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Non-gold US Banks
starting to close

NESARA Update November 3rd 2007
by Patrick Bellringer

The Federal Reserve bankers have fought long and hard to preserve their fiat/credit money system. They have refused to change to a gold/silver backed money system, as required by the Constitution of the Republic of the U.S. of A. On October 19, 2007 the U.S. Treasury of the Republic went on the new Global gold banking system, which was organized one month earlier on September 19, 2007.

Gradually, the noose has tightened, as the money supply was reduced to the Federal Reserve and the value of the dollar dropped. It is not surprising that these recalcitrant bankers would rather “die than switch”, that is, they lose their “money machine” by changing to a gold system, where they cannot create money out of thin air, so they would rather close their bank doors.

Bankers are resigning and banks are closing. I understand that Citibank closes on Sunday (tomorrow), Merrill Lynch on Monday and Chase Manhattan on Tuesday, followed by all the other banks that refuse to have a gold charter. We can probably assist this change-over a great deal by pulling out cash and emptying all the ATM machines! It would seem reasonable that once the word gets out that the banks are “having problems”, to prevent panic and a run on the banks, the people would have to be told what is really happening.

This could put great pressure on the wimpy NESARA Decision Team and push them into action to finally allow the NESARA public announcement to be made. This would bring governmental house-cleaning and all the changes under NESARA for which we have waited so long. Also, it certainly does help to replace anger, despair and criticism with positive thoughts and petitions to the Lighted Realms for assistance in this time of great need for Earth Shan and her people.

We are living in exciting times, as we watch the Darkside succumb to the Light. So, you can quit “saving daylight” tonight because we now have plenty of Light. Aho!