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(National Economic Security & Reformation Act)

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights, I was informed last Friday that the gag orders regarding the true NESARA law which have been imposed on many people over the last few years by the U.S. Supreme Court were being lifted on SOME people. I’m told that official documents went out from the Justices to numerous famous and influential people in the last few days telling them that the gag order on them about NESARA was being lifted. As of midnight last night, Sunday October 14th, the gag orders on numerous powerful people have been lifted. I have confirmed this information with our White Knight at the White House.

I’m told the gag orders on MOST of the U.S. Congress, and others who have betrayed us by helping to delay the true NESARA, are still in place and prohibiting these people from discussing the true NESARA law. This is to prevent these betrayers from causing problems when the true NESARA law is discussed; these betrayers in Congress and elsewhere are to say they have “no comment”. However, there are many well-known and influential people who support the true NESARA law and these people have been notified they are free of the U.S. Supreme Court’s gag order to discuss the true NESARA law in general terms. I’m told these people have been told they can discuss the fact that federal government and banking officials have used illegal means to cause interference with the true NESARA law being announced.

I know many famous and powerful people who support the true NESARA law also read the Dove Reports. I say to all of you that it is TIME to SPEAK OUT in support of the true NESARA law and use your fame and influence to GO PUBLIC on national television and radio and TALK about the true NESARA law immediately! It is time to put the good of our people and nation ahead of our personal concerns and SPEAK out for LIBERTY and PEACE by supporting the true NESARA law. The INSTANT that the true NESARA law is announced, ALL of the illegal Bush regime’s “warmongering” will be TOTALLY rescinded! NESARA requires PEACE and PEACE will be declared within minutes of NESARA being announced publicly; all U.S. military aggressive actions will be instantly called off.

I’m told that since last Friday, the illegal Bush regime has tried to do an attack on Iraq SEVEN TIMES. Their plan is to do an attack, and then tell the American public it has been done. The White Knights and Forces have stopped these attacks. However, SEVEN attempts shows that the illegal Bush regime is trying to march forward with their world domination plans and WE MUST STOP them! I’m asking you famous and influential people, who support the true NESARA law to take action and GO PUBLIC on nationwide television and radio, to give interviews to influential newspapers, and to demand the true NESARA law be announced immediately. All of us have to realize that we are in the final moments of the great battle to bring forth the world of peace, liberty, and prosperity WE MUST HAVE. It is time to stand on our courage and our integrity and GO PUBLIC about the true NESARA law. Tell Americans how government and banking officials are keeping the financial and liberty benefits of NESARA from our people. It’s time to demand the true NESARA’s announcement and use every platform we have to get the word out about the true NESARA law! I know the White Knights are continuing their own actions to get the true NESARA law announced, however, ALL of US have our very lives at stake here.

Every single one of us who has any ability to SPEAK OUT on behalf of NESARA needs to do so NOW. Stop waiting and take action ' SPEAK OUT now.

Let me explain WHY we must end the waiting to speak out. The White Knights have been working on getting NESARA announced for some time. Late at night on Saturday, October 5th, the 1,200+ White Knights Commanders and Leaders had a meeting and set Tuesday, October 8th as their deadline to get the true NESARA law announced. All kinds of interference and problems caused them to miss that deadline. They then reset their deadline to get NESARA announced between last Friday, October 11th and last night, Sunday, October 13th. Again all kinds of problems, security threats, and interference cropped up to cause them to miss this window. These things have happened over and over and over again for the last two years. The White Knights are still continuing to work hard to get the true NESARA law announced.

However, WE ALL need to help according to our own abilities and positions. If MANY of us are talking PUBLICLY about the true NESARA law, obviously it will be impossible for the corrupt federal government and banking officials to put NESARA back into the closet. Once the news of NESARA is OUT, Americans will demand that NESARA be implemented immediately. Think of the struggling businesses and corporations who spend enormous amounts of money every year due to the paperwork and reporting they must do because of income taxes! Most businesses will benefit INSTANTLY by being able to eliminate all these useless processes and save money because the minute NESARA is announced, income taxes are abolished. The bank debt forgiveness is ALSO for American corporations and businesses. The elimination of income taxes and bank debt forgiveness will be great benefits to both individuals AND businesses! When Americans hear about bank debt forgiveness and the end of income taxes from influential people, Americans will demand NESARA’s immediate announcement! I’m told many car loans and other kinds of loans are related to bank financing and will also be forgiven. In addition, monthly payments for Social Security and other social services payments will INCREASE soon after NESARA is announced. I’m told most people on Social Security will have their monthly Social Security income DOUBLED. And remember, under the true NESARA law, a national sales tax will be applied ONLY to NEW, and NON-ESSENTIAL items and this will create plenty of revenue for the government.

The true NESARA law raises revenue with a sales tax on NEW items only. MANY things are NOT TAXED by the NESARA sales tax including:
1) USED items including cars, clothes, houses, etc.;
2) FOOD, MEDICINE, rent, and other ESSENTIALS of life;
3) Personal clothing and other items ARE EXEMPTED from the sales tax in the amount of several hundred dollars a year for EACH PERSON so that people can buy some new things without paying sales tax each year USED items can be purchased without paying the sales tax; this is to encourage recycling and also give people a chance to buy what they need without paying the sales tax.
I’m taking action to get the true NESARA law out to the public. We may need to meet in groups and carry our signs and wear our T-shirts; this is another reason I’ve asked you to make signs and T-shirts. These VISUAL presentations of NESARA are helpful in attracting media coverage. Having the true NESARA law announced is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in the world. The true NESARA law brings us PEACE; it brings us LIBERTY; it brings us PROSPERITY. It is the PIVOTAL event that ushers in the new reality of the Golden Age. The great transformations that NESARA’s announcement publicly begins include official acknowledgement of the visitors in our Solar System who are here to assist us in making our world better. When I write about billions of ships, I’m talking about the Forces who are protecting us from harm all through the Solar System, the Galaxy, and far beyond, not just around this little planet. I’ve known for a long time that within days of the true NESARA law’s announcement, our divine helpers ' distant visitors, Ascended Masters, Archangels and more - will be officially acknowledged by world leaders and the lies of the current governments will be exposed. EACH of us has a responsibility to DO OUR PART to bring the true NESARA law into public awareness! NESARA’s announcement is the beginning of the new reality we’ve called forth with our prayers and our dreams!

Below is a very brief overview of the true NESARA law which I have written to be submitted to newspapers as a letter to the editor and any place else that we can post it. It is less than 250 words long and therefore meets the requirements for most newspapers’ letters to the editor. Some newspapers require a phone number just so they can verify that YOU are the person who submitted the letter. Some allow you to submit it with or without your name. I’m asking every Dove egroup member to submit the following NESARA overview to your local newspaper as a letter to the editor. MANY newspapers allow submission of letters to the editor over the Internet. Let’s FLOOD our U.S. newspapers with this letter to the editor and get the word out about the true NESARA law NOW!

Letter to editor:
In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court almost unanimously ruled in favor of Farmers’ Union claims that American banks were fraudulently foreclosing on farms with collusion of the government, and that the income tax amendment was never properly ratified. An extremely strict gag order was placed on everyone directly involved, court case records sealed, and docket number case details revised until after the Court’s reformation rulings are accomplished. To implement reformations, five Justices spent years negotiating “Accords” with U.S. government and other parties. Because the Accords process did not work, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of a law named the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) which was passed secretly in March 2000. Secrecy was maintained by revising official records and strict gag orders. News of NESARA came out of U.S. naval intelligence in June 2000.

NESARA requires: 1) end of income taxes; 2) forgiveness of credit card and mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds; 3) U.S. Treasury Bank system and precious metals backed Treasury currency; 4) restoration of Constitutional Law, and more. Bank presidents and stockbrokers know about the U.S.

Treasury bank system. NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001. The attacks occurred on 9/11 to stop NESARA’s announcement. We need NESARA; Americans can send post cards supporting NESARA to: U.S. Supreme Court, One First Street, Washington, D.C. 20543

On 10/14/2002, the Justices removed many gag orders; it’s time to demand our NESARA benefits.