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Hello Dear Friends,

A few of you have asked me questions about how the NESARA debt forgiveness is supposed to work. I'm told that the NESARA announcement is the trigger for the banks to begin processing the official bank debt forgiveness required by NESARA. As of the announcement, the banks are required to run computer programs to ZERO OUT the credit card balances of everyone in the U.S. I'm told this includes ALL credit card accounts held by people in the U.S. I'm told that if you try to send in a credit card payment on your account after the account has been zeroed out, the bank is required to send the money back to you. ALL these details will be discussed either during the three-hour NESARA announcement or in follow-up news conferences that will be occurring after NESARA's announcement.

There's more to the debt forgiveness than I have ever written about and it's ALL GOOD for our people. When NESARA is announced, we will have all the details. I understand that the media will get very extensive press kits giving them the full text of the TRUE NESARA law and also a great deal of background information from which they can fill in the thousands of details. The interim government officials will also do extensive press conferences to make sure we all have all the details we need. For once, TRUTH will be given by our federal government.

My information indicates we in the U.S. will have the best banking system with the best protection after NESARA is announced. I'm told there will be ZERO income tax of any kind after NESARA in the U.S. and this includes "state" income tax. NESARA also brings very extensive PRIVACY to our bank and money transactions like the best privacy to be found in offshore banks anywhere.

Folks, this is a MASSIVE undertaking of redistributing wealth from those who have controlled it to a great many people who have ZERO experience managing great wealth. For this reason, the White Knights have been required to build in safety features to make sure the WORLD economy is STABLE during these great changes. Part of this STABILITY PLAN developed by the White Knights includes the requirement that MOST of the money distributed to people around the world will STAY in the country in which these people are receiving their money for at least six months. Again, this is to KEEP the WORLD economy in BALANCE and STABILITY. ALL deliveries of the first 31 prosperity programs under Saint Germain's World Trust MUST be at least attempted worldwide ON or BEFORE April 15th. Furthermore, ALL deliveries in the U.S. must be at least attempted so that we have a few days for all of us to get THROUGH our funding appointments at the U.S. banks BY midnight April 14th in the U.S. At this time I'm told there is ZERO change in this World Court requirement.

To our White Knights in the Navy Seals, Delta Force and other U.S. Military and intelligence groups, I repeat that what you are hearing is TRUE: we are in THE BEST window we have had for two years. We support you ONE MILLION PERCENT as you take action on behalf of a better world for everyone. I'm told that you also have VAST SUPPORT from the Forces to make absolutely sure NESARA and our prosperity programs' distribution are done by mid-April! Go for it, White Knights! Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness