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Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

In World Court today the White Knights requested that the countries who now are suddenly claiming they are not ready should be required to complete their activities quickly. I'm told that Britian, Spain, Chile, Venezuela, two African countries and one Middle East country are now saying they need more time to complete their countries' banking and legal preparations prior to NESARA's announcement. Today the White Knights petitioned World Court to put an end to the delays caused by parties who say they are not ready. The White Knights requested that these countries be required to complete their preparations in the next few weeks. Since these countries cannot seem to do the preparations necessary, the White Knights requested that White Knight project teams be allowed to go to these countries and work with the personnel in each country to complete the necessary projects. The White Knights also requested that these seven countries be required to submit to the World Court detailed lists of all the projects that still need to be completed.

The World Court Judges granted most of the White Knights requests. The Court has ordered that these seven countries must turn in their detailed lists of projects in three business days this week. Furthermore, the World Court also granted the White Knights' request that White Knight project teams be allowed to go to these countries and work with personnel in each country to complete the projects in the next few weeks. The World Court also granted the White Knights' request for a final deadline date of when NESARA can be announced. I heard the World Court Judges stated that these countries have had four years to prepare and therefore, the Judges are not accepting any further excuses or delays. These countries need to get their projects done because NESARA now has final deadline for announcement, whether these countries like it or not. I'm told this is the FIRST TIME the World Court has set a final deadline date for the NESARA announcement!

The World Court is giving these countries a few weeks to complete their projects and with the White Knights' project teams helping, there should be zero excuse for these countries not getting their projects done. It sounds like the World Court is really serious about this „final deadline"! On another front, the PEOPLE of Turkey were heard by their parliament which voted NOT to let U.S. military troops, military weapons, and vehicles go through Turkey. The BBC reports that 80% of Turkish people are against the war and have protested in the streets. One member of the Turkish parliament was quoted as saying that ONLY $4 billion in aid and loans was promised by the U.S. and there was never any discussion in parliament about „$15 billion" or more as is being reported in the U.S. media. Perhaps some Turkish leaders were going to pocket the difference of $11 billion or the U.S. media is reporting lies given them by the Bush regime. Turkey's voting not to let the U.S. use its country is a victory for peace! Bless those people in Turkey who have made it known to their government that they refuse to help with war! If I were a Turkish official, I certainly would not let the Bush regime come into Turkey after the mess the Bush regime has made in Afghanistan. Hopefully the Turkish refusal will be followed by more refusals to support Bush's warmongering in the U.N. Security Council vote. Regardless, I'm told there will be ZERO war because the seven million people of the world who marched for peace in mid-February have authorized the highest intervention and have demanded peace on behalf of all the world's people. Even if every government in the world voted for war, it still would FAIL to override the SEVEN MILLION people who have called for peace. The Forces and White Knights will continue to neutralize every effort by the Bush regime or anyone else to cause war. Today I taped another radio interview on NESARA which will air in the Seattle area. The radio show host asked unique questions and wished to discuss certain philosophical points which I have not addressed in previous interviews. I will let you know when this NESARA interview will be broadcast and when we have it available on the Internet.

In June 2000 when I first learned about NESARA from navy intelligence sources, I knew NESARA's improvements were absolutely essential to making a better future for the world's people. The purpose of my Dove world service, the daily Dove Reports, and the Dove radio interviews about NESARA is to spread the GOOD NEWS that there are people in powerful positions who are taking strong actions to bring about the vast NESARA improvements for the benefit of all the world's people! In these challenging times, NESARA, the White Knights, Forces, and allies are BRIGHT BEAMS of HOPE and are accomplishing solid, comprehensive actions to dissolve the threats of war and bring forth the great Golden Age of prosperity, peace, harmony, liberty, sovereignty, and enlightenment! Tomorrow the World Court will meet on the third matter related to NESARA which is being brought by the dark agenda opposition. The White Knights have won two out of the three matters and I'm hearing they have some amazing support to handle tomorrow's matter as well. This weekend the World Court Judges also once again affirmed the funding and delivery processes of the 50+ prosperity programs which have been tied to NESARA's announcement. The Judges ordered that the mass deliveries and funding of the prosperity programs will go forward in the U.S. and Canada within a few days of NESARA's announcement. Shortly after the first pass of mass deliveries in the U.S. and Canada, mass prosperity notifications and funding will quickly proceed in other countries around the world. NESARA is the beginning of the answers to our prayers, hopes, and dreams for a better world. Many of us have known there are many things that needed changing but we did not have the power to make these changes. Thank Heaven there are strong White Knights and their allies in positions of power who are taking action via NESARA to correct many of the problems we see in our governments, banking, and legal systems. NESARA's announcement now finally has a deadline date; this means we can look forward to seeing the removal of the Bush regime and their threats of war in the fairly near future! NESARA Yes!

Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness