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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I can confirm the phone network info that in the last few days literally hundreds of reporters and journalists with associated media crews have descended upon Washington, D.C. for the biggest story in modern history.

One of the reasons for the big meeting the other night at the White House was an attempt by the Bush gang to try to negotiate a deal for themselves.

Numerous top White Knights met with members of the Bush gang. Meeting discussions included the imminent arrests of Bush Jr., Bush Senior, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Ashcroft, Ridge, certain Rockefellers, and others. The Bush gang failed to negotiate the deal they wanted; the White Knights are pressing forward to remove the entire Bush gang from power.

The meeting at the White House followed a major White Knight surprise action to move NESARA closer to announcement. Early this week the top White Knight legal expert in the U.S. (NOT, definitely not Ashcroft) sent out a packet of information to the top executive of every major news reporting television network, every major newspaper, and every major radio news reporting network. The packet contained a Non Disclosure requiring that the information in the packet could not be leaked or reported in any way until the "official" press coverage. The packet contained over 100 pages of documentation discussing the Bush gang's involvement in the 9/11 attacks. All media executives were told to send personnel to D.C. immediately this week to cover the public disclosure of indictments against members of the Bush gang and the removal of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Ashcroft, and others from their government posts. Last night the White Knights held a meeting to review what needed to be handled in order to make NESARA's announcement. The pressure is on to get NESARA announced immediately. The news about indictments for the 9/11 attacks is expected to be released the day after NESARA's announcement. The indictments against the Bush gang were prepared months ago by a special group using intelligence and depositions gathered by the White Knights. The indictments are in part based on sworn statements by CIA personnel who were part of the CIA group that planned and managed the 9/11 attacks.

My great gratitude to the top White Knight legal expert for launching this decisive action to bring NESARA to announcement. Bless his great heart for moving NESARA strongly forward and in a way that literally has brought NESARA to the brink of announcement! With thousands of media people now aware of the Bush gang's culpability in 9/11, we are at a point of "no return". The White Knights MUST announce NESARA now.

Naturally, because NESARA is still under U.S. Supreme Court gag order, these media personnel have not been given any documentation that tells them they will be covering the NESARA announcement. However, our top White Knight legal expert has ensured by his ingenious actions that the truth about the Bush gang will come out and NESARA's announcement must be done soon!