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NESARA Criteria; Bush Gang CIA
"Do" Saudi Arabia

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights, It's been 3 years, 2 months, and 5 days since the first time the true NESARA law passed by Congress. That's 165.7 weeks. That's 1,160 days since the White Knights struck the first decisive blow for our people and world. So, how did we end up here, 1,160 days after NESARA was passed and still we do not have our liberty and prosperity which NESARA brings us? We still have the illegal IRS operating, we have the even more nefarious homeland security, we have an illegal regime of Bush gang thugs running our country and trying to turn Bush Jr. into Hitler and the USA into Nazi Germany. We have thousands of innocent people in the Middle East who have been attacked, killed, and harmed by the illegal Bush regime. We have billions of people in the world who are suffering from homelessness, starvation, lack of medical and health treatment because they cannot afford health care, lack of a job and the resulting personal and family difficulties. We have a bunch of Illuminati-controlled stooges such as the Bush family, the Rockefellers, Blair, Howard, Putin, etc. who are running our world. These Illuminati stooges controlled by the big Illuminati bosses have zero valuing of life and would kill their mothers in a minute if it got them what they wanted. We have the Illuminati continuing their brainwashing tactics of scaring and terrorizing the world with manufactured viruses which are purposely administered to people. We have the people of Britain, the U.S., Israel and other countries being terrorized by secret groups working for their own governments.

So, here we sit still pretending that the NESARA announcement can be done in a "reasonable" fashion. There's nothing "reasonable" about our world situation, but this is apparently not realized by some key decision-makers who control the criteria by which NESARA must be announced. We are frogs who were put into cold water in the kettle over the fire, and now the water is approaching the boiling point, but we've ACCLIMATED to the "increasing heat". What does it take before those in charge of the criteria realize that they are "fighting a war for survival", not negotiating a gentlemanly transition? The Illuminati are ruthless killers who have done unspeakable harm to our people and our world. We CAN have a NESARA announcement and implementation process that is calm and peaceful but we NEED some advantages to get NESARA announced. The rule makers need to give the White Knights some advantages which allow them to win the unseen war. The rule makers need to quit telling the Illuminati/dark agenda about the White Knight battle plan to get NESARA announced.

Since the Illuminati own the networks and know that the NESARA announcement is being attempted nearly every day now, there was interference with the broadcasting systems yesterday, as well as other things that kept us from seeing NESARA's announcement. However, if the other things were handled, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine could have ordered complete control of the broadcasting national and international networks in time to carry the NESARA announcement. But, we had other interference that was taking too many hours to clear under the "current rules".

The "National Economic Security And Reformation Act" &Mac246; NESARA - provides major benefits to Americans including: 1) Forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds; 2) Creates U.S. Treasury Bank system which absorbs the Federal Reserve and new precious metals backed U.S. Treasury currency; 3) Restores Constitutional Law; 4) Requires resignations of Bush and Cheney to be replaced by Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections; 5) Requires the President Designate to declare "Peace" enabling international banking improvements to proceed smoothly and ends U.S. aggressive military actions immediately; 6) Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government, and many more improvements.

I am not under gag order and due to certain important assistance I have provided, I have had special access to various people who have privately confirmed NESARA. Over the years I have had the major points of NESARA listed above VERIFIED by telephone by: U.S. Senators, highly placed bankers, high level Treasury Department officials, and high level personnel in the White House, National Security Agency, and Naval Intelligence, to name a few key sources. We could have had NESARA announced today if the "rules" had not gotten in the way again. We had a window for the NESARA announcement but one rule got in the way &Mac246; a silly rule when we consider the current world situation, such as what happened in Saudi Arabia. The Bush regime CIA masterminded and coordinated the attack on the American compound in Saudi Arabia. The CIA used Arabs for the attack, (let's remember that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operative) and also the CIA made sure that explosives were planted in the building that was blown up. It was another "inside job" by the CIA against Americans to try to brainwash Americans into believing that "foreign" terrorists are the problem. The Bush gang ordered this attack on Americans in Saudi Arabia to try to drum up support for another war and also to scare Americans in the U.S. into accepting the increasing NAZI-clamp down on our people by the Nazi Gestapo homeland security agency.

I wonder how the families of the people who died and were injured in the Saudi Arabia attack would feel if they knew we were sitting around letting the Bush gang run wild terrorizing the world because of some "gentlemanly rules" governing NESARA&Mac226;s announcement? I'm asking all the Judges involved in the World Court and in the U.S. Supreme Court to change the rules and don't tell the Illuminati what the rule changes are. Give the White Knights a chance to go on the offensive and get NESARA announced without giving away the White Knights&Mac226; battle plan to the enemy.

It is ridiculous that it is May 14th, 1,160 days after NESARA was passed, our country has been hijacked by the Bush gang thugs who are terrorizing Americans and others here and abroad AND we STILL don't have NESARA announced? What does it take to get the point across that the rules are not working? I'm hearing the rules WILL BE changed if we don't have NESARA announced "by a certain date". The World Court told the banks that they have to ready on May 15th for the big changes &Mac246; that's the end of the extra time the banks have been given. I'm asking the World Court Judges WHY we have to wait even another day for these rule changes? Tomorrow is May 15th! We've been "reasonable" ad nauseum. Do we need dozens more Americans or others to die? How would you World Court Judges feel if YOUR family members had died in Saudi Arabia? For the White Knights to redeem themselves, they only have a few more days in which they can order NESARA to be announced on their own authority. How about giving the White Knights a fighting chance and dropping all the rules but the two basic rules? How about changing the rules NOW, today? What's so special about the date that's been chosen? What's "reasonable" about sticking to the current rules after all the harm that's been done? Is this date so special that you World Court Judges can in good conscience hold onto it in the face of more people dying because YOU have chosen "a date"? WHY wait to change the rules? We NEED NESARA Now! Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness