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Urgent Warning To US Congress; Trusts Progress on Schedule

Bush attempts pre-emptive strike on Iran 

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I know that numerous members of the U.S. Congress read the Dove Reports daily. I’ve been asked to pass on an urgent warning to the U.S. Congress today. You members of Congress can help yourselves by passing this Dove Report on to key leaders in Congress immediately.

I’ve learned that dark agenda leaders in Congress are trying to get another pre-emptive strike resolution passed today. Apparently this pre-emptive strike resolution is to give Bush Jr. the ability to attack Iran. Passing this resolution would have very severe consequences for any member of Congress who voted for the resolution.

I’ve been informed that the World Court will step in if necessary to prevent any further pre-emptive attacks. The World Court has a contingency plan to prevent further pre-emptive attacks by the Bush gang. If Congress passes this new pre-emptive resolution, the World Court will immediately authorize the Ascended Masters and the benevolent Forces to take control of the D.C. area and put the White Knights on television and radio doing the true NESARA law announcement!

There will be very severe consequences for every member of Congress who votes for any pre-emptive resolution. All Senators and Representatives who vote for such an unlawful resolution will be arrested for Treason immediately and will be placed in a guarded holding facility. They will be treated as Illuminati enemies of the U.S. and will have ALL their assets stripped from them including all their money and all their property. If Senators and Representatives vote for another pre-emptive resolution, they are ending their lives as they now live and will totally lose their freedom!

There will be no escape for any member of Congress who votes for a pre-emptive strike resolution. The World Court will authorize the Ascended Masters who command the benevolent Forces to use Their highly advanced capabilities and the Forces to immediately find members of Congress and transport them directly to the holding facility!

In early April 2003, the World Court ordered hundreds of media reporters to Washington, D.C. and after signing Non Disclosure agreements as ordered by the World Court, these reporters were given a package of information which proved the Bush gang had ordered the 9/11 attacks on Americans. The media reporters were ordered to stay in D.C. to cover the imminent arrest of the Bush gang. Later in April, the media reporters were given another package of information by the World Court which contained an overview of the true NESARA law. (You may read about these events in the Dove Reports dated April 3, 2003 and April 23, 2003.)

What the Bush gang apparently does not realize is that the rules have changed since the attacks on Iraq. The rules have changed because the World Court has informed hundreds of media reporters of the truth about the 9/11 attacks, has informed these hundreds of media reporters that the Bush gang are operating unlawfully, and has provided the media reporters with details about NESARA. Now that hundreds of media representatives know that the Bush gang is set to be removed via NESARA’s announcement, the lawful requirement on the World Court is that the World Court MUST take action to cause NESARA to be announced and to stop the Bush gang from attacking Iran. The reporters are still under Non Disclosure but this does not lessen the World Court’s responsibility to prevent future pre-emptive attacks by means of ordering NESARA’s immediate announcement.

What we all need to realize is that the world has seen proof that the Bush gang only attacked Iraq for their own power and greed motives. There were zero “weapons of mass destruction” found in Iraq. The public exposure of the Bush gang’s ruthless greed now demands that the World Court take action to prevent future pre-emptive strikes from murdering innocent people in other countries. If the World Court did not take action after the public proof of that the Bush gang attacked Iraq for their personal benefit, then the World Court would not be carrying out its ethical responsibilities to the world’s people.

If Congress passes another pre-emptive strike resolution, the World Court will immediately authorize the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces to take control, pick up the traitorous members of Congress and put them in a holding facility, and place the White Knights on television doing the NESARA announcement. It does not matter what hour of the day or night Congress passes a pre-emptive resolution, the Ascended Masters will inform the World Court and the World Court will take action and issue the orders to cause NESARA to be announced immediately. These contingency orders have already been drafted and are sitting ready to be issued.

I cannot stress strongly enough to members of Congress that it is in their best interests to refuse to pass any pre-emptive strike resolution. There will be no place to hide and no future for any member of Congress who votes for a pre-emptive strike resolution.

At this time, we are waiting for the completion of the opening of the hundreds of financial Trusts in the hierarchy of Trusts over the prosperity programs funds providing major financial backing for the new U.S. Treasury Bank System, before NESARA can be announced. However, we do already have plenty of funds transferred into the U.S. to back the new Treasury Bank System, so the World Court can order NESARA to be announced immediately if necessary.

There are still some middle-sized countries which need these prosperity programs Trusts opened and need additional transfers of prosperity programs funds but all the funds needed in the U.S. have already been transferred. If Congress passes a pre-emptive strike resolution, the World Court can and will order the announcement of NESARA before the prosperity programs Trusts are fully open again.

As far as our prosperity programs mass deliveries and funding in the U.S. are concerned, if the World Court orders NESARA to be announced to block any pre-emptive strikes, the World Court can also order our mass deliveries to occur before the completion of opening the Trusts. The World Court has full authority to order changes to current conditions and requirements if necessary. Before ordering our deliveries to be done, there would be special security actions taken to ensure we and the country’s people are safe and secure. However, the World Court can change the current requirements for mass deliveries and funding if necessary just as it can change the current requirements for NESARA’s announcement in order to protect the world’s people from more unlawful Bush gang pre-emptive attacks.

As of today, the activities of opening of the Trusts are on schedule. To keep the opening activities on schedule, there have been 16 primary Trustees removed and replaced with Alternate Trustees. This is the first time ever that these Trustees, most of whom are powerful and wealthy people, have been ordered by the World Court to open the Trusts following a schedule of bank appointments and paperwork processing dictated by the World Court. All of the 16 Trustees who have been replaced are Illuminati who have always hoped to steal our prosperity funds for themselves. Perhaps now these dark agenda/Illuminati stooges are realizing these funds are being divinely protected by Those much more powerful than all Illuminati Earth Humans put together.

One more comment on the rules governing our Gifting Lists. I’ve been informed that we can only have three people on our list who receive the maximum gift of $10 Million and these should be people we know will give the money away to many other people. We are being encouraged to keep the amounts of our gifts to each person in the $1 Million to $4 Million maximum level. We are very much being encouraged to gift as many people as possible so the money is spread out as far as possible and helps stimulate the world economy and does the most good for the maximum number of people possible.

There is a very tense situation in Congress today. IF Congress goes ahead and passes another pre-emptive resolution, the World Court will definitely take action and order NESARA’s immediate announcement!


Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness