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Galactic Solar Tribunal
may announce NESARA
By Patrick H. Bellringer

For those who are new to the scene, NESARA was born many years ago through the efforts of many Lightworkers in cooperation with the Ascended Masters, and especially Sananda and St. Germain.  A law to correct the evils of the U. S. Government, and ultimately that of all governments, was mandated by the U. S. Supreme Court.  The U.S. Congress passed legislation on March 9, 2000 and created the NESARA law known as The National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  This Act was signed into law on October 10, 2000 by U. S. President Bill Clinton.  From that point on to this very day a battle has been waged by those in power to defeat the attempts of the Lightworkers to implement this law.  To do so would mean the demise of those who hold the seat of power and place that power again into the hands of the people.

Much has been accomplished in the past three years to bring NESARA to fruition.  It has been a sorting  process of removing those of the darkside who stand against NESARA.  NESARA was moved into position for announcement as early as 9-11-01, but was stopped by the CIA/FBI under orders of U. S. President G. W. Bush.  The process of sorting out those in the pyramid of power, who stand against NESARA, has moved from the bottom levels up to the very top level of power.  The mayors of cities and governors of states now stand with the true White Knights, who compose Faction Three, to implement NESARA now.  The opposition to NESARA in the U. S. Congress, the U. S. Judicial System, the U. S. Supreme Court, the U. S. Banking System, and the U. S. Federal Reserve System has been neutralized over these past months.  The various banking systems and countries of the world have come to accept the benefits of NESARA, all except the European Union and the World Court (International Court of Justice, IC J).

Because the NESARA Decision Team over these past many months has consistently voted “No” to announcing NESARA, housecleaning has occurred several times.  Over the week-end of July 26-27, 2003 six more members of the 11 member Decision Team were replaced with loyal White Knights.  Another vote to move forward with NESARA was taken on Thursday evening, July 31.  For the first time ever the loyal White Knights prevailed with a “Yes” vote.  Thus, two days later on August 2, 2003 all was in order to make the official public announcement that would finally implement NESARA.  Ninety minutes before this was to happen an order from the World Court forced the NESARA Decision Team to “stand down”.  Why?  The European Union had entered a petition in World Court to delay NESARA.  After three years preparation time the European Union claimed they were not ready to implement NESARA.  The order of the World Court was based on objections from the governments of the 17 countries that comprise the European Union (EU).

For many months the World Court has pretended to support NESARA because the Illuminati has had enough double agents on the NESARA Decision Team to cause a “No” vote.  This last round of housecleaning of the Decision Team replaced six double agents with loyal White Knights, thus the “Yes” vote.  For the first time the World Court now had to allow NESARA to go forward or show their true colors by stopping the NESARA announcement themselves.  This is exactly what they did.  The World Court now plans to hear the EU Petition on Thursday, August 7, 2003 and to vote on it on Friday, August 8, 2003.  The EU Petition claims that their precious metals records are incorrect and time is needed for an audit.  The White Knights have given orders to the World Court Judges that any who vote to delay NESARA by accepting the EU Petition will be removed from their judgeship.  The legal process of removing a World Court Judge and replacing that person with another person from the same country takes about three weeks.

Let us assume that on Friday, August 8 the World Court votes to delay NESARA.  Let us assume that the removal and replacement of those judges who voted “No” takes another three weeks.  Finally, a new court is assembled, another vote on NESARA is taken and again the vote is “No”.  What have we?  This is freewill nonsense totally under the control of the darkside.  This is the NESARA Game being played by the darkside to fool the people.  This process of delay after delay is totally unacceptable by those of us who are Lightworkers.  We refuse to wait until the end of summer or Christmas or who knows when.  This is a third dimensional game that can and must be stopped now!

Let me now show you another scenario.  There is a Cosmic Law which impacts upon our Matter Universe.  It states that whatever is caused to happen in the physical realm must also happen in the etheric realm as well, and that whatever is caused to happen in the etheric realm must also happen in the physical realm as well.  Simply stated:  As above, so below.  As below, so above.

On July 26, 2003 Lightworkers created an order that NESARA would be totally implemented in all countries of our world and that all individuals on our planet Earth would have the benefits of NESARA during the time window of July 26, 2003 and December 15, 2003.  In three days, from July 26 through July 28, 2003 the energy in the etheric realms was accumulated to form the energy grid needed to allow this to happen in the physical realm.  That is how powerful our thoughts and energies are at this time on planet Earth Shan.  The Lightworkers are creating such miracles at this time that the Angels of the Lighted Realms stand in awe of such happenings.  All that remains to be done is to announce NESARA in the physical.  “As above, so below”.  The attempt to do so was made on August 2, 2003.

Now, I want to tell you a very big secret.  All who have returned at this time and walk this planet in the physical are returned Masters—all of us!  We have returned to help with Earth Shan’s transition into fifth dimension.  Most of us have not yet awakened.  Upon entering into 3D we all agreed that the Galactic Solar Tribunal (GST) would be the highest level of authority on our planet Earth Shan and that, as Masters/Lightworkers returned, we all had a seat and a vote on that Tribunal. Do you now know the rest of the secret?

On August 2, 2002 when the World Court ordered the NESARA Decision Team to “stand down” from making the official announcement of NESARA, Ascended Master Admiral Sananda, who is in charge of Earth Shan’s transition into fifth dimension, and Ascended Master St. Germain, who is in charge of NESARA, by proxy, requested the Galactic Solar Tribunal to overrule the orders of the World Court which stopped the NESARA announcement.  They presented evidence which proved that the EU claims of incorrect precious metals records and the need for lengthy audits were only fabrications to continue the delay of the NESARA announcement.  As per Archangel Michael’s communication of August 3, 2003, quoting:

“Presiding Judge Lady Master Nada issued a ruling overriding the World Courts’ order to delay the NESARA announcement.  Lady Master Nada also handed down a ruling that the Judges of the World Court had deliberately and purposely attempted to sabotage and delay NESARA’s announcement and thus violating the freewill choice of the citizens of planet Earth….”  This legal ruling by the Solar Tribunal means that NESARA may be announced at any time.”

As a Lightworker, you are a member of the Galactic Solar Tribunal.  You were there.  You voted.  You heard the decision of the Tribunal and the Judge’s order.  Do you not remember?  Oh well…  Now, the last step is to make the announcement in this physical 3D world by those loyal White Knights who are now in the position to do so. 

For those following the Dove Reports please understand that they focus mainly on third dimension happenings and possibilities.  Information gathered from Faction Two White Knights is presented to reveal the games of the darkside.  The same games are played over and over again because they are the games that are proven to be successful.  These games will continue to be played on us by the darkside until we learn our lessons.  It is now high time we learn our lessons and change the rules of the game and play it our way.

What do I mean by “play it our way?”  We are not tied to a 3D world and its 3D ways of thinking and acting.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We walk in two separate worlds and it is now our task to unite these two separate worlds into one.  Using the creative power that lies within us, through our God Spirit within and our Mighty I AM Presence, we can change any aspect of our physical 3D world.  We have the power to change any situation if we so desire.

As Lightworkers we have a physical body with a brain, but we also have an etheric Light Body with a mind that is connected to the Mind of God and to All that Is.  We have an etheric heart that is connected to the Heart of God.  We have the very power of the Creation at our disposal.

At this very moment in Earth Shan time we are faced with the greatest choice ever on this planet.  Our decision will affect every human being and everything that makes up our planet.  The choice is to announce or not to announce NESARA.  Are we ready to use our great power and place our physical world under our etheric command?  That is what NESARA is all about.  NESARA is Creator God’s Plan for the uniting of two worlds, the bringing of the violence and pain and death of the physical world under the submission of the compassion and Love of the etheric world, the creating of a world of peace, freedom, justice, abundance and joy.  Are we ready to do that?

Today, the order has gone out to Mr. A. to immediately contact the King of Swords (KOS), who is in charge of all White Knights world-wide, and give him this order from the Lightworkers of Earth Shan, “to move the NESARA Decision Team into position for them to order the announcement of NESARA, now”.  If the NESARA Decision Team refuses to act, then KOS and the Faction Three White Knights are under orders from the Lightworkers of Earth Shan,  “to act immediately to make the official public announcement of NESARA to the world, now”.  The White Knights do not need to await further orders from the World Court.  The way has been cleared by the Galactic Solar Tribunal for the true White Knights to act, now.

Let it be known that all you who respond and carry out these orders, that the Forces of Light and the Ascended Masters are providing you total and permanent protection from the darkside.  You will be given wisdom, guidance, energy and all else that you need to carry out your duties.  You need only ask and you shall have it.  Any errors that you may make will be corrected.  Believe it, and it is so!  St. Germain has assured us that he emphatically supports these orders, that he carries the torch before you, and that he will even push you up to the microphone, if necessary.

When NESARA is announced all governments of all countries of our world are placed under Galactic Solar Tribunal authority.  Therefore, the White Knights who make the NESARA announcement need not fear any threats from the World Court or any other legal actions against them.  With the implementation of NESARA all such actions become null and void.

There are two other immediate possibilities to bring NESARA to announcement now.   The EU can withdraw their frivolous petition to the World Court, and in so doing allow the World Court no room to continue their delay of the NESARA announcement.  The pressure is on for this to happen before the Thursday hearing of the EU Petition in World Court.  We focus our energies on this and so order that this EU Petition be withdrawn immediately from the World Court.  Secondly, if the EU Petition goes forward in World Court as planned, the World Court can vote to reject the EU Petition because it has no merit.  Again, we so order that the World Court in its vote on Friday, August 8, 2003 reject the EU Petition that is now before the Court.   

Lightworkers, let us stand united  as we focus our creative energies and call in the Light of Truth, of Peace, of Hope, of Love, and send these energies to those who now carry the NESARA Torch to the finish line.  Lightworkers of the world, we can cause incredible things to happen.  We can turn NESARA around and bring it to fruition.  We have the power to do it now!  Do you believe in miracles?  I do!  Nothing can stand in the way of the announcement of NESARA, now, nothing!  Do it,  now!  Believe it, and it is so!

Who shall be the first one to say, “People of the world and of this great country, this is a public announcement.  I announce to you--NESARA!”  Who shall be the first to carry the NESARA flag through the gates into the Kingdom of Heaven on Planet Earth?  We, the Lightworkers of the world, call upon the loyal and true White Knights world-wide to do everything in their power to support NESARA, now!   Together we can, and we shall usher in the Age of Peace--now! 

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