIGHT in the military, intelligence, banking/monetary, government, and other positions so that ALL WHITE KNIGHTS KNOW that the way is CLEAR to announce NESARA NOW! I'm asking YOU White Knights, who know the top White Knights in charge, to CALL them and tell them YOU ARE REPORTING for DUTY and 100% READY to TAKE ACTION to get NESARA done NOW! Between midnight and 6 a.m. EDT on Friday, April 19, the LEGAL authority was ISSUED for the White Knights to carry forth NESARA's announcement, implementation, and the removal of the current government officials with the LEGALLY AUTHORIZED SUPPORT of the Forces' VASTLY SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY which may be used for KEEPING PEACE and SAFETY in every facet of these great transformations resulting from NESARA's announcement. The White Knights have FULL LEGAL authority and now they also have the FULL MILITARY ADVANTAGE of SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY to support them announcing NESARA. EVERYTHING needed to announce NESARA is READY.


Due to some amazing factors of tremendous scope, I'm hearing it's just a question of "which day" that we see NESARA's announcement and our remaining U.S. mass prosperity deliveries. There are very comprehensive activities which enable our remaining prosperity deliveries to get out to us by April 30th. There are also very extraordinary factors and activities that are ensuring NESARA's announcement and proper and full implementation.

In a secret meeting in D.C. last night between midnight and 3 a.m. EDT this morning called by Saint Germain, some AMAZING FACTORS came to light. One of our White Knights connected to U.S. Military Intelligence was present at last night's meeting and is sworn to secrecy about details. This White Knight was able to report this morning that he is very certain that ALL (NESARA and deliveries/funding) we want are being accomplished. I'm told that Saint Germain basically gave the Bush administration ONLY ONE CHOICE: to get NESARA announced quickly. Those in the Bush administration now have GOOD REASONS to want to resign and leave their positions peacefully and immediately. I'm told many of the top Bush administration officials are packing up their offices today.

Furthermore, I've been informed that Saint Germain along with the other Ascended Masters, and the Forces have taken actions, (independent of the top White Knights) to MAKE CERTAIN that we receive our prosperity deliveries and funding. They also have taken actions to ENSURE that NESARA is announced this month by using the AMAZING FACTORS unveiled in last night's meeting and today in meetings with the White Knights.

I'm also sworn to secrecy about the details of the AMAZING FACTORS moving things forward until after we have the inauguration of our new federal government officials we will be electing within 60 days of NESARA's announcement. I can tell you that in the most surprising way, massive power is being applied to get NESARA announced and other actions of massive power are being used to complete our remaining mass U.S. prosperity deliveries. The remaining prosperity deliveries to recipients in other countries will occur VERY quickly around the world following the mass U.S. prosperity deliveries.

Also, I'm told the European Central Bank officials are STRONGLY PRESSURING the White Knights to get NESARA announced immediately. The ECB is ready to announce that the Euro is precious metals backed and do their part in PUBLICLY activating the worldwide shift to the new IMPROVED banking and currency systems. When you see all the announcements on television, starting with NESARA, and then followed by the announcements by the ECB and Britain of their precious metals backed currency and banking systems, then you will know that the U.S. and worldwide remaining mass prosperity deliveries and funding are in process.

By the way, I'm told some big money members (NOT Senators) of one of the prosperity programs ILLEGALLY COERCED a Treasury official to give them access to their funds on Monday. On Tuesday, their funds and accounts were FROZEN by the White Knight of Justice and these people have HEAVY CRIMINAL CHARGES against them for their actions. I understand these people are "in flight" now. All of us in the prosperity programs need to realize that official LEGAL ACCESS is the ONLY WAY to obtain our funds; that means we must receive our prosperity notifications and go to the bank and EXACTLY FOLLOW our official instructions. Trying to demand access to our funds outside the official process could get us into SERIOUS TROUBLE, just like the trouble these "big money" people have caused themselves.

The White Knights and Forces have also taken action on other fronts last night and this morning to protect our people from some last ditch efforts by the dark agenda hierarchy to cause terrorist acts. Many of the dark agenda hierarchy have resigned themselves to seeing NESARA announced and our prosperity programs delivered and funded. The few hard-headed ones high up in the dark agenda hierarchy still trying to cause problems are being targeted and contained. The dark agenda stooges involved in trying to carry out the "supermarket" terrorist acts HAVE been REMOVED from action. The leaders who ordered these plots have also been removed and put into escape-proof environmental service. The White Knights and Forces are continuously, around the clock, on the job of dissolving threats against our people and the world.

Let's continue our prayers, meditations, and energy work focuses daily at 4 P.M. in our time zone. Let's invoke the Divine Assistance of Heaven to STRENGTHEN, SUPPORT, and PROTECT all our White Knights and Forces as they announce NESARA and carry forth the activities of improving governments and banking systems around the world and bringing liberty and prosperity options for all. We can also call forth WORLD PEACE for truly our support of World Peace will assist us and the White Knights in bringing NESARA and the wonderful uplifting changes worldwide into all our lives.


To the Leaders of the Dark Agenda: I'm told your bankers from Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Citibank, First Union, Bank One, and other banks suffered RESOUNDING DEFEATS in World Court today in their efforts to try to delay NESARA's announcement and implementation. In addition, I'm told the White Knights are pursuing CRIMINAL charges against these bankers for their attempts to use FALSE evidence in World Court.

In fact, I'm told, the EXPERTS from several of these banks were SURPRISE witnesses at the end of today's World Court session and testified that they had been ordered to FALSIFY their studies and results regarding NESARA's impact on the U.S. and world economies. These EXPERTS from the banks testified that NESARA is CERTAIN to have the STABILIZING effects intended and to BOOST the U.S. and world economies in countless ways. Furthermore, I'm told, these EXPERTS showed the TRUE RESULTS of their studies which indicate the U.S. Banks and most offshore banks will be MORE PROFITABLE under the new banking and monetary systems activated through NESARA's announcement and implementation.

I'm told that the efforts of U.S. and offshore bankers to try to interfere with our prosperity programs deliveries and funding are TOTALLY WORTHLESS. As ALL top traders and bankers can verify, Saint Germain has his OWN PRIVATE BANK in Switzerland. I'm told that WE will be funded DIRECTLY from this Swiss bank "IF" you Dark Agenda leaders keep trying to interfere. Our debit/credit cards and checks are ALREADY CUT and ready to be delivered to us. Furthermore, our mass deliveries in the U.S. of the 31 prosperity programs, including the BIG One, will be made by SECURE, GUARANTEED DELIVERY by April 30th. There is ZERO you dark agenda can do to try to interfere with deliveries or our funding by this Swiss bank.

Furthermore, I'm told this Swiss Bank has private contracts with the U.S. Treasury/Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, and other central banking systems worldwide to GIVE us ACCESS to our first HUGE amounts of prosperity funds IMMEDIATELY after delivery! AND, our ACCESS has been LOCKED IN by SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY which you dark agenda have totally FAILED to penetrate.

I'm also told that IF the Swiss bank does our funding, then ALL U.S. and offshore banks which are supposed to do our funding will LOSE 60% - SIXTY PERCENT &Mac246; of the large REVENUES they are supposed to receive for doing our funding. Instead, the Swiss bank will retain these revenues.

You dark agenda leaders are CUTTING YOUR OWN THROATS by trying to delay NESARA and our prosperity programs' deliveries and funding. By Monday, April 29th, YOU WILL LOSE BILLIONS in revenue that will be retained by the Swiss bank if you continue your interference.

The processing of our accounts will be done by thousands of qualified professional representatives directed by the Swiss bank and there is ZERO need for us to even interact with any bankers who would try to cheat us. These professionals are already in the U.S. and ready to go into the banks to do the processing of our accounts. Furthermore, I'm told that "IF" the Swiss bank does the funding to us, we will have "zero Non Disclosures".

I'm told also that IF the Swiss bank does our funding, there is a well-coordinated action in which many people will then come forward to tell the world about the corrupt bankers who have been fighting NESARA. They will be free to SHOUT to the world how your greed has damaged the world's people for centuries. When these people get through telling the public what your greedy Boards of Directors of banks and major corporations have done, the public will DEMAND the RESIGNATIONS of all directors of Citibank, B of A, First Union, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and MANY MORE banks and corporations. I'm told that this will only happen IF you dark agenda leaders CONTINUE to cause problems to delay NESARA and our prosperity programs deliveries/funding.

I'm told YOU will be in a MUCH BETTER position if you support getting NESARA announced by the White Knights IMMEDIATELY TONIGHT. EACH day that you delay is going to cause the EXPOSES that are coming to be HARSHER and FASTER than what the White Knights have planned. The Ascended Masters and Forces have MUCH MORE SEVERE EXPOSES ready to be shown than what the White Knights have developed. IF we miss seeing NESARA tonight, I'm told YOU have JUST CAUSED YOURSELVES a 50% INCREASE in the SEVERITY of the EXPOSES that will IMMEDIATELY come out about YOU at the TOP of the dark agenda hierarchy. YOU think you are hidden! YOUR LIVES are an open book and the Ascended Masters and Forces have the book of your dark agenda lives on FILM.

Since our funds are GUARANTEED to be backed by precious metals, NESARA will be ANNOUNCED BEFORE OR ON APRIL 29TH, I'm told. IF you dark agenda leaders keep trying to interfere with NESARA, another LEGALLY authorized group including some White Knights will make the NESARA announcement on April 29th. This means we ABSOLUTELY WILL RECEIVE our prosperity programs' funding in the new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals and we will have the PROTECTION of NESARA by the time we get to the banks!

However, it would be MUCH BETTER FOR YOU dark agenda leaders IF the White Knights make the announcement of NESARA BEFORE MONDAY. I'm told that IF the NESARA announcement is still missing by Monday, there will be a FOUR HOUR EXPOSE NAMING ALL of you dark agenda leaders at the top of the 13 levels of your dark agenda worldwide hierarchy and some of your more famous people in the levels below you. YOUR NAMES are little known to most people, however, this FOUR HOUR documentary shows FILMS of YOU doing your dark agenda activities, it details your TITLES, your professions, and your addresses. The documentary, I'm told, CLEARLY EXPOSES exactly WHO you are and how you have controlled the world's big businesses, governments, banking systems, religions, and much more. When the public sees this expose, you will be recognized everywhere in the civilized world for your dark agenda activities. Your power bases will be totally destroyed.

You may think you can control the media? Wrongo in the Congo! In fact, a MAJOR U.S. television network and FIVE MAJOR U.S. newspapers now have NEW management and control as do other media around the world. The FOUR HOUR EXPOSE on YOU will air on this major U.S. television network on Monday at 5 p.m. Eastern UNLESS you dark agenda leaders help get NESARA announced immediately and also our prosperity programs' deliveries and funding in the U.S. done immediately! In addition, the Forces are providing the SUPERIOR technology to ensure that this EXPOSE on YOU is accessible by all people in the U.S. and excerpts will appear in these five major U.S. newspapers.

This is also HOW, I'm told, the announcement of NESARA is ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to happen. In fact, the LEGAL authority making certain NESARA is announced will use ALL kinds of SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY to ENSURE that NESARA's announcement is broadcast on all major channels simultaneously.

To recap:

1) You dark agenda suffered a HUGE DEFEAT in World Court and some bankers will face criminal charges;

2) Arrangements have been made to fund our 31 prosperity programs by the private Swiss bank and ALL your banks will LOSE 60% of their funding fees &Mac246; BILLIONS &Mac246; if the Swiss bank funds us;

3) A FOUR HOUR EXPOSE on the TOP LEADERS of your world dark agenda hierarchy will be shown on Monday, April 29th, unless NESARA is announced IMMEDIATELY;

4) For EACH day that NESARA is delayed, the SEVERITY of the exposes on YOU increases dramatically;

5) Control of a major television network and five major U.S. newspapers now enables FULL EXPOSES of the dark agenda hierarchy and plots.

You dark agenda leaders can IMPROVE your own positions by:

1) Demanding and supporting NESARA's IMMEDIATE &Mac246; TONIGHT &Mac246; announcement;

2) Supporting our remaining mass U.S. prosperity programs' deliveries occurring IMMEDIATELY and our funding free of tricks and interference so your banks can receive their FULL funding fees;

3) You can negotiate with the White Knights to have less damaging and severe exposes about YOU come out IF you make certain NESARA is announced and our prosperity programs' deliveries are done IMMEDIATELY.

Finally, I'm told to inform you of all 13 levels of the dark agenda hierarchy that you MUST make restitution for the harm done in connection with 9/11. I'm told that you must set up irrevocable trusts and that ALL of you involved in any way, including corporations, directors and officers of corporations, must contribute funds to provide restitution to those harmed by 9/11 in the U.S., by Enron's collapse, and by the fighting in the Middle East. I'm told that Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters are gathering the information needed regarding who should receive restitution and WHO of the dark agenda must contribute to these funds. Furthermore, I'm told to relay to you that your own funds from the funding of these prosperity programs have been PUT ON HOLD and will remain in limbo until you submit proof of your irrevocable trusts and arrangements for non-rescindable payments of restitution funds into these trusts to the White Knight of Justice and the World Court (who have full details about this).