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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

This is the most brutally frank Report I've written in a long time, perhaps ever. I am reporting the activities behind the scenes of getting the true NESARA law announced because I have personally seen that the MORE LIGHT shed on something that needs to be done, the FASTER it gets done. Things done in secret and shadows with only a few people knowing about them can easily be stamped out of existence. BUT when thousands of people KNOW what is going on, it moves the action forward. I know the vast importance of the true NESARA law's announcement and implementation to all of us and the world. It is absolutely crucial to the SURVIVAL of Earth's people that the true NESARA law be announced as soon as possible. Some people have mistakenly thought I "represent" the White Knights and speak for them. This is incorrect. I represent MYSELF and my personal spiritual missions on behalf of the Creator of All That Is. Doing my part to ensure the true NESARA law is announced and implemented is one of my spiritual missions. Thus, do not be surprised that I criticize the White Knights in this Report. I am giving an inside look at why and how things are progressing in the hope that bringing certain White Knights' human weaknesses and poor decisions to light will cause changes which will help move NESARA into announcement immediately.

The dark agenda robotic stooge, Bush Jr., has once again proven he is a war criminal. He will be indicted by the international war crimes court which he has tried to escape. After NESARA is announced, Bush Jr., Bush Senior, the Rockefellers, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the rest of the dark agenda stooges in the U.S. who were part of ordering the 9/11 attacks and the attacks on Afghanistan and now Iraq, will be indicted for murder and war crimes. Some of you have asked me WHY these things are being allowed to occur when there are 20+ Ascended Masters and billions of Forces groups who have far superior capabilities and could stop the Bush gang in their tracks instantly. I have not addressed your questions about WHY in the past, however, today I have decided to discuss some aspects of WHY. Certain aspects of WHY are fairly understandable; however, other complexities of WHY are not being covered here due to a lack of common understandings among those who read the Dove Reports.

One of the KEY elements about WHY the Forces and Ascended Masters do divine intervention at some times and do not intervene at other times usually has to do with "lawful authority". The Forces and the Ascended Masters have the FULL CAPABILITIES to EASILY stop any war and any and all military weapons. They have neutralized many attempts in the past BECAUSE the White Knights DID NOT have the ability to announce NESARA and stop the Bush gang's warmongering. THIS WEEK for the first time, the White Knights had the ability and a wide open door to announce NESARA and at this point, the Forces withdrew from stopping the war. It was up to the White Knights to stop the war before it started and the White Knights could have stopped it by announcing NESARA.

Earth Humans have divine FREE WILL to choose their experiences and this free will must be honored. For the FIRST TIME in months THIS WEEK the White Knights had everything they needed to announce NESARA and stop the Iraq attacks. Because the White Knights finally HAD the POWER to stop the attacks, the Forces withdrew their containment of the military. The White Knights HAVE the CAPABILITY via NESARA to stop the war instantly THIS week. In honor of the White Knights' free will to do so, the Forces have temporarily stepped back. However, if the White Knights fail to announce NESARA, there will be other actions which will ensure it's announcement. The issue for the Forces as of this week, is "lawful authority" to intervene. The White Knights have the lawful and FULL capability to stop the war in mere minutes and the White Knights have the lawful authority to do so via announcing NESARA. I have asked, what about the free will of millions of people on Earth who WANT PEACE and when do the Forces and Ascended Masters support OUR free will and take action to intervene on behalf of the MILLIONS of people who want peace? Due to the peace rallies of recent months showing that millions of people are taking action for peace, I'm told there is a plan to provide "lawful authority" to the Forces and Ascended Masters to intervene to stop the war by causing the true NESARA law announcement and implementation to occur. I describe how this "lawful authority" is being conveyed later in this Report.

There is a higher purpose to the tragic events which have occurred and I know this. I know because when I awoke from a near-death experience in March 1993, ten years ago, I awoke with massive understandings about life and who we are. However, the divine reasons behind why the Bush gang have been allowed to carry out some of their mass murder plans are complex and directly linked to the limited knowledge held by most people of Earth.

Months ago I asked WHY the 9/11 attacks were allowed to occur. I was told it was because Americans and other people in the world were refusing to pay attention and refusing take responsibility as adults for fixing the deep corruption of our governments and countries. The 9/11 attacks were a wake-up call and a spiritual wake-up call to point out that some people are on Earth are too caught up in the materialism of what they can buy and have and CARE TOO LITTLE about the important things of life. The 9/11 attacks were also allowed to occur because these are the CRUCIAL TIMES when the people of Earth MUST AWAKEN to higher wisdom and more loving and wise life choices.

When innocent people die in senseless acts of violence, it makes us stop and ponder the importance of LIFE, of valuing those we love, of being kind to others, of feeling the pain of others and wanting to ease their pain, of CARING about improving our world for ourselves, our loved ones and others. Some people did wake-up to the true values of life after 9/11, but too many still have not opened their eyes. Too many are still not acting as adults who are willing to take responsibility to fix the problems which are all too obvious. Too many Americans still act like children who swallow the drivel spoon-fed to them by mainstream media and corrupt government officials.

All Americans who have not spoken out against the Bush gang's warmongering for oil are guilty of the deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. All Americans, who believe the Bush gang's lies, have the blood of innocent people on their hands. All these brain-dead Americans who have supported the Bush gang will someday soon have to face themselves and their chosen path of refusing to see the truth. The lack of empathy for the deaths and pain of innocent people will come back to haunt these brain-dead Americans who cavalierly support the corrupt Bush gang's murderous attacks - all for the purpose of oil profits and global domination. These brain-dead Americans will all experience a very personal and painful dark night of the soul and a massive awakening when they finally see the truth. One of the great purposes of these times is for the people of Earth to awaken from their lack of awareness of the great purposes of life and of their own lives, and to recognize TRUTH. By being ignorant of the vast truths of life, the people of Earth are fulfilling a great spiritual mission. But they have almost gone too far in their slumbering ignorance.

This is why there must now be SHOCKING and DESTRUCTIVE activities which shake people to their core and FORCE THEM TO WAKE-UP and stop believing the corrupt politicians and others who plot and act to destroy our lives and our planet.

As to what is happening this week, the White Knights are supposed to announce NESARA; they have been given a deadline by the World Court to announce NESARA this week. In the past, the Forces and Ascended Masters have performed a great deal of intervention to give the White Knights time to act. The Forces have prevented attacks on Iraq in the past because these were sneak attacks and the White Knights did not have the ability announce NESARA in the past in order to stop the attacks themselves. The Forces have prevented sneak attacks because it is important for the American people to see Bush Jr. PUBLICLY declare he was breaking Constitutional Law and spiritual law by launching a war of aggression on INNOCENT people only to try to gain control of their oil and try to begin his world domination efforts.

However, two things happened this week which put the responsibility for preventing the attacks on Iraq DIRECTLY ON the White Knights. First, as of Tuesday this week, the White Knights knew the required actions in Britain and Spain were complete and finally the White Knights had the door open to bring us NESARA. This is the first time in months that the White Knights actually had a wide open door to get NESARA announced. The White Knights know that regardless of whether the Bush gang have attacked Iraq or not, NESARA CAN BE announced. Furthermore, the White Knights have been given a deadline by the International Court of Justice (World Court) to get NESARA announced this week. Early this week the World Court also gave the White Knights HUGE latitude to get NESARA announced with the intention that the White Knights would pre-empt the Bush gang's unlawful attacks on Iraq. Because the White Knights have the power to get NESARA announced this week, the Forces have withdrawn their prevention of the attacks on Iraq. It is up to the White Knights to use the ONE OVERWHELMINGLY POWERFUL process they have to stop these unlawful attacks and the announcement of the true NESARA law. As the representatives of all people on Earth who want to clean out corrupt governments and banking systems, the White Knights have the RESPONSIBILITY to ACT and ACT NOW to get NESARA announced! Because of the latitude given to them this week by the World Court, the White Knights have very few valid excuses for delaying the announcement of NESARA. The White Knights know better than anyone how corrupt and unlawful the Bush gang's power in D.C. is. The White Knight leaders know that Bush Jr.

has absolutely NO legal foundation for being in the White House since the US Supreme Court Justices were under duress and threatened with civil war unless they chose to decide in favor of Bush Jr. in December 2000. From what I'm hearing, last night certain White Knights exhibited personal cowardice (which they think of as "political good sense") and are afraid to remove Bush Jr. and call a halt to the attacks by announcing NESARA. I sincerely hope these cowardly White Knights will SOON be replaced.

Today I'm hearing that the White Knights expect to ask for an extension from the World Court in their deadline to announce NESARA. If the White Knights go past the current deadline and have need to ask for this extension, I'm hearing they will probably get the extension. However, I'm also hearing that another back-up plan will also go into action SIMULTANEOUSLY to ensure NESARA is announced and these actions will not wait to see if the White Knights are successful. I'm hearing this second course of action was outlined six months ago as a back-up plan to give the legal and lawful authority for ordering the announcement and implementation of the true NESARA law to Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and a new coalition of people on Earth chosen by Him. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine has worked tirelessly in meetings with leaders of Earth's countries and banking systems for many months. He has sat down at conference tables many times in places around the world with both White Knights and dark agenda leaders in actions to move forward the announcement of the true NESARA law. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine has a plan which He will implement beginning tomorrow if necessary to make certain NESARA is announced and implemented, if the White Knights currently in charge continue to delay.

To those who have worked for and called for peace, I say: our actions for peace HAVE been successful in causing amazing steps forward which are helping to bring us the true NESARA law's announcement and implementation which gives us an INSTANT declaration of PEACE. Early this week, when the World Court decided to provide much greater latitude in the requirements necessary for NESARA's announcement, the FACT that MILLIONS of the world's people and millions of Americans have CALLED for PEACE and shown their disdain for the Bush gang was a major factor. The World Court knows from these massive Peace Rallies that the support for NESARA will be vast and that millions of Americans will actively cheer the removal of the Bush gang from power! Regarding the prosperity programs, there will be ZERO mass deliveries to humanitarian prosperity program members and zero mass funding of the programs, whether "fine money" or "program money", until AFTER the true NESARA law is announced. The reason the fine money is not being distributed is because currently the IRS is still operating and the White Knights refuse to allow a penny of these funds to go to the IRS. Deliveries and funding will occur, per the current rules, only AFTER the true NESARA law is announced; this has been the case since Easter of the year 2000 and it will continue to be the case. I have one last comment to the White Knights who want to delay NESARA due to "political reasons". SO WHAT if a so-called "sitting" occupant of the oval office has never been removed during a so-called "war" and you White Knights who think this is a valid reason to delay are deceiving yourselves! There is no such thing as a good "political reason" when innocent people are dying because the Bush gang thugs want to increase their oil profits and dominate the world! You White Knights had better get your priorities straight and stop delaying NESARA because you are afraid to take action now that the Bush gang thugs have managed to beat you to the punch and are attacking Iraq. The Bush gang launched the attacks this week PRECISELY to try to cause you White Knights to delay NESARA. The Bush gang beat you to the punch on 9/11/200! and are you going to let them beat you again? What a ridiculous and cowardly excuse to delay removing the Bush gang thugs from our government! The so-called poll claiming that Bush Jr. had majority support for attacking Iraq is TOTAL FICTION. That poll was never taken; it was a complete lie. The FACT is that OVER SIXTY PERCENT of Americans DO NOT support the Bush gang's attack on Iraq because it is not approved by the U.N. Therefore, you White Knights who worry about public opinion should be paying attention to the FACTS, instead of yet another bunch of LIES by the Bush gang! We need the true NESARA law announced and implemented NOW! All of us who knows White Knights, including White Knights themselves, need to get on the phone and call White Knights and DEMAND the immediate announcement of NESARA and the end of using "political reasons" as excuses for personal cowardice and delaying NESARA's announcement! NESARA Yes! Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness

Note: The term "White Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight" corporation or wealthy person. Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called "White Knights". ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~