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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Yesterday the U.S. Treasury Department sent out notices to all major U.S. banks instructing the bank officials to be ready to implement the new U.S. Treasury Bank system late this week. If the bank officials fail to comply with these instructions, the U.S. Treasury Department will immediately assume control of the banks involved in non-compliance. Any bank officials in charge of a bank which fails to comply with these instructions will be removed from their positions per the bank’s contract to be part of the U.S. Treasury Bank System. There could also be monetary fines assessed against the bank and also personally against the bank’s executives. Under NESARA, executives of corporations can be held personally responsible and required to pay legal penalties out of their own fortunes if their corporations are found out of compliance.

There are hundreds of experienced bank management professionals who have been working on the NESARA banking implementation project and who are ready to step in and assume management of any non-compliant U.S. banks. The deadline for the U.S. bank officials to report back to the U.S. Treasury Department that their banks are ready is Noon EDT this Thursday. If any officials of the U.S. banks which have signed up to be Treasury Banks report their bank is not ready, the bank will be immediately taken over by the U.S. Treasury Department. The Treasury’s banking professionals are standing by and will be dispatched within four hours of the Thursday deadline. By Thursday evening any non-compliant U.S. banks will be taken over by the Treasury’s banking professionals. It is expected that the Treasury’s bank professionals would have the bank in compliance quickly.

There are two major compliance issues for the U.S. banks which have signed up to be Treasury banks. The first U.S. Treasury Bank activity is the zeroing out of credit card balances when NESARA is announced. All U.S. banks that issue and process credit card accounts are required to zero out the balances of customers’ credit card accounts within minutes of the true NESARA law announcement beginning on television. Within minutes of the NESARA announcement beginning, these U.S. banks will begin running special computer programs that zero out their customers’ credit card balances.

There may be some hours when people cannot use their credit cards while the account balances are being zeroed out. It’s important that the banks stop processing credit card charges and zero out the accounts very shortly after the NESARA announcement begins because if there were a time lapse, some people would run out and try to put new charges on their credit cards. Therefore, the zeroing out of credit card balances has been carefully coordinated to occur during the first hours of the NESARA announcement process.

The credit card issuing banks will receive $8,500 per credit card account as payment for zeroing out the accounts. This is one reason that banks have been aggressively marketing their credit cards the last few years; most banks expect to make a profit on the NESARA payment for their credit card accounts.

All the other bank debt forgiveness and relief will be done by submitting applications for these NESARA benefits. We will hear instructions about how to do these things after NESARA is announced.

The second major issue for banks is the training of bank personnel in the NESARA regulations after NESARA is announced.

Small banks in the U.S. may not yet have signed up to be Treasury Banks but will have to join the new banking system after the NESARA announcement. Some of the small banks will need technical and financial help to do the conversion and this help will be available to them after NESARA is announced.

Today Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine had another meeting with the Bush gang in D.C. The Bush gang were asking for immunity from prosecution and leniency in their sentences. Bush Senior, Bush Jr., Rice, Ashcroft, and others at the meeting have realized that the true NESARA law is soon being announced. They were not successful in their requests for immunity; they will be facing charges for their crimes. This should be a signal to others who have been helping the Bush gang that NESARA is being announced soon.

As of today, it sounds like the requirements that must be completed before NESARA is announced will be done in a few days, as required by the current announcement schedule. NESARA Yes!

Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness