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Bush tantrum!

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

Today certain powerful White Knights met with Bush gang representatives, including Bush Jr., regarding Iraq. As I stated in yesterday's Dove Report, the Bush gang tried a few days ago to use U.S. military to do a sneak attack on Baghdad. The sneak attack was stopped and neutralized before it could cause any damage to Iraq.

Bush Jr. admitted in today's high level meeting that the Bush gang want to do a sneak attack on Iraq. A heated discussion ensued after Bush proclaimed his intentions to do a sneak attack regardless of what the U.N. or anyone else thinks. The top White Knights attending the meeting were very specific in making known to Bush Jr. that he would suffer the severest of consequences if he tries to launch another sneak attack on Iraq. Bush Jr. is reported to have become enraged and had an explosive temper tantrum. With each day, the Bush gang show themselves more clearly to be the crude thugs we know them to be. Regardless of what the Bush gang "try" to do, they will FAIL in their efforts to attack Baghdad or other Iraq communities. I've reported many times about the Bush gang's efforts to do a sneak attack on Iraq and every time, the sneak attacks have been stopped. Regardless of what country tries to cause war anywhere, WAR is CANCELLED by a much higher power than the Bush gang and their cohorts.

We are hearing once again about politicians being "bought off" by the Bush gang and their dark agenda hierarchy. In the UK, there are numerous members of Parliament who are richer and have new "perks" which bought their votes to support war against Iraq. Some members of Parliament were coerced and blackmailed into voting for the war. It looks like the British Parliament is every bit as corrupt as the U.S. Congress and needs to be cleaned out. I'm told that Tony Blair will be removed from office very soon after NESARA is announced. The truth about the corrupt members of Parliament will come out resulting in many resignations.

In addition to the buying of politicians in Britain, the Bush gang have representatives of the State Department running all over the world to countries who are sitting on the U.N. Security Council trying to bribe the countries into voting for war against Iraq. Before the last Security Council vote on Iraq, the Bush gang threatened countries on the Security Council with stopping their foreign aid payments from the U.S. unless these countries voted to go along with the Bush gang. This is how the voting was "bought" by the Bush gang last time.

Once again we are hearing that the Bush gang are trying to buy votes on the U.N. Security Council. Below is an email I received which shows that the White House Press Secretary was LAUGHED OUT of a press briefing when he tried to deny that the U.S. is buying votes for the upcoming U.N.

Security Council vote in March. Even though there has been tremendous arm-twisting by the Bush gang in recent weeks to silence the voices disagreeing with the Bush gang, it appears that the White House reporters are NOT entirely FOOLED by the Bush gang's antics. To see the video and audio film of Ari being laughed out of the press conference, follow the instructions below. As soon as the webcast has downloaded, you can move the pointer on your audio player forward to 28 or 29 minutes and see the last few minutes of the press conference. It's great to see and hear the spontaneous laughter to the outright lies being spouted by the Bush gang's spokesman! By the way, in my radio interview last week, I spoke about a "hypothetical" scenario of having NESARA announced at a certain time in order to explain how the price changes will work after NESARA. Some people think I was talking about an actual date when NESARA is being announced, however, that was not what I was saying. I have adopted a policy of NOT SAYING a date of when NESARA is expected to be announced for security reasons and because timeframes can be and are adjusted. I will say we are still "in the timeframe" of getting NESARA announced and my sources say the timeframe has some elasticity to it. Seven million people authorized this elasticity during the peace events earlier this month. NESARA = Peace! NESARA Yes!

Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness