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Forces UFOs vaporized 100 Israel tanks

Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

This morning I received a call from a White Knight contact who spoke directly with one of our White Knight contacts in the Southwest United States. The White Knight in the Southwest had news of major importance. I'm told what he reported was the Forces STOPPING and PROHIBITING an attack that the dark agenda were hoping would blow up into a full scale war involving most major powers. The Forces have CONTINUOUSLY STOPPED military aggression this year and will continue to do so because the PEOPLE of Earth have chosen PEACE PEACE PEACE! The Southwest White Knight was amazed at what he had seen on his satellite television channel on Friday night. (I'm told he has a satellite dish about 20 feet in diameter which can be turned in various directions to pick up transmissions from around the world.) The Southwest White Knight stated that he was watching a satellite channel that was broadcasting from Austria (Europe). He stated that there was a news report, including VIDEOTAPE pictures, which showed that 100 tanks from Israel were trying to attack a Palestinian town. Suddenly, THREE of the Forces ships appeared in the sky over the 100 tanks and the Forces ships vaporized three tanks and left the soldiers, who had been inside the tanks, standing on the ground.

I'm told by one of the Forces' Commanders who was in charge, that the Forces vaporized the three tanks to get the Israeli tank crews' attention. I'm told the Forces used telepathy and verbal warnings spoken in several languages known to the Israeli tank personnel to tell them to turn around and go back without attacking. I'm told the Forces' scanning of the tank personnel indicated these tank soldiers were "mind-controlled" and were not heeding any warnings as the remaining tanks continued to roll forward. The Southwest White Knight stated that the Forces' ships, which were about 50 miles in diameter, then vaporized all the remaining tanks. He said the Force's three ships filled the sky over the area where the tanks were moving. He said that the Austrian news report indicated this had happened on Friday, August 2, 2002.

I'm told the Forces have warned the Isreali government, as well as all major governments, that there is ZERO tolerance for any government trying to cause war. I'm told the Forces wanted to send a STRONG message to the dark agenda hierarchy to CEASE trying to start war on planet Earth. The Forces are WELL AWARE that NONE of the major governments is actually self-governing but the hidden dark agenda hierarchy are actually CONTROLLING the Israeli government as well as the US corrupt Bush regime as well as the corrupt Blair UK government, and many others. The dark agenda hierarchy are PULLING the STRINGS of ALL their dark agenda PUPPETS who are the official heads of the world's major governments, just like the dark agenda hierarchy always has. Unfortunately, the dark agenda has always used war as a method to make money from their war industries and armaments corporations. We will soon have many exposes that the ONLY causes of any major wars are the dark agenda hierarchy who have always been the hidden puppet masters behind all major sides to any war or conflict. The Forces tell me that it's unimportant WHO or which country tries to cause a war, anyone trying to cause war will be stopped. I was told that a few weeks ago, the Forces REMOVED several U.S. Military units who were positioned outside Iraq in preparation for an attack on Iraq. The Forces will CONTINUE to REMOVE ALL military or any other groups who try to cause war on planet Earth.

Well, Folks, WHY didn't we see this report about the Forces on our television channels? The dark agenda governments and hierarchy who currently control our media don't want us to know there are superior groups helping to keep PEACE on the planet. They have tried to hide the TRUTH about our benevolent Forces who are protecting our entire planet from the dark agenda hierarchy and government officials. But, the TRUTH is coming out and SOON. This is one of the many EXPOSES that will come out after the true NESARA law announcement.

By the way, I've learned another way we are kept in the dark is that the dark agenda control certain people who are "supposed" to be reporting the TRUTH that there are groups from other star systems here visiting, including our benevolent Forces. I asked the Forces' Intelligence Agents to check out Peter Davenport who runs the so- called national center for reporting UFOs in the U.S. The Forces tell me that Davenport is a dark agenda stooge paid by the CIA to keep the TRUTH from the American public. This is the way the dark agenda always works and this is WHY we must OUST their puppets from all power bases and positions of influence.

My White Knight contact also mentioned that the U.S. Supreme Court has filed multi-BILLION dollar suits against the U.S. federal government for holding "detainees" since 9/11 without releasing these people's names and details. Since we know the ONLY terrorists are the Bush gang, it's obvious there is ZERO valid reason for the government to hold any of these detainees who are essentially political prisoners. I'm told the U. S. Supreme Court issued the lawsuits between 9-10 a.m. Friday, August 2nd, and that unless the federal government provides the NAMES of these detainees within 15 days, there will be MANY U.S. federal government stooges who will be ARRESTED for TREASON! Hurray for the U.S. Supreme Court! If YOU are changing your email address, YOU must RE-SUBSCRIBE using your NEW email address in order to avoid missing the daily Dove Reports. Due to the dark agenda interference with the Dove egroup Yahoo!Groups functions, I am UNABLE to change your email address or add your new email address to the Dove Active Mailing List. Please use these steps below to subscribe: To SUBSCRIBE and JOIN the Dove egroup, 1) Send a blank email to: 2) REPLY to Yahoo's email requesting your confirmation.

I'm told there's a LOT of HOT action occurring as the Forces and White Knights take steps to make us and our world ready and secure for the true NESARA law announcement. Blessings and Love, Dove of Oneness The Dove egroup currently has more than 8,800 members including the nearly 800 who have been put on the Dove Bounced list by dark agenda interference and who are unable to receive Dove Reports until the dark agenda interference is removed and I'm able to get these hundreds restored to the Dove Active Mailing List.