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Stormin' Norman rants for 3 hours to stop NESARA

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today’s Northeast U.S. power outage was caused by an Illuminati-serving employee of the Canadian power plant. My sources state that numerous people in high positions who are in the Northeast were warned about this outage and told to be in a safe place after 4 p.m. EDT today.

You will not see the truth about this purposely caused power outage in the mainstream news until after NESARA is announced.

The reason that the Illuminati ordered this power outage is because the Illuminati managed to find out that the Take Action White Knights on the White Knights decision team were planning to vote that NESARA be announced tonight! This morning there was an accidental leak of the Take Action White Knights’ plan to vote to do the NESARA announcement tonight.

Here’s what happened. The eleven-member White Knight decision team including six new Take Action White Knights began meeting at 3 p.m. EDT today to vote on the date and time to open the new NESARA announcement window. The six Take Action White Knights on the White Knights decision team plus one other member had agreed that they would propose that NESARA be announced tonight. There was a dress rehearsal for all the Presenters of the NESARA announcement tonight which was planned to begin at 6 p.m. EDT and the Take Action White Knights planned to vote to turn the dress rehearsal into the actual NESARA announcement. Most of the Take Action White Knights have carried out surprise military operations and they are well aware that we are in a war to get NESARA announced. With all the Presenters all in one place and ready to do the announcement, it was a great plan to simply turn the “dress rehearsal” into the actual announcement.

The White Knights decision team was in their meeting discussing the timing of NESARA’s announcement when the blackout in the Northeast U.S. occurred. The Illuminati were hoping the power outage would roll all the way down to Washington, D.C., but the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces stopped this from happening. There was still the hope that the NESARA would be announced tonight and the benevolent Forces were allowed to keep the power on in Washington, D.C. because that is where the NESARA announcement will take place. If the White Knights decision team had been successful in voting to do the NESARA announcement tonight, the blackout in the Northeast would NOT have stopped NESARA. NESARA could have been broadcast regardless of the power outage. In fact, once the NESARA announcement began, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine could have commanded the benevolent Forces to restore the power all over the Northeast as part of the NESARA peace-keeping actions. It would have taken the benevolent Forces only 15 minutes to restore the power to the entire Northeast, if the NESARA announcement had begun being broadcast tonight.

However, inside the White Knights decision team meeting, there were two double-agents who can only be removed by the World Court who were causing problems. I had thought months ago that these two had been removed from decision-making but learned recently that this was not accurate. One of the double-agents is a retired U.S. military general who erupted and overflowed in today’s meeting with yelling and threats in protest of doing the NESARA announcement tonight. This blustering, ranting ex-general kept ranting and raving for almost three hours as he tried to intimidate everyone into backing down on voting to do NESARA tonight. Unfortunately, two of the “true blue” White Knights were unable to stand up to this old behemoth general’s wrath and failed to vote as promised. The result was that the Take Action White Knights were unable vote on doing the NESARA announcement tonight.

Instead, the Take Action White Knights pursued the next alternate timing and were successful in getting a majority vote to approve a new NESARA announcement window which begins soon and stays open for two weeks. I’m not telling you the date the announcement window opens but it is soon and this vote tonight by the White Knight decision team authorizes the window to stay open for two weeks before another vote would be needed.

As of tonight, this majority vote by the White Knights decision team is the only action that is needed to open the NESARA announcement window. There are zero petitions in front of the World Court which are asking for delays and the World Court does NOT need to approve the White Knights’ decisions about the current timeframe of the new announcement window. The World Court has given the White Knights a blanket approval to go ahead with the NESARA announcement. The Court only gets involved in delaying NESARA when there is a case/petition on the World Court docket which is requesting some kind of a delay before NESARA can be announced. Therefore, the Take Action White Knights were partly successful tonight and did get the White Knight decision team to open a new timing window for NESARA which begins soon. This is all that is actually needed and a date was chosen in this new window to do the announcement.

Tomorrow there will be a Take Action White Knight effort to obtain the authority to handle more Illuminati interference such as the power outage today. After seeing what the Illuminati did to cause the power outage today, the attorneys for the Take Action White Knights will be in World Court early tomorrow morning asking for additional authorities to be granted to handle and pre-empt such Illuminati interference efforts.

This action in World Court tomorrow will NOT cause any delay in the NESARA announcement but might result in the Take Action White Knights receiving authority to keep these kinds of Illuminati-caused problems from happening again. The Take Action White Knights are asking to use certain resources to ensure that these kinds of problems are kept from happening and are asking for a broad range of other useful authorities to make certain that any issue can be handled quickly so NESARA can be announced. The World Court session is expected to be over and a decision given before noon Eastern tomorrow. The World Court’s decision will not delay NESARA but could strengthen actions to ensure NESARA is announced.

I am asking this email be given to the Take Action White Knights’ attorneys tonight even though it will be the middle of the night in Europe. I’m asking that in addition to the new authorities the Take Action White Knights are requesting, that they ADD two more items to the list of things presented to World Court tomorrow. I’m asking that they request the REMOVAL from the White Knight decision team of the retired U.S. military general known as Stormin Norman who ranted and raved today and managed to derail the plan to announce NESARA tonight. I understand his nickname came from his hot temper and not because he was involved in the Desert Storm operation. I am told only the World Court can authorize this man’s removal and on behalf of all the world’s people, I’m asking this double-agent be removed immediately so he can never again subject our world to even one more day of delaying NESARA!

If any of the people or their pets who are impacted by the power outage today should die due to problems related to the blackout, then we have this Illuminati-serving retired general to blame! If the vote to announce NESARA had been successful, we would have seen the announcement begin before 6 p.m. EDT and the benevolent Forces would have had the power back on EVERYWHERE in the Northeast within 15 minutes of the announcement beginning!

I understand that a few years ago the World Court approved Stormin Norman to be on the White Knight decision team and also be a Presenter during the NESARA announcement. This was before this year when it was blatantly clear to anyone who saw Stormin Norman make money from doing war consulting on television that he is working with the Bush gang. In the past, he was believed to be of benefit to the NESARA announcement but he has proven over and over again that he is an Illuminati stooge whose only purpose is to try to interfere with NESARA’s announcement.

I’m asking the Take Action White Knights’ attorneys to request the World Court take this traitorous retired general OFF the White Knight decision team and OFF the roster of NESARA Presenters. By now many Americans have realized that the war on Iraq was a Bush gang OIL-grabbing operation and was NOT righteous. This traitorous retired general was seen on television lauding the Bush war on Iraq and many Americans have realized this traitorous retired general is not a patriot; he is spouting the same lies that the Bush regime has spouted and therefore is NOT to be trusted.

I’m told the World Court approved this retired general because he was famous and was, a few years ago, believed by many Americans to be a patriot and would benefit NESARA’s announcement. However, now many Americans know this man is NOT a patriot and he has now proven himself to be a LIABILITY to NESARA. He has now successfully delayed NESARA and been part of delaying NESARA numerous times. It is TIME to GET RID of this traitor and replace him with someone else who truly is a White Knight and dedicated to seeing the true NESARA law announced a.s.a.p.!

There are a lot of Americans who will doubt NESARA if they see this traitorous retired general taking part in the NESARA announcement. It’s time to kick him off the White Knight decision team and Presenters before he can do any further harm. He’s not so famous any longer, either; many people have forgotten who he is or were too young to remember him from the Gulf War. Regardless, he needs to be removed from all to do with the true NESARA law!

There is another traitor on the White Knights decision team who also needs to be removed. This is an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court who used to pretend she was very eager to have NESARA announced but who actually has been shown to cause numerous delays of NESARA over the years. This Associate Justice is Sandra Day O’Connor who also is NOT a benefit to NESARA now but is another double-agent who must be removed. Does anyone remember this woman saying on television after 9/11 that we all “… have to give up some of our Constitutional rights …”? When IN FACT, she KNEW that the Bush gang had ordered the 9/11 attacks? When in fact she KNEW that a major NESARA provision is to INCREASE our Constitutional rights? We do NOT need this betrayer on the White Knights decision team nor as a Presenter of the NESARA announcement. With whom would the Court replace this woman if she were unavailable? She is a harmful agent to NESARA, and today she voted with the traitorous retired general against doing the NESARA announcement tonight.

We need to remove these two people from the White Knight decision team and replace them with White Knights who truly DO want to announce NESARA a.s.a.p. The current members of the White Knight decision team do not include enough “true” White Knights and as we found out tonight, if two of the Take Action White Knights buckle under the pressure, then we don’t have a majority to vote for having NESARA announced. We need a greater majority of “true” White Knights on the decision team to ensure NESARA is announced.

I request the Take Action White Knights’ attorneys request the World Court replace Sandra Day O’Connor with another of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices. I suggest that the U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Ginnsberg, WHO VOTED AGAINST Bush Jr. being selected in the 2000 election, be the one to replace O’Connor. I remember how Justice Ginnsberg looked during the televised court session on the Florida recount issues. Justice Ginnsberg was clearly disturbed at how O’Connor conducted herself during that session. Justice Ginnsberg is probably the most pro-NESARA Justice in the U.S. Supreme Court and should replace O’Connor immediately.

One last comment. We need people who are REPRESENTING TRUTH to introduce NESARA during the announcement. How can we expect NESARA to institute sweeping improvements and honesty in government, banking, and legal systems when we begin NESARA’s public unveiling by allowing betrayers like Stormin Norman and O’Connor to pretend they are supporters of NESARA after they have constantly sabotaged the NESARA announcement? How can we base the introduction of NESARA on LIES and pretend these are good people, when in fact they are Illuminati?

Are we really gaining anything by putting these two Illuminati-serving people forward and pretending they are truly dedicated to NESARA when in fact we KNOW now that they are not? Neither of them are so famous nor influential that we should allow the beginning of the wonderful NESARA law to be polluted by these two betrayers.

There is one other person involved with NESARA’s announcement who is also questionable. However, I do not see a way to get around having this person involved in the announcement.

If we can replace the two betrayers, O’Connor and Stormin Norman, with true blue White Knights totally dedicated to NESARA, we can vastly improve the introduction of the true NESARA law. Replacing these two double-agents with true White Knights on the decision team will also enable a STRONG majority vote to absolutely ensure that any future voting on the timing of NESARA cannot be sabotaged as it was today.

We need to realize that the people in the Northeast U.S. could have had their power restored within an hour of it going off today, IF we had had the right people on the White Knight decision team. How many more times are we going to allow these two betrayers on the White Knight decision team to HARM the people of our world? They must be removed immediately!

I’m sending an email to the World Court tonight in which I’m asking that these two betrayers are removed from the White Knight decision team and the NESARA Presenters. I am including my Dove Report in this email to the World Court as reference for why I am requesting their removal.

I hope many of you will join me in sending emails to the World Court TONIGHT and asking for the removal of these double-agents; only the World Court can remove these particular people. As we saw tonight, these two betrayers are continuing to cause delays of NESARA and should not be involved in NESARA in any way whatsoever.

The email address for the World Court is:

As of now, the majority of World Court Judges are supporting NESARA being announced immediately. These Judges should see that keeping the two double-agents, O’Connor and Stormin Norman, on the NESARA roster is no longer an option.

Let us hope and pray that tomorrow these two double-agents are removed and replaced with true White Knights and that the World Court grants the other authorities the Take Action White Knights are requesting to improve their ability to bring us NESARA. NESARA Yes!

Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness