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Bush gang can now be eliminated
(National Economic Security & Reformation Act)

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

For many months I have been writing about the TRUE, emphasis on the word "TRUE", NESARA law. I have told you that the Bush gang has tried to use standard dark agenda CIA tricks to confuse people and has tried to brainwash the public via the Bush gang's website "" into believing that the Bush gang's POLLUTED "imitation nesara" is the REAL NESARA law. I was told 20 months ago by someone who talks frequently with a personal attorney to Bush Jr. that the Bush gang had their own so-called "nesara". What the Bush gang has done is a standard DISinformation tactic of taking something good and polluting it into something worthless which they pawn off on the unsuspecting public as the "real thing". The Bush gang, I'm told has written their own "imitation nesara" bill and it LACKS the federal government reformations of the TRUE NESARA law which requires the Bush regime and Congress to resign; the Bush gang's "imitation nesara" bill has some SMALL percentages of debt forgiveness but does NOT change banking regulations to stop the bankers from stealing; the Bush gang's "imitation nesara" does NOT restore Constitutional Law; the Bush gang's "imitation nesara" does NOT abolish the IRS. The Bush gang's "imitation nesara" is a worthless piece of trash that they hope to foist on the American public.

I'm told the Bush gang coerced and manipulated the Congress into doing the TOTALLY UNLAWFUL action of voting for the Bush's "imitation nesara" a few months ago. Again, this is a standard dirty CIA disinformation trick to try to confuse people and keep the TRUE NESARA law from being implemented. However, the Bush gang made a HUGE error in doing this; they have stepped over the line. IF the Bush gang TRIES in any way to announce and implement their "imitation nesara", I'm told Bush Jr., Bush Senior, Cheney and the rest of them will be IMMEDIATELY eliminated; the authority to eliminate these traitors was given today. Previously the decision was made, I'm told, to keep these traitors alive so they could be alive to face the people of the world for war crimes when the truth about 9/11 and other atrocities they have ordered comes out. However, these arrogant traitors have lost all options IF they try to announce and/or implement their "imitation nesara", I'm told they will be INSTANTLY eliminated. If they are national television, I'm told that does not matter - they will be REMOVED BEFORE they can talk and will be instantly eliminated. The authority which previously protected the Bush gang from being eliminated has withdrawn the protection due to their arrogant act of trying to foist the "imitation nesara" on Americans.

I'm told the White Knights have MASSIVE amounts of PROOF and witnesses to testify to the facts that the Bush regime ordered the 9/11 attacks to stop the announcement of the TRUE NESARA law. I'm told the White Knights also have MASSIVE proof that the Bush gang are behind ALL the terrorist acts, including the recent sniper attacks, in the U.S. in the last few years. Because the PROOF is SO overwhelming, the White Knights will be providing this PROOF to the American people immediately after the TRUE NESARA law is announced. I'm told because the PROOF is totally overwhelming, IF the Bush gang tries to announce or implement their "imitation nesara", Bush, Cheney, and others will be REMOVED and instantly eliminated. Then the White Knights will immediately take control of all media and inform Americans about the horrific treasonous actions of the Bush regime and their cohorts.

The Bush gang's "imitation nesara" is being FED as part of the disinformation CIA tricks to some people who DO NOT have top sources in the White House and other places as I do. These people have purposely been FED the "imitation nesara" and have been tricked into discussing this "imitation nesara" on the internet in the hope of confusing people who read certain websites. I guarantee you this: the "imitation nesara" will TOTALLY FAIL to ever become publicly known. ONLY the TRUE NESARA law will EVER be allowed to be publicly announced and implemented.

I had an interesting discussion recently with someone who does psychological counseling with a wide variety of people. This counselor told me that people are beginning to realize how evil Bush Jr. is and that they are having dreams of Bush Jr. dying. Bush Jr. should watch his arrogant step because HE has been marked for massive DOWNFALL since birth; he can either be alive when he steps down or not; but I'm told if he or anyone in the ILLEGAL Bush regime tries to announce or implement their "imitation nesara", then Bush Jr. will be leaving the White House in the way these people are dreaming about.

For those of you who are hearing about the "imitation nesara" from others on the internet, I hope I have clearly e'plained the situation. There is the Bush gang's polluted "imitation nesara" which some people have been "fed" as part of the Bush DISinformation campaign and which you can totally IGNORE because it will FAIL to ever be made public. The TRUE NESARA law is the National Economic Security And Reformation Act about which I have been writing for over two years and THIS is the ONLY NESARA law which will EVER be allowed to be announced and implemented. I understand in the last few weeks, many people who were causing problems have been permanently removed. The White Knights are absolutely determined to clear the trouble-makers and interference and get the TRUE NESARA law announced -- soonest!

There are THOUSANDS of people getting the word out about the true NESARA law! Below are some GREAT ideas that many of you have shared about how YOU are getting the word about the true NESARA law OUT to the general public. I've also heard from people who are calling into radio talk shows as a listener and telling people we need the true NESARA law announced. One lady went to a public meeting recently held by a U.S. Senator and when she had the opportunity to speak, she stated that "what we need is to have NESARA announced now!" She repeated her statement several times and when she left the meeting, she had about 50 people crowd around her and ask her about NESARA.

Let's go for it big time! I've found a few new ideas about getting NESARA out from the info below and I hope you do too. Together, WE are VICTORIOUS!
NESARA Yes! Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness