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The Children of Light Speak


NESARA is not just a Law, conceived and brought about by Supreme Court edict. It is not just a remedy for the Farmer's Union Court case. It is not just an American solution to the fraud that has pervaded and matastecised into every conceivable part of the American way of life over the past two hundred and twenty seven years or so. It is not just a remedy at law by which our judicial system will eventually create JUSTICE. It is not just a way to stop the injustices of the Dark Agenda/ Illuminati or to even provide a punishment for their crimes against humanity. NESARA is not just all of these things, IT IS MORE.

NESARA is bringing forth the Golden Age of Mankind. It is the beginning of the END for the Dark Agenda/Illuminati. It is the vehicle to reform and return our Banking System to a Constitutional Banking system that is fair for all, not just Americans but for the whole world. It provides for the release of Trillions of Dollars for the use of the CHILDREN OF LIGHT FOR THE BENEFIT OF MANKIND, the beginning of world abundance. It is the vehicle that will apprehend and stop the fraudulent use of all Governments and their agencies from continuing their abuse of power, not just in America but in the WHOLE WORLD. It is the vehicle for PEACE, for PEACE WILL be declared, not just for America but for the WHOLE WORLD. It is the vehicle that will send the soldiers of armies home to their families where they can begin to be an asset to mankind instead of a source of trauma and death. It is the DIVINE Coalition Plan to bring the people into the Galactic and Universal family of God's creation, an ascension into the full consciousness of who we are, of ONENESS.

NESARA is not a FREE GIFT, it comes with conditions. The Announcement process is fraught with conditions, most of which are contingent on the Dark Agenda cooperation. These conditions that are contingent on the Dark Agenda, are the supreme, all encompassing reason that NESARA has not yet been announced, or at least that is what most of us believers think. Collin Powell, Stormin Norman, and now Sandra Day O'Connor, along with many, many others have seen their own light and made their own conclusions that under the present conditions there is no way that NESARA will ever be announced. The waves of GREED constantly crash into the shore and erode even the strongest of rocks. After thirteen years of struggle, NESARA is still only a promise of things to come; a minor thorn in the saddle of the Dark Agenda, not the hanging loose that it was meant to be.

A prevailing focus, if not appeasement, from the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine in his latest communique, has raised some questions as to wether the world is ready for NESARA. It takes a small percentage of people coming from love to change the direction that mankind is taking. I understand the Isaiah affect. I understand the one hundredth monkey syndrome. What I don't understand is why NESARA has been placed in such a position as to require all of these things be accomplished before NESARA can be announced. I don't understand why the 'good,'has to prove itself worthy of having NESARA when the 'bad,'has been able to run out it's course with impunity. Sure, they will 'get it in the end,'but what about the thousands that are 'getting it now,'at the hands of the Dark Agenda? Our laws state that if you even know about a crime and do nothing about it then you are an accomplice to the crime. What Galactic laws over ride our laws that the Forces can not be held as accomplices of the crimes being committed this day be the dark agenda. If the NESARA Forces honor our laws and conduct their activities with our liasons then why can they not begin right now to intervene and bring about true 3rd Dimensional Justice? How long can mercy to the 3D Dark Agenda continue to rob the 3D people of Justice? Who can we, who have witnessed the smoking gun, tell about these crime? Who of consequence will listen, and then what can they do? The Dark Agenda uses off world technology against us and we have no capability to fight at that level. It's like America Vs. Iraq X 100. What agreements do you of the NESARA Forces honor with those who have no honor, who write agreements with the sole intent of dishonoring them. The Children of Light who have been raised in 3D have already learned these street lessons. Welcome to our world. Quit listening to our supposed leaders and find out what the real 3D world is all about. We already know the lessons you are getting, the results of dealing with ruthless greedy agents of the Dark Agenda.

Last August the Dove Reports stated that there were a few influential people who had permission to talk about NESARA and not be subject to the charge of treason. They did nothing. The Dove began the unofficial public announcement of NESARA through radio interviews etc. There was a general desire for all who knew about NESARA to share it and spread the word. This opened Pandora's box. There is no way to prove NESARA's existence. The benefits that are associated with NESARA were so far reaching into the lives of every person on the Planet that credibility was hard to establish and even harder to maintain due to the seemingly infinite delays. It's been one step forward, two steps backward. Without the ability to prove NESARA, credibility was hard to establish and still is.

There was massive positive energy created with the Peace Movement. It was a joy to see. A few NESARA signs were seen but Peace was the reason for the marching and most prevalent on the minds of the people, not necessarily NESARA. Then the war came. A&A talked about the Dome over Bagdad, peace still prevailed. Time healed that illusion. When all the 'truth,'came out there was massive defection of NESARA supporters and energy. There were a few little understood Spiritual reasons given for the war by those with higher perceptions, but the 3D reality was and is, that there was a war, people got killed, and those that said their will be no more war on Earth were wrong. Very small is the percentage of those who understand the Creation Process and very few of them are able to consistently apply higher thoughts and ideals to their lives when faced with the fear based 3D reality. With the war went any proof of NESARA and in fact most 3D type supporters took the war to be proof that NESARA was a hoax. These 3D supporters are the masses that would comprise the 100th monkey. Those who don't need proof and know that NESARA is real continue to believe, but many feel abandoned in their efforts to spread the NESARA story, left alone to face the defamation, and left alone to deal with the aftermath of 3D declarations that were set at naught by higher understandings and principles. Try and tell my brother-in-law about higher truths and the creation process.

The preset conditions for NESARA's announcement have been laid out. While St Germaine and the NESARA Forces are getting it done, the Children of Light are still in 3D reality and the problems we face are still real and daunting. In this reality there is very little the Children of Light can do to help NESARA get announced. As the Children of Light we have to regroup and begin anew to fight the silent war, the real war, that wages in the hearts of mankind against the tyranny and oppression that has gone on for eons of time. How do we fight the outside battle that befalls upon us to convince our neighbors and friends to believe in the goodness and justice of a Law, we can not even prove exists? Who else can we tell? Our credibility is shot. Do we just focus on ourselves and do the forgiveness thing and forget talking about NESARA, or do we continue to pretend that NESARA has been announced and face the reality of a new months worth of bills, people still dying, people still traumatized and going about their blindness, living hopeless lives within the lies. The Children of Light, those who are burdened with spreading the NESARA information have been left out of the announcement loop yet we are the ones that must hold to the Light and not let go. We who are the Children of Light are action people who want to get NESARA announced. We want the opportunity to get out on the battlefield and wage the real battle, the battle for which we came into 3D to fight.

I say to the Source of all there is, to the Forces, to the Ascended Masters, to Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and to the White Knights, give us the ONE THING we need the most to fight the good fight, to win the real battle that has fallen upon us as NESARA supporters. I say to all NESARA Forces to RESCIND THE GAG ORDER. Give those who really know about NESARA the real freedom to speak OUT about NESARA and exercise their Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech. Do what ever is necessary to allow the true NESARA Law to be public and open for discussion. There is mental illness in all secret works. Publish the context of the Law on the Internet and allow all who want to, to read it and demand it to be brought into Positive Law.

It is time that the battle field be leveled and that we be given our full weaponry to do a just battle against the tyranny and oppression that we have had to endure all of our lives. It is time the Dark Agenda know that we have the knowledge of their atrocities and we will no longer allow them to continue. It is time we put the media moguls on alert that we know of their complicity in the Dark Agenda atrocities and we will no longer put up with their lies and deceptions. There are those reporters in the Media that want NESARA information to be broadcast all over the world. Let them be free to do their jobs without unconstitutional restraint. And it is time that we the people can attack our own congressmen/women and hold them accountable for their continuation of the fraud and deception upon us. If you of the White Knights, the Ascended Masters, the benevolent Forces and even the God of our Creation want we humans to stand up and be counted upon to bring about all that has been placed upon NESARA, then remove the GAG ORDER and let us be FREE. We who are the Children of Light will rise to the greatest of our ability to bring love and peace to this planet both on a personal basis and within our family of mankind on this earth. Give us our chance, but don't send us into battle without our full weapons of war. We are in 3D and this is the reality we have to live within. Yes, we are asleep and we don't understand the creation process from our fear based, victim consciousness. Until we all wake up to our full consciousness we need your intervention. REMOVE THE GAG ORDER AND WE WILL GET NESARA ANNOUNCED.