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NESARA to be announced April 15 ?

Today's Dove Report is being directed to the White Knight Leaders in charge of deciding the date and circumstances of NESARA's announcement. One of the ways I communicate with the White Knights is through the Dove Reports and that's what I'm doing today.

To you White Knight Leaders who are attending the meeting tonight regarding NESARA, I have some news which impacts you personally and needs to be considered in this evening's meeting. As you know, the World Court (International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands) removed certain White Knight Leaders from your decision-making group after the failure to announce NESARA by or before March 20th as the Court had ordered. The World Court was informed of which White Knight Leaders due to "political reasons" had voted to delay NESARA's announcement on March 19th because they were afraid to remove Bush Jr. at precisely the moment before the attacks on Iraq were due to begin. These White Knights were removed from your White Knight Leadership group by the World Court and replaced with other White Knights. The "political reasons" for delaying removing Bush Jr. was considered inexcusable by the World Court and it still is considered inexcusable. What you White Knight Leaders may not realize, however, is that the International Criminal Court is considering including YOU White Knights in the war crimes charges which the Bush gang will be facing after NESARA is announced. You White Knights who were directly involved in the fatally erroneous decision on March 19th AND also those White Knights and others who gave you advice leading to the fatally erroneous decision on March 19th have been investigated and the evidence has been submitted to the International Criminal Court. The logic of the decision to consider charging you White Knights is simple: if a policeman stood by and watched as a gang of thugs killed people and did nothing to stop the killings of which the policeman had been clearly and publicly informed 72 hours in advance, the policeman would be charged with crimes along with the killers. You White Knights know better than anyone that the Bush gang have zero valid power; the Bush gang forced the U.S. Supreme Court to put Bush Jr. into the White House. Not only was the Bush Jr. NOT elected, but because the U.S. Supreme Court Justices were coerced and threatened, their decision which amounted to "selecting Bush" was made "under duress" and thus was not a lawful decision. ALL of you White Knight Leaders KNOW these facts and you have the evidence to support these facts. Therefore, YOU White Knight Leaders more than anyone else KNOW that the Bush regime is a totally ILLEGAL and UNLAWFUL regime. That YOU White Knights have KNOWN for two years that the Bush regime is unlawful and illegal ADDS weight to your guilt in allowing the attacks on Iraq. I know many of you White Knight Leaders are U.S. military officers or you were previously in the military and most of you are located in the Pentagon or D.C. area. You are immersed in the "political" tap dancing that goes on in D.C. as part of carrying out your normal duties. However, what you White Knight Leaders have SERIOUSLY MISCALCULATED is that the rest of the world does NOT SHARE your views. To the International Criminal Court, YOU were policemen who had 72 hours public notice and you were physically present "at the scene" when the top mobster (Bush Jr.) ordered that innocent people be killed and YOU did NOTHING to stop the killings. Therefore, you White Knight Leaders who voted not to do the NESARA announcement on March 19th are definitely on the list of people who will be charged with war crimes.

And do not think because the illegal occupant of the oval office, Bush Jr., refused to include the United States in the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court that this is going to save you from prosecution. There is only ONE thing that will keep you White Knights who voted to delay NESARA on March 19th and your advisors from being charged with war crimes: NESARA must be announced by or before the date which the World Court has given you White Knights. YOU White Knights must prove yourselves worthy of being free of charges for the deaths of the innocent Iraqi people. By YOU White Knights carrying out your responsibilities of announcing NESARA, you can redeem yourselves. The nine White Knight Leaders who voted to delay NESARA due to political reasons on March 19th are not the only White Knight Leaders who have responsibility for allowing Bush to attack Iraq. The other 15 White Knight Leaders who voted to delay NESARA's announcement on March 19th due to other reasons are also being held responsible for these war crimes. There's one more thing you White Knight Leaders need to know. The American people deserve to be freed of the unlawful, bullying IRS immediately. You have the power to get NESARA announced before the infamous, unlawful income tax filing deadline of April 15th and you are WELL ADVISED to DO the announcement by or before April 15th to spare Americans this betrayal by you. All of YOU White Knights KNOW full well and know of the legal evidence and ruling which proves the IRS is totally illegal and unlawful in every way. Again due to political reasons, some of you White Knights requested to have the deadline by which YOU must announce NESARA set for April 16th. This is a betrayal of the American people and you know it. Furthermore, certain major corporate leaders who have been supporting you White Knights have discovered that you are NOT keeping your promises to them! You White Knight Leaders promised your supporters in major corporations that you would have NESARA announced before or by April 15th. Now the news has leaked out to these corporate leaders that you have betrayed their trust in you. These corporate leaders were hoping to spare their corporations having to pay the illegal and burdensome federal income taxes for 2002 and hoped to use that money to help their employees until all NESARA's benefits kick-in to improve the current very bad American economy. Now these corporate leaders know that you White Knights told the World Court that you could not guarantee getting NESARA announced until April 16th. If you delay doing NESARA's announcement until April 16th, you have betrayed all Americans and HELPED the dark agenda/Illuminati to steal billions from Americans once again. [The majority of the federal income tax goes to pay the bogus debts owed to the Federal Reserve System due to the charges and interest the Fed imposes on the U.S. government. The tax money is then distributed to numerous Illuminati by the Fed.] The duplicity of you White Knights choosing April 16th has not gone unnoticed. Some of your corporate executive supporters are considering bringing charges against YOU White Knight Leaders for failing to get NESARA announced before or by April 15th.

I understand that a major topic on tonight's White Knight meeting agenda relates to how you White Knights can "c.y.a." and protect yourselves from liability if NESARA is announced via authority given to One whom you are not inviting to the meeting. I've heard for months that you White Knights are always talking about how you are the ones who have liability if things go wrong and someone brings suit against you personally after NESARA is announced. However, I'm told that the World Court has already ruled that you White Knights will be immune from suits against you UNLESS you PURPOSELY USE the activities of the NESARA announcement and implementations for PERSONAL benefit. Therefore, as long as you do your duties properly, you are protected from liability. Even if the dark agenda/Illuminati should try to frame you or use those under your command to cause problems, the proof of who does what can be obtained in great detail and you would be free of liability. You White Knights have massive resources and assistance which you have never fully utilized and for this reason, we are sitting here without NESARA today. I hope you notice that your previous argument that "you have all the liability and therefore you must have all the control" FAILS to hold water in the present circumstances. YOU will be charged with war crimes if you fail to announce NESARA as ordered by the World Court recently. Furthermore, you will also be personally sued for damages IF you fail to announce NESARA by or before April 15th. This is the first time that each of you White Knights personally has the promise of facing criminal charges FOR FAILING to do your duty.

There's one more element that you White Knights need to consider in your meeting tonight. The One you are not inviting does have the power to make certain NESARA is announced by April 15th and this One has the authority to use all the resources which will ensure that NESARA is announced, including those resources you White Knights have refused to fully utilize.

If this One does end up having to give the orders to have NESARA announced by April 15th, YOU White Knights could still face war crimes charges because you did not redeem yourselves by ordering NESARA's announcement yourselves. Therefore, you may want to reconsider you previous decisions. In tonight's meeting you White Knight Leaders may want to compare facing war crimes charges and suits to recover monetary damages from each of you White Knights personally FOR FAILING to announce NESARA -- with the worries you have about your liability if you do announce NESARA. You have a LOT MORE TO LOSE BY FAILING to announce NESARA by April 15th than you do by fulfilling your duties and making certain NESARA is announced by 4/15. If you announce NESARA by or before 4/15 and do your duties properly, you will receive the FULL protection of the World Court as well as the full protection of the Ascended Masters and the Forces. If there is any purposeful trouble caused by others under your command, the Ascended Masters and Forces have total ability to obtain the proof that it was not your fault and you will be immune from liability. Perhaps NOW is the time to fully utilize the support and assistance of the Ascended Masters and the Forces to ENSURE that YOU White Knights DO announce NESARA by April 15th and DO REDEEM yourselves and protect yourselves from liability.

Last night I was able to confirm that Bush Jr. and Cheney were put under a form of house arrest. The phone network info that Bush and Cheney were arrested as both planned to leave the U.S. is true. Apparently, Bush Jr. and Cheney were hoping to escape from the country before NESARA is announced. My sources say that both Bush Jr. and Cheney were planning to leave the country at the SAME TIME. It's illegal for BOTH of the people occupying the offices of President and Vice President to be out of the country at the same time. Therefore, they were put under a kind of "house arrest" and will be here to see NESARA announced.

There was also talk last evening of Rumsfeld calling a "big meeting". I understand a "big meeting" of most of the Bush gang cabinet and a few White Knights did take place today. The Bush gang once again were negotiating for delaying NESARA's announcement. I'm hearing there were mixed impressions of what the result of this meeting was. I've put in a call to check the status of a certain person who has been a White Knight in the past but has recently been removed from the White Knight decision-making group. My sources indicate that this former White Knight was in the meeting today and seemed to be in favor of delaying NESARA. However, other White Knights at the meeting who still belong to the White Knight decision-making group were not in favor of delaying. Someone left the meeting claiming that a certain amount of delay was agreed to, however, I'm hearing that this is not correct and this assumption was based on the attitude of the former White Knight who no longer has any decision-making power. I'm told numerous "current White Knights" refused to attend this meeting today which indicates the true White Knights at the meeting were not there to say "yes" or "no" but merely to listen to what the Bush gang had to say.

Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness