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Bush helicopter captured by ETs

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

It's irrelevant what Colin Powell or anyone else has to say about Iraq. The Forces have kept the Bush regime from being able to attack Iraq and will continue to keep war weapons from being utilized. The Forces are making certain that ZERO countries cause war in the Middle East and elsewhere.

For the last several days there have been certain meetings among the White Knight Commanders and Leaders where the issues of getting NESARA announced were hotly debated. Some of the White Knight leaders demonstrated at these meetings that they were not ready to assist in NESARA's announcement. In the last week, over 100 White Knight leaders have been dropped from the White Knights leadership and have been removed from their professional posts as well. The removal of these White Knights has left a White Knight leadership group that is very determined to see NESARA announced soon! The new White Knight leadership group is moving forward aggressively and is authorizing considerable new intervention to contain the opposition and prepare the way for a safe and orderly announcement of NESARA. The aggressiveness of the new White Knight leadership group has the Bush gang running scared, as evidenced by what happened early this morning D.C. time.

Early this morning, when the Bush gang realized that the new White Knight "take-action" leaders were preparing to announce NESARA, the Bush gang hurriedly tried to launch a counter-attack. I'm told that very early this morning, Bush Jr. jumped into his helicopter for a ride to Air Force One; Bush Jr. was planning to get on Air Force One and once the plane was off the ground, Bush Jr. planned to broadcast a speech from Air Force One claiming that there was a "government coup" being attempted in D.C. to oust him from office. However, Bush Jr. never made it to Air Force One because the Forces simply scooped his helicopter out of the air and put it back on the heli-pad at the White House! Furthermore, I'm told that about 40 other Bush regime officials were planning to go on television in various places and cry "government coup" when the NESARA announcement process began. The Bush gang have threatened many times to try to do something like this to try to hold onto their illegitimate power when NESARA is announced. The Bush regime officials have been told that if they try to go on television or radio and cry "government coup", that they will be picked up and removed long-term from the scene. One Bush regime official did try, in spite of the warning, and he was immediately picked up and taken away; he will not be returning to his office or home anytime soon. The rest of the Bush regime then understood that they would suffer the same consequences and they backed down.

It's rather funny that the "Boy King", Bush Jr., would try to run away and cry "government coup" to Americans, when IN FACT, the Bush-Rockefeller-CIA contingent staged a "government coup" in typical CIA-style in November-December 2000 to get Bush Jr. illegitimately installed in the oval office! Of course, the Bush gang has once again shown they cannot be trusted to keep their word. Today's actions have shown that Bush Jr. and Bush Senior never had any intention of honoring their agreement that Bush Jr. would leave the oval office gracefully. The White Knights who negotiated that agreement can throw that contract into the shredder; this useless agreement was one of the things that caused a division among the White Knights earlier this week.

Colin Powell, by the way, has shown his true colors this week. His pro-war speech has sealed his fate. Colin Powell will be standing right beside Bush Senior and Bush Jr. when they face the charges of war crimes of killing people on 9/11 and then later in Afghanistan. My sources say that Powell never really supported NESARA nor did he really support the humanitarian prosperity programs members receiving their funds. It's not an accident that Rumsfeld is out of the country today. Rumsfeld will be arrested right after NESARA is announced and he knows it. He can run offshore but he can't hide. Soon after NESARA, Rumsfeld will be picked up and arrested to also stand next to the Bushs for war crimes. As for the so-called terrorist alerts by the Bush regime today, it's merely more Bush propaganda to scare Americans. Of course, if the Bush gang buddies at the CIA could manage to get off another terrorist attack, the Bush gang would celebrate. However, the White Knights and Forces are neutralizing all the Bush gang's ongoing efforts to cause terrorist attacks. Just ignore the Bush regimes' PROPAGANDA on television; the ONLY terrorists are the Bush gang! The Forces and White Knights KNOW ALL the Bush gang's terrorist groups and have got these groups rounded up and contained. The White Knights and Forces have the Bush gang's terrorist efforts stopped.

Let's remember, Folks, the hundreds of times that the Bush gang have been on television yelling about terrorist attacks. Remember all the Bush regime claims that stadiums full of people were going to be attacked? That water supplies were going to be poisoned? That dirty nukes were going to explode in cities? That bridges, tunnels, and other structures were going to be bombed? And ZERO terrorist attacks happened!!! This is because the Forces and White Knights STOPPED all the Bush gang's efforts to cause terrorist attacks. Just IGNORE the Bush regime on television as they are TRYING to scare you and they will FAIL again in getting any of their terrorist attacks to work. Relax and turn the channel when you see them on the screen. Go about your normal business as you are totally safe. I heard about Oprah's show yesterday which featured rational and well-informed people telling the truth about the lack of any reason to attack Iraq. Apparently, today on her show Oprah is continuing discussions about whether attacking Iraq is necessary. The guests on yesterday's show are reported to have made a good case for not attacking Iraq. I looked at Oprah's website and it looks like she will have guests pro-peace and guests who are anti-peace so what today's show will be like is not known. I hope to see today's show. Oprah airs at 4 p.m. in most time zones on NBC but may air at 3 p.m. in some time zones. I've sent Oprah a big THANK YOU for having guests who are PRO-PEACE! It takes tremendous courage and integrity to support talk of peace and refuse to be bullied by the Bush gang in these days. Congratulations Oprah! You can post a note to Oprah at the following webpage. However when this webpage is busy, you get an error page, so try again later.

There will be ZERO war. War is CANCELLED. The Forces have DISABLED all the weapons of mass destruction that all military on the planet have. ZERO military from any country will be allowed to cause war in the Middle East or elsewhere. The Bush gang have tried many times to secretly attack Iraq and each of these attacks has been stopped by the White Knights and the Forces. The Forces are carrying out the collective will of the world's people and the collective has chosen PEACE. Therefore, there will be zero war! As far as the prosperity programs go, there is another seven-day extension being activated so this funding window will continue without any lapses. At this time, the rules still require that NESARA be announced before the humanitarian prosperity programs mass deliveries and funding occur.

It's time to kick the ANTI-PEACE, illegitimate Bush gang out of power! Come on you "take-action" White Knights -- kick these Bush gang bums out of D.C. now! Just do it! You White Knights have massive and overwhelming support to get NESARA announced ' use the support you have available. DO IT! NESARA Yes! Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness