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Bank executives arrested
-taken to holding centre

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

I'm told that last evening five top bank executives from different U.S. banks organized a conference call with the top executives of the 25 major U.S. banks which have signed up to become U.S. Treasury Banks. The five ringleaders of the conference call were lobbying with the other banking executives to continue the sabotage and interference that certain U.S. banks have been doing to delay the true NESARA law's announcement. However, the conference call was not the success the five bank executives hoped it would be.

About ten minutes into the conference call, the White Knights broke into the secured connections and a White Knight leader announced that all the bank executives should immediately check their fax machines. The White Knights faxed copies of indictments against three of bank executives for previous interference with NESARA to all executives of the 25 major U.S. banks on the conference call. The White Knight leader stated that the executives' discussion of their future plans to interfere with the true NESARA law had been recorded and that the bank executives would be charged with crimes for conspiring to interfere with NESARA unless they ended the conference call immediately.

At that point, the bank executives from 19 of the 25 major banks got off the conference call as they could see from the faxes that the White Knights are totally serious about indicting those who take action against NESARA. In addition, today the executives who stayed on the conference call were arrested and taken to a holding center. The velvet gloves are coming off and U.S. bankers are learning that the White Knights' warnings HAVE TEETH. The bankers who chose to stay on the conference call last night are now cooling their heels in a "jail" and they will not be getting out to walk around because the charge for what they did last night is "treason". The ONLY announcement will be the TRUE NESARA law. And, the true NESARA law is the ONLY law which mandates the printing of the new U.S. Treasury Bank currency to which the U.S. bankers refer as the "Rainbow Project". It takes years to print enough of the NEW currency to replace all the Federal Reserve Notes in circulation in the U.S. within a 30 day period as I'm hearing we will be doing. The new U.S. Treasury currency has been being printed for some years and is being kept in high security underground warehouses until the true NESARA law is announced. I'm very curious about how it looks, other than being various colors, and would love to hear from the lady who wrote me a year ago about seeing a "photocopy" of U.S. Treasury notes while standing behind a bank manager at a U.S. Bank branch in California. If that lady is reading this, I hope she or anyone else who has seen the new Treasury currency will write and describe it in as much detail as possible.

I'm assured that if anyone in the illegal Bush regime tries to publicize their "imitation nesara", the Bush regime will be unceremoniously REMOVED instantly! Bush Jr. is refusing to put his neck on the chopping block, I'm hearing, and the rest of the Bush regime stooges' necks are also on the chopping block if they should try it. I understand White Knight military personnel and U.S. Marshals with arrest warrants are accompanying all of the Bush regime officials wherever they go and are ready to "remove" anyone who would try to officially announce the "imitation nesara".

So, here we are. The Bush gang has coerced most members of the U.S.

Congress into betraying our people; the Bush gang and cohorts have gained control of most U.S. media and coordinated sabotaging the EBS connections to interfere with the true NESARA law announcement. The Bush gang and cohorts own many major U.S. banks and have coordinated U.S. bankers' interference with the true NESARA law (about which I've written many times). The dark agenda world controllers who pull the strings of the Bush gang have used their power to coerce the World Court, the U.N., and others to betray the world's people. The dark agenda stooge Bush Jr. continues pushing his warmongering forward.

What is the solution? The solution is for WE AMERICANS to TAKE BACK our country NOW! The solution is for thousands of us to continue to make the true NESARA law known and for the SINCERE and dedicated patriots in the White Knights to bring us the true NESARA law announcement - soonest. Together, we the people who want the improvements the true NESARA law brings VASTLY OUTNUMBER the dark agenda! The solution is to ignore those in the "top positions" who have been coerced and manipulated to serve the dark agenda. WE have the POWER of NUMBERS ' WE are BILLIONS! NESARA was conceived BY the PEOPLE when the independent farmers of the Farmers Union launched their grass roots lawsuits against the fraudulent federal government and banks. The true NESARA is OF and BY the PEOPLE! It belongs to all of us and contains the crucial reformations we have long been working to achieve! You sincere and dedicated White Knights are supported by billions of the world's people and allies of immense power! Do the true NESARA law announcement!