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The State Of NESARA
April 16, 2003

By F.M. (

There are many positive and negative emotions swarming about the people of Planet Earth right now: satisfaction, frustration, happiness, sadness, invigoration, exhaustion, hope, despair, calmness, anger, peace, war, love, hatred, greediness, forgiveness, life, and death. These emotions are a very real part of our experiences—a very real part of our lives. They are all part of the duality of third dimension where positive and negative exist. To be able to understand and make sense of all that is happening right now, we need to take a moment in time and comprehend the “Spaceship” view of everything. Objectively observing our reality helps one to better comprehend things.

Whether you believe it or not, these are fantastic times in which we live. As a sentient, living being, this planet has volunteered to experience, to accommodate and to be the main focal point in this galaxy for the forces of darkness and their evil. For millions upon millions of years she has endured countless trials and tribulations. Over time, her lessons were learned and she has recently graduated to a higher state of being. She now wishes to transcend to a greater level of learning and existence. She, Earth-Shan, has sincerely asked for help to move in to this higher vibrational state, and help has arrived! The Forces of Light responded to the call and have come to help with this grand transformation. They have come from every place imaginable in this galaxy, in this universe and from other universes. As a result of this grand transformation, Earth Shan will be birthed into a new planet and earn a new name, Terra Nova.

Mankind too, has gone through many trials and tribulations right along with “Mother Earth”. There have been thousands upon thousands of civilizations upon her of which mankind has experienced life and death. In the end, mankind did not learn the right lessons and ended up destroying themselves. Our beautiful planet has provided us sustenance and shelter to sustain us through these millions of years and yet, we still have not learned our lessons. So, Mother Earth is moving on without us. She has been patient long enough. She has waited too long for mankind to learn and graduate into a higher state of being.

Every planet in this solar system has gone through this magnificent transformation process from third dimensional existence to fourth, then to fifth dimension and higher. Several of these planets ended up being destroyed in third dimension before transformation took place, with Mars being the last example. Mars is a Twin Sister Planet to Earth-Shan and her destruction was caused by the freewill of man. As cosmic law states, the Forces of Light cannot intervene in the freewill of mankind. This non-intervention is important for those in third dimensional existence to experience the essential soul growth lessons they have chosen to learn.

A single thought-form of duality and separation from our Creator Source has caused this universe of Nebadon to be created. This incorrect, duality thought-form of, “I am less than my creator. I am not created as an image of my creator. Therefore, I cannot create those things of grandeur that my creator can create but yet I wish to be like my creator in every possible way.” has caused our physical universe as we know it to manifest. The being that originated these thoughts was the once great enlightened being known as Lucifer.

As we all know, Lucifer ended up convincing a third of all the Angels of Light to pursue his reality of duality and separation from creator source. Upon creating a reality in which he could rule and control, a “Central Command Post” needed to be established and he chose planet Earth-Shan as this post.

Since this planet is the main planet where the forces of darkness have been allowed to play their games of being god-like without having to follow the laws of God and Creation, an exception to the “Prime Directive” of nonintervention has been made during this planet’s transcension. This exception has been made because of the overwhelming amount of people on this planet praying for and asking for Peace! This time the will of the many out weighs the will of the few!

The forces of darkness, through mankind, have reigned on this planet for over 65 million years and this reign has finally come to an end. This end was predicted and foretold over two thousand years ago and mankind was given one last chance to redeem themselves. As you can see, this has not happened and there are no more chances to be given. This civilization is the last third dimensional civilization on this planet. This planet has asked for and has been granted a higher state of existence. Therefore, mankind has two choices. You can either stay on this planet and experience, along with Mother Earth, this wonderful transformation into a new reality and a new way of life where all negative thought-forms and actions do not exist, or leave! If one chooses to stay in a compressed and negative third dimensional reality, they can surely experience it on some other similar planet, just not on this one anymore.

Because of this transcension, in no other time period on this planet has there been such a wonderful opportunity for great learning and vast soul growth. This is one reason why our planet population has soared over the last many years. Many souls have returned who wish to incarnate at this time into this last civilization to be able to experience this transcension and to gain much soul growth. Also, many souls have incarnated at this time to help with this magnificent transcension. Based on the track record of past civilizations and where this one was headed, many intricate plans were laid to create an end result of planetary transcension instead of planetary destruction for Mother Earth. These various plans are being carried out by the Forces of Light and by those who chose to come here to help in third dimension at this time. Some of these plans were averted by the dark side and new ones had to be created, but all in all, everything is going according to plan—the plan of the Forces of Light.

During any planetary transformation process, there is always resistance from those who do not want change. In this case the resistance is massive from the darkside and they are thrashing about as they are gradually strangled, so to speak. Much effort has been exerted by them to try to keep their evil control over their victims. For this reason there are many Forces of Light here right now. Because of the importance of this transcension, there are literally trillions of ships of Lighted beings here now to help us, so many that they do not even fit into this sector of the galaxy. All we need to do is ask for their help, for according to cosmic law, this great transformation process has to be initiated by humans.

In order for this transcension to be successful all negativity/evil must be removed from our planet. This is done in part by infusing Mother Earth with higher and higher energy light waves. Third dimensional existence is made up of compressed lower frequency light/energy waves which vibrate within a certain frequency range, much like a CPU in a computer. By increasing the megahertz of the CPU you increase the speed at which it operates, and all functions it performs are executed faster. Likewise, by increasing the frequency of the light at which the third dimensional waves vibrate, you increase the vibrational state at which existence seemingly resonates. Therefore, at a certain frequency point the light/energy of reality is too high for the lower energy patterns of evil and negative thought forms to exist. One example of this effect is that “Time” seems to go by faster for us today. You ask anybody about how fast the days go by and they will agree with you that they, too, have noticed the seemingly decrease in the length of a day. We currently have a 14 hour day compared to the 24 hour day of 1964.

You may ask, “ How does this increase in frequency help the people of the earth?” Our current world societal paradigm is that we have to "work for money" to sustain ourselves. This is the type of thinking that has been perpetrated upon us, for it makes us easier to control. You are born, are taught by your parents to be a good worker, are educated in schools that teach you specific professions so that you can go out into society to produce, and then at the same time, are taught to also consume when you need things. Generally, when people work, their physical and mental labor is turned into money, so that they can buy and consume products that other people are making to be consumed. This type of societal structure keeps people in a very low level frequency state—the materialistic world of things. In general the people of the world are held captive as slaves to support and to be controlled by the few hidden controllers on this planet. The whole concept of money that drives our entire world population is the very thing that keeps us in our own bondage and low level state of thinking. This type of society is only really beneficial to the hidden controllers that skew and direct our society into that which benefits them.

This is the type of societal structure that is "going out the window" soon after NESARA is implemented. Know that NESARA is only the beginning of change. It is the match which sets off all the fireworks. NESARA ushers in a new way of life, a new way of thinking and a new world paradigm. This "I need money to survive" thinking will eventually be eliminated as we are gradually transformed into a cashless society. “How” you may ask? The answer is very simple. Increase the frequencies by which our reality resonates.

As the energy frequencies increase greatly over these next few years, new ways of thinking will take over the old. New ways of doing things will replace the old. Suppressed abilities that we as humans used to have, but were taken away from us, will again surface. New types of technologies provided to us will aid us in making these changes occur.

We have been trapped in our "money" attitudes long enough. When one is freed from the bondage of having to work, one can focus their energy on doing things for a greater good. People will be able to do what they have always wanted to do but never could. Generally people will do something to better their community in which they live or to help the people around them. This general increase in positive energy flowing from the people, along with the increasing frequencies of this planet, will cause the change of our old way of thinking to transform. This new way of thinking will be that one does not have to work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks out of the year to survive and obtain things. People can focus their energy on healing themselves, and increasing their spirituality, enlightenment and understanding of what is happening to the world around them. They can work and do what they want to do and enjoy doing it.

When you are acting out of love, integrity, helpfulness, kindness, and sincerity to others and to yourselves, you create a higher state of thinking, a higher state of being and a higher state of existence around you and around those with whom you interact. When one is operating within this new paradigm of thinking and reality, one does not condone negative thinking or actions, so one naturally does not do negative things. Therefore, on a planetary scale where you have millions upon millions of people finally freed from our societal bondage, a great wave of high energy sweeps over the planet, greatly reducing and eventually phasing out the lower frequency attitudes, actions and emotions of negativity.

NESARA is the end result of centuries upon centuries of work by many beings of the Forces of Light and by many physically incarnated helpers, Light-workers and White Knights. NESARA is the catalyst for this transformation process, as it will trigger a great series of wonderful, liberating events for mankind.

NESARA will happen! No matter what the darkside tries, NESARA will happen, and this grand transcension process will commence. Do not worry, as all is going according to the grand plan of the Forces of Light. Those in charge, Admiral Sananda, Saint Germain and others have all kinds of backup plans that will be enacted, but only after every chance has been given to the 3D White Knights to make the announcement.

This recent “let down” of the non-announcement of NESARA was the last chance for the White Knights to actually do it themselves. Based upon their past actions, I believe, this result was expected. Saint Germain, with massive support of the Forces of Light, has his plans in place. He, along with his small band of True White Knights, will get the job done. According to Cosmic Law, every chance and every effort had to be given to the 3D White Knights to do the announcement.

Our society and leaders of this world are entrenched in their reality of war, pain and suffering and want world domination so much that humans alone cannot affect change. Things have gone past the point of no return to such a degree that the announcement will only manifest with the massive help of the Forces of Light. This is another reason why so many Forces of Light are here right now. They are here to help us contain this situation and implement this great societal change.

Throughout this entire transcension process, through the infusing of higher energy frequencies into this planet, and through our planet emanating higher energy frequency herself, there is an increasingly greater separation of dark and light. This is most prevalent in people’s attitudes, values and emotions. This is a grand sorting process that is going on and everyone must choose what reality they want, to stay and ascend or to leave. In other words, one must choose to exist in Lightness or darkness. There is no middle ground and no fence-sitting anymore. This sorting process is very important and everyone in existence in 3D must go through it. Everyone must make a choice.

This recent “let down” is not really a “let down”. It is, rather, another short period for sorting and testing. It is a time of sorting of all those wishy, washy people who say, “Where’s my money!? Where’s NESARA? NESARA is a hoax! NESARA is a lie!” It is a great test of patience, faith, integrity, and most of all, learning to be neutral about what is going on all over the planet. It is a time to understand that what is happening is part of a much bigger plan at work.

There is a reason for everything that happens in our lives. We choose our actions and those actions have consequences. Our decisions determine our reality. It is the simple Law of Cause and Effect. Furthermore, when we chose to incarnate as a human on this school-room planet, we agreed to experience those situations in which we now find ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, we, our higher self has at some point agreed to experience those things which we have and are experiencing.

As an example, let us consider the current War in Iraq. Those people who die or are injured in war have incarnated on this planet and in those places most likely to fulfill that experience. Those who shoot, kill and maim people in the name of war, have also incarnated on this planet and in those places most likely to fulfill that experience. It is all a part of fulfilling their Karma yet at the same time, by experiencing these things, they are helping to transmute that which they experience off of this planet. This is true with all negative experiences at this time. With all of these people fulfilling these types of experiences all over the world, this has an enormous expedited effect on transmuting this negative energy off of this planet during these final "cleansing days". The end effect is a people and a planet with higher frequencies of existence where these negative energies simply do not exist. This is truly a "WAR to end all wars" on this planet.

What is happening now may seem like the beginning of an Age of Darkness, but in reality our “Spaceship Earth” is moving into an Age of Lightness. We are experiencing the death throws of the “Forces of Darkness”. This current time period is Armageddon, and it is almost over. Hang in there, keep positive and be a beacon of “Light” in your area so that others may “see”. Be positive, helpful, kind and peaceful to everyone you encounter. This is what is meant by “hold the light”. The dawn of a new reality is upon us, and the Peacemakers shall truly inherit the Earth! These are truly fantastic times in which we live. NESARA NOW!

I send much Love and Light to everyone on this planet.