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NESARA-for the skeptic
7 July 2005

I Am Skeptical About NESARA.
Can You Answer My Questions?

I just read an article titled:

THE N.E.S.A.R.A. LIE January 29, 2004 Co-authored by Creator God and Patrick H. Bellringer.

I have a legal background, and a spiritual orientation. As I am somewhat skeptical, can you answer the following questions?

1) When the military forced congress and the president to sign nesara under penalty of death, who commanded the military? I believe that any law passed under such duress is not a law.

2) Any and every law must be published in the Federal Register (F.R.). A law cannot be enforced unless the people are told that the law exists, and publishing in the F.R. gives notice to the public. Do you have a date or citation of the F.R. in which NESARA was published?

3) Can you email me a bona fide copy of the NESARA act? I understand that the one at is bogus.

4) Is there a website that documents the whole nesara movement, with citations?

Thanks, R

Dear R:

Thank you for your letter and questions concerning NESARA. I may not be able to satisfy your "legal mind", for NESARA also has spiritual aspects.

Q. l: Answer: Violinio Germain (St. Germain).

Many years ago NESARA was born under the guidance of the Ascended Masters. Germain created The World Trust more than 250 years ago and is presently in charge of NESARA and the banking change back to a gold standard system.

The records of the original Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution were deliberately destroyed by Britain in the burning of the Library of Congress in the War of 1812. That amendment stopped all people who held titles of nobility such as Esquire, Doctor, Reverend, etc. from holding any public office in the U.S. This amendment would have removed British control of the U.S. Government by removing all British Esquires (attorneys) who held offices in the U.S. Congress. Titles of Nobility are granted by the Crown of England even today, and as such the holder of a Nobility Title is a foreign agent. If you are a member of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) today, you too are a foreign agent operating within the U.S.

My point is that, since the time the original Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was destroyed, there has been a dual congress in the U.S. There exists the unlawful congress at large made up of esquires, doctors, clergy, etc. and the lawful congress of those who hold no Title of Nobility. Today, the lawful House of Representatives has only about fifteen members. The lawful members are the only ones who can lawfully conduct business in either the House of Senate. These are the ones who passed the NESARA Bill on March 9, 2000, which was signed into law on October 10, 2000 by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

By what authority do you say that passing the NESARA Bill under duress of the White Knights and St. Germain is not a law? If you truly have a legal background, then you know that in March, 1933 U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt put the U.S. into bankruptcy and in cooperation with the unlawful congress created Commercial Law to replace Common Law. Since that time all laws that have been passed by the unlawful U.S. Congress are unlawful and will be struck down by the implementation of NESARA.

Another consideration is that since August 17, 1987 our world in general has been under Galactic Law. Because the Darkside had broken their agreements with Creator God/Christ Michael and brought 4D evil beings onto Earth Shan, the Forces of Light were allowed to compete with these 4D beings and remove them from the planet.

Then, due to the Darkside's refusal for four years to cooperate with the White Knights to enact NESARA, in May, 2004 Creator God/Christ Michael placed our world and specifically the U.S. and NESARA under Divine Intervention. Therefore, we are under Galactic Law at this time, and the authority for NESARA is Galactic Law.

Q. 2: Answer: No! NESARA was never published in the U.S. Federal Registry by order of the U.S. Supreme Court. The Court placed a "gag order" on NESARA and nothing could be made public concerning NESARA until the "gag order" was lifted. This has not yet been done.

The public notice of NESARA which implements the law is to be the public announcement of NESARA on national and international television and radio and press. Such an announcement is at the point of being made, even as early as this week.

Q. 3: Answer: No! All NESARA records have been sealed by the U.S. Supreme Court and are presently being held in safe-keeping in the Supreme Court files. Only a generic (bogus, as you say) copy of NESARA was allowed to circulated in the general public for these past five years.

Q. 4: Answer: Yes and No.

As I have said, all official records of NESARA are being held in security until such time that they are released to the public. Various websites carry NESARA information, but I refer you to for a more complete history. What is presented there is only a fraction of the whole story, for as most people, "The Dove" has little knowledge of the "NESARA trail" over these past many years. That "trail" and all of our history will soon be revealed for all to read.

You will probably say that my answers are inadequate, because I present no"proof" of the existence of NESARA. The proof that you seek is all around you. The banks are holding the new Gold and Silver Certificates (rainbow) money ready for circulation. Bank employees have been trained in the new NESARA banking procedures for a gold standard system.

G.W. Bush and Co. knew of the pending legislation of NESARA when he took office, January 20, 2000. Rather than cooperate as he had agreed, he "blew up the place" on 9/11/01 to stop the first attempt to announce NESARA to the U.S. public on that date. Most people have honored the gag order under threat of earth, but some have talked, especially the military. Twice recently on C-SPAN 3 discussion has been made of NESARA and government employee resignations related to it.

Spiritual proof of NESARA can be found in the various messages received over the past months and years from the Ascended Masters and other beings of the Lighted Realms. The more recent Sheldan Nidle Updates and the Candace Frieze messages of 2005 carry much discussion of NESARA and its impending enforcement.

There is proof in the Heavens that the Forces of Light are here. You need only look and see the flashing colored lights of their Starships. My friend, NESARA has both physical and spiritual qualities. The "knowing" within from your God Spirit is confirmation that the freedom and peace and abundance that NESARA brings to our world is, indeed, true. The ultimate proof that everyone needs is the actual official public announcement of NESARA on our T.V. screens. That is planned to happen momentarily. Our world is waiting and hoping for this to happen this week. We hold that positive energy and order it so!

In Love and Light, Patrick H. Bellringer