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Hello Dear Friends,
I've debated for the last few weeks about telling you some additional details about what is really happening. I've wanted to protect you from some of these things but due to our current situation, it's time to tell you. Please FORWARD this message to everyone who is interested in NESARA and the remaining deliveries of the current prosperity programs in case some people are experiencing interference in receiving Dove reports.

For some of you, what I'm writing here will seem hard to believe. However, there is MUCH PROOF that the Bush administration is trying hard to implement another NAZI dictatorship here. I will be sending out an article full of FACTS that prove exactly this later today. We must stop HIDING and denying what we see in front of our eyes and TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE DANGER to our country and people. It's time WE TOOK ACTION AND HELPED GET NESARA and our remaining mass DELIVERIES DONE. YOU need to know WHAT has been happening and WHY so that you understand the seriousness of our situation. Each of us can be part of making sure NESARA is announced and our prosperity deliveries are completed ASAP. The World Court rule revisions allow for the White Knights to complete our deliveries and NESARA in the NEAR FUTURE! Let's help the White Knights get this done by doing our part NOW - TODAY! Below I explain some of the things the opposition has done to cause delays. I do this to EXPOSE the opposition's nefarious plans so that the opposition is UNABLE to do these things. Once EXPOSED, the opposition has a hard time pulling the wool over the public's eyes and usually has to abandon these plans. I'm told there are MANY efforts every day by the opposition to cause delays of NESARA's announcement and our remaining mass deliveries. Below are some of the more crucial activities that I've heard about which have an impact on where we are today. WE can HELP MOVE our deliveries and NESARA forward, but first we all need to understand the current situation so I'm recapping some recent history to help us understand the secret activities that are impacting our lives. I'm going to start by reviewing a little history because there is a THEME to what the opposition does in trying to delay NESARA and our remaining mass deliveries. For some years, there have been groups of people in the U.S. and around the world who have been working to replace the current harmful banking, monetary, and government systems. In the United States, the big movement began in the 1970s with the Farmers' Union lawsuits against the banks for illegal mortgage foreclosures and high interest rates that are unconstitutional. Over the years, powerful people in the U.S., including some powerful and well-respected military leaders, became champions of restoring the Constitution in order to correct our current fraudulent banking and government systems. Some of you in the Farm/Bank Claims and tax freedom activities know about some of these champions. One of these past champions of the Constitution was supposed to become the President Designate after NESARA is announced. Unfortunately, the opposition, whose public leader is Bush SENIOR, are experts at manipulating people and circumstances. A favorite tactic of Bush Senior's is to get videos and photos of powerful people doing sexual acts that the public would find shocking. Bush Senior is known for setting up situations where powerful people engage in these shocking sexual activities so that Bush Senior and/or his henchmen can take incriminating photos and videos of these powerful people to use in blackmail and coercion at a later date. These facts about Bush Senior, and others such as groups of the CIA who use sexual indiscretions to manipulate powerful people, are WELL DOCUMENTED in chapters of numerous books available to the public such as "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke and "Transformation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. I mention this because some of the people who are supposed to be helping NESARA get announced and implemented are being coerced into helping the opposition in order to avoid having the pictures of their sex activities splashed in the National Inquirer or other tabloids or shown to their families.

Last summer a few of us were receiving some inside info about how a certain man who was on the White Knight Decision Team was constantly coming up with excuses to delay NESARA. About a month after 9/11, this man began to act like a sleazy politician with public gushing displays of support for Bush Jr. I'm told that this Fall this former champion of the Constitution completely caved in under threats from Bush Senior of making public the pictures of this politician's sexual indiscretions as well as threats of harm to the politician's family and self. Once we learned about Bush Senior's manipulations of this man, then we knew WHY this past champion of the Constitution had BETRAYED our country and our people. Unfortunately, this man betrayed his sacred oaths as a White Knight to restore our Constitution and because he was in a very high White Knight leadership role, he was able to delay NESARA for several CRUCIAL months. I'm told that the incriminating evidence being used by the opposition to manipulate and coerce these key powerful people has been removed by the Forces. This should stop the manipulation of these people we need to help get NESARA announced.

Thus we had purposeful betrayals and delays of NESARA from someone in the White Knight Decision Team who continually worked against NESARA's announcement in collusion with a few others on the Decision Team. These betrayals cost of CRUCIAL MONTHS of delay and allowed the U.S. government black ops teams to arrange and carry out the 9/11 attacks which resulted in loss of life in the U.S. and the unnecessary attacks in Afghanistan. There were other delays that arose from the 9/11 attacks due the fact that most of the key White Knight U.S. Military Special Forces and other trusted Military groups were sent to Afghanistan to get them OUT of the U.S. so that NESARA could be delayed. There are multitudes of actions supporting NESARA that required these TRUSTED White Knight U.S. Military troops be in the U.S. By shipping them out to the Middle East, the opposition caused a weakening and delay in getting NESARA announced. This also caused delays in our remaining mass deliveries because these TRUSTED White Knight U.S. Military troops have had extensive specialized training to provide delivery security for our prosperity deliveries. I hope you are beginning to realize how the opposition's ability to control our government and to manipulate key powerful people has caused all our people and our economy great harm by delaying NESARA. NESARA sweeps these corrupt people out of power! In recent weeks, our TRUSTED White Knight U.S. Military forces have returned to the U.S. The White Knights have accomplished major goals in the last weeks in order to prepare our country for NESARA. After the banks caused problems with the databases that called a halt to our remaining mass deliveries on January 18th, we asked the World Court to REVISE the rules and give the White Knights greater flexibility in finishing the mass deliveries. The World Court did revise the rules giving the White Knights more flexibility AND MORE TIME. On January 19th, the opposition reacted to the World Court's rule revisions by immediately attempting EXTREMELY harmful actions against our people in the U.S. The opposition began trying to place "suitcase nukes" (nuclear bombs that can be carried in a small case) in 15 major U.S. cities with the idea of blowing up these bombs the MINUTE that our remaining mass deliveries were put into delivery vehicles! The opposition also tried to deploy biowarfare bombs in these 15 major U.S. cities. The White Knights' U.S. Military elite groups and the Forces had to immediately RACE OUT across the U.S. to find and take control of all the opposition's nuclear devices and personnel who were trying to detonate these devices. They also had to find and take control of all the biowarfare devices the opposition could use as well as some other exotic frequency wave weapons which could blow up cities. It took a week of hard, around the clock operations for the White Knights and Forces to find and contain all these terrible weapons.

On January 25th, I'm told another threat erupted against our remaining mass deliveries. This time the opposition looked around for someone with a vested in interest in helping to try to delay our mass deliveries. The opposition contacted Mafia leaders who agreed to send out thugs to shoot at our delivery vehicles because the Mafia will lose great amounts of revenue after NESARA is announced. Deliveries had to be postponed again while the White Knights and Forces met with the Mafia leaders to convince them to leave our delivery vehicles alone. It took the "permanent removal" of a few Mafia leaders to fully convince the Mafia to leave our deliveries alone. There were also in the last month some officials of state governments who have tried to interfere with NESARA and our remaining mass deliveries. Because of the government improvements NESARA brings to the entire country and all states, some of these corrupt state officials will lose a lot of power. They know that NESARA becomes DE FACTO LAW the minute that there are deliveries or an attempted delivery to all the remaining prosperity program members. Thus, these state officials have used various threats and bogus legal actions to try to delay our deliveries and NESARA. In the last few weeks we have also heard about the opposition trying to turn on extremely low frequency weapons using GWEN towers across the U.S. The extremely low frequencies (ELF) emitted have the capability of igniting chemical changes in the brains of some humans which will cause these people to suddenly become violent. The White Knights and the Forces acted quickly to shut down this ELF technology using the GWEN towers. Within a few days, the opposition began deploying special antennas all over the U.S. and another form of ELF technology box to once again try to get the ELF waves going in order to cause eruptions of violence by people whose brains are impacted by the ELF waves. In the past 20 years, there have been numerous incidents of someone suddenly shooting people at fast food restaurants and schools. Many of these were "field tests" of this kind of ELF technology which the opposition has been developing for years. I'm told that the opposition believes that if they can cause sudden outbreaks of violent shooting or other violence, they will be able to give Bush Jr. his "dictatorship" powers. I'm told that people who take certain medications and eat and drink certain foods have the brain chemistry which is triggered to cause them to suddenly act in violent ways. The government and some food and drug companies have been working in collusion for years to make get people hooked on certain substances so that the government can use this ELF technology to trigger violent episodes as an excuse for the federal government to become a dictatorship. In fact, I'm told the opposition did try this week to grab Bush Jr.'s dictatorship powers in the same way that Saddam Hussein did in Iraq. Hussein took over as dictator of Iraq by inviting all government officials to a meeting and then once everyone was in the room, Hussein had the doors LOCKED and announced that he was now dictator and anyone who disagreed would be immediately executed. I heard from our White House contact and the Forces that, IN FACT, this is EXACTLY what the opposition had planned to try to do at Bush Jr.'s speech on Tuesday night. However, the UN military troops and other resources, who were supposed to be the "muscle and guns" for Bush's dictatorship takeover, were rounded up by the Forces and stopped. This is one of the reasons WHY there were FIVE U.S. Supreme Court Justices who BOYCOTTED the so-called `state of the union' speech. The recent threat on Secretary of State Colin Powell's life in the Middle East was ordered by certain black ops people in the CIA who hoped that if Powell was killed in the Middle East, it would give the Bush administration another excuse to try to increase the U.S. military action in the Middle East and continue their new world order plans. The White Knights security and the Forces PROTECTED Powell and stopped the opposition's plans. The opposition is continually trying to find a way to get into a military conflict with Iraq and would have blamed Iraq, Iran, or Pakistan if the opposition's plans to assassinate Powell had been successful. However, Hussein is good friends with the Bushs, just like the Bin Laden family has been, and the Bushs have been in collusion with Hussein for many years of planning to try to get our country into another war with Iraq. The opposition also made two additional attempts this week to blow up parts of D.C. including the U.S. Supreme Court where all the records are located of the 1993 U.S. Supreme Court rulings requiring the banking and government improvements in NESARA. There have been numerous attempts by the opposition to try to destroy these crucial records, however, the Forces and White Knights have successfully defended these records totally.

Some of you have written and said that the White Knights just need to get NESARA announced and that will end a lot of the interference with our deliveries. YOU are correct and the White Knights also know and agree with your analysis. The White Knights ARE working extremely hard to get NESARA announced for exactly this reason. Our White Knight of Justice has had to find a replacement people to fill the role of President Designate and Vice President Designate. In the last few weeks, there has been tremendous pressure by the opposition put on certain people who are legally able to accept the role of President Designate and Vice President Designate. It is due to the coercion and threats against these people that we missed having NESARA announced last weekend and this week thus far. I'm told that as of TODAY the Forces have put massive protection around these people. These people are now protected from harm by the Forces' vastly superior technology and the White Knights' added security measures. The threats of harm to the President Designate, Vice President Designate and Cabinet Designate officials by the opposition are totally, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SHUT DOWN. The FARCE of members of Congress applauding Bush on Tuesday night is MERELY are REFLECTION of their fear. We need to let Congress know that WE KNOW that they are supposed to be helping get NESARA announced and it is time they DO THEIR DUTY! They ARE PROTECTED and they need to get behind NESARA NOW!!!!